Chapter 194- What One Soldier Can Do Part 2

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Jeremiah was pulled into the healers’ tent and placed on an operating table so a healer can look at him, but KMega6KMegacharacter was the priority. The old soldier could only smile as his hero was treated, forcing himself to stop his bleeding by using his hand. His hero couldn’t escape all the politics and war this time. Jeremiah knows what he’s sacrificed for Eastguard. He’s spent his time and money, but the soldiers needed to be strong. However, the demon bear appeared, then the wolf pack raid that took out a lot of the older soldiers. All the battles and war took their toll, causing a lot of them to vanish. The wolves took out six, the steer demon got a dozen, then the first invasion had nineteen total causalities. All the while, Jeremiah followed KMega with a smile on his face.

He decided that this was the kind of man worthy of his daughter.

Then there was the resecuring union nations campaign. Out of the one hundred and thirty-eight original soldiers left, only half made it back. Out of that half, sixty died during the demon wars final battle. Six retired, and two died on the blood plains when the empire invaded again. This left only Jeremiah, a man who remembers KMega’s legacy as a hero. During dinner every evening, he would tell the other soldiers the tales of KMega and Astrid7Astridcharacter. Unlike the other two, he didn’t exaggerate, but even he got excited and could hardly believe everything that’s happened.

An hour must have passed before Jeremiah noticed that KMega was now stable. No normal man could have survived such a hit. Even a full grown dragon4dragonspecies wouldn’t be able to handle his current situation. When the army saw him take a knee, they knew they had to act and save their hero. Astrid led the charge, but when she went into the tent, she had sadness in her eyes.

Jeremiah immediately tried to cheer her up as he weakly spoke through a large amount of pain,

Don’t cry, my queen. Our shining star of hope… Go! Lead your people into battle! He will not perish under our watch…” (Jeremiah)

Astrid quickly glanced at Jeremiah before calling over the doctor and telling him that she wants to be updated on KMega’s condition as it changes. She then walked out of the tent to attend to her duties.

Shortly after Astrid left, the doctors and pharmacists felt confident leaving KMega be since he was stable, so they started attending to other patients. Jeremiah was feeling cold and numb right now despite being hastily treated. In his current position, he was facing KMega to watch out for his hero. However, Jeremiah’s heart sank as soon as he saw him start to cough, causing the bandage on his side to loosen. Fresh crimson poured through the wound and soaked the clean rags.

Doctor!” (Jeremiah)

No one could hear his weak voice, so he called again, “Someone, anyone! He’s bleeding!” (Jeremiah)

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His pleas were once again drowned out by the sound of battle and the moans of the dying.

Jeremiah immediately cemented his resolve and tried to stand up.

He put weight on his hands and found that he could barely lift his upper body.

Feeling a bit lost, he closed his eyes and prayed, “Gods, I beg you! Let me show at least half the heart our hero has shown for us. PLEASE!” (Jeremiah)

To his surprise; after he finished, a small amount of strength and energy entered his body, but it quickly began to fade.

Thank you!“ (Jeremiah)

He then slid off the table and stood next to KMega. He knew that he didn’t have the strength to prepare a fresh bandage, so he decided to do the next best thing. He became as rigid as a statue as he used his whole body weight to lean on KMega’s wound. Blood flowed from Jeremiah’s wounds, but he didn’t care. He would do anything for his hero.

In the evening after the battle, a small group of soldiers were gathered around a campfire eating their rations under a somber atmosphere.

One of the new recruits looked around restlessly before asking, “Hey, where is that one guy that always tells stories at night?” (New Recruit)

Several of the other recruits looked around at each other, but an older solider that was around during the demon incursions spoke,

“Do you mean Jeremiah? I guess you didn’t hear. They found him in the medical tent leaning over Commander KMega. Poor s.o.b. bled to death putting pressure on a suture that split open.” (Senior Soldier A)

Another soldier that was around during the waves of the invasion and the retaking of the union nations laughed before speaking,

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“Yeah, that sounds just like him. You know, he was there when the commander was just a squire! I’ve even heard him say that he used to clean the Lady Dragon’s bottom when she was just a little infant whelp! He calls her our shining star of hope…” (Senior Soldier B)

And so, the Eternal Legend KMega, his wife; Eastguard’s shining star of hope, Astrid, was truly born in Sword Kingdom.

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