Chapter 104- What Happened?

KMega6KMegacharacter woke up with the sun shining through the window and hitting his face. His first thought when he opened his eyes was that this wasn’t his room. That thought only lasted for a moment though before he noticed a woman’s golden hair on his chest. He then tried to move, but his wrists were in handcuffs and his feet were tied by rope. When he identified the woman next to him as Winter, KMega tried to remember the night before. She then woke up with sudden movements and smiled at him before revealing her perfect chest. As the rest of her body hit his line of sight, it became clear that she pinned him to the bed to sleep with him. His memory of the night before then came back to him like a flood. While he processed what happened, she walked over to a nearby table and got the key to the cuffs before untying his feet and freeing his hands.


“Sorry, and thanks. Kevin, you were perfect last night.” (Winter)

Those were her first words to him. It was borderline illegal what she did to him. Strangely though, he wasn’t angry. Everything that happened to him was just taking some time to process. As KMega rubbed his sore wrists, he tried to come up with the appropriate words.

“I… ah… next time… well…” (KMega)

He couldn’t say anything else as she kissed him. Her kiss was his first real one.

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“I know how sexually dense you are, Kevin. If I didn’t do it like this, then you would have died a virgin.” (Winter)

KMega took a moment to further process what she said.

“You… could have just asked.” (KMega)

As soon as the words escaped him, Winter put on a cute smile.

“A woman will never ask a guy. You and Astrid7Astridcharacter have finally done it in game, I take it.” (Winter)

KMega then turned bright red as Winter had an amused expression on her face before pushing him back on the bed.

“That girl is too easy to read. When Adams came down from your room holding his arm, I knew.” (Winter)

Winter then sat on his legs and got him ready for round two with her hands.

“Real life and virtual are very different. The next time that you’re with your Astrid and it carries over to reality, come and see me so I can take care of you again.” (Winter)

There was no way that Astrid didn’t know what happened to KMega last night. She had long since hacked into the houses internal network and got eyes on all the other gamers’ setups. Winter’s and Emma’s personal hardware was even better than KMega’s, so she caught every detail of the night from multiple angles. After hearing the promise that Winter made, she was so annoyed that she decided to learn every single sexual technique the internet has to offer and use them on her new husband every chance she can get.

After round two, KMega needed to wash up, so he grabbed his clothes and went to his room before grabbing some clean clothes. Since everyone else believed that KMega was up late on a quest, the others didn’t hound him for breakfast. In fact, he was really tired when he finally took a shower. At about 10AM, everyone was ready for the tournament. They then drove through somewhere for breakfast before heading to the convention center where the tournament is held.. When they arrived around noon, the company driver parked the tour bus before everyone got out. This would be KMega’s first and darkest social convention of his life.

Before arriving at convention center, KMega was looking out the window of the tour bus. The others, including Astrid, were entertaining themselves using various methods, but KMega was emotionally and physically in turmoil. The night before hit him hard in both regards.

After some hard thinking, he took out his pad and sent Winter a private message.

It was a single question that he didn’t get an immediate response too.

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