Chapter 193- What One Soldier Can Do Part 1

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Jeremiah Hooser, a soldier of Eastguard, had a worried look on his face as Astrid7Astridcharacter was struggling with the three imperial soldiers. She easily dispatched them, but three more soon took their place. As she concentrated on them, a fourth came up from behind her, so she quickly turned around to strike at the cowardly soldier. However, Jeremiah struck down the imperial soldier before she could react. As the soldier fell to the floor, Astrid nodded at Jeremiah in gratitude before he spat a mouthful of blood. In order to save her life, he had to let the imperial solider he was fighting strike him. Infuriated, Astrid threw a dagger and instantly killed the solider. A few Eastguard soldiers grabbed KMega6KMegacharacter and dragged him away, and Astrid did the same with Jeremiah. As his life faded, he smiled up at Astrid. Out of all the original soldiers from Eastguard that have been here throughout KMega’s journey, he was the last.

Six months before the first war of the era, Jeremiah was content working as a low-ranked soldier with a loving wife and newborn daughter. He lived a quiet life with very little action, only ever having to train or go out on patrols. However, the Markwell Empire invaded, so he had to fight. He still remembers the time when he saw KMega for the first time at the battle camp before the battle of the Blood Plains. He was a youthful chap that made some arrangments so he can get new bootstraps. It turns out they saved his life the very next day when the army did a full retreat.

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They lost week after week, even their King lost his life, so Jeremiah had no hope left to live.

Back in the day, he was part of the search party to find his missing wife after finding his newborn daughter dead in her crib. She had starved to death because she was abandoned when they took her mother, so he swore to himself that he would kill every imperial he saw, but he never got the opportunity until a certain day.

A lone knight entered their camp looking like hell and completely exhausted.

He guarded his tent for over an hour because he recognized the berserker of the blood plains, the only person that made a difference in the entire battle. Right when KMega woke up, a Centerguard noble arrived and spoke with KMega about his plans for the war.

Jeremiah overheard everything from his position. He then escorted KMega to the other surviving Eastguard soldiers.

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KMega’s plan was rather bold, but it’s because the soldiers needed to marshal the last will of Eastguard. All they needed was a hero that they could follow into battle. The raid of Jork Fortress was the shot in the arm that Eastguard needed to rally back. However, politics got involved, so KMega left without the army, and many followed him. Jeremiah followed Astrid more though. This is simply because she’s a cute young girl who resembled his daughter.

As he was on diaper duty when she was born, he also got to see her immense curiosity more than the others. However, she quickly moved on and didn’t need to be taught anything anymore.

The next time Jeremiah saw them was the during tournament. When he walked into the stands, he noticed Yirk, so he kept him company while they watched the tournament. He told him everything that happened during the war, from beginning to end, only pausing when he watched KMega with admiration in his eyes. The little speech he made during the match truly inspired him, solidifying in his mind that KMega is a true inspiration and Hero of Eastguard.

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