Chapter 195- Legacy

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KMega6KMegacharacter lay in the private tent. He had logged in after the recovery timer for him getting knocked out finished. He should have known better than to use a risky move that he had already once showed his enemies. He could not help but ponder how many lives had been lost in his brief absence. He thought about how unfair it was that he could come back, but the NPCs could not. In particular, he thought of the soldier who had died, Jeremiah, when KMega’s suture split. He had the makings of a fantastic legend, but at this point, KMega couldn’t care less about the stories. All he wanted was to find Keiser and bring him home.

After thinking about it, he pulled out some writing utensils from his storage and pondered,

To those I leave behind,

I, Duke Karma Mega ve Red Tear, am tired. When I first came to this world, I was immediately cast to the heavens when Astrid7Astridcharacter’s mother, the mother of my future wife, killed me and many other innocent bystanders after a rogue human kidnapped Astrid while she was still in her shell. Due to those circumstances, her soul and mine became intertwined that day. However, before I met her for the first time, I needed to grow stronger.

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After returning to this world, I began adventuring as many souls do, and I eventually encountered a child fighting a rabbit monster. This is when I met the person I would call my adopted little brother. I suspected back then that there was something special about the child because assassins tried to murder a lesser knight’s son. While I lived with Keiser and Yirk, I found Yirk’s knowledge far exceeded that of a normal knight’s. To top it off, Keiser was especially talented. He was stronger than me and possessed a natural charm. It was only later that I learned that the hidden prince who came forward for the Eastguard inheritance was a fake spy. I did not learn this till the massacre on my land.

It was only revealed to me a short time ago that Keiser was the true heir to Eastguard. His father was a commoner knight, but what of his mother? At the time, all Yirk would say of her was that she had been a librarian who would often volunteer with the church. The same description was given in the stories I heard of the last king of Eastguard’s eldest daughter who had died over a decade before I came to this world. Around the same time, Keiser, whose mother died giving birth, perished. Given the once noble aura he radiated and his stern ideals, I know in my heart that these suspicions are fact.

Not finding Keiser and freeing him was my greatest regret from the First War of the New Era. Now, I am in my third war. I am tired. I never asked to be a hero. I am only a man looking for his little brother. After I free him from whatever shackles and brainwashing he is under, I intend to fully retire with my wife and start my own family. This little brother of mine will be those kids’ uncle. I just hope that on that day he will still wear that idealistic grin of his.

I am so tired. Anyone can be a hero as long as they have the heart to stand up.

KMega put away the writing materials and read over his note before summoning a special chest. This chest stored the deed, noble title, and all of KMega’s other important documents from the game. He put the letter on top as he stood to leave. He woke Astrid so that he could tell her to have the army fall back. What he did next, he did alone.

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