Chapter 183: Building Golems and Sparring with Sylvia

Back inside William’s village, Sylvia walked behind the villa where Shen sat down while placing down a few dozens of full armours in an orderly manner. Shen then placed down more such armours with ranks between [Normal] and [Heroic]. Afterward, he added inside each one of them, 5 energy stones and started to take control over them. In around 20 minutes, 50 golems raised from the ground like true warriors ready for war, right now waiting for Shen’s first commands. There were 25 [Normal] ranked golems, 18 [Rare], and 7 [Heroic]. If it needed to be integrated into the power ranking, it would be from Energy Fighter to Great fighter for [Normal], from Core Warrior to Great Warrior for [Rare], and from Master to Energy Master for [Heroic]. Afterward, [Epic] armour will create Grandmasters or, depending on how powerful the monster from which the armour has been created was when alive, it can ever reach Saint power-rank. As for [Legendary], Shen only described them as oddities, being able to learn magic on their own, to grow in power on their own, while still keeping a part of their consciousness from when they were still alive; good examples being Isaz2IsazAn Elder Futharks rune which, in this novel represents only \"Ice\", \"coldness\", and \"stillness\". Appearance: Looks like an I and is normally written on stone, wood or even bone. and Kenaz3KenazAn Elder Futharks rune which, in this novel represents only \"torch\" and \"vision\". Appearance: Looks like a < and is normally written on stone, wood or even bone.. When they’re first created, they will have Saint power-rank, but the possibility for them to grow through enchantments or whatsoever is quite high.
After Shen created the 50 golems, he summoned them one by one toward him to touch their heads and impart his combat experiences from other lives. To be sure none of them would explode this time, Shen made sure to also keep track of any abnormalities. The moment their energies overflowed, Shen would stop and even delete some of the memories so they won’t overheat the armour. What came next was Shen’s favorite.

Now let’s see how much knowledge they gained.

It was combat time and Shen made each golem to form a line and prepare to attack him one by one.
The first golem was equipped with an infantry armour, not too heavy but not too light either, using chainmail underneath and metal plates only at the more vital places, together with the limbs. The rest was covered with leather armour such as the feet, hands, sides, and the back of the knees, the front being mostly guarder while the lower back showing a clear weakness.


The wild sound of energy swirling emanated from inside the golem as it took a fighting stance with both fists forward. It was a quite simplistic offensive boxing stance, based on quick and simple frontal strikes but with swift mobility techniques for dodging and counter striking. It was a fighting style perfectly well used by a medium-weight fighter.

“What is he doing?”

Sylvia observed the golem lightly jump while slowly approaching Shen but without changing its weight from one leg to another, such giving Shen a harder time understanding when the hit will come.

“It’s constantly adjusting its weighting point. By lightly jumping, the golem is stabilizing the perfect balance for quick and strong strikes, together with making the energy flow better through its circuits. The moment he’ll reach the combat distance, he’ll stop and raise its guard.”
“Wait. Will the energy truly flow better if it jumps?”
“I’m not sure, but we humans do that to make our blood start flowing and regulate our breathing. I think that’s a habit he took from my memories.”

Just as Shen said, after reaching a combat-ready distance, the golem took its stance. Because the physical might of the golems was much superior to the boxers back on Earth, the normal combat distance can reach even 10m easily. Such, the golem didn’t really have to take too many steps forward to enter in combat mode.


With a strong step, the golem shot forward and appeared with 2 meters in front of Shen in less than 2 seconds. Although there was still distance between them, the golem punched forward a quick jab but the pressure was still strong enough to reach Shen like a real punch.


Shen blocked the pressure with its arm, sidestepped forward and reached out for a counter in an uppercut. To be sure he won’t break his golems, Shen used the same power as the golems.
Seeing the punch, the golem redirected it with its elbow and prepared to strike with its other fist.


Shen’s eyes flashed and with its other arm he quickly deviated the punch with a slap then with the initially deviated uppercut, Shen brings his fist upwards and with the back of his fists’ knuckles, he hardly slams down where the nose-bridge should’ve been on the face of the golem, easily denting the helmet. The golem takes a step back and counters with another sonic jab. However, this time Shen lowered himself while turning and the jab went pass him. Using the spinning power, Shen kicked upwards and with a strong pressure he sends the golem flying, a foot imprint appearing on its chest plate.


Repairing them won’t be a problem. The main issue is that the [Normal] ones are focused only on one respective fighting style. Although back on Earth one punch or kick rarely had the chance to immobilize a trained fighter, here on Sario one good fist and you’re out. Boxing might be the best option on Earth but if it’s not focused more on dodging and countering, and less on sustaining the hits, then you’re as good as dead. I should set it to focus on mobility… Maybe this one will show me something different.

A fully iron-plated armoured golem took a step forward, shining blue from the energy swirling inside. This one took a Karate stance and with a strong step, just like the first one, rushed forward with a heavy punch forward.

Wow… even less dodging…

Shen thought while feeling conflicted, easily sidestepping and doing a roundhouse kick toward the golem’s helmet. However, to his surprise, the golem also sidestepped, not fast but neither too slow, and hastily came at Shen’s knee with an elbow strike.

Woah! That’s dirty!

Shen felt like laughing and quickly continued the spinning, canceling his initial trike, going for another roundhouse kick toward the golem’s unguarded back, this time in a pushing manner with his heel. The golem expected that so it continued to side-step while moving forward and quickly held Shen’s leg by the tight with one arm, then prepared to break his tight-bone with his elbow.

“Woah there!”

Seeing what the golem wished to do, Shen hastily rushed forward and grappled the golem’s arm and its head in a dead-lock, making it lose balance and fall backward with Shen above. Having the upper hand, Shen quickly went behind the golem while keeping the same shoulder-lock on the golem and grabbed the golem by the middle with his legs, now with the option to rip its head and arm only with raw strength alone. Although that shoulder-lock had no effect on its circulation, the golem was still incapacitated, giving Shen the possibility to pluck both its arm and head.

“Although it might not die from losing its head and an arm, it would still prove a defeat if you lose a part of your body in battle when your enemy didn’t even break a sweat.”

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He released the golem and asked for the next one which was more of a leather armoured golem with a few pieces of metal here and there on the more vital points, shin, and forearms; but anything else was full leather.
The golem then takes a low stance and starts to move from left to right in some sort of low dance.


Shen looked surprised at the golem while it dashed and spun from one direction to another like a monkey, but also having a feeling as if a feline was closing in with quick moves.

Wait. What is this? I’ve never seen this style of Capoeira before.

While Shen contemplated on his own, Sylvia also looked confused at the golem’s weird dance and asked unsure,

“Have you given him the wrong memories?”
“The golems will take the most befitting style of combat for their type of armour and weight, and there is no mistake, this is also a fighting art. The large moves which seem to be filled with openings are only there to confuse the watcher and make them lower their guards, thinking that this is only a dance and nothing too serious.”


As the golem spun around Shen, after it reached the best distance, it quickly placed both hands on the ground, bent forward, and kicked from above, cracking the ground with a strong pressure where Shen was just a moment ago.


Sylvia looked surprised at how what seemed to be a spectacular dance, proved out to be a fighting style unheard of before, which almost made even her to fall into its game of confusion.
Shen then rushed forward and tried to trip the golem with a low-kick at its hands. The golem then took one step behind with quite ease, making Shen miss his kick, then the golem landed and hastily unleashed a chain of kicks toward Shen, making him retreat numerous steps until-


Shen sidestepped and punched toward the golem’s back. The golem saw the sidestep and rolled on its back halfway, bending its legs and kicking forward to strike at Shen who was behind him. Shen’s fist and the golem’s heels met and Shen was made to take two steps backward.

Maybe I did Capoeira in another life, but Hell if I remember how to do it now…

Shen looked troubled at the golem and saw how the golem crouched then jumped forward with claws made of energy, ready to slash at Shen.

This surely isn’t Capoeira!

Surprised by the sudden change in fighting style, Shen took a step and stood tall like a mountain, unleashing a straight Karate heavy fist. The golem being mid-air was unable to dodge and the fist landed right in its face, having the golem fly backward for around 5 meters.


Shen got closer and examined the armour. After a few moments, he finally understood why that happened.

So it’s because the armour has been made from the skin of an Earth Lion. Because of their thick skin, these felines are hunted and have their skin used for armours. Although is quite hard to fight such a heavy but agile enemy, the difficulty ranking is no higher than E, D if is an adult… This golem must’ve mixed the memories from the armour with the martial arts he learned from me. It seems that if they are not mastered, then the two styles will mix into an oddity that will only burden the golem in its fights.

“Alright. Let’s continue.”

The next golem used a combination of martial arts, trying to get closer and strike at the vital points. However, all Shen had to do was to do the exact same moves but from a distance, leaving the pressure to do the landing.


I observed this while fighting with the boxer and the karate golem… but are they actually minding the distance so much?

Shen then called out the next golem. Just like the first golem, this one minded the distance at 10 meters then shot out in full power, but then it seems like it suddenly forgot about the distance law from Sario and gets back to the one from Earth, trying to land every strike from an arm or leg length.

“Alright, stop.”

It looks as if they forget midway that they can fight from a distance of even 5 meters from me with their energy strikes alone. When I was inside the White Mountain Valley and first fought the golems I wasn’t actually that surprised by that, but now after continuously fighting great enemies, I understood that distance is already a small detail as long as you’re not 50 meters away. Hell, even then, one energy beam and one new hole can appear anywhere on your body.

Shen then stopped the duels and sat down while thinking.

The golems have accumulated enough energy to almost be bursting. If I wish for them to learn to fight while using the fighting styles they absorbed, I’ll have them to keep some space inside the armours for future information. Like this, for a short period, they’ll be able to actually learn how to use the fighting styles they absorbed into this world more efficiently… Alright, it seems I’ll need to absorb back all the information they accumulated and let them take back only the fighting techniques, the experience will be won in real-time combat.

Just as said, Shen got back to work into absorbing their memories then implementing only the minimum needed for them to learn how to fight.

Now they ain’t learning a thing…

While fighting one golem, Shen observed how the golem was doing the exact same moves every time they fought, making him simply take one step to make them either trip or slam on him only to fall back down.

If they’re not Legendary then they won’t be able to “learn” or what? Damn it…

While thinking about what he should do, he suddenly thought of the memory crystals. He took one out, he opened the iron plate from a golem and placed it right in the middle, making for the other 5 Energy Stones to connect with it.

Simply connecting won’t do crap. I have to make the Energy Stones enter in contact with that one element inside the Memory Crystal that has the ability to stoke knowledge. Afterward, I need the Energy Stones to use their will characteristics and insert all the understandings it gathers about combat into the crystal, then make it able to calculate the best result against the enemy in front…. Thank God it doesn’t look like the IT programs from Earth or else I would’ve never finished this thing…

After one full day and night of working with the Energy Stones and Memory Crystals, Shen finally found a way to give the golems the ability to “learn”. He then immediately sent them all inside the woods in the vicinity to fight the weak wild beasts and maybe like this, make them able to use those learned techniques at full capacity.

“Will they gain any experience by fighting those poor animals?”

Sylvia asked confused while getting closer to Shen. All this time she stood close by but without interfering, trying to understand just how Shen was creating the golems and what other wanders he was hiding.

“The animals here might be weak, but even they can damage the iron and leather armours of those golems. Maybe the [Heroic] and [Rare] type golems might be able to deal with it without really gaining much experience, but the other golems will at least gain the minimum amount necessary to understand that they can strike even from outside a kick’s radius.”
“… I wish.”

I will have quite the work with these ones…

Shen has been requested to make golems ready for combat until someone comes to take him away. Ryu has informed him that soon enough, Shen’s indirect assistance will be needed to the fullest.

[Why indirectly? Because you won’t be able to leave that place when you got brats to teach, right? Hahaha~! We will ask a lot from you in the upcoming month, brother. See ya~.]

Remembering Ryu’s video-message made Shen massage his temples. Because it was a video message from a normal memory crystal, Shen was unable to keep him for a conversation, and such all he could do was just think about it and jump from a conclusion to another with, more or less, baseless assumptions. His telepathy also couldn’t reach Ryu, knowing that he closed his mental barrier just so Shen won’t be able to ask more questions.

He asked me for combat golems and for a telepathic ring that could directly connect to Alexander’s, together with another one for Jian… Alexander is searching for more players right now, while Jian is trying to negotiate some kind of alliance with Victoria to gain its assistance so he could regain his throne. Hell, I can’t understand just what in the world he’s trying to accomplish by getting in contact with those two and asking for 50 combat golems. Moreover, he said the rank does not matter as long as they can fight enemies stronger than Great Fighters and Core Warriors.

Shen pondered for a while but then indifference washed over him as he thought:

If he told me nothing then it has nothing to do with me. I have a lot on my head anyway.

Pushing aside the useless questions, Shen glanced at Sylvia and couldn’t help but admire her godly aura. Although it was extremely strong and overpowering, it was at the same time extremely mild, healing to the soul, and warm with a welcoming feeling. In comparison with Shen’s menacing and threatening aura, Sylvia’s felt more like the warm rays of the sun after a long winter, giving an inexplicable feeling of hope and happiness.

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How would that even help in combat…?

Shen thought somewhat confused then Sylvia turned toward him after feeling his faze. Making eye contact, Sylvia smiled brightly but Shen still thought to himself, when a sudden idea struck him. With a mischievous smile, Shen asked,

“Hey Sylvia.”
“Have we ever sparred before?”

At Shen’s sudden question, Sylvia couldn’t help but look with a surprised expression right back at him. She thought for a while then shook her head calmly,

“No, we never really sparred. I mean, you did try to kill me once inside the separate space…”
Ugh… T-that one didn’t count. I mean, I wasn’t even conscious of myself back then.”

He evaded eye contact in awkwardness but then Sylvia continued curiously,

“But why are you asking? Do you wish to spar with me?”
“Well, yeah. I keep on hearing how powerful you are and I can also feel your ridiculous aura myself. Besides, I’m curious how you fight and if I’ll be able to learn some new skills from you.”
“So that’s your goal~.”

Sylvia smiled while staring at Shen through slits, and Shen couldn’t help but smile back wryly then continued,

“I understand if you don’t wish. We can forget it if you don’t want to.”

Sylvia then shook her head calmly and answered,

“No, Shen. It’s not that I don’t wish to.”
“Oh~? Then? You’re worried that you’ll injure me? Forgot I’m close to being an immortal?”
“No, Shen. Is not that- hmm~… Why don’t we start sparring then you might be able to see for yourself what the problem is.”


Shen clenched his fists and shot out towards a free part of the forest, taking his stance and showing his battle-ready aura. With a strong voice he exclaimed,

“To be sure we won’t destroy the terrain too much, anything that might threaten the space around will be forbidden, ridiculous martial arts are also on the no-no list. Understood?!”

Sylvia carefreely waved her hand from the other part of the forest with a light smile, making Shen feel like a vein pulsated on his forehead,

So you take this spar for a game…? Little girl, let me show you just how serious I am.

“Now, if you’re ready and up to go:… BEGIN!”

After shouting such, Shen shot out like a dark-red lighting, reappearing right in front of Sylvia.

“Got you!”

Although he called it a spar, he was still unable to bring himself into striking Sylvia, so he simply limited himself into grabbing.

“You miss~.”

Shen’s hand went right through Sylvia and her body slowly turned into mist, making him aware that what was in front of him was just an afterimage while the real thing was right above him.
With speed above Shen’s reactions, Sylvia appeared right behind him and reached out her palm.


Shen quickly turned into a dark mist and reappeared a few meters away from her, sweat falling down his forehead.

Putting aside the ridiculous speed, the fact that her aura is so calming, I was unable to feel any intent in the strike, feeling like she wasn’t even hitting and almost making me let her touch me.

Being quite experienced with the ridiculous power-houses of this world at this point, Shen was aware that even a light touch in a fight could break every bone inside one’s body if their guard is downed. With just one finger, or in Sylvia’s case, a light pat, could put Shen right in front of defeat the next moment, such making him extremely wary in combat at every moment.
Although she didn’t read his mind, Sylvia was still able to read his thoughts through his serious expression, feeling like laughing helplessly,

“Shen, I think you got something wrong just now. That was a normal pat.”
“You got the luxury to chat while fighting?”

Feeling unable to underestimate Sylvia any longer, Shen turned serious and a dark shadow appeared behind her, materializing into Shen’s silhouette and trying to kick her on the side. But just like before, Sylvia’s silhouette turned into mist while her original body was further in the back. However, this time Shen expected this and suddenly appeared from inside her shadow, grabbing onto her ankle.

 “Now I got you.”

He quickly tried to trap her into the shadows but Sylvia’s whole body suddenly lightened up, making Shen hurriedly retreat himself as he was still merged with the shadows. With some worry, Sylvia turned while asking unsure,

“I-I didn’t harm you just now, did I?”
“Come at me with the intent to kill! Now come!”

[Heavenly Pull]

Shen hastily emerged from the shadows further away and made a pulling motion. A transparent humongous arm grabbed Sylvia and pulled her towards Shen with incredible power. Shen then prepared a strong fist and prepared to strike, but just as she reached before him, Sylvia closed her eyes and her powerful aura disappeared completely the next moment, making Shen freeze baffled.

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