Chapter 113: Donation

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. was stupefied. 

New York International Exchange? Auction? What exactly did it mean?

Seeing the confused look on Su Qiubai’s face, Mr. Dongfang began to explain.

“There’ll be an auction next week. The information and pictures of those antiques have been released about a few months ago. I’ve also seen it. At that time, the Cultural Relics Research Association wanted to stop them because these things belonged to us! But the foreigners are stubborn…”

It must have been something unpleasant. Therefore, Mr. Dongfang’s tone sounded angry..

Looking at the angry expression on the expert’ face, the people in the hall who had just heard what was going on, were frowning.

As a Chinese, no one would feel comfortable when their own country’s relics were auctioned by foreigners. Even for an ordinary person, if he had a sense of belonging in his blood, he would definitely disagree with this kind of action.

“We thought that maybe we couldn’t get our relics back anymore, but… I didn’t expect to see all of them here.”

Mr. Dongfang became excited. He looked into the white lion jade’s eyes, as if it was his child.

Su Qiubai was speechless, he didn’t expect that the relics that he had taken from Qian Long would have such unique significance.

Everyone fixed their gaze at Su Qiubai.

This was too extraordinary!

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Five artifacts that should’ve appeared in the New York auction, were here at Xia Group, and Su Qiubai said that these were left by his ancestors.

If what he said was true, then the ones in New York were fake? Or could it be that… there were duplicates?

No one could comprehend, they were eager to hear what Su Qiubai had to say.

However, Su Qiubai didn’t know what excuses to use, so he lied, “The ones in New York…are definitely fake!”

Upon listening to this, everyone started fussing. Although they might have already guessed it after Mr. Dongfang verified the five artifacts, it was still unbelievable to hear it from Su Qiubai.

In such a huge auction in New York, there were five pieces of Chinese cultural relics. And yet all of them were… fake! They were all safely in China. Whoever hears this kind of news would be surprised!

However, Su Qiubai didn’t have time to care about them. This incident had given him an alert. All this while, he had thought that he could take whatever he wanted through time-traveling, but it seemed that things weren’t as simple as he thought now.

At the same time, he was also very curious about the authenticity of the five artifacts in New York. He trusted the navigation system, so he felt that it was necessary to take a look at the ones in New York. Moreover, Su Qiubai had just thought of a very bold idea! But he was hesitant with the idea!

His idea was to destroy all five items in New York once he made sure that they were true!

Those things belonged to China. How dare they auction it? Anyway, even if those pieces were destroyed, he still had another five in China.

At the thought of this, Su Qiubai became inexplicably relaxed. He looked at Mr. Dongfang and made a decision.

“Mr. Dongfang, I didn’t know that these things actually have such a huge value, so I decided to donate to the country on behalf of Xia Group!”

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When these words were heard, everyone was shocked once again.

Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City secretly praised Su Qiubai. She was very aware of the value of the antiques in the vault. Su Qiubai only gave five away so there wasn’t much loss at all. Besides, she was also willing to do this kind of thing. After all, these belonged to her country. No one would like it, If they were really lost overseas one day.

Mr. Dongfang and the group of seniors really couldn’t refuse the offer this time.

If they brought these five items back to Bei Du and made an announcement about them, then no one would think that the ones in New York were true.

This was an effort to fight for their country! As long as everyone knew that the real ones were in China, it was enough!

If the seniors had any suspicion towards Su Qiubai before, they were completely clear of his intentions now! He was such a profound young man!

Looking at their excitement, Su Qiubai also felt a sense of pride. Anyone would like to be recognized by others, especially when the recognition was related to the country.

“We’ll bring these back to Bei Du as soon as possible. Then those people in New York will get a taste of their own medicine!”

Taking a deep breath, Mr. Dongfang decided. The others agreed.

Since there were still some authentication to be done, Su Qiubai left the room with Xia Rongrong.

Returning to the office, Su Qiubai told Xia Rongrong his idea. He hadn’t realized the value of the antiques before, but he understood it now!

They were real priceless treasure!

Therefore, he told Xia Rongrong that Xia Group shouldn’t reveal the news before they had the strength to protect these items.

In fact, Xia Rongrong also had a similar idea. Knowing that their ideas actually coincided, she looked into Su Qiubai’s eyes, she suddenly felt a sense of warmness.

“When this trade fair is over, I decided to invest in the jade market!”

Without much hesitation, Xia Rongrong told him her idea.

In the past, Xia Group didn’t have much goal. But after what happened last night, that had to change.

So Xia Rongrong had planned for the first step towards the change!

Su Qiubai nodded. He felt lucky to meet such a lady, but he was embarrassed to tell her that, so he just kept it in his heart.

Their relationship was very subtle, but no one was willing to take the lead.

Perhaps… this was also a good thing!

Before long, Su Qiubai’s cell phone rang.

He didn’t have many contacts on his phone, he felt a little strange to receive from an unknown number.

After answering the phone, the person from the other end actually said that he was was a police!

“Hello, are you Mr. Su Qiubai? Your friend, Niu Baiwan is suspected of fraud. He’s with us now…”

Su Qiubai thought he was dreaming.

Darned it… That idiot actually had the courage to scam other people!

Niu Baiwan was Su Qiubai’s classmate and close buddy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t call Niu Baiwan in the middle of the night when he was going to cure Guan Yu last time.

They hadn’t contacted each other for more than half a year. After receiving this call, Su Qiubai wanted to rush directly to the police station.

He was clear of Niu Baiwan’s character, even clearer than his own parents. They had done many things together since young.

Su Qiubai even corrected the typo in Niu Baiwan’s first love letter to a girl. Who knew that the girl ended up liking Su Qiubai, causing Niu Baiwan to almost spat blood out.

He even said he didn’t want to be friends with Su Qiubai anymore but he brought breakfast to school for Su Qiubai the next day.

Su Qiubai might believe if other people were the scammers, but it was absolutely impossible to believe that Niu Baiwan scammed others!

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

Xia Rongrong noticed something was wrong from Su Qiubai’s expression so she asked.

“Something happened to my friend, I have to go.”

Having said that, Su Qiubai stood up and left the room. He faintly heard Xia Rongrong telling him to be careful. And to call her If there was anything she could help.

He turned his head and smiled, then he left.

While driving to the police station, Su Qiubai still wondered what happened. However, he still couldn’t guess what was going on.

At this time, Niu Baiwan already had his heart in his mouth.

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