Chapter 41: The Night Hunter


The Capital

Selene Mansion

The next night

Only allowed on


The sound of footsteps echoed through her dreams. She felt awake, yet she knew she was asleep.

She heard them coming closer as all she saw was darkness before her.

Until the footsteps sounded as if they were right beside her ear. Two bright pink eyes opened before her, and as they did she suddenly felt an unnatural hunger.

She felt those eyes see through her very being, as if invisible hands were caressing every part of her body and mind. She felt naked before them, as they defiled her every part, her every thought.

Kayle felt fear like never before, a fear that lingered even after she woke. Finding herself drenched in cold sweat and catching up on her breathing, as if she hadn’t taken a single breathe since the dream began.

She trembled, terrified of something, but couldn’t seem to remember what she had been dreaming about.

Curious, is it not? You humans naturally sense our very presence, through fear no less. As if over the ages, your blood denies you from forgetting what we’ve done to your ancestors” Said a melodic voice, intoxicating Kayle’s mind and suddenly paralyzing her body.

As those demonic pink eyes appeared before her once again, as she remembered the dream she thought she had just forgotten.

Lust lay on all fours before her, slowly creeping over Kayle’s bed and towards her. Her glowing eyes captivating Kayle’s, until she was mere inches away from her.

Lust giggled in amusement, “As if, you’ve tried to evolve in a way that would allow you to sense us, yet it is more like you’ve devolved to naturally freeze up from our presence. Making you such…” She grabbed a bunch of Kayle’s hair, pulling it up to her nose before deeply breathing in her scent. “Such easy prey~

The demon’s eyes warped, filling with pitch black veins as they locked staring into Kayle’s. “Ahh…If only mistress didn’t need you…It is too bad, I haven’t had my fill yet~” it giggled, forcing Kayle to glance to the side with her left hand as she caressed her chin.

Allowing Kayle to see the puddle of blood and gore that lay at her door, Dreadblade and Crimson Guard corpses laying torn to shreds, only recognisable by the xilfir’s distinct white hair and the crimson guard’s insignias lying about.

Kayle choked up as her eyes widened in further terror, seemingly forgetting to breathe all over again from the fear.

She wanted to cry, she wanted to scream.

But her mind had forgotten how.

Ahaha~ Mistress should’ve sent me from the get go, although I might have had a bit too much fun on my way here!~” The demon chuckled, as she turned Kayle’s head to face her again. “Oh, here I am before a Lady, yet I forget to introduce myself! Hehe~” Lust neared in closer, licking Kayle’s left cheek with her serpentine black tongue, “Please forgive my manners…I haven’t been allowed out of my cage in sooo long~

The demoness suddenly pushed Kayle down, now lying over her as her tongue slithered around Kayle’s ear. “My friends call me Lust, but it’s a shame that I actually like my full name unlike the rest of them…I am a Succubus Princess after all! Oh, my mother would disown me if I don’t introduce myself properly…

Lust leaned away slightly, giving Kayle full view of her naked crimson red body, yet the demon’s long tongue remained coiled around Kayle’s right ear. “I am Risera of the Isiroth legion, it’s a pleasure to meet you…Food-Oh, I mean, Thea Selene’s younger sister, Kayle~

Risera giggled enthusiastically, as her eyes scanned Kayle’s paralysed body. Quivering as her tongue slither over to Kayle’s lips, barely able to hold herself back.

I really should be taking you back to mistress but…While we’re still here…On a readily available bed…Hehe~” Risera leaned in closer while receding her tongue back into her mouth, “There’s also plenty of usable parts lying about…How about we have some fun?~

Those words reminded Kayle’s body how to shed tears, and seemingly how to move, as she suddenly felt able to.

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Kayle pushed the demoness off, rushing off the bed as she tried to escape.

She dashed towards her door, trying her best to ignore the sight and smell…Which proved to be a challenge in of itself, struggling not to bend over and puke.

When suddenly something entangled itself around her left leg, pulling it back and causing her to fall. Kayle splashed into the still fresh blood, groaning as she wiped it off her eyes, getting an eye-full of one disembodied head.

The man’s face although dead, was one of unbound pleasure.

Haha~ I love it when they struggle~” Risera giggled, as she pulled Kayle back with her tail, thin and leather-black as it coiled around her leg.

Kayle kicked against it, trying to free her leg as she turned herself over, suddenly finding the demon’s long tongue slithering its way into her mouth. Risera now lay over her, and as their eyes met, Kayle once again felt paralysed.

Unable to pull away, as Risera’s puffy pink lips descending upon hers. Their mouths met, and Kayle felt herself being drained. She could feel her mana being sucked dry as the succubus’s tongue had its way with every part of her mouth, filling it entirely before slithering down her throat.

She felt her mind suddenly tiring, but her body was moving in the opposite direction.

And by the time the succubus had released her lips, Kayle thought she was going to go insane from her sudden aching lust.

Oh, no need to rush, we have a few hours before I’d be late…” Risera chuckled wickedly as she watched Kayle’s expression of fear crumble into one of insane passion. “You’re only the starter though hun,” she licked her lips as her eyes suddenly widened, gleaming madness within them.

Makaela, will be my maincourse~” The succubus giggled hysterically.

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