1: The hero stands tall- mentioned in ch 235- The entire video of the battle is several hours long, but this video depicts the time KMega6KMegacharacter was fighting the boss of Galactic Domination. Duration 36:17.

2: Sword Kingdom Demon War highlight reel- not mentioned but took place around ch 148- This is the highlight reel of the game Sword Kingdom (1) world event, Demon War, in which players took to the field against and alongside non-player characters. These are the highlights of Karma Megas. Including his powerful strikes and enduring fighting style. Duration 1:19:44.

3: Battle of blood planes- not mentioned but took place around ch 15- This is the personal made video of Karma Megas of his time in the Battle of Blood Planes. In which he earned the nickname ‘Beast of Blood Planes’. This video includes a 3rd person perspective during his time in a blood rage where he took down a giant in 1 attack. Duration 24:59.

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4: The hero’s last march- mentioned in ch 114- This is a sponsored video from the Green Corporation. It is a video of KMega braved a rescue operation to save a companion, but also took the majority of an entire team by himself. Even though he died, in the end, it was not in vain. Duration 12:00.

5: Plea for aid, a king’s betrayal- not mentioned but took place around ch 184- This is the personal made video of Karma Megas during the assault by a diplomatic party onto his Sky Island. There are edited in clips at the start and end that revealed the truth about the whole situation and the aftermath. 1:20:01

6: I have sinned, the death of a hero- mentioned in ch 181- This is the only other video related to the Karma Sky island massacre by an anonymous player on the attacker side. Revealing the false justifications and brutality of the event. It is rumored the player that posted this video lost all faith in video games5video gamestheme and never played them again. Duration 17:47.

7: Tournament of Gods: First War in a New Era- not mentioned but took place around ch 44- This is a sponsored video from the Green Corporation. It is a video of KMega entering and winning the tournament that this video is about. It includes backstory and interesting trivia. Duration 1:30:00.

8: The Last Knight, also known as Birth of Rivals- mentioned in ch 22- This is the self-made video of KMega’s raid into the Jork Fortress. There is only the touching reunion between KMega and Yirk as the greatest highlight, but it is a very touching moment nonetheless, and quite popular. Some watch the video to see a young Astrid7Astridcharacter. Duration 10:00

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9: Death of a peaceful victim- not mentioned but took place around ch 209- This video is of KMega playing the sequel to Sword Kingdom, Sword Kingdom 2. This is a video made by Astrid of KMega’s growth and summary of his time spent in the game, then the plot that made him lose faith in people altogether. It is a sad video of the death of a good man who built a home for himself and others and gave to others freely, only to be cut down out of greed and envy. A backlash result was almost as bad as the Sky Island massacre from the first game occurred on the large guilds. Duration 2:30:00.

10: The wolf ambush- mentioned in ch 3- This is KMega’s first recognized self-made video about the game Sword Kingdom, as his two previous before it was one about the tutorial and the other about the game breaking bug that was found. It showed the dangers of trying to boost level by killing higher level enemies. A ten minute update to this video showing how to manipulate the factors to do this anyways was quickly taken down when the dev team patched the exploit. It is theorized and debated that he did not post all his exploits in that updated video. Duration 35:00/45:00.

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