Chapter 89- Recovery Effort

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While KMega6KMegacharacter protected the village, Astrid7Astridcharacter began hunting for the person responsible. While KMega saw the soldiers as children, she saw them as assets. Astrid spent most of her time training them and supplying the fortress. She also handles all of the details and takes care of a few other things that she learned from Yirk. They needed these assets to make a comfortable lair where KMega can play the game at his convenience instead of forcing himself to deal with politics and other stupid things. What concerned her the most though was the number of wolves. A normal pack consisted of about a dozen, but over a pack of 50 wolves total attacked the village. A dozen of them attacked the main part of the village, another dozen raided the livestock and horse shelter, and there was another two dozen as reinforcements. After slaying the weaker wolves, their numbers dropped to the mid-forties; which is still too hard for them to handle.

That is when she noticed something on a nearby cliff observing them.


An individual named Neirlar was currently disguised as a human and looking out of a crack in the inn he was staying at while he was among humans. He had come to inspect the grave of his sister and seek vengeance against those that defiled it. However, he got stuck during the demon ambush and was attacked and was surprised to find a dragon4dragonspeciesoid leading the counterattack. Even if he wasn’t very skillful, Neirlar was impressed that the unknown dragonoid fought purely to save his men. The fact that the dragonoid was also fighting demon spawn intrigued him, but not as much as seeing it in the first place. He had heard the rumor that one of them was in the area, but that was the child of his deceased sister.


Neirlar’s eyes shifted for a moment before he became disappointed when he discovered that the youth wasn’t actually his sisters son. Neirlar then noticed that the ring finger and the great sword that the dragonoid possessed held a faint trace of his sisters presence. Neirlar instantly became angry after realizing this, but he kept his cool. He was going to punish the person that dared to taint his sister, but he calmly down after he decided to choose his moment.

If he was reckless and acted on his own, he might incur the wrath of the dragon king and break the treaty. He then had a thought.

“This youngling had the blood of a dragon inside him.” (Neirlar)

An evil smirk appeared on his face as he realized that he found a loophole.

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Astrid came back to the village with the badly injured alpha direwolf in tow.

The soldiers that noticed her walked over with concern and wonder as they stared at the wolf with its head down.

“I found this one watching from afar. He wishes to help slay the demon that stole his pack. Treat his wounds and tell me where my darling is.” (Astrid)

The soldiers paused. Astrid usually addressed KMega by name, so when they heard that, they became anxious as two of them walked up to her to report.

“I…. we…. don’t know where he is. We thought that he went back to his chambers to rest or went to the lou, but we even used a search spell for him…. We can’t….” (soldier)

Astrid balled up her fist before running away and trying to trace KMega’s footsteps, but the scent of demon blood was too thick for her young nose.

“Gods damn it. Where is my F*** toy!?” (Astrid)

She blushed after realizing that she screamed at the top of her lungs.

She then stormed off into the inn to bury her face in a pillow in embarrassment.


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Not too far away, a demon general looked at the town in amusement. His name is Enel, the Backstabber. He’s made a name for himself for sending more allies than the other demon generals to their deaths. He laughed in amusement as he watched the scene of a young dragon scream in annoyance before storming off like a child.

He sobered up rather quickly though after realizing a few things.

“If the dragons are involved, that complicates matters. This situation is very interesting and will be a great opportunity for new servants.” (Enel)

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