Chapter 192- Counter Invasion Battle

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KMega6KMegacharacter looked down at the battlefield from the sky. The border nobles quietly surrendered in the face of the dragon4dragonspecies, so the army of Eastguard proceeded quickly. However, it soon became apparent that things were not as well thought out as intended. KMega had planned for only Astrid7Astridcharacter to accompany him. This way, he could have bypassed all the annoying things like subduing nobles and just directly strike the capitol. With a ‘[Shower of Stars]’ he would blanket the city then pick a soft point he wanted to hit with ‘[Moon’s Full Pile Driver]’ like he had done in the Demon War’s final battle. He was slightly annoyed that a max damage cap had been added to the skill, but being able to deal half the HP of the dragon king in a single attack was overpowered, especially considering his level. He had not been surprised by the nerf.

Moreover, he was pleased that it would still grow as he became stronger.

KMega was not simply idling while he observed the world from the sky. He examined the situation and picked targets. His ‘Shower of Stars’ also received a nerf and now had a target cap. Although he could still use as many throwing objects as he wanted, with the skill being only level 4, his max targets were twelve. Originally, he planned to nuke the command structure with his skill, but upon observing the defenses, he realized this was a bad idea because of a simple reason: “The army before was expendable. These are the defense forces.” (KMega)

KMega grew annoyed. Those before had been conscripted amateurs, but those the Eastguard army now fought were experienced soldiers. He guessed they were probably a reserve army mobilized when the Empire learned of the Eastguard counter-invasion. It was hard to discern which enemy was the bigger threat because they were all serious threats. The demon-essence-armored soldiers the Eastguard army fought were on even grounds in ability, but skill, experience, and numbers were not in Eastguard’s favor.

In the end, KMega could only choose to gamble.

KMega had six bundles of twelve javelins similar to those he had employed in the previous war. Five of these bundles he sent into the rear lines of the imperial army. The last bundle was the one he used his ‘Shower of Stars’ on. He picked twelve places he could maximize damage on the empire while minimizing it for the Eastguard soldiers. This was something a normal person could not do because calculating his terminal velocity from his mass and volume was too hard. However, he had gained a conceptual understanding after practicing these things all the way back when he first attempted to master his dragon forms while he stayed with Neirlar’s brood. Although his armor had changed, it was not difficult to correct the changed variables that caused. What was hard for KMega was using all these physics to calculate what would result when he used ‘Moon’s Pile Driver.’ The angle of decent and then the game variables was not easy to calculate on the fly. With the math completed, he struck.

As the inventor of the skills, he knew the advantages and disadvantages of his interstellar fighting style. High damage and large AOE offset the large strength and intelligence requirements needed. The simplest move, [Crescent Cleave], needed over 800 strength and 600 intelligence, which he could only muster in his second dragonion form.

However, the requirements were not the biggest weakness, which was that the moves were highly predictable and took a decent amount of time to prepare. As long as one was aware it was coming, any of his moves ‘could’ be avoided or defended against. KMega discovered this as an earth javelin intercepted his descent upon using ‘[Moon’s Pile Driver]’ after he dropped his javelins.

Astrid was in the back lines helping the injured fall back when she felt something was wrong. Turning, she found KMega interrupted in his attack descent by a high-tier earth javelin intercepting him like how one country would use a missile to intercept another country’s missile. The backlash of his skill failing added to the fall damage and attack damage, and he was instantly forced into a critical state in the front lines. She took off immediately with the full rage of a dragon, remembering the pain she felt after losing KMega last time.

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She swore to herself that would never happen again.

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