Chapter 80: Fearless Life

The Liuyun Mountain Racecourse was the only large-scale racecourse in Donghai City. It was already a tourist attraction in Donghai City because it had hosted many international competitions. Therefore, there were many tourists all year round. If there was a competition, the place would usually be crowded. And today was a special day, as a British delegation had come to visit.

Actually, they might seem to be visiting, but in actual fact, they were there to fish for money!

After the living standards and consumption capability of the local Chinese were uplifted in the recent years, many places had deliberately splurged to invite foreign delegates to come to interact and exchange knowledge. That was the real purpose of the exchange group which Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. had met when he was a translator in Yucheng Middle School!

However, it was known that the British exchange group had brought a few top professional equestrians and jockeys, who were skillful and fast. Therefore, the racecourse had long publicized the visit of British exchange group. There was even an advertisement about the exhibition race today. Many people had been waiting outside of the racecourse since the early morning, and it seemed as if there were a sea of people.

Inside the lounge on the west side of the racecourse, Mike and Jimmy just happened to see from a nearby window that the audience were flocking in; both of them scornfully laughed.

“Do these people even understand horse racing? They all just rushed here.”

Mike had a glass of red wine in his hand. A trace of disdain emerged at the corner of his lips.

“Oh well, we can’t blame the Chinese for their terrible standards. They always score the lowest in horse racing as compared to the top rankers… they’re really far behind.” While saying that, Jimmy also placed his hand over his eyes, as if he was squinting at something far away, causing everyone in the room to laugh.

The two people were the two masters from the British exchange group. Mike was participating in the speed horse racing match, while Jimmy was participating in the equestrian competition. Although their words really made people feel uncomfortable, nobody could refute them.

At that time, China’s achievements in that sport were indeed very poor. At many instances, the equestrians weren’t even qualified to enter the international competitions. It was even more embarrassing as horse racing had been around for over 5,000 years in China.

“Tell their person in charge that Jimmy and I won’t be participating in the exhibition game today.”

After finishing the red wine, Mike turned to look at the delegation led by the side and said.

“But… the advertisement had already publicized that you and Jimmy both will participate in the competition. It won’t be good…”

Although the delegation leader also felt that it was meaningless to race for the audience out there, they had already made their promises in the past, so it wasn’t a good idea to go back on their words.

“Don’t bother about them. It’s already good enough that we’re here. This kind of audience and local Chinese equestrians aren’t worthy of a match with us.” Jimmy chipped in; he also agreed with Mike.

That gave the leader a real hard time; he had no choice but to leave the room in the end.

The person in charge of the racecourse also became furious after the leader told him their decision!

The racecourse had been overwhelmingly advertising just for the exhibition race. Even the national team had sent a few equestrians over with the intention to make use the opportunity to practice their skills. They were delighted to see that the audience turnout was much higher than expected. But who knew they would get a backlash?

So the two of them immediately argued with each other. The British side had already signed the contract before, so the delegation leader had no choice but to return to the lounge and tell Mike and Jimmy that they had to participate in the competition.

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Both Mike and Jimmy were very angry and even felt insulted. So, they planned to crush the opponents in the two exhibition races and later, they would publicly ridicule the standard of local Chinese equestrians in front of the entire audience.

The race started soon after all the audience entered the racecourse. In fact, the main reason why there were so many people in the audience today was because they all came to cheer for the local equestrians, after finding out that they would be competing with foreigners.

But soon, the audience felt as if cold water had been poured on them. Their initial passion faded and only a few individuals kept talking. The loss was too extreme. The game was completely controlled by the opponents. The young contestants couldn’t even complete a single act. In fact, they fell off their horses many times.

One thing to note was that the horses used in the competition were all European horses in order to care for the British delegation, so it was normal that the local players weren’t used to riding them.

After the final round was over, Mike somehow got ahold of a microphone, and shouted at the Chinese players.

“There are so many people in China, aren’t there any contestants who are slightly more professional? Or is it just some self-proclaimed lie about the many thousands of years of China’s history?” Mike and Jimmy snickered after finishing their sentence.

The arrogance and rudeness of those Europeans were really too much. Although his words were directed to the local players, it was obvious he had wanted the audience to hear this as well by deliberately using a microphone. Sure enough, many people were furious!

No one would like others to talk in such manner in their home country. So many people started scolding them loudly. The local players also clenched their fists, staring at the arrogant Mike and Jimmy.

Even the organizer was also screaming at the two foreign idiots! How could they not think about trouble that they caused with their actions? If the audience rushed down to the tracks, would they even make it out alive?!

The organizer quickly sent people to calm the audience down. However, the two idiots actually still seemed to enjoy their superiority.

At the next moment, an accident suddenly happened!

It was probably the loud noise from the audience, in addition to the fact that those European horses were unfamiliar with their surroundings. More than a dozen race horses panicked as they followed the first horse running wildly around the racecourse!

Mike and Jimmy were also frightened and quickly hid aside.

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People who were familiar with horses should know that it was incredibly dangerous for the horses to run wild!

It was due to this that many people had lost their lives. No one dared to approach the horses at that moment. The only thing that they could do was to wait for the horses to calm down before trying to tame them.

But no one expected the horses to run straight to the exit!

With the exclamation of the audience, everyone spotted a fleet of cars coincidently passing by the railings, which weren’t very tall. Those vigorous and powerful horses could just easily jump over the railings.

By then…

The person in charge of racecourse was on the verge of collapsing, especially when he noticed that those were actually all luxury cars, and the first car was a stunning red Ferrari! Everything was done… Once he offended those people, the consequences would be unimaginable!

Everyone seemed to quieten down at that moment. All eyes were looking at the same direction. However, a miracle was just about to happen!

Unexpectedly, those car doors all opened at the same time! Then, someone jumped out. Actually, more than one person came out, and just by looking at it, it seemed that there were about ten people. In the next second, those people jumped over the railings, and rushed straight towards the horses.

Nobody knew what they were going to do. A man with a cold expression was running at a ridiculous speed at the forefront. Several onlookers could even feel his power and courageous momentum!

Several big men behind him looked even more excited as they sprinted towards the horses like ancient wild beasts. If it wasn’t for everyone still being in their right minds, nobody would ever believe the scene before them was real. In just a split second, the first man had already appeared in front of the first horse. Everyone instantaneously felt that a tragedy was about to happen.

However in the next second, the man actually bent slightly to the side, avoiding the horse’s head and grabbing on the reins, before he leaped high. Nobody actually clearly saw what happened, but he was already riding on the horse.

The man stared in front of him with his eagle-like eyes, his two legs clipped together at the side of the horse, then he yanked the reins. With a loud neigh, the horse looked up and raised its two hooves! When its hooves landed again, it stopped still on the spot!

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