Chapter 103- Pain and Pleasure

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“Oh, Astrid7Astridcharacter!” (KMega6KMegacharacter)

“Kevin!” (Astrid)

“Oh, Astrid!” (KMega)

“Kevin!” (Astrid)

“Oh, Astrid! I’m… I’m… in pain! You’re breaking my shoulder!” (KMega)


Astrid then released her robotic grip on KMega’s shoulder. Another four days have passed in-game since their wedding and the effects of their ‘honeymoon’ wore on KMega’s IRL body. He had never experienced such a thing before, and Astrid also wanted to help him in IRL, but her fine motor skills still weren’t perfect. As a test, KMega first insisted on a massage before she grabbed anything else.

An hour before Astrid started massaging KMega, Adams and everyone else was waiting for him. He would normally start cooking by now. Since Adams was the type of person to take action, he went up to his room and opened the door before seeing darkness. The only thing that he could see is lights from the pod and Astrid’s red eyes. It creeped him out, but his cravings overruled his fear. Adams then slowly walked over as Astrid watched him. After being about a foot from hitting the emergency release button, Astrid suddenly moved and grabbed his forearm.

“Touch that f***ing button and you will be eating your arm for dinner!” (Astrid)

After saying so, she loosened her grip enough for Adam to escape.

Once he was downstairs, he could be seen rubbing his arm.

“Lets order out.” (Adams)

He then looked back towards KMega’s room with worry and a slightly puzzled expression on his face.

“Astrid said he’s busy with something important in-game right now.” (Adams)

While the in-game Astrid was with KMega in her true form, his second dragon4dragonspeciesian form mounted her. He felt her pause for a moment, but he quickly disregarded it. He never learned about Astrid’s threat, nor that she was fully in sync with her IRL body that was enjoying the ‘meal’ in her own way.

After the massage and going downstairs to eat some lukewarm pizza, KMega took a cold shower before going to bed. His honeymoon experience with Astrid was still fresh on his mind.

After about half an hour of being restless, he walked into the common area before sitting down on the couch and starting to look up the details of the tournament.


KMega wasn’t sure when, but he finally dozed off. However, he soon woke up well past 2AM after hearing a slam. He got off the couch in shock before looking around, only to find Winter in her underwear. In her mouth, there was a piece of leftover pizza and she was holding an unmarked bottle in her hand. She then spotted him on the couch.

After taking the pizza out her mouth, she spoke before sitting down next to him.

“It’s you.” (Winter)

Noticing KMega’s personal situation that reappeared, she continued speaking.

“I turned 21 today.” (Winter)

She then made herself more comfortable by spreading herself out like a rising eagle.

KMega wasn’t staring at her attractive face, but her soft and ample looking body.

“I was thirteen when I lost my virginity after my dad pimped me out. It took six months for child services to find me in a… well, sorry state. I then took six months of rehab and I started playing FPS games during that time. It was my ticket here. A couple months after that, I thought I fell in love.” (Winter)

She then paused as a tear left her eye.

“He used me for money like my dad. It broke my heart.” (Winter)

KMega actively listened to her story before realizing that she was probably drunk, but not enough to slur her words. She was drunk enough though to open up to him. The question is why. Was it just a target of opportunity, or something else….?

“You’re a good person, Kevin. I like you… I like you a lot. You have my back. I know you won’t take advantage of me either.” (Winter)

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