Chapter 191- Happy Anniversary

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KMega6KMegacharacter was always at the front of the marching Eastguard army, but one day, he went ahead to set-up the advance camp. Astrid7Astridcharacter, who stayed with the supplies in the back, did not even know of his actions. Nonetheless, when the main army reached the advance camp, they discovered several dozen rotisseries roasting above the prepared campfires. In each pit, a full giant bull monster cooked over a raging fire. There was enough meat to feed the entire army, yet that was not all: there were cooks simmering vegetable soups and baking soft bread as well. When they found KMega with several cases of wine, he smirked, knowing a secret, but still ignored everyone’s inquisitive gazes.

Under the moonlit sky, the army of Eastguard relaxed and rested after their hard journey. This was the last night until their march on the capital of the Empire, Imperius. The many soldiers celebrated, unknowing of exactly what they celebrated. Then, the crack of a flute’s sharp note silenced the entire army. A violin soon followed the enchanting tune, and the army realized. The wine, the good food, and now the romantic music: their hero was putting out the moves for his wife.

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It was no surprise to the soldiers of Eastguard that their hero and his wife were like a pair of rabbits. However, the mood of the army changed. Many of the men missed their families, and many knew that they may never see their loved ones again. Still, none of them were displeased or hateful due to KMega and his wife acting all romantic. The hero had earned his moments of peace. After a romantic meal under the stars, the two retired to their tent where they recited their songs of love for the whole army to hear and reminisce about when speaking of the legendary couple in later years. Of course, this would only be possible if things went their way.

First, KMega had hunted some meat for their dinner, but when the cooks had discovered he planned to hog a whole cow for just two people, they had scolded him for being selfish, which made KMega feel ashamed. As for the one KMega originally caught and used a small fortune of rare herbs and spices on, the cooks, who wanted him to catch everyone’s meal, burnt. Army cooks were well known for their attitude of if it don’t break your teeth, be grateful you got a bite of soft food. KMega decided that the original beast that had become charcoal would be the new cooks’ meals while he started again. While KMega’s cooking skills failed to be exceptional, they were not army-cook-level terrible.

Then came KMega’s wine. KMega had begun by setting out random bottles of wine while he inspected them with magic to detect their quality. He had spent a small fortune on the bottles, and by the time he finally found one sufficient for their dinner, those damn cooks had stolen them from behind his back, literally. Once he got half the vintage bottles back, the cooks turned the tables on him by giving some of their ill-gotten ‘gains’ to the newly-arrived army.

However, KMega obtained revenge on the cooks because he charged every bottle against the wages of the cooks in addition to the costs of the herbs and spices lavished on the first meal he had caught. As for the romantic song, he put four random minstrels together with, at best, medium talent and little training and forced them to play sweet songs.

Nevertheless, Astrid was pleased as he took a knee and kissed her hand.

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“Happy anniversary.” (KMega)

A gentle tear of happiness appeared on her face, breaking the cold look she gave everyone.

As for their later activities, the two hid nothing in an open field with Astrid taking her true form. In the night, an imperial patrol heard their grunting. Even the most astute in the main camp, reveling in the night’s activities, observed only a flash of twin fire blasts in the distance.

“By the gods, he can even satisfy the needs of dragon4dragonspeciess. Truly a man among men.” (Comment by a random Republic sentry enjoying his wine)

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