Chapter 112: Something Went Wrong

Perhaps it was the relationship between Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. and Gu family, so the man carefully watched Gu Tian after he finished speaking.

Gu Tian was in a state of contemplation. After a long time, he lifted his head.

“Does anyone know about this matter?”

“No one will know about it anymore. I’ve secretly checked all the surveillance of the car in the city. All surveillance video had already been brought back.” The man replied without hesitation.

“Okay. Destroy all the videos.” Gu Tian took a deep breath and made this crucial decision.

Perhaps the man had already guessed that Gu Tian would say that, so he wasn’t surprised at all.

“Secretly warn that little boy from Zhou family. He mustn’t say anything about Su Qiubai borrowing his car… This is the end of this matter!”

Finally, Gu Tian looked out the window and ordered.

The man nodded and left the room, leaving Gu Tian alone.

Although Gu Tian had already made a decision, he was still hesitant. After all, this matter was too critical. Before this, he had already been worried that the person might be Su Qiubai. He didn’t expect that his worry would become true.

After another ten minutes or so, he called Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter..

At this time, Su Qiubai also just left the museum. Gu Chengya was surprised by her grandfather’s phone call, but she answered immediately.

“Cheng Ya, is Su Qiubai in Qinghe City now?” Gu Tian asked without hesitation.

Gu Chengya was stunned. She didn’t understand why her grandfather cared about him but she replied anyway.

“Yes, he is. I just saw him.”

Hearing these words, Gu Tian became silent.

“Come back to Dong Hai immediately. I’ve arranged a training camp in Bei Du for you.”

Gu Chengya was stunned once more.

“Why?” She had always been one to ask why; it was the same now.

“Didn’t you always wanted to know what happened to that troop of Chinese soldiers a few years ago? I can tell you now, but you must come back here immediately… Besides, you’re healthy now, your brothers need your help.”

The kindness in Gu Tian’s voice became serious.

Gu Chengya, on the other hand, was hesitant.

It was true that she had been curious about the matter since long ago. It was because of that incident a few years ago, that caused all her brothers that went to Bei Du, never came back even though the task had already completed.

Although she would like to know what had happened, Gu Tian never told her.

She didn’t expect that he would suddenly make such a decision today.

If it was the past, Cheng Chengya wouldn’t hesitate to return to Dong Hai, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go back now. Thinking of Su Qiubai, she became uncertain. She hesitated for a full ten seconds, before finally agreed to Gu Tian.

Gu Tian wasn’t surprised at all. He was well-aware of how to persuade his granddaughter. In fact, he had only wanted her to come back was because he didn’t want her to be near Su Qiubai, because that person… was too dangerous now!


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After Su Qiubai left the museum, he planned to go to the Xia Group. Mr. Dongfang and his friends were already sent by Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City’s people to work on the antique authentication. Everything was going quite smoothly.

The trade fair wouldn’t be a problem now. Su Qiubai felt relaxed, at least this had helped to solve Xia Group’s crisis.

On the way, he received a call from Gu Chengya. When he heard that she suddenly wanted to return to Dong Hai, he was also stunned. After all, they had just parted ways not long ago. How did things change so much in just ten minutes?

However, Gu Chengya just explained that she had some private matters to attend to. Su Qiubai didn’t further ask. He thought of sending her, but she rejected.

After hanging up the phone, he was relieved. Gu Chengya’s departure was actually a good thing, at least he no longer had to worry too much.

Upon arriving at Xia Group, the authentication had already begun. Seizing this opportunity, Xia Rongrong took out about a hundred pieces of antiques. Of course, most of them were from the Qing Dynasty, so their value was definitely far less than that of other dynasties.

The reason Xia Rongrong did this was to be extra careful of her action.

Of course, Su Qiubai supported her completely.

After wandering around and had nothing to see, he planned to leave. The scams that the Xia Group faced hadn’t been resolved. If he didn’t catch those scammers, he would always feel dissatisfied.

However, just as Su Qiubai drove away from Xia Group, he received a call.

“We…have a problem.”

It was Xia Rongrong who called. When the phone was connected, she immediately said it, although she was hesitant.

This made Su Qiubai’s heart skip a beat. What’s the problem? Did it fall to the ground?

“What’s the problem?”

“Come here and we’ll talk about it.”

Xia Rongrong didn’t want to explain through the phone so she asked him to come back quickly instead.

Without much delay, Su Qiubai quickly turned around and drove back to Xia Group.

After entering the hall where the antiques were being authentified, something felt wrong in the hall. The seniors had stopped working, even Mr. Dongfang stood frozen.

Xia Rongrong looked at Su Qiubai coming in. She didn’t fluster, she just turned her head back to Mr. Dongfang.

“Mr. Su, where… Where did you get these antiques from?”

Looking up and seeing Su Qiubai coming over, Mr. Dongfang asked directly.

Su Qiubai stunned. He recalled explaining this question before, and he was asked again now. However, he didn’t hesitate. He repeated his explanation.

“I’ve said that my ancestors were big officials. These were all left by them. Is there any problem?”

Although all these words were fake, Su Qiubai still said it, without blinking.

These are all original… It can’t be that my things are fake? This ain’t no joke. If you have the ability, bring me that Chinese manufacturer back from death, then we’ll talk.

His words made all the experts completely silent. They exchanged glances.

“What happened?”

Frowning, Su Qiubai was really anxious.

Perhaps they could see that Su Qiubai really didn’t understand, so Mr. Dongfang held a white lion jade from the table and walked towards him.

“Mr. Su, I have seen this before.”

Su Qiubai froze.

Impossible! I’ve brought this from Qian Long. How could he have seen it?

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At this thought, Su Qiubai suddenly realized one thing.

Qian Long’s era wasn’t too far from the present time. What if these things were passed down!

Did that mean… Did that mean that there were two white lion jades in this present world now!

Su Qiubai was silent by that sudden realization.

What should I do now?

This white lion jade couldn’t possibly be fake. And the jade that Mr. Dongfang had seen before couldn’t be fake too…

“I can assure you that all the antiques here aren’t fake!”

Since he knew why the experts were silent now, Su Qiubai certainly didn’t hesitate to explain.

His words left the hall in silence.

Xia Rongrong wanted to say something, but she didn’t know much about these antiques and cultural relics. Since Mr. Dongfang said so, there should be no mistakes.

However, she was also completely convinced by Su Qiubai, so she was hesitant and confused.

“Mr. Su, actually…some of us have checked it thoroughly, according to what we found… what you say is true!”

No one thought that Mr. Dongfang would suddenly say such a sentence. Perhaps only Su Qiubai expected it.

Because it’s the truth!

Then, Mr. Dongfang hesitated for a few more seconds before exclaiming, “At the New York International Fair next week, there’ll be a total of five Chinese cultural relics to be auctioned, and we have all of it here!”

Having said that, everyone became speechless.

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