Chapter 110: Cheap 

Upon seeing each other in the hall, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. and Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City were both surprised, neither of them understood why the other was there.

Su Qiubai walked over with a puzzled look. Before he could open his mouth, Luo Qing questioned, “Mr. Su, have you heard about the news?”

Naturally, Luo Qing thought that Su Qiubai had come here with the same purpose as Xia Rongrong. However, Xia Rongrong was very clear that Su Qiubai didn’t know that she was here for the antique identification, so she couldn’t think of any reason as to why he was here.

“Ah? What news? Are you guys here to look for someone?”, Su Qiubai asked blurly, then he looked at Xia Rongrong.

“Antique identification. There are a lot of cultural relics experts in Qinghe City. I heard that they’re here for a meeting, so we thought to try our luck and see if we can meet them and ask for their help…. But we can’t get in.”Xia Rongrong said helplessly.

Su Qiubai was stunned!

Darn it… How could I forget this?

“Those experts can identify the antiques?” Su Qiubai wasn’t quite sure so he asked to reaffirm his understanding.

“Of course, even Mr. Dongfang is in the conference room. If these people can’t help us with the identification, then there would be barely anyone in the entire world who could help us!” Luo Qing immediately explained to Su Qiubai.

After listening to this, Su Qiubai felt really depressed! All these old gentlemen were here in Qinghe City because of him!

“Next time if you need any help, just let me know. Come, follow me!”

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Su Qiubai said this to Xia Rongrong then led the way into the conference room. The other people from Xia Group that stood behind them, couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

Where is he going?

However, seeing Su Qiubai had gone straight to the door of the conference room, everyone hastened to keep up. All of them had a mysterious thought in their minds: Can our big shareholder… bring us to see these experts?

Others might be doubtful, but Xia Rongrong had already completely affirmed this thought at this moment.

Su Qiubai can actually enter the conference room!

As for what was the reason, she couldn’t think of an answer to that.

Other people who had been waiting in the corridor noticed Xia Rongrong and her people. They thought that they were going to skip the queue again. They sneered silently when they noticed the man at the forefront was actually walking towards the conference room. 

They couldn’t skip the queue so they’re going to barge into the conference room now? If that’s possible, everyone would have already entered the room, what’s the point of queuing?

With little effort, Su Qiubai arrived at the door.

The security guard might not recognize other people but he could clearly remember Su Qiubai. Those bunch of experts were only waiting for him earlier! Seeing Su Qiubai walking towards him, he quickly stepped aside and let him in.

The people at the corridor were immediately stunned. Who could have expected this?

Luo Qing and several other responsible persons behind him couldn’t help but stun with their mouths slightly agaped. A flash of joy sparkled in Xia Rongrong’s eyes.

In the conference room, Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter. was standing behind Mr. Dongfang and listening carefully to the conversation. Then she suddenly noticed someone at the door.

She saw Su Qiubai and a group of people behind him.

The first person she spotted was Xia Rongrong.

That woman was so beautiful. Although Gu Chengya felt that her own appearance wasn’t bad, she still felt her breath was taken away when she saw Xia Rongrong at this moment.

However, the more important thing was these questions in her head now: What’s the relationship between this beautiful woman with Su Qiubai? Why did Su Qiubai bring them in here?

On the other hand, Xia Rongrong surely didn’t notice Gu Chengya. When she entered the conference room and saw so many experts, she was already thinking about how to ask them for help.

As she was still thinking of a plan, she noticed Su Qiubai walking straight to the stage.

Subsequently, Su Qiubai’s voice could be heard from the speakers.

“Greetings to my fellow respectable gentlemen, I have a question for all of you. Which one of you could certify antiques? I have a batch of antiques that require identification certificates before I could bring them to a trade fair. I hope all of you can help, thank you very much!”

Upon listening to this, Luo Qing and the responsible persons became anxious.

These experts are all well-known and well-respected. How could our big shareholder ask this kind of question daringly? We would be in a huge disadvantage if the experts are offended!

However, the way the gentlemen reacted afterwards, surprised the group.

“Me! I can do it. Can you let me bring this piece back for a few days to identify?”

Someone among the experts shouted, and that set off a storm of voices in the entire room, volunteering to help.

“I can do it too. I can even give you the certificate now! Give me two days to see this piece!”

“I just need the piece for one day!”

“You idiots! I just need an afternoon, I’ll return it to you tomorrow!”


If anyone had told Luo Qing and the group that one day these experts would rush to certify antiques, give out certificatification, and even fear that they would fall behind other experts, Luo Qing and the group might think that that person was out of his mind!

But the truth was before their eyes now. 

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Even Xia Rongrong was very surprised, but then she noticed the few calligraphy works among the group of experts. She recalled seeing something similar when she was sorting out the antiques with Su Qiubai in his house this morning. But that time, Su Qiubai only said that he would show it to a few friends. So it turned out that all these gentlemen in this room was the friends he mentioned!

Xia Rongrong couldn’t explain how she felt. In addition to the happiness that she didn’t expect her problem could be solved so easily, she watched Su Qiubai standing on the stage and recalled the dream she had last night.

Standing at the other side, Gu Chengya could see her expression and Su Qiubai clearly.

Those antiques weren’t important to her. She was more concerned about the relationship between this beautiful woman and Su Qiubai. Seeing the different expressions on Xia Rongrong’s face, if she wasn’t sure before, she was certain now that something was going on between the two.

Standing on the stage, Su Qiubai didn’t expect that these experts would be so enthusiastic. He stood rooted, not knowing what to do. Finally, Mr. Dongfang came forward to calm everyone down. Perhaps he was the calmest one among the audience. When the hall finally became quiet, Mr. Dongfang turned to Su Qiubai.

“Brother Su, all my old friends here can identify and certify your antiques but we must first see your antiques, and… you must ensure that they will never be lost overseas!”

The old gentleman’s eyes were very sincere but there was also an indescribable seriousness in them. This made Su Qiubai suddenly feel amazed.

“Please rest assured, I can assure you that the antiques that you have identified will never be lost. If this happens, we must take it back!”

Xia Rongrong was the one who spoke first.

The reason why she made this promise for Su Qiubai was because she understood that if the antiques were really lost, Su Qiubai wouldn’t be able to explain it, even if he might have some friendship with Mr. Dongfang. Unlike Su Qiubai, she could and also knew how to explain it, so that was why she stepped forward to guarantee on behalf of Su Qiubai.

Everyone cast their eyes on Xia Rongrong.

Su Qiubai quickly added, “She’s the president of my company, I’m the shareholder.”

In a word, the matter was explained clearly, and a group of old experts immediately understood.

“Since you gave us a guarantee, we can help you with the identification this afternoon. It’s our job anyway. It may take a few days for the certificate… but I want to ask for one more favor, Brother Su, could you let us have one more day to look at your calligraphy works…”

Mr. Dongfang said with a little embarrassment. He wanted to study the works more, and he could also see from his old friends that they were thinking the same, so he requested for this last favor.

“No problem. You have helped me so much. These are just merely calligraphy works! I’ll give all to you!”

Su Qiubai grinned.

However, his words made the entire conference room silent.

Do you know what a tyrant is? This man here is a local tyrant!

These were national treasure, yet he could just give them away just like that!

Su Qiubai didn’t think that his words would give such a huge shock to the experts.

To him, those works were just a few words! It wasn’t a big deal since he could easily transport to the emperors and ask them to write a few more!

Anyway, these things were cheap!

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