Chapter 57: Surprised

Three hours ago, in the Drivers’ League’s grand hall, there was a press conference to announce the new sponsorships joining in the League.

Therefore, the place was overcrowded since the morning. The visitors came from all over the country, so the grand hall was totally congested. In a single glance, it was estimated that there were nearly 10,000 people in the hall.

10 minutes before the press conference started, Gu Qingmei had done all the preparations, but she was still feeling nervous backstage.

It was all because of the sudden withdrawal of sponsorships from the Xia and Gu families which had messed up the whole plan that had been prepared long ago. Her brother, Gu Qingtian, even had to go to Bei Du to get new sponsorship support.

Fortunately, they could see some light now.

The two parties would sign the deal after the press conference. Then, the Drivers’ League could put all their effort into preparing to enter the international race car competition.

At the thought of the Drivers’ League finally achieving its goal after so many years, Gu Qingmei felt extremely excited.

Actually, there was supposed to be at least one League’s magnate hosting the press conference, but Gu Qingtian was still in Bei Du, and the other two magnates were all abroad, so she was the only one left to host it.

“Sister Mei, everything’s ready. Get ready to go on stage.”

Upon hearing that, Gu Qingmei took a deep breath and strode out.

The stage had already been arranged properly. On the floor, there were reporters from major local and international media companies. Being present at scenes like this was a norm for Gu Qingmei. However, it was a special day for her because the conference was extremely important to the entire Drivers’ League.

The audience was simply surprised by Gu Qingmei’s temperament and appearance.

Honestly, the reason behind the Drivers’ League’s influence and attention today was Gu Qingmei. Her appearance had become the entire representation of the entire Drivers’ League.

In fact, many people weren’t here to see the racing cars; they just wanted to see her.

Her fans applauded enthusiastically at whatever Gu Qingmei said. Everything was carried out in an orderly manner.

Gu Qingmei gradually relaxed as time passed. She became more fluent in answering the questions and her smile became more natural.

However, a foreigner stood up just as the press conference was about to end. Noticing his sneer, the person-in-charge wanted to retrieve the microphone from him, but it was too late.

“Miss Gu Qingmei, I’ve been listening to you for some time, and it seems that your country has achieved a professional standard in car racing. However, as I know… Oh, it’s not worth mentioning.”

He spoke in English. Most people listened on but didn’t understand what he meant clearly.

Gu Qingmei’s expression changed. She knew that he was deliberately finding trouble.

“I’m sorry, I think you should know that we’ll be entering the international arena very soon. By then, you can see our standard with your own eyes.” Gu Qingmei also replied in English. She had lived in the UK since she was young, so she was fluent in the language.

The man sneered once more, “Oh, really? Then I’ll challenge you now. My name’s Carl. I’m just a very ordinary driver… If you guys can’t beat me in a race, then you can just close down your company.”

The hall was in an uproar once those words were said!

Some people didn’t understand him at first, but soon everyone understood what he had just said.

“Such an arrogant foreigner. Just accept his challenge!”

“Yes, we’re a big company. We don’t have to be afraid of him!”

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Several people started shouting, and eventually the situation was out of control.

The most anxious person was Gu Qingmei. She didn’t want to accept such a nonsensical challenge at such a critical stage. There wouldn’t be a problem if she won, but if she lost, it would be a serious problem!

Therefore, she intended to reject the challenge.

But then Carl spoke again. “If you reject my challenge, I can tell you that our camera is broadcasting everything right now. The whole world will know how useless you guys are!”

Gu Qingmei was indeed stunned upon hearing this. She didn’t expect that the foreigner would be so prepared. Glancing around, she spotted a camera not far away. Gu Qingmei swore under her breath. The situation was a bit tricky.

The best option now was to accept his challenge, then defeat him, but… the three magnates weren’t here. Gu Qingmei and the rest were unsure of Carl’s background, so if something went wrong, all the preparations would be useless!

But if she refused, the consequences would be the same. Gu Qingmei in a complete dilemma, while the audience cried out loudly once again. Just when she couldn’t make up her mind, someone stood up. It was Kun San, Jun Xiaodao’s master, one of the twelve car gods in the Drivers’ League!

“You’re just a plain foreigner. I’ll accept your challenge. Let’s start now!”

Kun San’s words gained an uproar from the audience. Gu Qingmei was relieved, but she soon became worried.

Can Kun San really win?

If he loses… What are we going to do?

The race started just like that, and the result caused the entire Driver’s League to fall silent…

Kun San lost… In fact, it was a terrible loss!

That made Gu Qingmei have an instant epiphany that this whole event had been planned out. They wanted to attack the Drivers’ League just as it was entering the international arena!

The race also made the other drivers, including the so-called car gods, realize the contrast between their standards and Carl’s. After all, Kun San’s skill was at the same level as theirs.

“Miss Gu Qingmei, are you willing to admit that the racers of Drivers’ League are just a bunch of waste?”

Carl scornfully smiled, standing in front of the microphone with an arrogant look on his face.

Everyone present, including the audience were angered by his words. Their lips twitched but they couldn’t do anything…

Kun San has already lost so badly… Unless… the three magnates are here…

Having that thought, Gu Qingmei quickly made up her mind and took control of the situation. “Mr. Carl, the Drivers’ League accepts your challenge, but it’s quite late now. We shall race tomorrow. If we lose, I’ll admit that my skill isn’t as good as you!”

The words uttered by Gu Qingmei were indeed ingenious, especially at the end of her last sentence when she said that she was willing to admit that her skill wasn’t as good as him, instead of using the Drivers’ League’s name…

After that, Carl actually agreed!

That made Gu Qingmei breathe a sigh of relief. Her brother would return tomorrow, then… he would definitely be able to beat Carl!

The press conference ended. Gu Qingmei returned backstage.

She was very upset so she quickly called Gu Qingtian, but the call couldn’t get through.

Noticing that the reporters were trying to barge in, she eventually had to escape from the back door.

However, she didn’t arrange for a car earlier, so just as she was worrying about those reporters catching up to her, a taxi stopped next to her.

Without hesitation, she opened the door and entered it.


Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. was stunned for a long time, especially when he looked down and noticed the enchanting figure of the woman, and her soul-stealing long legs.

“Quick, start moving.”

Gu Qingmei noticed that the driver didn’t move so she urged him once again.

She was so close to the driver that he could feel the breath from her mouth. It was quite warm!

Although Su Qiubai felt that the scenario was intriguing, he wasn’t planning to pick up customers here.

“Erm… Miss.”

“Who are you calling miss!”


“Young lady, I don’t intend to pick up customers. Please take another taxi.” Su Qiubai was embarrassed after being stunned by the lady.

“Aren’t you a taxi driver? Why are you not driving? Hurry, someone’s chasing me!”

Having said that, Gu Qingmei took off her glasses. Su Qiubai saw her eyes and her face and he was immediately taken aback by her beauty… Why does it seem like I’ve seen her before?

“Someone’s chasing you? Okay… You just wait for them to leave, then you can get off.”

Curling his lips, Su Qiubai replied nonchalantly. It was obvious that she wasn’t being chased by anyone; she was simply deliberately avoiding something.

Unexpectedly, Gu Qingmei suddenly fell silent. In just a few seconds, her eyes became red, and she started crying. The old driver felt helpless.

Darn it… Other people will misunderstand and think that I did something to you! Why is such a beauty insisting on sitting in a taxi rather than a luxury car!

“Alright, alright… Don’t cry, let’s go.”

Since Xiao Xiao was doing well, Su Qiubai helplessly shook his head and started driving the taxi. Then… the woman sat up straight, wiping her eyes as if nothing had happened before.

Su Qiubai drove forward for about five or six minutes. After passing a street, he realized that he hadn’t asked her where she wanted to go. However, just as he opened his mouth, Gu Qingmei instructed him to drive forward.

Ten minutes passed, and the street was coming to an end. Su Qiubai was a bit annoyed. “Lady, where do you want to go?”

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“Just go forward.”


When he repeated his question for the third time, she actually answered, “Anywhere.”

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