Chapter 115: New York Responded

Wang Qian was shocked seeing Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel.! Afterall, she knew who he was.

That time when she was with Niu Baiwan, Su Qiubai also came over to eat.

After a moment, Wang Qian’s eyes filled with contempt and disdain. Although she didn’t know much about this man, she recalled that he was a taxi driver. Seeing his outfit, she guessed that he was still the same. Having this thought, she looked away from Su Qiubai and continued to rub against the man as they walked out.

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However, they were stopped by Su Qiubai.

Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City didn’t understand what happened, especially when she noticed anger in Su Qiubai’s eyes. She had never seen him this angry before, she immediately followed his gaze and guessed that it must be related to that woman with a heavy makeup.

“Who are you? Go away!”

The person beside Wang Qian was called Gao Fei. He was a very powerful tyrant in Qinghe City. Therefore, he shouted at Su Qiubai who was blocking his way. However, after he said this, he was kicked by Su Qiubai, and flew far away. 

Su Qiubai’s strength had long ago reached the same level as warriors. Although his strength wasn’t as powerful as Bai Qi and the other emperors, it was too powerful for ordinary people.

Not to mention, he had added the growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system that he gained previously to Force until it had reached its maximum. Therefore, Gao Fei flew about seven or eight meters away, and fell heavily on the ground after being kicked by Su Qiubai.

Gao Fei fainted. His fellow brothers didn’t expect Su Qiubai to kick their boss. Besides, the scene was really scary. Therefore, for a moment, they just looked at each other, speechless. No one dared to do anything. They just ran towards Gao Fei, leaving Wang Qian alone.

Wang Qian’s face was pale, especially when she saw Su Qiubai approaching her. Her legs weakened and she sat on the ground.

“You… What are you trying to do?”

She stammered. At this moment, the security guards in the hall and other people rushed towards them. Su Qiubai didn’t care about the scene, he continued to stare at Wang Qian. There was a moment of silence when he tried to suppress his anger. Then, he said, “Don’t look for Niu Baiwan anymore in the future, or I’ll definitely kill you!”

Wang Qian was scared speechless. Su Qiubai was indeed acting too horribly, but when she heard that sentence, she felt somewhat disdainful. If Niu Baiwan wasn’t useful to her, she definitely wouldn’t look for him again.

That man… was simply a fool!

Having said that, Su Qiubai looked away from Wang Qian and entered the elevator with Xia Rongrong.

He had almost lost control of his emotions and called Niu Baiwan earlier, to let him see what kind of woman Wang Qian was! However, when he thought of how this would definitely hurt Niu Baiwan, he decided to just give Wang Qian a warning. This way maybe that guy would slowly understand, and forget about that woman.

As Su Qiubai was feeling like a mess, Xia Rongrong gently grasped his arm. After he calmed down, he turned to look at Xia Rongrong’s warm eyes.

“Are you alright?”

Xia Rongrong didn’t bother to ask what happened earlier, she just cared about Su Qiubai’s mood at the moment.

“I’m okay… That woman cheated my friend…”

Feeling much better, Su Qiubai then told about the story about Niu Baiwan and Wang Qian. Xia Rongrong quietly listened until he was done, then she gently said, “She’ll definitely regret it.”

Su Qiubai smiled a bit, not knowing what to say. Finally, he sighed.

“Some things… if they’re lost, they’ll never come back.”

After that, they didn’t talk about the matter anymore. When the elevator opened, they saw Luo Qing waiting for them. Su Qiubai quickly sorted out his mood, then they followed Luo Qing into the room. Mr. Dongfang and his friends really helped Xia Group this time. Su Qiubai and Xia Rongrong also admired these old experts, so this meal musn’t be sloppy.

Everything went smoothly. However, halfway through the banquet, Mr. Dongfang received a call. Upon answering it, he shot up, his expression also changed.

He still seemed stunned even after the phone was hung up. Su Qiubai knew that something was definitely wrong, so he took the lead to ask. Slowly, Mr. Dongfang recovered to his normal state, but he was obviously still in a state of shock.

“The call was from Bei Du. The auction in New York was cancelled. They invited us to bring our antiques over to compare with them. The side that possessed the fraud ones will be destroyed on the spot!”

With that said, the room became silent. The old experts’ expressions became unpleasant. No one had expected that the New York side would do that. They even said that they made it clear that the five antiques in their hands were true, while the ones at the Chinese side were fake!

Just after Su Qiubai decided to donate the five antiques to the country this afternoon, Mr. Dongfang had already informed the Bei Du Cultural Relics Institute.

Since several old experts had given their guarantees, plus Mr. Dongfang’s prestige, the institute immediately issued a notice to the world.

The five Chinese antiques that were to be auctioned at the New York International Fair next week were all fake, the real ones were still in China!

After the news was announced, the whole world was shocked, especially in New York. They had already done the publication of the antiques for several months. The auction was going to be held soon. Who knew that China would do such a move! This obviously made the New York side panic. If the news from China was true, didn’t that mean that all their hard work was gone?

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So after receiving the news, the New York side had been asking experts to study the five antiques, ensuring whether they were true or false. Finally, they were 100% certain that their weren’t fake!

That was why Mr. Dongfang received that call just now.

Anyone could see that this was a counterattack from New York side! If China side rejected the invitation, that was to admit there was something suspicious going on! If they accepted the invitation, they couldn’t protect the antiques that were in New York now, let alone to being checked if the antiques were true or false.

However, if they proposed to ask New York to bring the things to China, that would mean that China didn’t feel safe to go to New York. That seemed too incompetent…

China was placed in a very embarrassing situation. It wasn’t right to accept or reject the invitation!

The room was quiet for a while, everyone was thinking about the matter.

Even the old seniors had begun to wonder if they had checked the items wrongly. Perhaps Su Qiubai’s were false. Looking at everyone glancing at each other, Su Qiubai also understood their thoughts so in the end, he stood up.

“I can assure you again that the five antiques are true. The Jedi will not be forged! As for the New York side… Mr. Dongfang, can you see if they’re alright with us postponing the invitation to next year? We’ll compare them then.”

At the end of the day, he turned to look at Mr. Dongfang. Everyone was taken aback, even Xia Rongrong didn’t understand why Su Qiubai proposed this. Only Su Qiubai himself understood. The reason why he pushed to next year was that he was leaving a backup plan for himself. He would use a year’s time to try to go to New York and destroy all five antiques. Then, it would be as if nothing had happened?

However, because he wasn’t confident in his own strength now so he suggested to postpone for a year.

Mr. Dongfang whispered to ask for Su Qiubai’s reason to do so.

Su Qiubai only explained that they could use this one year’s time to collect more evidence, and then prove that theirs were true. Then when they went to New York, they would have more advantage.

Although his explanation was somewhat far-fetched, in the end, Mr. Dongfang agreed to communicate with Bei Du side before making the decision. In any case, such a request from New York was no longer a matter of comparing who had the true antiques. This had already involved some problems in China!

After that, everyone finished their meal worriedly.

After sending Xia Rongrong home, Su Qiubai felt very tired so he went to sleep immediately.

During the middle of the night, his cell phone rang. Once the phone was connected, he shot up from bed.

Niu Baiwan was kidnapped!

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