Chapter 109: Why Are You Here?

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. visited the museum in Qinghe City several times, but he used to drop off his customers and then left the place. He had never been inside before.

He went back home to pick up the calligraphy works first before he rushed over.

On the way, the old gentleman was so eager that he called Su Qiubai once more to remind him.

When Su Qiubai arrived and parked the car, someone was already on his way to welcome him.

What he didn’t expect was that it was Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter. waiting to pick him up.

“I’m telling you this in advance, there may be more people inside than you think.”

Gu Chengya didn’t talk much. She just smiled and said this sentence.

This made Su Qiubai feel somewhat awkward. Didn’t Mr. Dongfang said only a few old friends? How many people could there be?

Before he could ask, Gu Chengya continued to explain, “You may not know how rare calligraphy works from the Qin and Han dynasties are in this country. For these old experts, nothing will attract them more than this. So even though Teacher Dongfang just told one person, many people arrived by plane last night…”

Gu Chengya explained this very sincerely. She was also worried that Su Qiubai would have some difficulties with too many people visiting.

Although it was true that this was beyond his expectations, Su Qiubai wasn’t angry.

Instead, he understood these old people. He had devoted all his contributions to his country for a lifetime. For them, perhaps the restoration of a cultural relic was more enjoyable than any gold and silver treasure.

So Su Qiubai nodded in response. He was ready.

However, when he actually entered and saw the number of people in the museum, he was still taken aback!

This wasn’t a small gathering at all. It was literally like being in a conference room, and worst of all, everyone was gray-haired old people. Seeing Su Qiubai stepped into the hall with a box in his hands, everyone’s eyes shone with an indescribable joy.

Mr. Dongfang was the first to stand up and walk towards Su Qiubai.

He was quite worried that Su Qiubai would turn and exit with anger. If that was the case, then it would be a waste of time for everyone to make their way over here today. However, he noticed the glance by Gu Chengya, and was instantly relieved.

“Mr. Dongfang, these are all… your friends?”

Su Qiubai’s words sounded a bit forced. He wasn’t worried about the number of people affecting himself. He was mainly afraid of all of them questioning him about the origins of these works.

“Oh… Yes, almost all of them are my friends. The local circle is really big. When they heard that there are Qin and Han dynasties calligraphy, they all came over… But I  can assure you that no one will cause trouble for you. We just want to have a look at it!”

Seeing the fears on Su Qiubai’s face, Mr. Dongfang said very sincerely.

Su Qiubai felt much more relieved after listening to Mr. Dongfang.

Subsequently, Mr. Dongfang introduced Su Qiubai to everyone, and emphasized that he was the owner of these works.

Everyone had been waiting patiently earlier. After knowing that Su Qiubai was the owner, all of them greeted him politely.

These people were clearly well-known experts of the country, but the way they held on Su Qiubai’s hand and greeted him as if he was their little brother made Su Qiubai feel like he had aged a lot, to the point that he could even call Gu Chengya his granddaughter.

Anyway, the focus of the exhibition was him, so although Su Qiubai felt that a formal introduction was necessary, Mr. Dongfang still introduced him everyone one by one.

Finally, everyone watched Su Qiubai stepped up the stage, and opened the box.

“For your information, my ancestors were big officials last time, that’s why my family owns these things. Today, I’ll show them to all of you respectable seniors…”

Su Qiubai had previously thought of what to say. As for whether or not people would believe what he said, he couldn’t care less about their opinions!

Anyway, he didn’t plan to sell it! So there was no need for any authentication certificate or anything!

Everyone just nodded. Those things didn’t belong to them anyway, so even if they thought his words were unreasonable, they couldn’t say anything at this moment.

Su Qiubai opened the box. All the old experts put on their glasses and began to look carefully.

Meanwhile, after Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City had received the news, she rushed to the museum.

Although she still didn’t know why Mr. Dongfang would come to Qinghe City,  she couldn’t miss the chance to meet him, because if she missed him, then she really had no other way to settle the antique authentication.

Her car had been speeding along the way, but she still felt that it was too slow.

In her mind, she thought of Su Qiubai’s words last night, and the Xia Group’s future goal to become a Super Group. This made Xia Rongrong feel an indescribable motivation and pressure at the same time!

Although she didn’t know what her relationship with Su Qiubai was, she chose not to hesitate to support this man!

Because of this, the antique authentication mustn’t be done sloppily.

China’s antique buying and selling requirements had to be professionally qualified, to prevent cultural relics from being sold or even lost to overseas buyers.

Therefore, the authentication was the key factor that determined whether she could carry out the trade fair, and it was also the initial step that determined whether Xia Group could proceed to becoming a Super Group!

All these reasons made Xia Rongrong very determined to do every step perfectly.

While she was anxiously waiting in the car, the car finally stopped at the entrance of the museum.

After getting out of the car, she entered the museum with her assistant and few other responsible people following closely behind her.

However, Xia Rongrong was directly rejected when she tried to inform the guards that she wanted to see the experts!

The reason was very simple. The experts had arrived at Qinghe City last night. Their trip was entirely private. Even the workers from the museum had no right to see the experts.

Finally after explaining several times, the guards told Xia Rongrong that the experts were having a meeting in the conference room, and that she could wait at the aisle for the experts. When they were done with their meeting, she might have the chance to meet them.

Although doing this was a matter of testing her luck, and she might even lose her reputation, it was all for the good of Xia Group. She had to do this if she wanted to meet the experts.

Anyway, it wasn’t the time to care about this now. It was like what Mr. Dongfang and Su Qiubai said before.

The local circle was so big. If you wanted to look for an expert to help you with antique authentication, they were the only qualified ones.

She had the luck that all of them were at Qinghe City today. If she missed this chance, she would really regret it.

So, just like that, Xia Rongrong and her people went directly to the aisle next to the conference room.

Unexpectedly, there were already a lot of people queueing at the door.

Xia Rongrong was also stunned, seeing this scene.

Who would have thought that this situation would occur!

If she really had to queue at the back, perhaps she couldn’t even get the chance to meet anyone after the meeting was over.

It was such a chaotic scene. Thankfully, the security guards didn’t force everyone out.

Assistant Luo Qing initially thought about communicating with the people in front to see if they could switch places with them in the queue.

But no one agreed to switch places with them. Some people even sneered at them.

They were shouting at her, “If you don’t have the abilities to go into the conference room yourself, then you better just stay in the queue like everyone else! Who do you think you are to head to the front first!”

Luo Qing was scolded badly that Xia Rongrong immediately dragged her back.

They were here to settle things, not to quarrel with other people today.

Xia Rongrong quietly warned her people that although the situation was helpless, it seemed that that was the only possibility now!

So the few of them waited at the door, trying to test their luck to see if they could seize the opportunity.

About five or six minutes later, Luo Qing suddenly pulled Xia Rongrong’s arm.

Xia Rongrong turned to her strangely, then she noticed Luo Qing’s eyes were focusing in one direction.

Xia Rongrong followed her gaze and was instantly stunned.

That…Isn’t that Su Qiubai! Why is he here?

Luo Qing felt as if her brain could no longer comprehend this, so she directly yelled out Su Qiubai’s name. 

In the hall, Su Qiubai was bored listening to those old men, so he came out to go to the washroom. All of a sudden, he heard someone shout his name.

Turning towards the sound, he also became stunned.

Why is Xia Rongrong here?

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