Chapter 97: Who Is This Guy?

Other than the music in the hall, everybody seemed to be able to hear their heartbeats. No one could comprehend why Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter. would go to the most secluded corner of the hall, and was even more confused about who she was about to invite for a dance.

Zhou Zile2Zhou Zileonly here for Gu Chengya’s party almost swallowed the glass in his hand, especially when he noticed the spotlight shining on Gu Chengya moving closer to himself.

“Brother, she… What is she doing?”

Zhou Zile was so anxious that he couldn’t help but grab on Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel.’s arm and ask this. Su Qiubai was even more nervous. Earlier, he told Zhou Zile that Gu Chengya could invite whoever she wanted for a dance, so long as it wasn’t himself. He didn’t know how to dance at all. After all, he had never been to any party before. If he was to dance in this situation, it would be better for them to just stab him.

But… his biggest fear had come true!

Just like that, before Zhou Zile’s sluggish eyes, Gu Chengya walked to Su Qiubai’s side.

“May I have this dance?”

Su Qiubai’s mind went blank. Are you joking?

Gu Chengya’s face was exquisite and her eyes were filled with expectation.

The stunned audience fixated their gazes on Su Qiubai at the same moment, some even began whispering among themselves. Many didn’t recognize that young man at all. Yuan Pengfei felt like his brain was about to collapse.

 Gu Chengya… why are you inviting this idiot?

Fang Hongcai5Fang Hongcaikid from Bei Du, chasing Gu Chengya, who was sitting next to him, was completely unaware about what had just happened; he hadn’t had a single moment to pause and comprehend the situation.

Guan Taiping4Guan TaipingKid that had a conflict with SQB at Gu Chengya’s party, who had hated Su Qiubai since encountering him at the entrance earlier, also had the same reaction.

Why is this happening? Who the heck is this person?

Among all the people in the hall, perhaps the only one who fully understood the situation was Xiao Xuan3 Xiao XuanXiao Yun’s older brother, knows about SQB but not here to trouble him. Originally, he thought that as long as he got rid of those three youngsters, there wouldn’t be anyone else who could qualify to be Gu Chengya’s pursuer in that occasion.

But now, he admitted that he was wrong.

He had no other words for how much more qualified that person was.

Meanwhile, Su Qiubai didn’t know that there were already several people in the hall who wanted to start a fight with him. He was still pondering over what to do.

I really can’t dance... Even a fool like him understood what it meant if he was to dance with Gu Chengya at that time. No matter what, it would send the wrong signal to others.

Just as he was hesitating, the hall became noisier.

Gu Chengya’s approach had already shocked the guests immensely. If Su Qiubai was to reject her, they would probably explode. Finally, taking a glance at Gu Chengya, especially her sincere eyes, Su Qiubai stood up. The people in the hall slowly started to applaud. Although most people were unwilling to do so, they also applauded at the end.

Zhou Zile still hadn’t been able to respond, especially when he saw that Su Qiubai had already taken Gu Chengya’s hand and guided her to the center of the hall.

This… They’re going to dance? But… Su Qiubai said that he didn’t know how to dance!

It wasn’t just Zhou Zilie who had such thoughts. In fact, other onlookers also had a few suspicions.

Seeing Su Qiubai’s temperament, although he did seem slightly elegant, what he wore was too ordinary and plain. They didn’t understand why he was invited by Gu Chengya at such an important moment.

But does he really know how to dance?

Some people were even ready to mock him after having that thought. Even Gu Chengya felt nervous standing in the middle of the hall with Su Qiubai. After she had said those words about gaining a new life, and out of her gratitude towards Su Qiubai, she had taken the initiative to invite him for a dance.

But… does he know how to dance?

The audience began to quiet down as they waited for the music cue.

Su Qiubai gave Gu Chengya a determined gaze after realizing the uneasiness in her eyes. 

Who are you kidding!

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Since he had agreed to dance with Gu Chengya, he wouldn’t be a man if he freaked out now!

Su Qiubai could also guess that many people were waiting for him to make a fool out of himself. However, if he still couldn’t handle the situation after throwing in tens of growth points24growth pointsProtagonist earns this when he completes tasks given by the navigation system, he would be too shameful.

Finally, the music started.

And the two started to move.

No one spoke or laughed, but there was also no cheering from the audience.

Previously, nobody would believe it if they were told that they had the opportunity to witness such a beautiful dance on that day. But seeing the reality at that moment, everyone believed that that man must have rehearsed many times just to show off at this moment.

Perhaps Gu Chengya was the one who was the most shocked. She knew that Su Qiubai was a mysterious man, but she didn’t expect his dancing abilities to be terrific! Seeing the elegance of each movement, paired with his clear eyes, the fear and uneasiness that Gu Chengya felt in her heart was once again magnified.

On the other hand, Zhou Zile was dumbstruck!

Big Brother… You lied to me! You lied to me so badly!


When the song ended, Su Qiubai finally relaxed. Thank goodness he didn’t embarrass himself.

He turned and walked back to his seat, completely ignoring the upset youngsters.

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However, a voice sounded at that moment.

“Brother, you danced very well. Since Miss Gu invited you for the first dance, it seems that your relationship with her must be good. I’m curious about what you have prepared for her as her birthday gift.”

Looking back, Su Qiubai spotted the enraged Guan Taiping, who was forcing out a smile on his face as he spoke. The audience once again turned to his direction as soon as he finished this sentence. They immediately understood that things were about to get aggressive.

“He’s my friend. I’m happy that he’s here. I don’t need any gifts.”

Gu Chengya said this before Su Qiubai could reply. Her words made Yuan Pengqing and Fang Hongcai feel even more depressed.

We’ve come all the way from Bei Du to celebrate your birthday, and you don’t even seem to be happy to see us. Yet, this unknown guy came around, danced with you, and you actually said that you don’t need a gift from him!

“Exactly, this boy’s gift must be really special.”

“Yeah, maybe it’s worth more than Xiao Xuan’s ancient piece of jade.”

The hall suddenly became lively with Yuan Pengqing and Fang Hongcai taking the lead.

Zhou Zile became anxious. He had clearly heard from Su Qiubai that his gift was worthless. He had just danced spectacularly with Gu Chengya. If his gift wasn’t comparable to the gifts from those people, they would definitely mock him. Therefore, the little plump boy immediately walked over and planned to say a few words in Su Qiubai’s defense.

“I repeat, Su Qiubai is my friend, he didn’t need to prepare any gift for me.”

Gu Chengya unexpectedly became angry. She was already glad that Su Qiubai could attend her party. If this man didn’t exist, I would already be dead by now!

With the Gu family’s financial power, she could have everything she wanted!

That was why she just ignored Yuan Pengqing and Fang Hongcai. As she had mentioned before, the birthday party was more like an appreciation night, and the one who deserved the most appreciation was that gentle-looking young man.

Gu Chengya’s sudden raise of voice resulted in the hall fell silent, but Yuan Pengqing also couldn’t hold in his anger any further.

“Miss Gu, isn’t this poor etiquette?”

Gu Chengya stared at him sternly after he uttered these words. Yuan Pengqing felt his heart sink. He immediately understood that he would never ever be allowed to enter the doors of the Gu family anymore.

When everyone was thinking about what Gu Chengya would say in response, she turned towards Su Qiubai all of a sudden and glanced at him with a serious expression.

“He saved my life.”

The hall fell silent once more after she uttered those words. Many people were dazed. Wasn’t Murong Deye the one who saved Gu Chengya? How could it be this rascal?

Everyone’s gazes were focused on Su Qiubai. All of them were wondering how he had saved Gu Chengya’s life.

But then, they started to feel that the rascal was too rebellious. It’s just a gift, even if it isn’t comparable to those few people’s gifts, he should at least have some courage to present it. Yet, he’s letting a girl speak for him now.

Su Qiubai grinned just as everyone was thinking about that.

“I’ve brought a gift.”

As he spoke, he turned to his table at the corner, and Bai Qi directly threw a box to him from far away.

Everyone was shocked. When their gazes returned to Su Qiubai again, he had already opened the box.

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