Chapter 1: An Unlucky Day

At dusk during the mid-summer June, the weather was scorching hot.

After the last passenger had alighted, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. planned to go home.

Today must be his unluckiest day since he started driving a taxi. Now, it was finally over!

He went out in the morning to work and after driving for a bit, his car tires were punctured!

After a while, the tires were finally fixed but the unlucky little mechanic suddenly informed him of the few screws which he had misplaced inside the tires. That ended up with the need for the tires to be unloaded again.

After he had returned to the road, he managed to meet many people beckoning on to him. However, those who stopped him only asked for directions. A grandfather actually asked him how to go to Tian Anmen!

Grandpa, this is not Beijing City, so how can there be Tian Anmen here!

After a good afternoon, a fat man weighing more than two hundred kilograms climbed into his taxi. He didn’t speak but let the taxi carry on driving. Soon, after almost a lap around the city, the fat man suddenly burst out crying.

That gave Su Qiubai a shock. Without a choice, he lodged a police report and later learned that the fat man was actually a lunatic who had secretly escaped from his house.

It was almost dark when Su Qiubai left the Public Security Bureau. The last trip he made went smoothly as he peacefully brought the passenger to the destination.

However, just when he was ready to go home… Bang!

Obviously, by hearing the sound it made, whatever that had dropped on his car hood was not small.

“Do you want to die?! Don’t you know that if you throw things from above, you might get someone killed?! Why am I so unlucky today!”

Su Qiubai yelled as he quickly opened the door to get off the car.

However, after checking around the car several times, somehow, there wasn’t anything at all! Once he looked up, he found that he was quite far from the residential area.

Am I possibly so unlucky that… I became dumb?

Secretly muttering a few words, Su Qiubai got back into the car.

Just as he sat down, the navigation system next to him sounded off all of a sudden.

“Go straight ahead for 300 meters. At the traffic light, turn left. Then, go forward another 50 meters. Someone needs your help!”

This stunned Su Qiubai!

Since when did this navigation system become so advanced? It can actually speak!

Su Qiubai had a very strange feeling in his heart, but the destination was not far away. He had no problem heading there to have a look, so off he went with his foot set on the accelerator.

Turning past the traffic lights, the street suddenly became empty and it looked very secluded.

After going forward for almost 50 meters, he saw that a man was indeed standing there!

The man was very tall and half-naked. He was also holding a stick in his hand. At that moment, he was glancing around with a blank look on his face.

“Brother, where are you going?”

Su Qiubai stopped the car and asked the man through the window. The man looked a little weird, but after seeing various kinds of people throughout the year, Su Qiubai did not feel strange anymore.

“Warrior, I don’t know where this place is? And where is Jing Yanggang?”

The man took two steps forward. His voice was loud and deep. This gave Su Qiubai a shock. Yet, the questions from the man made him even more bewildered.

Warrior? Jing Yanggang?

Could he have… met another lunatic today!

At the thought of it, Su Qiubai had the intentions of leaving, but his heart softened when he looked into the man’s eyes.

Forget it, who cares if this man is a lunatic. I’m sure his family must be anxious.

“Get in the car first, I will send you home.”

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Su Qiubai said to the brawny man. But he later found out that this person did not even know how to open the door.

Su Qiubai had no choice but to get off the car and help him open the door. Initially, he intended to throw the man’s stick away but the brawny man gave him a stare. That frightened him so he quickly put it into the car.

“Where is your house? What is your parents’ name? Do you know their phone number?”

Closing the door, Su Qiubai turned to the back and asked the man.

“My name is Wu Song from Qinghe County. My parents died since I was young. It’s my brother, Wu Da who raised me up. As for what a phone number is… I do not know what that is?”

The strong man occupied almost two seat. What he said was very clear but Su Qiubai, who was at the opposite, remained in a daze.

Wu Song? Qinghe County? Wu Da? And he said he wanted to go Jing Yanggang earlier?

This maniac was too focused in the play!

When Su Qiubai was a child, he also liked to say that he was Wu Song. He told others that his father was Wu Dalang and his mother was Pan Jinlian. His parents almost killed him because of that.

Su Qiubai muttered in his heart. He planned to ask again. If he still failed to get any information from this man then he would send him to the police station. At that moment, the navigation system sounded.

“Navigation to Jing Yanggang started. Go straight a kilometer then turn left…”

It was the voice from before. If it was not its usual emotionless tone, Su Qiubai would have thought that this was someone’s mischievous act!

Turning his head and gently tapping the navigator, Su Qiubai wondered something was wrong with it. But it spoke again, “Don’t doubt it. Go straight a kilometer then turn left…”

This time, Su Qiubai’s chin was about to fall. This day was really bewitched!

Turning his head back to look at the brawny man once again, he suddenly became energetic! “I still don’t believe it!”

As he said that, he stepped on the accelerator with one foot and off they went.

“Turn right at the traffic light, go straight for 500 meters…”

“Continue straight for one kilometer, then speed up, pay attention to the pedestrians on both sides…”

“Opening the shuttle channel. Take note that the road is not flat, please slow down and drive slowly…”

Driving forward, the more Su Qiubai drove, the faster his heart pounded. When the car finally came to a stop, he was already sweating a lot!

With the last bit of sunlight, he saw a big flag on a wooden pole in front of him written with the words:

Three bowls of our potent liquor, and you will not make it through the forest.

“Haha… Thank you my brother for sending me here. I will walk the rest of the road on my own!”

Su Qiubai, whose mind went blank, suddenly heard the strong man at the back seat laugh, followed by a ‘bang’ sound of the car door!

Looking back, the door was unexpectedly and directly kicked open by the man!

After getting out of the car, the strong man leaned over the window. Bowing with his hands in front of his chest, he said to Su Qiubai happily, “Brother, this really is a good horse. What is your name, brother? I hope you are willing to let me know so that if you need me in the future, I surely will not reject!”

Hearing this, Su Qiubai finally came back to reality. He quickly opened the door and walked towards the brawny man.

“Are you really Wu Song? Wu Dalang’s younger brother, the fighter who bare-handedly killed the white tiger at Jing Yanggang and, beat up a thug known as the God of Jiangmen while drunk, the most courageous Wu Er?”
[TLN: ‘Wu Er’ means the second brother in the Wu family.]

Su Qiubai’s eyes did not even dare to blink as he stared at the brawny man and asked.

“Without a lie, without a doubt! I am indeed Qinghe County’s Wu Song! But all these things you said… were not done by me.”

Wu Er smiled. His pair of eyes were really like what was described in the novel, as if they could shoot out cold star.

Upon listening to him did Su Qiubai realise that the current Wu Song had not yet beaten up the tiger, so the following events also did not happen. Naturally he did not know all these events.

In Su Qiubai’s mind, he had finally determined that he did not meet a ghost. Instead, he really saw Wu Song and even sent him back to Jing Yanggang.

Su Qiubai used a sentence to describe this in his mind: Oh my God!

Seeing that Wu Song was still going to say something, Su Qiubai immediately interrupted!

“Don’t talk, let’s take a photo!”

Hastily popped his head out of the window and took out his mobile phone, Su Qiubai quickly snapped a dozen selfies with a stunned Wu Song.

As for why he took so many photos?

Are you joking? What if he lose them! This is Wu Song! Do you think you still can see him in person now?

“Brother, after drinking at night, don’t sleep at Jing Yanggang. Listen to my words, there really are darn tigers! Also, your elder brother, Wu Dalang is now at Yanggu County… Forget it. You will meet him anyway. In addition, your sister-in-law and that Xi Menqing… Forget it, I am not going to talk about these anymore. Take care!”

Seeing that Wu Song was going to leave, Su Qiubai suddenly stopped him and urged him again.

Although Wu Song did not understand what Su Qiubai was saying, he still nodded. After bidding goodbye, he strode swiftly into the tavern.

It was late. Su Qiubai suddenly realised that he was alone in the wilderness ridge. What if a tiger came out to eat him first!

Besides, this was the Song Dynasty… He did not know if he could go back. He had not fed his dog at home yet!

Thinking of that, he did not dare to stay for another second. He quickly returned to the car.

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“The navigation to home is activated. The shuttle channel is opened…”

Just a flash before his eyes and he arrived back on the tar road. The traffic lights can be seen from far.

Just… Just like that and he was back!

In order to determine whether what happened earlier was an illusion or not, Su Qiubai specially parked the car at the side of the road before taking out his phone to check the photos several times. He even slapped himself several times.

Finally, he decided that it was real!

It was difficult to describe what was in his mind. He quickly took out the mobile phone and sent a message to his circle of friends.

“I met Wu Song today and even sent him to Jing Yanggang. Such a beautiful day. The sky of the Song Dynasty was blue. The air was really good!”

At the end, he also attached a picture of himself with Wu Song.

Su Qiubai put his phone back in his pocket happily. Then, he planned to go home.

He just moved two steps when the darn navigation system sounded again.

“Inspection is turned on… Driver license at E level, obtained 10 growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system, please choose to add items.”

After the sound ended, Su Qiubai saw a lot of categories appearing on the screen of the navigator: Force, Wisdom, Life, Skills… and a lot more options!

Su Qiubai did not respond. Wasn’t my driver license an A level? How did it change to E level all of a sudden? I have never heard of it!

Thinking about it in his mind, he had already chosen the Life class in his hand. He looked at it casually. There was actually an option for animal language in it!

Su Qiubai added all five growth points to the animal language, purely out of curiosity.

Then… nothing happened!

Everything was the usual until he parked the car downstairs and got off the car.

However, just after locking the car, Su Qiubai suddenly heard a conversation between a man and a woman. They sounded…really out of breath.

“Oh oh… I’m dying, what are you doing! Can’t you find it?”

“Wait, I’m taking a break. I’m too tired…”

Glancing around, Su Qiubai saw nothing except the two small dogs there. There was not even a ghost’s shadow to be seen.

“You… slow down! I told you to slow down!”

While Su Qiubai still did not respond, the woman’s voice sounded again.

He finally saw it clearly this time.

It was actually the dogs who were talking!

The two dogs froze as they stared at Su Qiubai’s lifeless face. The situation was very strange.

Yet, the voice of the woman from before sounded in his ears again.

“What is he looking at? Is this man a pervert? Has he never seen what’s it like creating the next generation? Look! He is still staring! His eyeballs are almost dropping out…”

Mamamia, this world must be crazy!

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