Chapter 114: Infatuation

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. drove directly to the Public Security Bureau, parked his car and went in. After asking around in there, he finally saw Niu Baiwan. Fortunately, nothing happened to him, he only looked depressed. Before Su QIubai had time to ask what was going on, Niu Baiwan asked if he had any money. Su Qiubai was taken aback by that question.

“How much?”

Immediately after he asked this, a policeman next to him spoke.

“He owes other people 500,000 dollar. If he couldn’t return, they are going to sue him…”

After listening to this, Su Qiubai suddenly understood. He relaxed but still felt strange.

Niu Baiwan’s business had been doing good. How could he owe 500,000 dollars? Besides, he wasn’t someone who would owe other people!

While Su Qiubai was thinking about this, Niu Baiwan just kept quiet.

“You see if you can borrow tens of thousands of dollars. I’ll find a way to return it back. I have no other options now.”

In Niu Baiwan opinion, Su Qiubai had been earning only a few dollars being a taxi driver. The reason why he had asked the police to call Su Qiubai was because of the close relationship Niu Baiwan had with Su Qiubai.

Niu Baiwan thought, Su Qiubai definitely wouldn’t be able to pay for me, I just want to get out of here. 

Su Qiubai glared at Niu Baiwan then turned to look at the policeman and asked, “He’ll be fine after paying 500,000 dollars?”

Upon listening to this, the policeman and Niu Baiwan both stunned. The reason was because Niu Baiwan clearly knew his buddy’s situation, while the policeman didn’t think that Su Qiubai could afford it. It was really impossible to see that a person like Su Qiubai could pay 500,000 dollars in one breath. But the policeman nodded anyway.

“Alright, I’ll pay for him.”


Ten minutes later, Niu Baiwan looked at Su Qiubai. He felt as if he didn’t recognize this person anymore. He stared at Su Qiubai with his eyes wide opened.

“Say it, are you being supported by a rich mistress or something?”

After a long silence, Niu Baiwan finally asked.

“Oh, get lost. You tell me… What’s going on?”

Su Qiubai had no time to joke with this guy. He was quite worried earlier, he thought that his friend was in serious trouble, like being scammed and sent to prison.

But how did he owe 500,000 dollars?

“Oh… it’s a long story, let’s get something to eat first.”

While saying this, Niu Baiwan’s eyes looked a bit weird, then he got into Su Qiubai’s taxi.

Without any hesitation, Su Qiubai started the car but before long, he suddenly had a guess in his mind. He stopped the car and turned to Niu Baiwan.

“Don’t tell me it’s because of that woman again?”

As a result, Niu Baiwan took a glance at him and kept quiet. Su Qiubai immediately got angry.

“You stupid idiot. Get the heck out of my car! Why are you so forgetful? I can still remember it! Where is she? How dare that woman asks you to cover her debt? Tell me her address. I’m going to ask her what she wants.”

Su Qiubai had never felt this angry before. But anyone who knew about Niu Baiwan and Wang Qian’s story would definitely feel angry now.

They were college classmates. Wang Qian was the kind of girl that every guys wanted, Niu Baiwan was also one of them. He had liked her since freshman year. However, after four years of trying to pursue her, Wang Qian still rejected him because of his poor family background.

Their love story was similar to Su Qiubai and Liu Mo, but Su Qiubai was better than Niu Baiwan during college years. Although Liu Mo and him separated after graduation, at least they had been together in college.

However, Niu Baiwan never had that chance with Wang Qian since the beginning.

After graduation, Wang Qian married a rich man from school. And Niu Baiwan who entered working life, had to suffer to survive the pressure of life, so he had gradually forgotten about that woman.

A few months later, Wang Qian suddenly called the Niu Baiwan. She cried and said that her man never treated her nicely, and that she wanted to be with Niu Baiwan.

That time, Niu Baiwan was on cloud nine. He didn’t care about the past, and even deliberately borrowed a car to pick her up.

Su Qiubai was very clear of how much Niu Baiwan liked Wang Qian, so although he didn’t feel comfortable after knowing the matter, he just kept quiet.

However, the two of them only got together for more than two months, then Wang Qian decided to dump him and get together with a rich businessman. She also said that Niu Baiwan couldn’t give her the life she wanted.

That break up had been a huge blow to Niu Baiwan, he quit his job and started a wholesale business in the medical field. And he was gaining quite a profit, unexpectedly.

But Wang Qian never came back. Su Qiubai originally thought that Niu Baiwan would remember and learn from that incident, since he had suffered so much because of her. He didn’t think that Niu Baiwan would actually fall into her trap once again.

“Alright, let’s get something to eat first, then I’ll tell you what happened.”

Seeing that Su Qiubai was furious, Niu Baiwan could only say that to calm him.

Su Qiubai wanted to scold him some more, but he thought that since his buddy had just come out of the Public Security Bureau, he would let this slide for now. Su Qiubai resisted his anger and drove to a nearby restaurant.

“Alright, spill it.”

Su Qiubai poured a glass of wine for himself. He was still angry.

“You’re accusing her. She had really changed this time. She lost some money in her business, so I wanted to help her.”

Niu Baiwan also poured a glass of wine for himself as he explained.

Upon hearing this, Su Qiubai really wanted to jab his fingers into Niu Baiwan’s head. Just like this and you’ve fallen into her trap again?

“And then? She ran away with your money?”

“No way… She just used it to pay for her debts. She said she’ll look for me after paying the debt.. I swear, that’s what she said!”

Niu Baiwan vowed. Su Qiubai didn’t know what to say.

“And you really believe she’ll come back?” Su Qiubai asked very seriously.

“I believe! She’s really different from before… Oh yeah, how did you fish out 500,000 dollars? I’ll return the money to you.”

Niu Baiwan said while grinning.

“We’ll talk about that next time… Where’s Wang Qian?” Su Qiubai looked at Niu Baiwan and asked.

Niu Baiwan shook his head, he didn’t know where she was either.

Looking at his buddy, Su Qiubai really couldn’t think of what to say. If he included the four years in college, Niu Baiwan had already liked Wang Qian for eight years!

These eight years, not to mention that he had been cheated once, Su Qiubai didn’t expect his buddy to be so reckless. Su Qiubai suddenly felt that Wang Qian was a lucky woman. She could get a man who was consistently in love with her for eight years.

At the same time, he also hoped that Wang Qian wouldn’t lie to Niu Baiwan this time, that she would really come back after paying the debt. If that was really the case, then all his prejudice towards her would be forgotten and he would bless the couple sincerely.

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But…that woman really didn’t deceive Niu Baiwan?

Su Qiubai was too clear of his brother’s attitude, and knew that he wouldn’t believe it if he continued, so he didn’t mention this matter again. After they finished the meal, Su Qiubai returned to Qinghe City.

Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City called Su Qiubai after finding out that he had returned. After Su Qiubai told her that everything was alright, they decided to invite Mr. Dongfang and his friends to dinner. They had actually discussed this matter in the afternoon, so Su Qiubai drove his car to pick up Xia Rongrong, while Mr. Dongfang and his friends took the company’s arranged car.

After Su Qiubai and Xia Rongrong arrived at the restaurant, Luo Qing called to inform Xia Rongrong that she had already booked a room.

However, when they entered the hotel, and were on the way upstairs, a woman came out of the elevator!

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She looked quite pretty, her figure wasn’t bad too. Her clothes were very exposed. At that moment, she was holding a man’s arm, whispering in his ears while gently rubbing her body against him. The man even had a smirk on his face!

Wang Qian!

To be honest, if Su Qiubai didn’t meet Niu Baiwan and talked about Wang Qian today, he would never look at her nor recognize her. But seeing her now, he recalled how Niu Baiwan was detained at the police station because for her, and even owed a debt!

He thought of Niu Baiwan’s eyes glowing with the trust and believe he had for Wang Qian when they were eating earlier…

Su Qiubai felt his anger rose from his back.

At the same time, Wang Qian looked up and spotted Su Qiubai glaring at her…

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