Chapter 44: Push Back!

Darius was born left-handed, but ever since he’d started using his hammer to strike the anvil, that aspect of him had changed. When he had started, his left hand would often get tired, so he had developed the habit of occasionally switching arms. This had resulted in him having good control over both arms. This had not been intended by the creator of the Pretorius curse, nor had it been expected by the one who had given Darius the curse in the first place, but it was a good thing for him because it was about to become useful.

The milky white energy in Darius’s left arm gathered and coalesced into another hammer. This hammer was an exact copy of his original hammer in appearance; it was also the same in its attributes. This was his second ability: Absolute Copy!

Its primary use was creating a copy of any object attached to him through spiritual energy, and this replication would be perfect. Although the copy would only temporarily exist, it was quite a useful ability.

The primary ability of Absolute Copy was Perfect Copy. It was this copying ability that he had just used. Lara was gobsmacked by what she saw. That’s when she realized what she had been fearfully speculating.

‘He absorbed his second Dantian already!’

This gave her a devastating realization: Darius was stronger than her in both power and level!

‘No wonder the worm targeted him specifically!’

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‘So the boy can already use his two-star ability.’

Kylian marveled at Darius’s performance. If he had somehow still been on the fence about recruiting the boy before, he was now dead set on getting him.

Donald took a sidelong glance at his friend and grinned.

‘I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist poaching this kid.’

Donald returned his attention to the screen ahead.

‘Absorbing a second Dantian at the first go is one thing, but using its abilities within a few days after receiving them while still mastering the foundational ability. This kid is insane!’

Everyone watching the test shared the same thoughts.

Once one absorbed a Dantian, how to use the accompanying skill would become imprinted onto one’s body and soul. But applying the skill in actual battle would still take time. It all depended on talent. The more talented one was, the faster they could use a skill by understanding its exact mechanics. It also depended on compatibility. Some abilities suited individuals more than others.

This was a case of both talent and compatibility. Darius had vaguely been aware of the ability’s presence, but it had taken a discussion with the old man to understand how to actually express it in reality. While talking to the old man, he had tried many times until he had finally been able to summon the hammer’s copy.

It had been far from simple. Unlike Indomitable, this ability quickly drained one’s spiritual energy. Darius was only a two-star Spiritknight of the Courage step, so he had a very small of spiritual energy to use. Thus, he had to limit his usage of this ability.

The distance between Lara and Darius quickly shrunk, but the distance between Lara and the bird shrank even faster!

The spectators wondered what Darius had in mind once they saw the second hammer. After all, it didn’t seem like it would help him save Lara. It was quite obvious that this hammer had materialized through some sort of ability, and the wiser ones in the crowd arrived on a crucial fact from this clue.

‘He’s already a two-star Spiritknight!’

Darius had transformed from being nothing to being a two-star Spiritknight within a couple of days. If this was not an impressive achievement, what was?

Lionel was proud of his talent, but he could not help but feel inferior when compared to Darius. Lara was in an even worse situation because she secretly had low self-esteem, constantly comparing herself against others, and… well… her life was at risk.

‘Its trajectory is linear. Shouldn’t be that hard. For this to work, I have to wait for the right moment.’

Darius spun the second hammer while holding onto the leather band attached to it. Lara was bothered by what Darius planned to do. His plan of action was quite obvious. He wanted to throw his hammer at the bird!

‘What if he misses? Wouldn’t it mean he had one less hammer to fight with? Da*n! Why did I ever listen to him?’

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Lara cursed her ancestors as she ran for her life. She was only a few dozen meters from Darius when the vulture swooped down. Lara looked back, only to see the large silhouette come at her. She screamed and ran faster using all the energy she could muster. She raced forward and closed her eyes, hoping for the best.

‘Ah, it’s over. I’m doomed…’




Lara opened her eyes. Although the loud noise had resonated only a few moments before, she was already in front of Darius.

‘What happened?’ Lara tried to figure out what had gone on when she suddenly made out something in front of her through the cloud of dust.

“Wait! Get out of the way, you idiot,” Lara screamed when she realized that she was on a collision course with Darius. The latter simple put a palm on her stomach, stopping her dead in her tracks. Lara once again marveled at the boy’s strength although she inwardly groused at how he had dared to so openly touch her.

‘With just one hand, he… Wait, the bird!’

Lara looked back, curious to see what had happened. A cloud of dust had formed around a broken stone pillar that stood erect albeit damaged. It was obvious that the bird had been smashed into the pillar. Darius calmly walked toward his foe as if everything was within his control.

Lara opened her mouth but didn’t quite know what to say. Once again, Darius’s strength had impressed her. As her thoughts ran amok in her head, Darius cool voice resounded across the battlefield.

“It’s not over. I only managed to push it away. Get away from here. You’re dead weight.” Before she could react to his words, the vulture’s angry screech brought her back to earth.

“Caw caw!”

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