Chapter 151: So, I shall allow a little bit of amusement (1)

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“He’s somewhere far from here.” (Argolas)

Beltreche’s yellow eyes slowly cast down to Argolas.

“And is that something you should say?” (Beltreche)

“I beg for your forgiveness…. Oh, great demon king, I dare not fight against that person with this weak body and this weak mind of mine. Regardless of how weakened he is, he’s still one of the demon kings. I would never dare to fight him.” (Argolas)


Beltreche nodded its head.

Even though Yi Ji-Hyuk had become weaker, he was still nominally a demon king. It wouldn’t do for a demon king to fight a regular demon, after all.

Wasn’t that the reason why Beltreche had personally come here for?

“That treacherous, wicked and underhanded b*stard – did he truly lose his powers?” (Beltreche)

“From my own observation, I could not even sense a trace of his former magical power.” (Argolas)

“I shall ask you again. Are you for certain?” (Beltreche)


Argolas quickly organised the available information inside his head. He confirmed, and then confirmed once more, before speaking up in a confident voice.

“I am indeed certain.” (Argolas)

Beltreche nodded its head in a display of accepting that answer.

“It is so. Then, that d*mn human has finally lost his powers…..” (Beltreche)

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Beltreche’s tongue slowly licked its lips.

The 99th demon king.

A demon king among demon kings, who had appeared in the demon world as if he fell from the sky, and while marching from the edge to the centre of the world all alone, managed to subdue all the others.

A legendary existence, who dared to lay his hands on the authority of demon king even though he was a measly human, possessed immeasurable magical power, and an army that no other demons king could ever hope to match.

Back in the past, when he was still the 99th demon king and also referred to as the immortal king, even someone as noble as Beltreche could not dare to meet that man’s gaze.

That’s how great the difference in the power level was.

However, the story was different now.

“I shall personally rip apart that impudent human who dared to sit on the throne of a demon king.” (Beltreche)

Murderous intent leaking out from the entirety of Beltreche’s body thickly suppressed the air, causing Alpha to let out a soft groan.

Immediately, Beltreche’s eyes were directed to Alpha.

“A human?” (Beltreche)

The moment he looked into those gloomy eyes of Beltreche, Alpha was overcome with the sensation of his soul freezing up.

‘This is interesting.’ (Alpha)

Not his mind, but his body was reacting first. Currently, Alpha’s body was seeing that demon king in front of his eyes as a superior predator. He then began to coldly analyse the reactions of his body, now that he found himself in the role of a prey for the first time ever in his life.

“Argolas.” (Beltreche)

“Your wish is my command.” (Argolas)

“Why is there a human in this place?” (Beltreche)

At this question of Beltreche, Argolas hurriedly shoved its head on the ground.

“I had no choice but to seek an accomplice in order to carry out my duty while being burdened with this weak body.” (Argolas)

“And, that accomplice just so happens to be a human?” (Beltreche)

“As you may well have heard before, there are no other species except humans in this world.” (Argolas)

“So it is.” (Beltreche)

Beltreche quietly stared at Alpha, before reaching out to grab his head. Alpha didn’t resist, and quietly accepted this act.


Beltreche looked on at Alpha with some interest, before nodding its head.

“This man has some value.” (Beltreche)

“He’s not so bad for a human.” (Argolas)

“He’s rather praiseworthy for a human, indeed.” (Beltreche)

Even after Beltreche withdrew its hand, Alpha silently stood there, staring.

“However, oh human….” (Beltreche)



Ominous, dark aura suddenly rushed around Alpha’s body.

“I….” (Beltreche)


As if he was struck by a cannon shell, Alpha was powerfully pushed down to the ground.

“….Find your posture not to my liking.” (Beltreche)

Crack, crackle….

Alpha’s body was manipulated by an unseen force, and soon, he had to assume a position of his head pressing to the ground in a kowtow.

“That’s how a human should be.” (Beltreche)

Alpha tried to resist the unseen force, but his limbs were twisting out of his control, while his skin burst open and blood flowed out.

“I let you live only because I’ve acknowledged your role in this great me descending on this world. Demons and demon kings honour their promises. I shall grant your wish. Before that takes place, however. Don’t you agree that difference in status should be addressed properly?” (Beltreche)

“Fufufufu.” (Alpha)

Still pressed down to the ground, yet a low chuckle leaked out of Alpha’s lips.

“Ho-oh?” (Beltreche)

Beltreche saw this response and a grin formed on its lips.

What an interesting human.

As soon as the unseen force was withdrawn, Alpha slowly got up and fixed his attire.

He then raised his hand quite elegantly and theatrically waved it in front of his chest, while one of his legs retreated rearward.

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Without a doubt, he was performing a supposedly-dignified salutation.

But, it was a show of ridicule and contempt, instead.

“I beg your pardon, oh dear demon king, the enemy of mankind. Please forgive this lowly being who foolishly did not show proper decorum in front of a demon king.” (Alpha)

“Kekeke.” (Beltreche)

Indeed, what an interesting fellow he was.

He even dared to ridicule a demon king.

He probably had sensed the incredible gap in power by now, yet to be able to maintain such an attitude.

‘Turning him into a full-fledged demon might be fun.’ (Beltreche)

“If we had met earlier, it’d have been interesting.” (Beltreche)

That’s what Beltreche honestly thought.

The demons actually enjoyed existences of humans. If the divine beings loved humanity, then demonic entities enjoyed toying with them.

If it was in the past, Beltreche would’ve been far too busy cooking up methods to use Alpha and have some fun. However, it was not like that anymore.

Because of a certain human, he had now grown all fed up by humanity in general. That man was truly an underhanded, rotten, evil, narrow-minded and stinking being.

“It does not matter. So, now. What is Yi Ji-Hyuk doing? Has he conquered this world yet?” (Beltreche)

Argolas shook his head.

“No, he has not. Currently, he hasn’t made any moves at all.” (Argolas)


That was impossible, when thinking back to the time the immortal king had devoured the demon world.

How craze wild was he, when he invaded the demon world?

For the first time in history of the demon world, a united front had to be established against a single demon king, didn’t it?

When considering that man’s over-the-top style of conquest, which was massive enough to make others think of it as a true invasion of the demon world and not some simple territorial dispute between demon kings, Beltreche couldn’t help but think that this world should’ve been halfway fallen to that man’s hands by now….

“He’s not making any moves at all?” (Beltreche)

“He’s keeping a low profile. On top of this, it doesn’t seem like he has made any hidden preparations, either.” (Argolas)

Beltreche’s facial muscles distorted as if it found something displeasing.

“Is he done with playing, is that it?” (Beltreche)

Beltreche pointed at the empty air with its long claw and continued on.

“No, that can’t be it. After all, play time has only begun, so it can’t be over already.” (Beltreche)

“Oh, exalted demon king, that man’s actions seem to indicate his desire to protect this world.” (Argolas)

“Is that so?” (Beltreche)

“So, he’ll naturally try to stop you, oh exalted demon king, once you start taking over this world.” (Argolas)

“Indeed.” (Beltreche)

Beltreche clicked its tongue, still sounding displeased over something.

Protecting this world?

The 99th demon king was doing what now?

‘Does not suit him.’ (Beltreche)

That man was an existence born solely to destroy. Protecting something definitely did not suit him.

“Do you understand the fact that, with all life in Berafe ceased to be, we need a new source for dark magic?” (Beltreche)

“Yes, I do.” (Argolas)

“A human-only world, one which no other beings have interfered with. I should reward you for guiding me to such a tasty realm.” (Beltreche)

A reward from a demon king, no less.

“For the time being, should I start making things a bit more amusing, then?” (Beltreche)

Demons and amusement were inseparable, to begin with.

“Dare I ask you a question?” (Argolas)


“Has the exalted demon king retained all of his strength?” (Argolas)

Beltreche slowly shook its head.

“That’s impossible with a pathetic Gate like that. I’ve only retained about half of my original power.” (Beltreche)

“But, that much is already enough for….?” (Argolas)

Beltreche cackled ominously.

“Half of me is more than enough to take over this weak world. This place isn’t Berafe, after all. Even if that man, the immortal soul, wishes to get in my way.” (Beltreche)

“It is indeed so.” (Argolas)

“And so, I shall allow him to enjoy a little bit of amusement. My grievances with that man means killing him right away will not satisfy my thirst.” (Beltreche)


“So, what should I start with? H-mm?” (Beltreche)

Beltreche seemed to deliberate on something, before asking Argolas.

“How have you been acting until now?” (Argolas)

After Argolas offered an in-depth explanation of what had transpired, Beltreche clicked its tongue in unhappiness.

“You foolish little half-wit!” (Beltreche)

“I am not worthy of your mercy.” (Argolas)

“You are supposed to be a demon, yet you could only behave in such a manner? Even if you are a low-ranked one!” (Beltreche)

“How dare the small me enter the exalted demon king’s eyes? Please enlighten me on the correct path.” (Argolas)

“There is a certain amusing method.” (Beltreche)

A small marble suddenly formed at the end of Beltreche’s fingertip.

“Open up a Gate with this.” (Beltreche)

“Yes, sir!” (Argolas)

“You shall witness something quite interesting.” (Beltreche)

Argolas carefully took the marble from Beltreche.

And, Beltreche began cackling in that iron-scraping-iron tone of voice.

In this place, where the demon world’s invasion of Earth was beginning in earnest….

Alpha’s unreadable eyes were taking everything in silently.


“Mom, I’m home!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“You dumb fool!!” (mom)

The moment Yi Ji-Hyuk opened the front door and entered his home, Park Seon-Duk quickly approached him.

“No, wait. Mom, I……” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)



Yi Ji-Hyuk’s bent down to the floor after failing to withstand the sizzling pain shooting out from his back.

It hurts!!

Really, seriously, it freaking hurts!!

This ahjumma, how is it possible for her to hurt me this badly??

I mean, it’s nothing serious, she’s just slapping me on the back, so how can it hurt this much?! (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)

It felt like his flesh was being ripped away.

“How dare you crawl back home after a week of staying out?! And not even answering your phone once!!” (mom)

“No, wait, didn’t I….” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Didn’t I tell her before leaving?

But, I thought I did?

Ah…. That was for when I went to France, wasn’t it. (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)

“You think I should be the one to call your workplace and ask where my son has gone off to?! Isn’t it the basics for a son to report such things to his mother on time??” (mom)

“You, you’re right, mother.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“Kneel!” (mom)


The absolute being that made NDF follow his every word like a little puppy, and caused a demon king from the demon world to burn with deep-seated grudge, was now kneeling in front of another, significantly more authoritative existence.

“You’re not a kid anymore, yet why do you still act like one?” (mom)

“I’m sorry.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“You can’t even do something so basic, so how can you even think about doing something else?” (mom)

“I’m sorry.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“I!! Do I really need to spell it out for you every single time?? Aren’t you old enough to know them by now?? Just how long do I need to clean up after you…..?!” (mom)

“….Please, just let me live.” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Yi Ji-Hyuk realised that his ears might start bleeding at this rate, so he clung onto mom’s leg and began pleading desperately.

“I, I was wrong. Mom, please stop…..” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“Do you, really? Just how many times do I have to tell you that coming up with excuses to get out of trouble is bad?! Even the last time, too! If you were thinking of going to France, you should’ve called me personally!! How dare you ask someone else to call instead…..” (mom)

Yi Ji-Hyuk stared silently at the ceiling with an ‘enlightened’ look on his face.

And, after being subjected to ten more minutes of stomach-twisting nagging, Yi Ji-Hyuk became a wet, soggy blanket that sank to the floor.

….I’d rather prefer getting hit by mental magic attacks.

I always thought that humanity’s greatest weapon was Jeong Hae-Min’s sonic attack, but now I realise something just as worse is right next to me. (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)

Inexplicably, Yi Ji-Hyuk became rather curious about what would happen if he kidnapped a demon and made it sit in front of mom’s incessant nagging.

“And so!!” (mom)

“Yep!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

Yi Ji-Hyuk had been borrowing the divine help of ‘flow out of one ear’ technique until then, but quickly regained his bearings when mom’s voice rang out loudly.

Yi Ji-Hyuk expertly maintained clear set of eyes, a sure sign of him not drifting away. Mom spoke to him in a determined voice.

“So, what happened to your sister’s date?” (mom)


“How can you be so indecisive on your own plan? Can’t you do this one thing properly, at least?” (mom)


That’s right, the date!

That thing was supposed to happen, right…. (Yi Ji-Hyuk’s inner monologue)

“That’s why I’ve always been saying to you. Ng? You are…..” (mom)

Just as another round of nagging was about to commence, Yi Ji-Hyuk jumped up from the floor and hugged his mom tightly.

“What’s gotten into you?!” (mom)

“Mom!! I’ll definitely bring that man over here! So, don’t you worry about a thing! For real!” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

“M-mm. Sure.” (mom)

“I’ll definitely show you that I’m no ‘all talk and no go’, okay?” (Yi Ji-Hyuk)

The assurance Yi Ji-Hyuk hurriedly spat out in order to avoid another round of nagging caused the back of certain someone far away to shudder in horror.

“….Why is it getting so cold all of a sudden?” (Choi Jung-Hoon)

Choi Jung-Hoon’s body shivered a little, and he poured yet another bottle of energy tonic to his favourite tumbler.

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