Chapter 58: This Is a Conspiracy

Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. suddenly recalled the crazy fat man that he had encountered in the past. He was like this too!

With that thought, Su Qiubai couldn’t resist but stopped the car, and carefully looked at Gu Qingmei before softly asking, “Lady, you can’t be a lunatic that has escaped from home, right?”

“You’re the crazy one!”

Gu Qingmei felt terrible after losing the race, so upon hearing Su Qiubai’s words, she immediately shouted. How on Earth does such an annoying taxi driver exist?!

However, Su Qiubai’s thoughts were completely different from hers. He had almost confirmed that this woman was crazy.


Would a crazy woman actually admit that she’s sick…? No wonder she looks familiar. Maybe I’ve seen her from one of those missing people notices. Sigh… Such a beautiful girl. It’s a pity that her brain has gone haywire.

Gu Qingmei noticed Su Qiubai sighing while shaking his head. She clenched her teeth as anger rose in her. Then, she took off her high heels and threw them at Su Qiubai. Su Qiubai wasn’t paying attention so he was instantly hit by the heels. The lady snorted, then crossed her legs and leaned against the seat.

The heck… If she’s not crazy then she must just be really weird!

However, what Su Qiubai didn’t know was that if her fans saw the usually elegant and charming Gu Qingmei carry out these actions, their jaws would definitely drop. That taxi driver had the opportunity to talk to her, but he treated her as a crazy woman… He must be the crazy one!

Well, the Big Sister of the Drivers’ League was upset! Who would have thought that the well-planned conference would end up with a disgrace to the Drivers’ League?

So many things had occurred and there were also many live broadcasts and reports. The Drivers’ League would certainly be ashamed, even more be targeted.

To put it bluntly, several other organizations around the world would probably lose their confidence in the Drivers’ League. In fact, it would surely affect the Drivers’ League’s upcoming international competition.

Gu Qingmei began to blame herself. If she was determined to refuse Carl’s challenge, she wouldn’t have had to face such serious consequences.

But it was already too late. But why does Carl have to challenge today? Obviously he must know that my brother and the other two magnates weren’t here!

Having that thought, she once again remembered that if the Xia family hadn’t withdrawn the sponsorship, her brother wouldn’t have had to leave.

And if it weren’t for that darned taxi driver, the Gu family and Xia family wouldn’t have to cancel the sponsorship!

Yeah! That’s right… It all makes sense! It’s all that stupid taxi driver’s fault!

Thinking of this, Gu Qingmei glanced at Su Qiubai next to her, who was earnestly looking at his mobile phone. She was even more certain that this taxi driver wasn’t a good person too.

Su Qiubai didn’t know that Gu Qingmei had come to a horrible conclusion that was simply incomprehensible. He was busy looking for the police station on his mobile phone.


If this woman isn’t sick, then she’s deliberately looking for trouble. Otherwise, who would just sit in a taxi and keep asking to only go forward! She even took off her high heels and threw them at me. And she’s just sitting in silence now.

He really couldn’t think of a good way to deal with women, so that was why he was looking for the police station. However, Gu Qingmei’s phone rang at that moment. Su Qiubai took a glance at her. His spirit rekindled. It must be her family!

Gu Qingmei was surprised after looking at the phone number. It was her brother, Gu Qingtian!

Quickly answering the phone, Gu Qingmei intended to ask him to come back immediately, but the voice on the other side of the phone sounded wrong.

“Qing Mei. I already knew everything. Just give up tomorrow’s race…”

Gu Qingtian’s voice sounded weak, and his words made Gu Qingmei speechless.

Give up? Why give up?

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“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Gu Qingmei suddenly felt uneasy.

“Nothing serious. Someone stabbed me with a knife… I’ve also called the others abroad. Both of them have also encountered some troubles. They have no way to go back to Dong Hai… This is a conspiracy.”

Gu Qingtian’s every word was like a hammer pounding in Gu Qingmei’s mind; she couldn’t help but tremble in the end.

Su Qiubai also felt that something was wrong, but he stayed quiet.

“How’s your injury? Is it serious?”

After all, they were siblings, so Gu Qingmei was more concerned about Gu Qingtian’s condition.

“It isn’t serious but I can’t leave the hospital yet, so you must remember to give up tomorrow’s race. This is a conspiracy against us. If you go to the race, you’ll be in danger!”

That was the second time Gu Qingtian had mentioned the word “conspiracy”.

The reason why he had added the last sentence was because he was very clear of what his sister’s attitude was like. Perhaps she would fight until the end for the sake of the Drivers’ League’s reputation.

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He also understood how fierce and decisive the opponent’s actions could be.

Although he said that he wasn’t seriously injured, the truth was the complete opposite. The knife had almost stabbed through his stomach. The incident was too sudden. He couldn’t even comprehend it when those people dashed towards him.

The same had happened to the other two magnates abroad. Both of them were arrested. All incidents happened simultaneously with the challenge in Dong Hai.

“Then… give up?”

Hearing that her brother was alright, Gu Qingmei was relieved, but when she thought of the race tomorrow, she became nervous again.

“Yes, just admit defeat. Let them know now! Where there is life, there is hope!”

Without any hesitation, Gu Qingtian’s voice was extremely firm.

Gu Qingmei fell silent after her brother finished speaking. She wished her brother a speedy recovery, then hung up the phone.

No one could understand her mood at that moment. Drivers’ League was full of her hope. In the past, every day, she waited for the day that their country’s players could compete in the international arena. The day was coming soon, but then…

Leaning against the seat, she looked into the distance in disappointment, not knowing what to do.

Su Qiubai didn’t know what was going on, but he had grasped some information from the phone conversation. Coupled with Gu Qingmei’s expression, it must be a major blow.

Su Qiubai lit a cigarette and silently sat next to Gu Qingmei. After a long time, Gu Qingmei finally spoke.

“Send me home. Litian Villa… Thank you.”

At that moment, Gu Qingmei was completely different from how she had been when she first got on the taxi. It made Su Qiubai feel uncomfortable.

He didn’t say anything since the both of them were just strangers. He couldn’t help much. As a taxi driver, it was the right thing for him to send her home.

After more than half an hour, Su Qiubai stopped outside Litian Villa. Gu Qingmei left the money according to the taximeter and alighted the taxi. However, she was stopped by Su Qiubai as she was about to leave.

“Lady, don’t be discouraged. There will always be hope.”

He didn’t know why he would say such a sentence, maybe he was just simply trying to give her some encouragement.

Gu Qingmei was stunned for a bit. She wanted to ask Su Qiubai, “Where’s the hope?”

The only result of the Drivers’ League admitting its defeat is that its name will be swept off from the international community, and then it’ll take a long time before it can regain its reputation. In this case, where’s the hope?

However, Gu Qingmei still politely said a “thank you”, then turned and left.

Su Qiubai watched Gu Qingmei enter her villa, before starting the car engine to turn around. He sighed.


Every family has its own difficulties…

Then, without thinking much of it since it was just an accidental meet, he drove to the hospital.

At the hospital, the Gu family had arranged people to look after Xiao Xiao. But her two roommates, Zhang Wen and Xiao Li, were also there. Su Xiaoxiao31Su XiaoxiaoSu Qiubai's sister; also written as Xiao Xiao in this novel. was feeling much better. She could be discharged from the hospital in a week or so. Her fast recovery was also due to the medical herbs Su Qiubai had brought and the hospital taking her condition seriously.

Su Qiubai was also very happy. He was talking to Xiao Xiao when Cao Toufei suddenly barged in.

“Boss, something serious has happened!”

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