Chapter 101- Four Days Have Passed

Four days have passed IRL after KMega6KMegacharacter completed his second trial. Since tomorrow is the local tournament, he woke up early to get in a full day of gaming.

After testing out a class called the ‘gambler’ as part of his GSP duties, KMega went into his normal game character and woke up with an arm around his front.

Astrid7Astridcharacter?” (KMega)

A familiar girls face appeared in his field of vision, and at this point, he looked more like a dragon4dragonspecies than her.

“Let’s do it!” (Astrid

KMega blinked a few times in surprise before pain entered his arm and he found Lazar nipping at him when he really woke up.

“Lets go hunting.” (Lazar)


After the hunt, Lazar and KMega become quick friends. The fact that he saved the young dragons life contributed to this, but there was also the fact that KMega taught him some nifty tricks to survive. He taught him to notice his surroundings, pay attention to signs of animals, and stretching before a battle to keep limber. Lazar had no idea about any of it, but he found it quite helpful. The dragon’s curiosity extended outside jungle battles as well. He made KMega tell him stories about humans and Astrid. While this has been going on for about a month in-game, KMega’s level has rapidly increased to 190….

Considering that massacaring all those kobolds netted him just under Level 180, there was a huge experience gap and room for improvement, even when hunting beasts over a hundred levels higher than him; without items! However, he died a few times as well, which increased his respawn time and made him lose the exp he gained. This is a failsafe built into the system to keep a player from overleveling, but KMega’s skills were on par with someone in the early Level 200 range.

KMega and Lazar just set a pair of Giga steers in front of the lair when another dragon flew in for a landing. Her bright red colored scales reminded KMega of Astrid, so he took a moment to look closer. His instincts immediately told him to breed with the new arrival on the spot, but KMega kept himself control as he walked over to the newcomer.

The approaching young dragon soon started to snuggle against his chest.

“Kevin, I missed you.” (Astrid)

Naturally, he began to gently hold her head.

“Astrid, I’m sorry for leaving you at the fort.” (KMega)

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Astrid accepted his embrace.

She would rather hold KMega in her dragonoid form, but right now, she had other matters to attend to.

“And you! What’s the big idea, kidnapping my mate? You know the headaches that you left me with? If he didn’t send me a magic note that told me he was training to get stronger because of your mistake, I would be going to the king right now and telling him what you did!…” (Astrid)

Neirlar blinked in surprise as Astrid ranted on and kept repeating the same things over and over again. When she was finally out of breath, Neirlar started bellowing with laughter.

He then took a breath before looking at the three confused people.

“You act just like my sister, young one. I haven’t been scolded like that until she learned that I was conned into selling one of her children. I’m still paying off the price for canceling that deal….” (Neirlar)

He then drifted into thought for moment with a sad expression on his face.

“I’m the keeper of your mothers will, Astrid. We all thought you were dead though when your heart didn’t beat for almost a full month while you were still shell bound. By the time I learned of your survival,  her hoard was already gone.” (Neirlar)

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Astrid paused for a moment before tilting her head down.

“If it wasn’t for KMega, I wouldn’t be here today. He’s my soulmate, and we’re eternally bound in this life and the next.” (Astrid)

Nierlar stared at her with a sad look on his face before having a thought.

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