Chapter 53: This is Su Qiubai

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. carefully checked the car and its inner parts.

In the past, as soon as he entered the car, he would be prompted to turn on the navigation system, but today there was nothing!

He restarted his car but the result was the same even after several trials!

It really is broken!

Just as Su Qiubai started to get a little nervous. Suddenly, an emotionless voice spoke out loud.

“System upgrade. Getting ready to begin the driver license exam… Please hold on.”

It took Su Qiubai some time to figure out what it meant… an exam!

What the heck? How could an exam appear out of nowhere all of a sudden?

That thought filtered across Su Qiubai’s mind, but he couldn’t settle on an answer, he could only helplessly pull out the car key.

Gu Qianshan had been patiently waiting at the side all the time. At first, he was ecstatic but after seeing Su Qiubai open the car door again, a strange feeling came over him.

However, before he could utter a word, Su Qiubai spoke.

“There’s really no choice this time. They’re fixing the roads at the two doctors’ place, it’s impossible for me to go there…”

Su Qiubai apologetically told Gu Qianshan. He really had no choice, who knew when the system upgrade would end?

However, as Hua Tuo25Hua TuoAlso known as Hua Yuanhua or Yuan Hua. An ancient Chinese godly doctor/acupuncturist said… Only he and Zhang Zhongjing could treat Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.’s illness, It was impossible to convince them to help her now so Su Qiubai really couldn’t do anything!

Gu Qianshan got anxious when he heard Su Qiubai’s explanation. What do you mean? What does repairing the road have to do with anything at this critical moment!

“Mr. Su, please tell me where the two doctors live, I’ll send over a helicopter to pick them up.”

Gu Qianshan surprisingly came up with a solution in an instant.

Su Qiubai was struck dumb, he stared at him. He didn’t expect the Gu family to be so capable, that they even own a helicopter. Unfortunately, the main problem wasn’t about having a helicopter or not now!

Shaking his head, Su Qiubai explained, “Mr. Gu, the helicopter won’t work. They live in a place… Forget it, you won’t understand even if I told you. You just have to wait until the road is fixed. I’ll go there right away.”

Although his explanation was lacking, he had no other options!

I really want to help but I can’t.

Gu Qianshan was starting to get mad. Although he didn’t understand Su Qiubai’s explanation, he realized one thing: The two doctors certainly couldn’t come anymore.

What to do now? He felt as if his heart was stabbed by a knife, watching the pale-faced Gu Chengya last night, especially when she had smiled and assured him that everything would be alright. He had never felt so much despair.

Is there anything more painful in the world than watching my daughter lie in bed, is there nothing I can do?

This was why Gu Qianshan had immediately rushed over to the hospital after learning that Su Qiubai had returned.

But who knew…

Watching Gu Qianshan’s expression, Su Qiubai also felt sorry.

This was the scene that he had feared the most.

It had always been like that since he was young. If he knew he was right, he wouldn’t be afraid of anything coming towards him! But encountering this kind of situation, he could be quite impulsive…..

He recalled an incident that happened when he was in elementary school. A senior bully wanted to snatch the fifty cents that he had spent a long time collecting. So Su Qiubai had taken a brick and smacked it on that kid’s head. However, he ended up donating the money to an old beggar outside of the school gate.

After donating the money, he wiped his tears away while walking home…

Some people may say that people like him wouldn’t be successful in life, but… It wasn’t like he had a choice. His character had always been like this.

It was why he had smashed the car in public, driven all the way to Chai Jin’s place to get a hold of wild ginseng for Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City, helped Dong Jiawei, and even personally invited Hua Tuo over to treat Gu Chengya after seeing her faint on the street.

He had done it, not because he wanted anything in return, but simply because his character was like that.

The two of them suddenly became silent. Gu Qianshan’s eyes became a bit sluggish. He didn’t look like the head of Gu family from last night but a poor father.

Suddenly, a bodyguard hurried over and handed a phone to Gu Qianshan.

He only listened to a few words before the phone dropped from his hand. He became pale-faced and his eyes completely dulled.

“What happened?” Su Qiubai nervously asked.

Su Qiubai’s voice woke him up from his sluggish state, he slowly shifted his gaze to Su Qiubai.

“They just called, saying that my daughter… just spit up more blood, and there might not be much hope for her anymore…”

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Gu Qianshan seemed to have exhausted all his strength after finishing the sentence. He then turned and ran towards his car, totally ignoring the mobile phone on the ground. His bodyguard followed closely behind.

Su Qiubai didn’t expect such news. His struggling thoughts finally made up their mind.

“Mr. Gu, I’m going with you. Send someone to look after my sister first.”

Su Qiubai shouted. Seeing that Gu Qianshan had heard him, he got into the taxi, hurriedly turning to the backseat to get the book Hua Tuo had given to him and flipped through the pages.

There was no other way now. He could only think of this plan. Although it seemed that it was too late, with Huo Tuo’s Qi observation skill that he had already learned, it might be Gu Chengya’s last hope. If there were any other problems, he would have to wait for the system upgrade to complete to deal with them.

Gu Qianshan didn’t know about Su Qiubai’s plan. He also didn’t understand why the taxi driver suddenly wanted to follow.

His brothers fought really well. No one could object that fact, but to treat a person… You’re just a taxi driver, could you save people?

But time was critical, so Gu Qianshan didn’t think much. He left two men to look after Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel..

Gu Qianshan drove ahead and Su Qiubai drove his taxi closely behind. The two cars hurriedly left the hospital.

At that moment, in the Gu family, everything was already a mess. Their mistress had fought against her illness for so many years, no one expected that she would die on this day.

Gu Chengya, who had been unconscious for a whole night, had just spit blood out. Her breath became much weaker than before, as if in preparation of her dying soon.

Grandpa Gu almost fainted. He had sent everyone out and in a night’s time, famous doctors from all over the world were invited.

There were both Western and the Chinese doctors, but since it had already been confirmed in the past that Gu Chengya’s illness was a result of congenital lack of essence, most of the doctors were Chinese doctors.

Outside Gu Chengya’s room, Grandpa Gu, Gu Tian, ​​sat on a chair and stared at the door. The doctors all sat beside him, sharing a look. There were about twenty or thirty of them. Everyone was whispering while looking towards the door from time to time.

The old respectful Chinese doctor Murong Deye was also invited over, and he was treating Gu Chengya right now.

All the other doctors before him had already observed Gu Chengya’s condition, but none of them could get any useful result.

But that was normal, it would have been strange if they could actually diagnose anything.

Ever since Gu Chengya had been diagnosed with the illness, for more than a decade, Gu Tian had invited various doctors but none of them knew what was the root cause of the illness.

If it wasn’t for Murong Deye who had provided a rough idea as to the root cause, it might be that… no one would have ever known about what happened to Gu Chengya.

Therefore… They could only wait for his result!

The door suddenly opened. Gu Tian was the first to walk over. He had a fierce momentum that even made the other doctors feel a bit nervous. Gu Tian was already so old but the way he walk was just like a tiger.

“Brother, how is she?” Approaching Murong Deye, Gu Tian nervously asked. The usual stern and serious expression on his face was filled with anxiety and tension.

Looking at Gu Tian, ​​Murong Deye shook his head.

“No, someone must’ve put a needle in the right acupoint previously. If the acupuncture was complete, there would’ve been hope for recovery, but it was interrupted, so her condition worsened instead.”

Knowing that Gu Tian was worried, ​​Murong Deye immediately reported.

Gu Tian frowned. Gu Zhanchuan27Gu ZhanchuanGu Chengya's bodyguard., who stood in the corner, almost collapsed to the ground. If there’s still no news on Su Qiubai, then I had really killed the mistress.

Thinking of this, the guilty Gu Zhanchuan felt even more despaired.

“Can’t you continue the previously done acupuncture?” Gu Tian paused for a moment before asking.

“No… I’ve tried several times but I couldn’t do it myself. I may know how to perform acupuncture but I couldn’t find the right acupoint. The two godly doctors… You’re still unable to invite them?”

At the end, Murong Deye also looked at Gu Tian with some hope.

After all, he was already the most skillful doctor in the medical field, not to mention that when Gu Chengya was ten years old, he had already mentioned that no one could cure her illness unless it was Hua Tuo himself.

Therefore, he extremely admired the two godly doctors even though he had never met them.

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“My son is inviting them. They should be here soon.”

Having that said, Gu Tian’s eyes also flashed with a last shred hope.

Someone outside suddenly yelled.

“The boss is back!”

In response to the call, everyone looked outside. Gu Tian and Murong Deye were at the forefront, while everyone else stood up to welcome.

Everyone knew that Gu Qianshan had went out to invite the godly doctors.

However, outside the door, Gu Tian wasn’t the only one to frown, the others were also confused.

Behind Gu Qianshan was indeed a person, but it wasn’t an old man. He looked very young, holding a book in his hand. Looking down at the book while scurrying, he even almost hit on a pillar…

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