The End of Karma Streamer

Hi all my karma fans, it is I zalex. And I must say how both joyed and sad I am.

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Joyed because I completed my largest (chapter wise) novel to date.

Sad for the same reason.

On February 12, 2018, I had the idea. Make a video game stream novel. The scenes I came up with on that first day were three. The final confrontation between KMega6KMegacharacter and Kieser (chapter 199), the in-game wedding between KMega and Astrid7Astridcharacter (chapter 102), and the thought of Kevin being a poor teenager who makes a living off of cheap food and earning money playing video games5video gamestheme(chapter 1).

I wrote the first 50 chapters of Karma streamer2streamerstory mechanic within about 2 weeks of time. From there I started to peter off. I did not write the epilogue till September the same year.

But that is the past and a lot has happened, enough to write another book, so I will move onto the main topic, my novel.

With all good novels, the main focus should be on the protagonist or main character. In this case Kevin Megas, or also known by the in-game name KMega.

Kevin was born into a rich household as the second son. Due to genetic testing, his aptitude for hardline business tactics made him an outcast and shadowed by his older brother. However, Kevin has an aptitude for mathematics and has a somewhat natural charisma about him.

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At eight years old Kevin ventured into his first VRMMORPG, and I am sorry to say I do not remember what I called it. To summarize, think space pirates, anyways not knowing better Kevin created a female avatar as his first character because his brother tricked him into it.

I will not go into details but deviants who would capitalize on him do exist. This is really the beginning of Kevin’s deep resentment of humanity.

Not long after an event that basically summed up as nicely as possible as betrayal, Kevin befriended an elderly NPC that was a retired pirate. From this NPC Kevin acquired several things. First and foremost is a dream. He began dreaming of the stars and becoming an explorer. This allowed Kevin to acquire a ‘cheat’ like ability that he learned to make in pretty much any vr game. I know I have said that I do not like the ‘plot armor’ mc and such, but Kevin’s cheat had to be researched and improved upon time and again. But there will be more on this ‘cheat’ later.

The second thing that Kevin acquired from this NPC was a means to acquire friends that will not betray him. He quickly discovered things like loyalty meters and such and how to manipulate them. This, however, he did not master till a later game.

The final thing Kevin acquired from this NPC was a distaste for guilds. It was not mentioned in the story, but that NPC was killed by a guild to further a hidden quest line. (I did mention that the NPC was killed however for mere pocket change)

After the death of his mentor NPC, Kevin joined a NPC crew of pirates and quickly climbed the ranks to a captain of his own vessel. From there he grew into a viable pirate king waging an almost 1 man war against all the ‘navy’ in the world. If this sounds like a rubber band pirate a little bit plot then too bad. I got the story from something else.

After the space pirate game, mainly due to service ending because the fanbase no longer grew to support the game as much, Kevin moved over to a fantasy game and stuck with it ever since. In his second game, he became a King Lynch, not to be mistaken by a Lynch King. Lynch King’s are followers of the god of the dead, a King Lynch is an independent Lynch not following a god. This is where Kevin mastered the ‘loyalty’ of NPC’s, so be it without even trying. He treated all those under him as friends and family. Even the common skeletons and ghouls. He was, for all intensive purposes, King of his own Dead Realm. This is also where the first hints of Kevin learning leadership.

To sum of this game, he was like a well-known world boss that just could not be killed.

The end of this game came for Kevin by the means of his parents. They sold his account. This is in fact like selling one child to slavery in order to raise the other to riches. However, it is not exactly that simple. At this time his parents were beginning a long term investment and needed the startup capital. But the main reason is because the older brother did not like seeing his younger brother becoming successful.

Onto the third game, at this point, Kevin is nearly a teenager and has started to go through the changes. He enters something of an angry rebellious stage. In short, he wanted to see the world burn. He did this by slowly creating a top tier magician that specializes in omega levels of area of effect burst damage… basically, he nukes a map, figuratively and quite literally at times. And that is on good days. This account he actually sold himself when he was fifteen so he could afford to move out and be on his own. (I am taking liberties here with actual laws and such)

Now for Kevin’s last game. He became a bandit, or a thief to be more accurate. This is his reclusive side coming to light. He had one desire and one only, money. Because he needed it. Even when he sold his previous account he still had bills to pay, and thanks to his brother, that also meant debts. He worked every way he could to earn money, eventually until right before the story started when his previous simulator had a malfunction and destroyed the on-site copy of his character and corrupting the game copy of his save data.

This actually leads to the start of the story. Kevin was on his last legs. He needed something big as he was drifting by. First was the bug when he died when Astrid’s mom crushed him. Causing him to respawn at the avatar creation zone. Next is actually meeting the old man that would become something of a second father, and technically father in law, to the young man.

It was through Weise that he would get the love of his life, a s*xbot, and if you think I am kidding, I am not. Astrid’s one and only goal in life is to bring forth Kevin’s babies. But again getting ahead of the story.

It is through Weise, who for all intensive purposes was an in-game and in real life overseer of Kevin during his playtime. While Weise did not manipulate Kevin’s story, in the beginning, he did use his power when ‘flaws’ were appearing in the current systems of the virtual world. (think the streamers team up part in the early chapters)

Kevin meeting Kieser was another changing point in Kevin. He got something he always wanted, a family. In particular, he got a little brother and swore to himself that he would be better to him than his actual older brother. That is why this entire story is about Kevin finding Keiser after the war. This is why when Kevin quit playing Sword Kingdom because of the trolls called guilds, he rejoined due to loyalty for his brother.

Now I have said a lot about Kevin, perhaps I should explain more about Astrid at this point. She is, for all intensive purposes, an anomaly. She is a result of several advanced programs smashing and merging. First being the original AI of NPC in the world. Then the degradation that followed that damaged her core being as she is slowly returned to the pool of data the system uses to create npcs. Then finally Weise putting an advanced ‘untested’ upgrade in her. Throw in the chaos of some damaged quest prompts and some company scandals and you got Astrid.

For clarification, the ai core that Weise put in her is the prototype he had spent his life making to be adaptive with the model of mechanoid his wife had made before she died. He only used a lesser version of this code on all NPC that become companions, but Astrid was the only one to receive the full core replacement. The reason for this is because it is for ‘that kid’.

Astrid is a product of her creation, but so much more, yet simply not. To elaborate, Astrid broke all the chains that bound her to the digital world and viewed her husband in all his real-life glory. To say how hard this is is like Skynet happening when the world is prepared to easily detect and stop Skynet.

Anyways, as I said before, Astrid has a single drive. To have Kevin snu snu her brains out. Take note that Kevin is a teenager who has 0 experience nor concept of ‘adult interaction’. The best he got is, hehehe boobs are nice.

Kevin is however quick to notice the advances and only takes about 60 chapters to catch on.

Anyways I have given a lot of backstory and am feeling a bit tired.

Now I will go into Kevin’s cheat. This is ‘time manipulation’. Not in the sense that he can stop time, but he can perceive it differently (think the Flash as an example). Normally he does not use this, but he can act at two or three times the normal time dilation for a short period of time/ More if he pushes himself without worry of permanent damage. Another thing to note, he can do this outside of the game. However, it is more the phenomenon that is tachypsychia, or how people perceive time. Because of KMega’s extensive use of altering time in VR he can better use this in real life, such as in the fight in the club. So do note that he still got wrecked by a more skilled fighter.

Well, I went over the majority of what I can think of.

There are two announcements to this I would like to make. First, is the sequel to Karma Streamer called Karma Noob (still pending). This novel is planned to be of the same length as the original KS, in fact, the broad storyline has been thought out already.

The second is that this is the OFFICIAL end of the book. There will be no more chapters for Karma Streamer. And quite honestly I have been a little burnt out on this story. But I dearly care for it and wish to give it attention too. So one day, I might go back and iron out all the mistakes, but not any time soon.

— New chapter is coming soon —
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