Chapter 99- List of Envy

[Class Rank Up Choices: Royalty of Eastguard (t1)(L), Champion of Justice (t1)(L), National Hero (t1)(L), Dragon Squire (t1)(L), Divine Champion (t1)(L),…]


[Royalty of Eastguard: Take the first step in becoming the King of Eastguard.]

[Champion of Justice: Take the first step in becoming a Champion that fights for justice.]

[National Hero: Take the first step in becoming a true National Hero.]

[Dragon Squire: Take the first step in becoming the first knight of the Dragon King.]

[Divine Champion: Take the first step in becoming the true Champion of the Church. Spread your faith to the masses.]


KMega6KMegacharacter almost forgot to breath as he took a look at his surroundings before looting the kobold and hiding the body in the brush. He then took a moment to hide away from the body before focusing on the list again. Naturally, the list will reflect his accomplishments. However, it was rare to see that he was offered five legendary ranks in a game at the same time. The first class is obviously a political one because he’s the most trusted person in Eastguard, but he decided to pass on it right away.

As for champion of justice, it was like the title and required a high positive karma. National hero is similar to being a royal of eastguard, but from a soldier’s point of view. Dragon squire played on his race traits, while divine champion was because of the blessed by the gods title among other things.


He didn’t just look at the legendary classes either. There were also several eye catching epic titles that anyone would go for if they couldn’t pick a legendary class. Even a lot of the rare classes are easy choices for people without higher tier options…., even if they already had a rare class. However, after looking through the rare classes, there was only a single common class out of the uncommons and commons. Amongst them all though, the single common was the only t2 that actually advanced his starting squire class. Without hesitation, he picked the common class. Since he sold his legendary set of armor to the divine shop for a single copper, he didn’t care about flashy classes. He would rather build up on what he already knows then start something new at this point.

Within an hour of KMega choosing his second class advancement, a notice appeared on Green Corporation computers and to all the other players about the first player to ever have the option of picking a legendary class in Sword Kingdom. A lot of them considered this a typo, but after learning that it was true, they were disappointed when they learned that KMega refused the ‘first’ legendary class. A few days later though, someone else reached Level 150 and had the legendary class option. This person is Kly, the guild leader of the number one guild in Sword Kingdom. A few IRL weeks ago, he sent several scouts to watch KMega, but he was content with leaving the upstart star alone when he learned that he will remain a solo. Other than KMega, who could already become King of Eastguard if he wanted too, Kly was the closest player to being the king of his own land.

After the first kobold, KMega’s goal of freeing the dragon4dragonspecies was even closer to accomplish.

After hunting his first kobold, he began to hunt the others. After finding the third one, he was able to deal physical damage to it with his body. After finding ten more, he was forced to fight them while outnumbered. When his kill count reached over thirty, the land was thick with search parties of kobolds looking for who was attacking their kin. With merciless eyes, KMega found his opening when the men were gone and snuck into the village to silently slaughter the young children and women of the village. During this whole ordeal, his whole personality and appearance was becoming more and more like a dragon. After a certain point, he decided that these lowly beasts deserve bearing the responsibility for their actions for daring to eat dragon meat.

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When KMega appeared in front of the young dragon, it was surprised to see him there. KMega had one of the kobold guards that took a bite out of the young dragons sister a few minutes before in his claws. In the dark, a vapor mist came out of his mouth every time he exhaled. KMega then dropped his dead prey and swiped his claw at the young dragon.

With their levels so close together and the young dragon in a weakened state, it wouldn’t take very much to slay him. To the young dragons surprise though, his bindings were cut and fell to the ground. “Are you out here to get meat for your trials as well? If you help me kill the rest of them, I’ll share the credit with you.” (KMega)

The young dragon looked happily at KMega in understanding.

After shaking off his wings and getting ready for battle, night slowly passed as the screams of kobolds and the smell of fire and blood filled the air.

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