Chapter 100- End of Trial Two

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[Dragon Blood Strength: 62% Human Blood Strength: 38%

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Dragons are savage and primitive creatures that don’t rely on tools or trading to do what they want. If they want a meal, they go out and get themselves some food. They also don’t complain about not having the right ‘tool’ or ‘skill’. They only have their bodies and their wits.

Since his dragon blood has been increasing lately, KMega6KMegacharacter understand the primal urge to slaughter. Naturally, he didn’t even worry about decimating the kobold village. However, his viewers thought differently. They got to see a bit of KMega’s dark side that he left behind in the previous games that he played.


As a space pirate, he was a merciless little girl that would slaughter whole crews of marines on her own, making her have one of the largest unclaimed bounties in gaming history. As a necromancer, he held his domain with absolute authority by killing anyone that even slightly trepasses. As a sage, he was able to amplify the most dangerous of spells by only controlling them enough to not get himself killed. He slaughtered thousands at a time, friend and foe alike. As a bandit, he stole anything that had a contract; from holy swords to cursed idols. There wasn’t anything he wasn’t willing to get his hands on. As a knight, he tried to turn over a new leaf and walk a less evil path.

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After killing the last of the kobolds, the young dragon stared at his half eaten dead sister. With a mighty breath of fire, he began to burn her corpse so that no other beast would dare desecrate her. Only when just ashes remained of the corpse and the village, did the dragon and KMega move on. With a large haul of kobold corpses, they flew back to the lair to find Electra guarding the entrance. She was there because she saw the smoke from a distance and wondered what it was about. When she saw the half breed and her younger half brother returning, she sneered before calling her father. She wanted to be there when he chewed them out, but contrary to what she thought, her brother and KMega revealed their haul, causing her father to be mildly pleased before telling her to take them to the young. They’ll be feasting today.


Neirlar then listened to his son’s story while KMega added to it here and there. He knew that a lot of young dragons get caught by the kobolds when their hunt goes awry. The news of his daughter dying wasn’t unexpected. Still, to catch the whole tribe in a single night was clearly unexpected. He then thought about things for a little bit. On one hand, they disobeyed the rules by staying out a night, but the rule was actually meant more for their safety than for punishment.

On the other, neither of them really had a choice in the matter, which helped bring in a feast for the young. He then carefully considered his next words.

“You both passed your second trials. Lazar, my son, you aren’t yet ready for the third trial, clearly because of your capture and needing someone’s else’s aid.” (Neirlar)

He then stared at KMega before speaking.

“As for you. First of all, you have my gratitude for saving my son. However, not everyone agrees with my decision to accept a half breed into the brood. Speaking as the leader of the dark sky brood, I cannot grant you even the protection you deserve….” (Neirlar)

The great dragon paused before continuing.

“….If my niece wishes to join my brood and have protection like her mother….” (Neirlar)

The dragon shook his head.

“Nevermind, she is too close to humans for that.” (Neirlar)

Neirlar then turned around and was deep in thought before he finally spoke.

“We, of the dark sky brood, gladly welcome you and your mate as friends and guests. That’s the most I can allow until you pass the third trial.” (Neirlar)

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