Chapter 37 – Never Marry a Man with Two Tintins

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Chapter 37 – Never Marry A Man With Two Tintins

Cheng Nuo had saved a little bit of money in the past two years and wanted to prepare a gift for Liu Guang. Du Yue Lin’s level three disciple have two days off a month. On a day when he was free, he changed into casual clothes and borrowed an ox-headed magical beast to ride down the mountain early in the morning.

There were three large shops that were famous in Liao Ji that sold whatever cultivators need, such as weapons, alchemical ingredients, medicine, magical tools, energy stones, and so forth. The items being sold were mostly attack, defense, and support tools. Since Qinghua Sect had disciples who practiced alchemy, Liu Guang and the other level one disciples were not lacking in those. Nonetheless, Cheng Nuo still wanted to give him an official cultivator’s device.

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The ox-head magical beast was very tame and its gait was steady but Cheng Nuo was still glad when he arrived at the market. Magical beasts weren’t allowed to enter so he took out five energy coins to stable it at the entrance and walked inside quickly.

Though it was still early in the morning, the market was already a boiling cauldron of voices. Cheng Nuo carefully tied his interspatial bag that had 15,000 level one energy coins more securely. He had bought this bag a few days ago. The one that Liu Guang had given him was still hidden in his house.

Cheng Nuo wasn’t familiar with magical devices. Since he didn’t know how to judge the quality of those items, he went to a place with lots of people and listened to them bargaining. Gradually, he understood some things.

Magical weapons like high-grade double-edged or single-edged swords are too expensive. Liu Guang would likely prefer to choose his own weapon anyway. Cheng Nuo didn’t bother to look at them. His attention was focused mainly on defensive and support items.

He saw a particularly large number of people at a particular stall and went over to check it out. He was immediately attracted by the exquisitely designed magical tools. The ten magical items on display looked delicate and outstanding. Since they had been refined into jewelry, they would be easy to carry around unobtrusively. A red dragon-shaped fire elemental support item quickly attracted his attention.

A female stroked a defensive magical item in the shape of a jade pendant admiringly: “How much is this one?”

“Fourth grade, 8,000 energy coins.” The stall owner’s voice was that of a young teenager. Although it was emotionless, it was as beautiful as the sound of jade striking stone.

Cheng Nuo looked up and was stunned. The stall owner was a slender and tall 14 or 15-year-old. He was dressed simply in cotton clothes and had long, ink-black hair down to his waist. With skin like jade and narrow eyes that shone brightly, Cheng Nuo had never seen anyone like him even though Qinghua Sect has its share of handsome youths.

Looking around him, Cheng Nuo sweatdropped slightly. It’s no wonder that the people surrounding this booth were mostly females…

“That’s too expensive!” The young female holding the jade pendant blushed slightly. “Can you lower the price a bit?”

“No bargaining,” the teenager said softly.

Cheng Nuo felt that the other person’s beautiful black eyes seemed to pause on his face for a moment and wondered why he felt that this teenager seemed very familiar. But he didn’t remember seeing such a person before…

“If it’s too expensive for you, I’ll take it! Get out of the way, I’ll take everything!” While Cheng Nuo was ruminating, a clear voice sounded from behind him, and four or five young men began to push the crowd in front of the stall.

Cheng Nuo was pushed aside along with the rest and frowned with dissatisfaction.

The speaker soon arrived at the stall. It turned out to be a 13 or 14-year old female in fine clothes. The female had red lips and white teeth but had a very arrogant look on her face.

The female who had asked about the price earlier was still holding the jade pendant in her hand tightly. With an expression on her face showing her disapproval, she said: “I didn’t say I wasn’t buying it.”

Having said that, he quickly pulled out some energy coins, ready to hand them over.

The teenager in the magnificent clothes snorted. Extending his hand that had a thunder element magical beast whip on it, he struck the other female who screamed and fell down to the floor. Everyone around them was shocked and stepped back two steps.

The teenager casually coiled his whip while one of his companions shouted: “My master said he’s going to buy everything, who wants to grab his stuff?”

The teenager looked arrogantly at the crowd then directed a person to gather up all the magical items from the stall. Another attendant took out a rosewood chair from an interspatial storage bag for the teenager to sit on.

Cheng Nuo watched them, frowning.

The young stall owner paid no attention to the dispute. He just picked up the red dragon-shaped fire elemental support item and said, with an impassive expression on his face: “Apart from this, it’s a total of 90,000 level one energy coins.

Cheng Nuo was somewhat surprised by this turn of events but this attention was caught by the price stated. Refining magical items was a really profitable business! He would have to work for years before he could afford to spend so much!

The teenager waved his hand and a boy spread out a purse on the booth. It was full of level three energy coins. Cheng Nuo had never seen anyone trade so many level three energy coins because these coins were so rare and valuable.

The richly dressed teenager put his chin in his hand and his big eyes kept on staring at the young stall owner: “There are 100 three-level energy coins here. I only ask you, why don’t you sell everything to me? I want to buy it all.”

The stall owner’s expression didn’t change. He only said three words: “Not for sale.”

Cheng Nuo’s mouth twitched. The teenager’s hair and eye color were totally different from Bai Rui’s but in terms of personality, he must be Bai Rui’s long-lost brother. Cheng Nuo hasn’t seen that brat for some time and didn’t know if he had changed his terrible habits a little…

Cheng Nuo couldn’t help but feel that this young stall owner was a close friend and gave him a worried look.

The teenager in elaborate clothing suddenly turned red with embarrassment. His voice rising slightly, he said: “When you came here last month, I bought everything. Why won’t you let me do that now?’

Looking at the two red spots on that person’s face, Cheng Nuo inwardly put a hand on his forehead. ****! It’s another gay romance! Cheng Nuo also felt a bit suspicious about the magical support item that had taken his fancy. Was there something wrong with it?

The youth who ran the stall didn’t explain. His words were simple and clear: “Only this one is not for sale. Anyone is free to buy the other items.”

With the eyes of the crowd staring at him, the richly dressed teenager’s face flushed even redder. He stood up suddenly and said, “My name is Li Yin. What’s your name?”

A little servant boy chimed in: “Whose disciple are you? Don’t you know our young master’s identity? Tell him your name quickly!”

Cheng Nuo was speechless. The emotional intelligence of the people of this world is really too low…

When he saw that the youth’s facial expression remained indifferent. In fact, his expression only made him seem even more stern, grave, and handsome. Li Yin seemed entranced by him and enraged by the servant. Slapping the boy on the face, he snapped: “Who told you to speak? Get lost!”

The little fellow turned pale with fear and quickly stepped aside.

“Forget it, you don’t have to tell me.” The teenager stepped forward and looked up at the stall owner’s face.”Sell the jade pendant to me and you can name your price.”

The stall owner was silent for a moment then said, “Cheng Yi.”

Li Yin was slow to react. His eyes widened in confusion at first then he suddenly realized that the stall owner had said his name. Li Yin blushed. In a flustered tone, he said: “Oh, so it’s like that. The jade ornament is not for sale. When will you come to the market again? …I, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

As Li Yin spoke, his voice became softer and softer until it was hardly audible.

Cheng Yi’s cold and indifferent tone of voice was unchanged: “Next month.”

Li Yin stole shy glances at him a few more times, blushing, then left with his servants.

Cheng Nuo also left when that crowd of people did. Liu Guang would be back in ten days so Cheng Nuo wanted to quickly chose a gift for him. So that young stall owner was also surnamed Cheng…

He had been walking around for half a day and was hungry. Near the market was a row of teahouses. He chose a clean-looking one and ordered a bowl of noodles and a salad.

Idly drawing circles on the surface the table with his fingers when a hand suddenly appeared. It was a man’s hand with slender jade-like fingers and transparent nails. That hand was holding the red dragon-shaped accessory that Cheng Nuo had taken a fancy to.

Cheng Nuo looked up in surprise, staring blankly at Cheng Yi who was standing beside him. Cheng Yi’s bright, beautiful eyes were gazing attentively at Cheng Nuo.

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Cheng Yi’s tone of voice was still even and free of emotion: “One hundred coins. Do you want to buy it? Come with me.”

As soon as Cheng Yi finished speaking, he turned around and left without looking back.

Cheng Nuo was flabbergasted. Was he talking about one hundred level one or level three energy coins? Earlier, there was someone who wanted to buy it at any price but he wouldn’t sell it. Why was he looking for Cheng Nuo now?

He decided to find out. Cheng Nuo got up then put a few energy coin son the said, telling the waiter, “I’ll come back to eat in a little while.” Walking out of the tearoom quickly, he saw that Cheng Yi was standing next to the entrance, waiting for Cheng Nuo.

The moment Cheng Yi saw Cheng Nuo coming out, he headed straight to a nearby alley. Cheng Nuo touched the storage bag on his waist, hesitating for a moment. This young man had just made a lot of money. Although he was dressed plainly, he shouldn’t be a robber right?

Cheng Nuo quickly followed the other person who walked slower and slower until he finally came to a halt. The more Cheng Nuo thought about it, the more puzzled he became so he couldn’t help but ask: “Excuse me, brother, have we met before?”

Cheng Yi slowly turned. His normally cold expression had thawed and Cheng couldn’t help but feel dazed at the sight.

Cheng Yi kept his eyes on Cheng Nuo. “It’s me.” The color of Cheng Yi’s hair and eyes slowly changed into the silver hair and golden eyes that were very familiar to Cheng Nuo.

Cheng Nuo stared open-mouthed… Is this Bai Rui? ****! Does a boy change eighteen times between childhood and manhood?! That long, straight, silver hair is flashy enough to blind people, you know!

Bai Rui’s tone of voice was a little uncomfortable: “You didn’t recognize me.”

Cheng Nuo laughed and couldn’t help but give him an affectionate look: “Bai Rui, you’ve grown up a lot.”

Actually, although Bai Rui’s current appearance was as different as could be from his previous childish look when he was a mischievous little brat, his manner and the expression on his face were the same. If Bai Rui hadn’t hidden his hair and eye color, Cheng Nuo would have been able to recognize him at a glance.

Cheng Nuo laughed so that both of his tiger teeth were revealed: “When did you recognize me? Haven’t I changed?”

Bai Rui did not answer but slowly approached him step by step. Cheng Nuo suddenly found it difficult to breathe. D***, Bai Rui’s only fourteen years old but he’s taller than Cheng Nuo! In his previous life, he was 1.73 meters. Now he’s still 1.73 meters!

Now Bai Rui was so close that Cheng Nuo could see every minute detail of his face. Bai Rui’s facial features were perfect but not feminine at all. From Cheng Nuo’s angle of vision, he could see Bai Rui’s lips. They were thin and moist. As Bai Rui approached, Cheng Nuo saw that his chest was broad but still had a youthful slenderness…

Cheng Nuo’s heartbeat was becoming very irregular. Inwardly, he started sweating. Even though he hadn’t seen a woman for a very long time, he shouldn’t be affected by an ignorant child’s beauty, right?

He quickly looked up and smiled, “Where are living you now? I and…”

But before he could finish speaking, he was firmly held by Bai Rui, his head on Bai Rui’s shoulder. Bai Rui’s light, cold and fresh scent immediately enveloped Cheng Nuo.

Cheng Nuo almost burst into tears. To think that one day he would be hugged by Princess Bai Rui! This child must have taken growth hormones to grow this tall!

A few strands of Bai Rui’s hair fell on Cheng Nuo’s face and that feeling of coldness woke Cheng Nuo from his shocked daze and made him struggle uncomfortably in Bai Rui’s embrace. It’s been four years since he last saw Bai Rui. He hadn’t thought that Bai Rui’s cold personality would make an exception for him. On the contrary, Bai Rui seemed quite enthusiastic since Cheng Nuo could hear his excited heartbeats.

But Bai Rui isn’t a child anymore. Isn’t it strange for them to hug?

Bai Rui finally loosened his hold and stepped back two steps. The expression on his face was still indifferent.

Cheng Nuo smiled and patted him on the shoulder. He joked, “Why are you so tall? What a coincidence that we met here…”

Bai Rui gave him a sullen look. Of course, he had no intention of revealing that he had gone back to the slums two years ago. The slums’ residents had dispersed because of the discovery of energy stones. He later met Cao Tuo somewhere and learned about Cheng Nuo’s traveling to Liao Ji City. He’s certainly not short of money now. The reason why he came to this town once a month was in the hope that he would meet Cheng Nuo but he hadn’t really expected it would happen.

“I am a disciple of Lingyun Pavilion.” Bai Rui said gently, “What about you?”

Naturally, he doesn’t lack for money now. He just feels that he will meet Cheng Nuo here one day, once a month, but he didn’t expect to meet him.

Cheng Nuo eyes widened. Lingyun Pavilion was a military unit that was directly under Liao Ji City. It was higher in status compared to Qinghua Sect. Cheng Nuo smiled and said: “Liu Guang and I are both at Qinghua Sect. Of course, Liu Guang is much more powerful than me…”

Bai Rui suddenly interrupted him and said, “Have you been with him all the time?”

Cheng Nuo was surprised but remembered how those two brats never got along well with each other. He smiled and said: “No, Xiao Guang went to the forbidden area to train. I haven’t seen him for nearly two years.”


Reika’s Notes:

  • This translation is by Reika of Creative Novels / BC Novels.
  • “The female had red lips and white teeth” – a common way to describe a beautiful, youthful face.
  • “Does a boy change eighteen times between childhood and manhood?!” – 女大十八变 nǚ dà shí bā biàn The original idiom is  “a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood” but, of course, this time it’s changed to “a boy.”
  • 1.73 meters is around 5 ft 8 in.
  • Princess Bai Rui – not a typo, he literally called Bai Rui a princess. 🙂
  • Please can also let me know if there are any errors. I still don’t have an editor but I did use Grammarly to try to minimize typos and errors. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you can! 
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