Chapter 140: Goddess Hamata’s Request


Sounds just like what happened with Gabriel… He gave it his all so the world of magic could continue to grow but ended up exiled and have assassins tail him until he went and killed the heads himself.  → Shen

I frowned while thinking at the strict structure this world has at the base, but then I thought calmly at how things appeared to be all around us.

“Even so, this world still advanced quite nicely, no?” → Shen

However, Hamata shook her head and explained calmly.

[No. They can be compared with the beginning or the ending of the mythological era in your world. Sario is behind Earth with a great number of stages of evolution, something that could bring its end if no changes are brought into this world.]

“T-that behind?!” → Shen

I couldn’t help myself to be baffled for a moment. For a world to be so stagnant that it would spell its own doom, I was unable to understand for just how long has things stood the same with nothing major really happening until now.  Hamata nodded helplessly at my loud exclamation, then continued her explanation with the same grave face.

[The advances are due to the ones who reached this world from another, the ones who were recognized as otherworlders by the residents of Sario, then as great sages by the rulers, who impart their knowledge from a far-away land. While the ones who weren’t recognized were labeled as followers of the devil, incarcerated, have all their knowledge stolen then killed by incineration, leaving not even bones behind.]

“So the ones recognized as Great Sages were the ones summoned by the empires while the rest were only heresy-bringers?” → Shen

This logic made me massage my temples as such a foolish move was also implemented by the churches in my world, calling the antique knowledge as heresy and against the will of God.

Not sure how much, but it is known that quite a good percent of antique artifacts and books have been destroyed by the churches in their times of power… → Shen

While I thought to myself with a vein pulsating on my forehead, Hamata continued with the same calm demeanor.

[Yes. However, the ones who reached this world intentionally were mostly great mages, wizards or witches or shamans, initiate individuals which were able to help some kingdoms on advancing without inciting the wrath of the churches or empires. Directly or indirectly.]

“Churches, huh? Aren’t you God? Can’t you convince them or something?” → Shen

[Mortals can’t hear what they don’t want to… However much we tried to tell them that they were on the wrong path through mental waves, it was as if a barrier of ignorance surrounded their minds, making us unable to light the fire of knowledge inside their souls. As for the ones who played the role of a medium for us to speak directly, were considered possessed by the devil the moment we told them how wrong they were.]

“…All of this sounds way too wrong. Something like this could’ve happened into my world as well. Is like an external power is interfering with these people’s evolution or something.” → Shen

I felt as if something wasn’t quite right, then I felt how all of this wasn’t that foreign to me either.

A-actually…  now that I think better, our world suffers from something similar as well. Maybe not this grave, but the imprint of a higher power over the amount of knowledge a normal human gains, is still present. Be it in antiquity, middle ages, modernity or contemporaneity, in all of them there must be someone or something which controls the amount of knowledge released to the masses. It became so normal for everyone that we’re actually not even aware of what happens in front of our very eyes… Hm?! → Shen

A sudden thought struck me and I wished to ask but Hamata read my mind and answered my question before I could even ask it.

[Yes, as you already thought of, there is in this world a being which can control the collective flow of information without making anyone aware of it, not even us, gods. They can control the number of the population by starting wars. They can control the evolution of Sario by calling any form of new knowledge as heresy while making the information they release as the correct one. They use our names as gods to do as they please, knowing that we, as external guardians of the entire Sario are unable to interfere directly with them, and such making them blind to our signs and deaf to our words. The few ones who are truly able to converse with us are under strict watch and barely able to leave the churches or temples. I’m truly gratified for Miss Sylvia to not lose herself in the darkness inside the grotesque laboratories made by stray minds and develop her great talent in magic to grow into such a great Soul Seer. Observing her strong will, I tried my best to help her in growing into a powerful and kind-hearted mage, making her body support my power, and her soul my spirit.]

With a thankful expression, Hamata looked at her, or rather, Sylvia’s hands and then at me who was still deep in thoughts. Processing every bit of information, I sighed then shook my head in distress. Afterward, with a frown and serious gaze on my face, I asked:

“So In the end, you still don’t know who is that master-mind, right? By hearing what you said, it must be some kind of immortal being. And also, you still didn’t answer why you summoned so many people. Wasn’t one person enough?” → Shen

[Indeed, we don’t know who they are. But we do know that they’re not immortals. We observed the souls depart from Sario then reincarnate one after the other but no one remained here for more than 3000 years with the exception of the ones that reached, how the mortals call it; the SS+ rank or God power-rank. Such living beings were always under our watch but they showed no signs of having such control over the collective path of evolution. That someone is always reborn into this world and, by our speculations, they must have the memories from their past lives untouched. The one or the ones who do such things are not from this world and appeared since the very beginning to take control of this world and use it for their own growth as they please. As for why we made a mass summoning… You’re aware that Earth’s path to evolution is like a spiral, right? They would reach a stage of evolution, be it at the material or spiritual level, then if that stage won’t bring to everyone enlightenment, they would decline and go from the beginning once again but taking other directions of evolution. Even though Earth reached pinnacles of evolution in different planes repeatedly, they never truly reached the greatest point, declining in the end and had to be reset from the very beginning in what humans called stone-age, having the old knowledge kept only under the form of legends or myths. Well, while your world is like a spiral, going up and down, repeating some mistakes while evading the others, Earth always moved forward, never truly reaching the same points again. However, our world is different; we decided to not use the resetting method because is too sad to watch how the little children of this world, mostly not even aware of their sins, helplessly await their ends as the heavens releases its fury upon them all over the globe. And so, we choose to make Sario’s evolution system like a continuing, undulating string: always going forward, remembering and learning from their mistakes while trying to go forward onto the path of evolution. However, we miscalculated the possibility of having no such oscillations. The line is straight, not going up or down, rarely even moving, as such putting Sario in conflict with the Universal Law that says The action must have a reaction, as everything must be in motion… We tried of besting the All-Father but ended up troubling other of his creations only so we could let ours survive…]

Sadness took over Hamata as she hung her head down in shame and sorrow. At her ridiculous words, I stared unfocused and processed the information. Then, to my surprise, information flowed from inside my subconscious as I understood what Hamata said just now.

“I see… So you made this mass-summoning so the oscillations could start once again, make the world evolve and have a chance to change, to go on a path of evolution once again, right? But this would be just like the ripples on the water in the bath after throwing a stone. At first, the water will even spill out the basin, but with time it will be still and calm once again as if nothing happened in the first place. You exchanged the resetting system which gives great chances to spikes in evolution for a prolonged life to the mortals, only because of your pity for the living, unable to see them suffer through changes. Now you’re asking for a change, feeling this stagnation as dangerous and unproductive to Sario. I can say once again that you lot made a huge mistake.” → Shen

I shook my head but then thought again as I felt like I missed something.

But even so… This can’t be all there is to it, right? Simply making ripples on the surface of the water won’t change anything… What are they trying to do when the line-like destiny of Sario will stagnate once again? → Shen

As if knowing what I thought, Hamata looked at me with clear eyes and the same saddened glint as she continued.

[You are right. That’s why we need to change the structure of this world to be just like the Earth’s.]

“What?!” → Shen

Hamata’s words made me stare at her completely baffled. I tried to think what she was meaning by that, but I simply couldn’t find any answer as I said confused.

“P-please explain…” → Shen

[Yes. Another reason for the mass-summoning was because of destiny’s structure inside every resident from Earth, which is in the form of the spiral, the same with the world itself.]

“…Ah.” → Shen

At first, I couldn’t understand, but then a light opened inside my head as I let out a small sound shock.
Only after I heard this I understood what she meant. They took such a risk as to even be locked for eons in the depths of Hell so they could help transform this world from its very core. The structure of the destiny of a world represents the laws the respective world is based on. Just like how Earth is in the form of a spiral, Sario has the form of an undulating string which isn’t undulating anymore because of external powers which took advantage of this mistake made by the gods. Even though a line will always advance, nobody said that it has to undulate all the time. While a spiral will always have to go around and around, be it in small or big circles, it will always advance forward while going in circles which would never meet due to the advancement of time. Now, the true question would be like such; which form would be more affected? A perfect regular line which goes forward, moving just on sides? Or a 3-dimensional spiral which turns again and again, slower or faster, but always moving in more directions while advancing forward with a regular speed? The answer would be that the always-straight line would be the one influenced by the spiral to make turns, at first small, then bigger and wider, starting to imitate the little spirals which now appeared in thousands inside the stagnant line.

The line will be influenced by the smaller spirals inside it to move with the same rhythm, just like how a phone will vibrate from the small little engine that will spin inside it. Even though we’re just a few thousands in this pool of millions of other straight lines, the structure of our destiny will influence the lines around us. Even if a few hundred are killed in the process, then even more spirals will appear, ending up for Sario’s line itself to change its form into a spiral! And like this, there won’t be a need for another Messiah-like dude from another world to appear and change the structure of the ones around them until the world is prepared for a different form… Going by this logic… summoning in thousands was the best choice… → Shen

“That’s nuts…” → Shen

My mouth escaped as I thought to myself with a stiff expression on my face, a complicated feeling of excitement and tiredness swelling in my stomach. I was more than aware that change means troubles. And if this change is worldwide, then I’m 100% sure that anything could happen: from some kinda invasion of any type, to some kind of natural event that could bring forth the destruction of Sario itself.

[Also, to answer why our summoning was in such a crude way… If we tried the orthodox form of first appearing in your dreams and asking for your approval and only then ask you through the game which was created by a traveler that reached home through a portal, the guardians of your world would have found us out and report our actions to the Sabaoth. Maybe it might have worked on five or ten people transported, but even you mortals would have found it weird to have a collective dream like that when thousands of people which played the same game suddenly dreamed of such a thing at the same time. The risk was too great to take and the Sabaoth would have never agreed to it… We apologize for bringing such hardships once again…]

“Apologizing only to me will help with nothing.” → Shen

I sighed in distress while scratching my head annoyed. Then I thought with a frown as I finally understood what Hamata talked about, then a sudden thought struck me as I tried to ask the obvious.

“Uhm, alright, the summoning aside but… such major changes in the core of Sario won’t bring forth any kind of backlashes, right?” → Shen

Hamata then made a pained expression and explained.

[Yes… until the spiral will be completely formed, this world will suffer great changes which will also bring forth great sufferings and a period of purification of all the souls on Sario, you players included. Numerous times Sario will be struck by devastating forms of changes which could put in danger all the races of Sario, be it humans, dark-humans, elves, dragoons, fairies, beast-men and so on other races which you still have to discover.]

“Eh? Wait, dark-humans? Who?” → Shen

And there are more races?! → Shen

I asked surprised as I stared at Hamata with wide eyes.

[Those whom you all call demons are in truth, humans which adapted to the miasma on Eihwaz and turned into dark spirits with a material body, just like the fairies or elves which decided to take another path of collective evolution. Real demons are those against whom you just fought to recover this separate space.]

“Alright, alright. Please don’t make me remember.” → Shen

I felt a headache only by remembering their disgusting and disturbing appearances which would make any sane man turn mad with a glance. Then I pointed to the side, outside the barrier of the Separate Space and asked with a neutral face.

“So all that dark shade I suppose is the dark energy absorbed by Sario from the living above. Right? The reason why is not being purified is, perhaps, because of these changes?” → Shen

Hamata looked with worry around and nodded slowly.

[Indeed. Sario is trying her hardest to purify this miasma, but the amount is just too ridiculous. Even the Emperor of the Underworld, Nidhoggur tries to help Sario to get rid of this dark energy by consuming it. but the amount is simply too great, although both of them are such incredible entities.]

“Wait, wait, wait. Who you said?” → Shen

That huge ugly lizard is actually helping someone? What?! Will it rain with candies tomorrow? → Shen

I looked dumbfounded at Hamata who seemed pretty amused by my reaction.

[He might seem like a proud and severe spirit, but it is one of the godly beings which tries to keep order in the Underworld. Now because of the surplus of negative energy, even his empire has turned upside down, making for more and more spirits to grow stronger and revolt, having them drunk in power and blinded by their own strength.]

“T-then why he wants so much to go to war against Hraesvelgr when he got his own problems?” → Shen

[Being of polar opposite essences, they instinctively hold a grudge against one another.]

Hamata  explained with a wry smile while the only thing I could say at this explanation was:

“Just what the f***…?” → Shen

So they basically have no clear reason to do so… Even in Heaven there are some idiots, i see… → Shen

Observing my ridiculous expression of disgust and ridicule, Hamata finally relaxed and giggled in amusement, then said once again as she felt Sylvia’s body trembling.

[I will answer only one more question. Afterward, I’ll need to ask you something back with the remaining time I still have.]

Hearing that I could ask one more thing, one question instantly appeared in my head as my dissatisfaction resurfaced once again.

“Understood. Then, I want to know why I can’t use [One with the Universe] and what will happen if I’ll still do so?” → Shen

Hamata then sighed with a heavy heart and tried to answer as sincerely as possible. Even though there were two questions, both had almost the same meaning: The main reason why I can’t use my main spell any longer?

[The state of being which you think is a spell and call as One With The Universe, was once discovered by a race of winged humans which the ones from your world are mistaking with your angels. Even though they both have the same appearances at times, they’re not of the same race. While one is part of the material world, the other one is part of the spiritual world and a close aide of the All-Father, having their main meetings inside the Sabaoth; the assembly of all angels and messengers of the Great God, Adonai.]

“Yes. I’m already aware of this.” → Shen

I nodded and asked her to continue while I scratched my nose confused.

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Those books truly contained everything… Just whose were those? → Shen

As I tried my best to remember to no avail, Hamata continued.

[The winged people named this state of being as Open Consciousness, opening themselves to everything around after being sure to protect themselves from the negative energies which circulate through the air just like the neutral or positive energies. The winged people were great followers of us gods and always listened to our commands, but always refused to get in contact with other races. Unlike other races, the winged ones were always protected by us from the Luciferin thoughts of destruction and chaos that filled the mind of man since forever, trying to tempt into the killing and betraying, greed and lust, into making them listen to their own carnal desires. Because of such, we gods acknowledged them as sole owners of the state of Open Consciousness, sealing this state to any other race that might show talent in acquiring it. Your discovery over the banned essences of nothingness and corrosion are exactly such examples of why this state is too dangerous for beings with strong egos and weak rationality like the ones from the races, especially to humans. The reason why you were able to use this state even though us gods sealed it from every mortal, was mainly because you’re from another world. As for your punishment, in case you were to ever use it again…]

Hamata seemed hardly pressed on talking about the punishment, feeling as if she wished to have nothing to do with this.

[… The punishment would be completely sealing all your powers and knowledge, turning you into a normal human from your world…]


Hearing what the punishment was made me feel extremely wronged as I ignited once again, my red eyes flashing from anger.

“What the Hell?! Why do I need to be punished like that when I played Leviathan’s game and won?! Wouldn’t you rather talk with her about all of this and make her seal my memory about this state of being than literally turn me into a vegetable?! Just what’s wrong with you lot?!” → Shen

I couldn’t help but lash out at Hamata. Even though I was fully aware that this decision wasn’t taken by her but by the other gods who ruled over Sario, I was unable to hold my anger any longer.

With sorrow and guilt, she slightly bowed her head as she continued.

[I’m extremely sorry and I have no excuses to give. Leviathan said that you won your right and your memories about that state. And so, you must not be touched without her accord. She said that in case of imminent danger, she will take action just like she did the last time, other than that, we mustn’t be worried.]

“Then why-!“ → Shen

[It’s because the Gods fear you, Shen!]

Shaken by my fury, Hamata hurriedly said something which left me aghast, freezing in place at the ridiculous idea.

F-fear…? What? I can barely hold my own sanity stable lately! What is there to fear at a madman? Is it because he’s mad? So they fear my madness rather than myself? Huh?! → Shen

I was completely baffled by what she told me as my thoughts were in disarray. Then a sudden thought struck me as the image of a feeble old man appeared in my mind.

“T-then what about Shu…? I got such knowledge from him. Why nobody feared him…?” → Shen

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[Shu? There are many mortals named Shu on Sario, but none of them had access to Open Consciousness before.]

Hamata tilted her head in confusion at my question, this only makes me more confused.

“Just what…” → Shen

My mind blanked once again. For a God to not be aware of a soul inside their own world…. Just what was happening? Who was Shu? And for what reason did the gods feared me?! I still had so many other questions on my mind but she rushed me while worry and agitation filled her face.

[Mister Shen! Please, I answered your questions, now please listen to my one request before the time of possession ends! A mortal’s body can resist only this much before they start to break!]

She held my face in her palms while trying to get my attention from my irritation and confusion. I simply nodded somewhat absentmindedly, trying my best not to be charmed by her beauty and enchanting aura, feeling my barriers’ shaking.

[Mister Shen, even though I have no right to ask this of you after all the sufferings and pain we’ve caused to you without even giving a proper explanation from the very beginning; I, as Goddess Hamata, the one who loves all and everything on Sario and Sario herself, I beg you with my all, please, don’t let the ones you call players, die. For their destiny structure is still needed. Don’t let the world die from the invasion of the Underworld-demons which you already fought against and know the terror they can bring; and for the love of all, please don’t lose yourself like you almost did while fighting against these demons and against your inner devil! You have the biggest and most powerful spiral from all the other living beings, making even us gods sigh in disbelief at its might and power. Even back on Earth, your spiral was the greatest! The kingdom you and your friend created it’s also a pool of spiraling essences that will greatly help this world simply by existing! You must keep that kingdom safe and help it grow, Shen. Please help this world in its moments of peril and help it while it changes its structure and I promise you I will be forever indebted to you! Mister Shen, I beg you!]

She bowed her head once again while with trembling hands she held onto my shirt desperately. Her tears continuing to fall and vitalize the soil everywhere around while her sobbing, even though hushed, resounded in my ears loud and clear. Having a Goddess cry on my chest made me momentarily unable to think as the smell of peaches invaded my nose and made me even dizzier. However, I didn’t let myself accept just like that. With a firm expression on I dispelled the unintentional charm placed on me by Hamata’s aura and tried to think rationally.

Putting aside the importance of the one asking me such a favor, she basically wants me to continuously save this damn world which brought me nothing but misfortune, while I’ll have my greatest spells sealed because the same gods which ask for my help are fearing me. And not only, but she also wishes for me to help the players which more than 60% might just be retarded drunks on their own powers while the rest are either dead, used by others, or the plaything of a twisted noble or mad scientist inside the experimenting laboratories. Ah, yeah, she also told me not to lose myself in this already f***** up world where even the gods are helpless and ask for salvation from a half-madman which can barely hold his own life stable and his mind in check. So a resume of everything: “Help and save the entire damn world for God-knows how many decades while at the same time risk of being punished by the gods who ALSO asked for your help”… F****** excellent! Isn’t it?! → Shen

After reaching this point I felt ridiculous. Who in their right minds would accept such a disadvantageous request? My karma must be shining blindly after all I experienced until now so I can’t even say that I will acquire a pure soul after everything is finished from doing so much good~. The gods, rather than support me, will watch my every mistake as I’ll risk on turning into a vegetable when even the Leviathan accepted who I am. Never thought that a neutral Guardian Of Knowledge would be on my side when even gods, which are supposed to love all and everything equally, would show such enmity towards me.

No. I refuse. Why would I risk so much when I gain nothing? This world can burn for all I care. Now that I know about the existence of those portals, I also know how to get back on Earth. I won’t have to fight those ugly-ass phantoms anymore, nor will I need to repair whatever seal because of some incompetents. I just need to search for portals that might appear the same way on Sario as it did on Earth and find a way to make it send me back on my world! The creator of the game was able to do it, I should be able to do so as well. I won’t lose the bit of time I still have on useless crap like “saving the world” when this “world” is against me. Heh, not long ago I thought of ways to save it, but now I really have no reason to do so If I can just find some kind of portal to send me back on Earth. This time they’re free to search for another “savior”. I, for one, am tired of their b*******. And this Goddess is also crazy for asking me to do such a stupid thing when she already knows everything about me. I will decline her “offer” right here. → Shen


I then grabbed Hamata by the shoulders and pushed her away. Before I could decline her offer, she suddenly looked upwards and made eye-contact with me. Her big golden eyes were red from crying while her face was now as pale as a thin paper, terrified that I might refuse her request while still trembling from the same reason.

I tried to keep my composure until the end, but as I opened my mouth, I found myself unable to say the words I refuse out loud.


What did I want to say? → Shen

I was unable to remember what I tried to answer as if my mind suddenly blanked after I made eye contact with the beauty. Her pitiful appearance made all my rage and indignation to fly away as some useless feelings of sympathy actually took over my consciousness. Although I had a barrier up, my own feelings suddenly changing were not caused by an outside attack. It was just my own judgment and heart that thought Oh well~, maybe it won’t be that bad~?.


Seeing how I still have no answer but starred dazed at her, Hamata covered her mouth and asked sheepishly for the answer, her big eyes still tremblingly looking at me. Although afraid to hear it, she still asked because of the limited time. Even though she didn’t make it intentionally, her charm and beauty made my train of thoughts crash and burn away together with whatever indignation and hate I felt before.

God damn it! What a terrifying goddess! → Shen

I was left aghast by the mixed feelings inside me which I thought were already numbed. I then sighed out in tiredness and thought once again. After a quick judgment, my mind calmed down and with a cool head, while staring downwards as I tried not to make any eye contact, I asked in a cold tone.

“You’re asking a lot from a human… Now, what do I win from this?”


Somewhat shocked, Hamata stared at me, confused as for how I suddenly turned so cold again.
Knowing what she was thinking, a mocking smile appeared on my face, my heart also freezing back to how it was before.

“What. You thought I’ll just accept? I’ve gone through too much to be swayed by sympathy and beauty. If I were to accept, I first need to know what I’m risking my future for. You might charm other gods into doing what you wish, but you can’t sway an empty heart.”

I smiled amused at her naivety, but Hamata’s voice trembled as she tried to explain herself.

[W-wait! Shen! I have not tried to charm anyone! You have to believe me!]

“Oh, but I do believe yours words. I already know that gods can’t lie. However, I do not trust your actions. Rather, I simply don’t trust you. The more evolved a being is, the shrewder they can become. Me myself can be a good example as I don’t really lie myself.”

Twisting words was something I was the best at once I set my mind on it. I simply never truly used this skill of deceiving because it always left a bad taste in my mouth. But, however, that didn’t mean I was unable to do so, and these gods can be the same whenever they want.
Seeing a bluish color of doubt creep through my aura, Hamata’s face paled as she thought that I might never accept to save her world. She then bowed her head and said.

[Sire Shen, I already told you that I’ll be forever indebted to you. What else can I do-]

“Don’t ask me. You’re the God here, not me. And… indebted? What if something happens and I really die along the way? When it comes to such demons, I could really die and never come back in this world. Have you not thought of this?”

I instantly interrupted her as I continued asking, my smile widening while my eyes now staring coldly at her, the pitiful appearance only amusing me.

At such times I can thank to the devil for these ruthless feelings. Only by being cold can I evade being used through pity and sympathy, the weakness of the heart.

I saw her calm expression now slowly losing her composure, then with a firm gaze she told me.

[Sir Shen. No matter what you’re thinking about me, I truly, have never planned to charm you. And as for what you’ll get from this… I may not be able to fulfill wishes on a material level, but I will do whatever you want once a spirit.]

“So you can fulfil my desires only after I die and turn into a spirit.”


I shook my head as if I heard the most ridiculous offer in my life, then still asked just for the sake of asking.

“And just what wish can you fulfil?”

[I can turn you into a God.]


I froze in place as my smile disappeared from my face. I glared at her as my thoughts revolted. A nervous smile slowly formed as I said.

“You won’t be able to do that. A fallen God won’t be able to change my structure into a God-”

[I’m not fallen yet. I will turn you into a God.]

“No entity can turn me into God as long as I haven’t finished the test-”

[I can and I will do it. For you.]

“You are aware that I can pass that test only by not killing anyone in this life. What if I pass it? I won’t need your powers”

[This is one test from many other. The road to Godhood is long. And for you, who choose to be a God of War, the road is especially long and hard with many obstacles. However, if you accept my words, I can turn you into a God right after this life.]

“…You’re worse than a devil. How can a God tempt me like this? Won’t there be backlashes?”

[ As long as you’ll agree, I don’t mind such a title. And please don’t worry, you won’t suffer any. Is still my job to take care of the souls.]

But you will suffer the backlashes, right?

I thought to myself as I felt this conversation just too much for me.


Turning into God means to reach a high enough level of consciousness and awareness as a spirit. How high enough, I’m still trying to discover, but achieving this consciousness from another spirit? I was unable to comprehend that possibility. Maybe from the All-Father, but not from a little God from a remote planet like Sario. Just what was she thinking?
However, what she said next made me shook as if a current just gone through me.

[I promise you, Shen- no. Omisus. I promise you that I will turn you into a whole God and you’ll have nothing to pay for this. I’ll do all I can to fulfill my words, no matter what.]

I was unable to smile anymore. When a God makes a promise, they will instantly form a bond with the respective person and  be able to  break it only once the promise has been fulfilled. If the promise is broken, then the respective God will turn into a spiritual slave for who knows how many lives, until the sin of breaking promises has been paid to the other person.

She already promised… When I didn’t even agreed to help her. Just what is she thinking?

This turned from serious to straight out dangerous as I didn’t even know what it means to be turned into a God by another God. Just how does that works? What is the price? As the perpetrator, from the two of us, Hamata will suffer the heaviest blow if there will be any back-lashes, so why risk this much? The Sabaoth won’t let her go so easily because of the mistake she already done. Turning me into God and disregarding the test… such a sin would turn her into a Devil no matter what’ll happen next.

“Why are you risking so much for this world?”

I asked dazed as I tried to understand just for what was she fighting so much for, ready to sacrifice literally everything.
With a warm and pitiful smile, Hamata looked my way helplessly as she calmly said, small tears falling down her cheeks.

[Is because I love this world, Omisus…]

“You… love…?”

I stared confused as my mind blanked shortly.

Love… Love, love, love once again turns a mighty being into a fool! How can she let her emotions take away her judgment?! Just what in the world is this toxin called Love?! First Sylvia, now Hamata?! How come such godly entities are being swayed away by mere emotions?

I felt revolted. Hate and despise washed over me as a slight feeling of fear creeped through me while thinking of this love. I felt hate mainly because I was unable to understand it, and fear to ever understand it.
Just then, Hamata then asked once again, her head lowered while holding onto her dress with trembling hands.

[Now, Sir Shen… May I please listen to your answer…?]


It seems she lowered her head so I won’t feel charmed again by looking at her eyes, while she kept her distance and retracted her aura only so I won’t feel pressured again.
Maybe at first she wasn’t aware, but after I reprimanded her, she became more mindful of her own powers.
Now seeing her humble self while remembering the discussion from before, I could not help but shake my head and sigh lightly. Although my mind was still filled with questions and my heart still had mixed feelings, I knew better than to listen to the devil’s feelings and to my clouded mind.
Right then, I got closer and with a tall posture I said while standing tall.

“Goddess Hamata. I won’t accept your request…” → Shen


Hamata fell on her knees and looked down on the ground with a hopeless expression as tears fell down her face. She covered her eyes and shook her head in despair as she mumbled.

[I know… I know I asked something ridiculous. I don’t blame you, Mister Shen… I blame myself for being so helpless… I’m sorry, Mister Shen. I’m sorry….]

“Please let me finish my sentence, Goddess Hamata.” → Shen

Seeing her already despairing on the knees atop the green grass made me feel quite complicated as I kneeled down and patted her head while trying to comfort her, not sure why I felt like doing so myself.

“I did say that I won’t accept your request… yet.” → Shen


Suddenly her despairing eyes now also had a shine of hope as she stared at me intently, wishing for me to continue. Feeling her gaze, I finally understood how I made her feel a few moments ago when I stared at her completely dazed. I scratched my head in embarrassment and said while trying to evade eye-contact.

“I initially wished to search for a way to go home. Well, while doing so, If, but only IF! I happen to get attached to something or someone from this world, I will have no other option but to accept your request and try to save it. I already made a bet with Miss Sylvia. In case I lose the bet and fall in love with her then, I’ll also have to accept your request. How is that?” → Shen

I crossed my arms as I sat down cross-legged in front of her while returning the same question Sylvia asked me a while back before getting possessed. A rare calm smile on my face as I waited for Hamata’s answer, calmly looking at her.

Although she already made a great promise, that was her own choice and I never asked for it. Letting myself be limited by an imposed promise would make me a fool.

After hearing what I said, Hamata’s eyes lit up with hope then tears started to flow once again, this time of relief and happiness.

[T-thank you…]

“Don’t thank me yet. We still don’t know what the future will hold.” → Shen

[Yes, yes. For sure.]

She nodded in agreement mostly to make me feel better, but I was able to see that she knew the truth already. The fact that I’ll lose the bet was written in my destiny kind of annoyed me but I tried to not mind it.

She smiled lightly and then she felt inside her own heart, or rather, Sylvia’s heart. After having a light conversation with her, she charmingly smiled and, on her four, she got closer to me as she asked right in front of me with a light blush on her face.

[As a very last request, Shen. Can you please help me give Miss Sylvia a reward for holding my spirit for so long?]

“Hm? What is it?” → Shen

Although her posture confused me, I suspected nothing. Even so, a light headache made me foretell troubles.

[Nothing much~. Do you accept?]

“… As long as I won’t feel pain, won’t get tortured, won’t risk death or have my memories sealed once again… Sure, why not?” → Shen

My carefree answer was exactly what Hamata awaited as she suddenly pushed me down and got on top of me.

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