Chapter 102- KMega and Astrid of the Red Tear Brood

Nierlar invited the three of them inside, or rather, ordered them before gathering his brood to formally meet them. Tales about KMega6KMegacharacter have been circulating already, while Astrid7Astridcharacter was the last daughter of a brood queen; second in rank to only the brood lord, Nierlar. When they all gathered, he introduced them as KMega and Astrid of the Red Tear brood. He then spoke of how KMega was a soul traveler and Astrid was his soulmate.

He then called them together to formally celebrate their union.


KMega was a little overwhelmed with all the new dragon4dragonspeciess, while Lazar acted as his best man because he was the most familiar with him. Astrid was just happy to meet so many of her kin. Most of the brood had the same blood flowing their veins since they were either her mother’s children, Neirlar’s children, or the children of those children  Naturally, she listened to the older females suggestions. A lot of them were tempted to steal a night with the viral buck that Astrid left untouched, but under the circumstances of wanting a formal union and following rituals, they chose to stand down. Dragons may be savage, but they are also rather sophisticated as well.


Electra then stormed out in annoyance. A mating ritual is normally performed with only high ranking members of the brood, while her father was throwing one for a couple of nobodies. Since she had enough, she stormed out of the caves well after curfew.

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“When I get the chance, I’m going to show you who you should be respecting.” (Electra)

As Electra started to scheme, a dark and sinister smile appeared in the shadows.

If Electra wasn’t so annoyed and frustrated, she would have noticed the magic strings that entered her ear. In this moment, the demon general had sealed her fate.

After they finished greeting all the other dragons, there was a grand feast full of wine and meat. KMega and Astrid then feasted on the rich meat and drank the savory wine among the dragons of the Dark Sky Brood. The party soon got out of hand since a lot of the younger dragons never had wine before. They soon started looking for companionship and more wine instead of the meal. Neirlar and the other older dragons were stuck with the task of trying to keep the younger male dragons off the backs of the intoxicated females. Astrid then changed back into her dragonian form before stripping and walking over to KMega’s overly dragon body.

“Transform back into a human, I want it to be gentle in the beginning” (Astrid)

All KMega could do was swallow as his form started to change back to that of a human’s.


Lazar stared at KMega as he transformed back into a human. He wasn’t as in awe as with his second dragonian form. Still, he had respect for a human that would dare to breed with a dragon.

He soon began to watch the ceremony in earnest.

“Oh, Astrid.” (KMega)

KMega moaned, gently placing his arms under hers before wrapping them around his neck. This wasn’t their first kiss, but this was the first time they wanted to go both further than that.

“ Kevin.” (Astrid)

This was the signal that he could do even more with her, but KMega actually seemed stumped and didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, Astrid dropped down to her knees before looking up at him and smiling.

However, she soon looked away with a blush. KMega could feel her hot breath on him, causing his mind to go blank.

“Oh, Astrid!” (KMega)

A moan escaped his lips.

Astrid happily looked up at KMega before she laid on her back..

“ Kevin!” (Astrid)

She said, inviting him towards her.

KMega then started slowly dragging his fingertips all over Astrid’s smooth skin.

“I know that you’re only an AI, but I love you all the same. ….Do you love me?” (KMega)

Astrid pushed KMega off of her.

“Silly, you. Of course I love you.” (Astrid)

As she said so, she moved on top of him and pressed her hips against his in a rhythmic verse. KMega’s toes curled as his hands gripped her waist and he felt his blood rush and roar.

She then yelled, “Kevin, I want you! I want your babies!”

And with that, Astrid fell on top of KMega while panting.

Even though this is what she has been starving for, her feast has just begun

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