Chapter 141: A Close Call

“W-wait a moment-“ → Shen

I felt no ill will nor any blood-lust from her, but I was still unsure what she wished to do as I tried to push her away, only to feel like no matter how much force I used, her body won’t even budge.

[Nothing bad will happen to you. Besides, you already accepted.]

With a charming voice, she got a hold of both my hands as she joined fingers with mine, pinning me on the ground. She then closed in and unable to even make a sound, our lips united and I felt how my mental barrier started to crack. My tongue was felt all over by hers, controlled, toyed with, moving as she wished while I wasn’t even able to flinch. I don’t remember ever kissing anyone, so as a first kiss to be so extreme made my mind crash for, possibly the third time, in just one day, and being with a Goddess no-less. I was unable to think rationally for a moment as the erotic sounds and her moans she made echoed in my mind every time our lips parted for some air, making for my blood to rush towards the head, having my face turn bright red.

Kissing a Goddess was no simple matter because, through kissing, one exchanged not just fluids, but energies and feelings as well. And a God’s energies and feelings are so strong, it made my rushing heart beat like mad as a tidal wave of energy flowed inside my heart which initially felt like an empty bucket with no end.

[Thank you once again, Mister Shen. May we meet again in the future.]

I heard her voice inside my head as I felt the energy which before overflowed inside my heart, now reduce in quantity, but still remained at a great enough amount to still have the emptiness filled inside my heart.

Her hair then decolored and turned white again while her pressuring and enchanting aura slowly drifted away through a pillar of light. Even so, the charming feeling still remained as the golden-white aura enveloped me slowly. The color of her rosy-red lips changed to pink while her golden eyes turned silvery once again. Hamata completely left Sylvia’s body while she was kissing me but for some reasons, she didn’t seem to stop any time soon.


Sylvia then touched around my neck as I felt how things will turn out to be more dangerous than we initially decided so I tried to get her away from me from the time being.

“W-wait! Oy! Are you asleep?!” → Shen

As I tried to push her away I observed how Sylvia was actually still in a trance, perhaps because of Hamata’s possession which was extended past the decided period of time. Until her consciousness would re-enter her body, Sylvia would move entirely based on her feelings, instincts, and impulses.

And that damn Hamata actually made her impulses turn into feelings for me which now react in such a violent form! → Shen


With an enchanting smile and sleepy eyes, Sylvia made a sweet sound right beside my ear and bit at it while trying to rip the only shirt I still had.

“Argh! E-enough, oy! Agh!” → Shen

I felt weak all of a sudden after feeling my ear suddenly bitten, making me feel shocked and even some fear.

W-what is this?! What cursed weakness is this?! I had my ears cut by the pirates and even tore off after fighting with Rosabhi, but never have I felt this sluggish before! And she’s not even biting hard! → Shen

I couldn’t help but feel confused as for what was happening with me. My mental barrier was now almost shattered because of Hamata’s intervention and if I didn’t stop her now, I might really lose my mind.

Even my dark aura is canceled by hers. My physical strength is much superior to hers but for some reasons, I seem to be unable to put any strength in my arms to push her away, while all my mental power is still barely holding. I need to retreat or else- → Shen

I then suddenly saw her taking off her own white shirt then fall back down on top of me, pressing her beautiful white and perky breasts on top of me.


My mental barrier suddenly shattered like grass after feeling her beautiful exposed top on me. I was unable to hold myself any longer so I reached out and grabbed onto her buttocks and squeezed firmly.


A surprised moan escaped her mouth which was right beside my ear, and this only made my drumming heart to accelerate while for my primal instincts to take over. I held her chin and suddenly kissed her deeply while I continued to fondle her butt with one arm, while with the other I caressed her cheek and white neck. She turned red from the stimulus while sweat started to flow down her nape, smelling even stronger of peaches and making my mind even more intoxicated.

Dangerous… → Shen

Sudden thoughts and desires to eat her echoed inside my mind, stronger and stronger, while my eyes turned red and my canines sharper as I swallowed my overflowing saliva. For some weird reasons, I found her nape exceedingly seductive and attractive as I kissed and easily bit on it, leaving behind small bruises. Sylvia then held my face and kissed me again. Unaware of my large fangs, I mistakenly bit her lip and a small string of blood started to flow.


She licked the blood around her lip and tried to hide the cut from me, but for some reasons, I felt like tasting out her blood. I grabbed her arms that wanted to cover the wound and kissed her injured lip while sucking out the blood, having her close her eyes to be indulged in the enchanting feeling. I felt a sweet taste in my mouth as I abrasively continued to feast myself on her.

The iron taste of blood seems just so sweet for me… I must stop but… she doesn’t seem to hate it, so I won’t. → Shen

I observed how with a euphoric expression Sylvia let me do as I wished while I touched her body, kissed her lips and sucked her blood, my desires only growing. Feeling her scent stronger and stronger I pushed her down and tasted at her breast while my hand slowly drifted lower and lower down her fit but soft stomach, until I reached an even softer, and also moist place. I felt like laughing when I felt my fingers wet even before doing anything, my red eyes flashing with the gaze of a predator. Just as my bestial instincts, backed by her enchanting aura strengthened by Hamata, almost made me rip her clothes apart to feast on her entirely, a familiar voice resounded in my head which shook my consciousness awake.

Eh? Oh~! Hello there! You finally left your mind unguarded, haha~ how’s inside the Portal of Hell? → Ryu
Grrr… Ryu? → Shen
…Man? Why are you growling at me? → Ryu

His voice shocked as he asked confused.

My consciousness slowly came back to me, and before I could answer any of his questions I finally realized what I was doing. I looked down and saw Sylvia with a deep blush on her face down to her neck while breathing heavily and staring at me with a dazed but enchanting gaze. Still being in a trance, she reacted on impulses as she slowly pushed my hand from between her legs to continue.
Feeling something wet on my hand and finally realizing where my hand was, making me shout in my own head like crazy.

Holy S***! What I’ve done?! → Shen
Wah-?! f***! What?! What have you done?! → Ryu

I jumped away from her in shock with a torn shirt still hanging on my body as I took a cloak from my inventory and threw it on atop her revealing top, forgetting that I was still in a conversation with Ryu. I then felt extremely grateful to Ryu and apologetic at the same time.

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I-I can’t say what happened, but I can say that you saved me a good one. Thanks… → Shen
Eh? Ahahaha~! No problem! I don’t know what happened but glad I helped! So? Have you met with Sylvia yet? → Ryu
Uhm, y-yeah… We had quite the first meeting… → Shen

I was unable to keep my calm after remembering what I did to her and what I almost ended up on doing after. Still unaware of what happened, Ryu then continued with a playful tone.

So~? What do you think of her? Up to your tastes? → Ryu

Knowing that she was supposed to be my wife, I found Ryu’s question out of place. Even so, I still answered with a rather approving tone.

Up to my tastes…? Well, she is really sweet and I like that….? → Shen
Eh? Sweet? → Ryu

I-I mean as a person…? you know? There is that saying when a person is “sweet”. Do you get me? → Ryu
Oh~ I see what you did there~. → Shen

I tried to save myself after my mind wandered for a moment, and it seems that Ryu, with his naughty mind, kind of found out the truth, but was still unaware of it.

Good! And? Felt like ravaging her? I know the last time, you told me you had quite a hard time controlling your desires around her. Hehehe~ you can be quite the beast once activated. → Ryu


I almost coughed at his comment and I massaged my throbbing temples, my face bright red.

Please… just stop talking… → Shen

I felt like for some reasons he actually knew everything so I tried to end the conversation soon. I observed Sylvia slowly regaining consciousness as she caressed her messy long hair while taking a more decent position atop the green grass, a shine of embarrassment and shame appearing in her eyes as she hastily put on her dress from under the cloak. I instinctively swallowed my saliva after remembering one more time about what happened then just turned around from her.

Ryu, we will meet later, for now, I still need to do something else. Talk to you later. → Shen
Eh? Ah, fine then. So you’re returning today, yes? The heroes are in a rush to return and you promised to go with them. → Shen
Sure, we’ll make some preparations and depart tomorrow. → Ryu
Great. → Shen

After ending the conversation with Ryu, I walked in front of the recovering Sylvia who closed her eyes and tried to calm her revolting energies. I sat down on the grass and waited for her to finish her meditation. Although is not polite to look at someone while they’re meditating, I was unable to hold back some glances as I tried to take a better look at her.

Well, what can I say? Even the All-Father loves what’s beautiful. → Shen

As I thought to myself in a calm manner, Sylvia started to wake up as her aura retracted inside her body. With a deep breath, she opened her eyes after completely recovering and bowed down in front of me while saying in a firm voice:

“I apologize for showing you such an indecent side of me. I have no excuses.” → Sylvia

I was momentarily surprised by her humble self and I immediately mimicked her and bowed the same way back.

“No, no. I’m fully aware that what happened was completely the fault of Hamata, so there is no need to feel apologetic. Besides, I also lost myself and at one point I even pushed you down and… err… did… other… stuff.“ → Shen
“Yes, I remember.” → Sylvia
“Yeah…” → Shen

An awkward silence befell as I restlessly fidgeted while staring downwards. After a few seconds, I thought of looking at her and was surprised to still see her blush remain while she tried to keep a calm and composed air around herself. Even though she tried to hide it, I was able to hear her heartbeat still drumming inside her chest. Seeing how I wasn’t the only one still perturbed I sighed out then thought for myself.

Well, whatever… Even though my first kiss was already taken by a Goddess, at least I haven’t reached the end. → Shen

“Your first was with me though?” → Sylvia

Sylvia then said while staring at me with big eyes after reading my mind.

“Eh?” → Shen

Because my mind was now unguarded, Sylvia, especially as a Seer, was now able to read my mind with no difficulty.

“Your first kiss, right? You told me before that I was your first. Please don’t worry, you were my first as well.” → Sylvia


I stared dumbfounded at her then shook my head and got up.

“A-anyway that, let’s return. Apparently, Ryu is waiting for us.” → Shen

If we only kissed then I can say that my virginity is still there? I heard there are some weird spells which need the purity of a virgin to be activated- → Shen

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“But you’re no longer a virgin as well.” → Sylvia
What?→ Shen

This time I froze in place as I stared at her completely baffled. Trying to guess what I was thinking, Sylvia hastily followed while deeply blushing.

“Ah! P-please don’t worry! I was also a virgin at that time!” → Sylvia
“That’s not the problem here…” → Shen

I fell on my knees while feeling depression wash over me.

Let alone the spells… I don’t even know how my first was because I forgot everything… F****** Rosabhi! → Shen

My rage ignited and I focused on the chains around all over my body.


The voice of my Second Will resounded in my mind after summoning it for a conversation.

Is Rosabhi still burning? → Shen
No. The flames had been extinguished when you ingested Hamata’s Tear.
Can you reignite them? → Shen
Do it. → Shen
Of course.

We both felt anger for the same reason. Feeling the chains warmer, I knew that inside them, golden flames which purified the evil now burned strongly while Rosabhi was sealed inside there, torturing him until the flames would happen to extinguish once again.

Haah~ I feel much better now. → Shen

Knowing that the one which made me forget about such a great moment in life, is now burning in flames and in great pains and sufferings, made all the rage and irritation to disappear like smoke.


Still having no mental barrier around my mind, Sylvia was able to read my thoughts and heard my conversation with the Second Will, feeling some pity for the devil which was now burning in flames inside the seal.

Sylvia and I returned back inside the Antara Kingdom, reporting back the conquest of the separate space and full control over it. Ryu seemed to wish to talk with Sylvia about some other problems while I was preparing for my departure by taking some energy stones, changing clothes, repairing the cloak, and leaving behind any other treasure I was carrying on me, be it weapon, armor or accessory. I looked again at the Demonic Ring I got from Alfheim then asked once again for those who were with me at that time. After finally finding out that the young red dragoon also participated in saving Alfheim but got nothing in return, I searched for him and passed it to him without thinking too much of the properties:

[The Ring of the Demon God Lucian.]

(After a devastating confrontation against the God of Justice that caused the end of the fourth continent, the mighty Blacksmith dwarf Aaron was able to acquire the Demon God’s strings of hair that seemed to be harder than any metal found on Sario. With the help of the Great Dragon of Order Ignatius, Aaron was able to melt and purify the metallic hairs and mold them into a ring.)


— STR+500

— Skill: Berserk Mode (Gain double the stats for a short period of time. Cooldown 1 hour.)


— The sensibility over the demonic world will grow. There will be chances of entering in contact with a demon when the skill Berserk Mode is used.]

Heh, seems like a cute item to wear. → Shen

I looked amused at the red demon-head which was sharply looking at anyone who stared at it. A red luster shone atop of it as the burning aura made anyone feel a raw power emanate from it. After passing it to Ashura and telling him its properties, he seemed quite dumbfounded by the sudden gift and even more so to see my appearance from up-close.

“What?” → Shen

I asked confused while feeling his stare on me when I was explaining the ring’s properties.

“No, uhm… Sir Shen, has something happened to you lately?” → Ashura

Ashura looked intently at all the deadly scars all over my body which, even though had no longer any kind of dark miasma inside them, their deadly forms didn’t change in the slightest. The scars were basically healed wounds, so Prana had no reason to heal them again. When the toxic aura was still inside, the Prana had to evade the toxin chi and heal around it while keeping the aura inside, the reason why scars formed were the monsters struck me. Now that all the toxic energy has been purified, the next time I’ll be wounded in the same place my scars will disappear while the wound will heal accordingly.

Hearing his question I finally understood what he meant and simply waved my hand in disinterest.

“Just had to do a little something. You’ll find more details from Ryu.” → Shen

With a half-hearted answer, I then left for a great building, built like in antique Greece with tall pillars made from stone that supported a great stone roof on which was sculpted the words Library.

Damn fancy… → Shen

I felt quite conflicted to see how a cultural mixture was also infiltrating inside our kingdom.

Knowing how some cultural forms actually contradict with one another, having such a mixture will only bring forth a disastrous revolution of arts where everyone will do as they wish and turn this Kingdom into a cacophony of figures and designs. We’ll have to decide on only one style so no weird cultural hybrids will be born in our kingdom. → Shen

Walking inside the library, dozens of residents of almost all ages either sat down at the stone tables while copying books on the skin from the other monsters, read them and study for school, or search for a book they needed through the filled shelves all around the walls. Even though it was quite an open space, the books had no danger of disintegrating because of the numerous spells of preservation.

“Lord Shen! C-can I help with something? Searching for a book, I suppose?” → Maru

The person who was taking care of the library today was Maru, the pig-men leader, and for some reasons, he seemed quite nervous while conversing with me. Even though that for the entire day I had to be gazed upon with big eyes filled with nervousness, fear, or admiration, I was still not used with how the others would talk to me as if talking to a tyrant.

Sigh~  no, I’m here only to meet someone. Until he comes, I’m rather curious as for how come there are more books here than before. Has someone started writing their own spells and martial arts?” → Shen
“Yes! After going through the books written by Lord Shen and Saint Gabriel, we found some rather basic skills still not written here. For example, the spell to turn invisible, or to be engulfed by the shadows, or to change appearances, and so on other minor skills or spells. We also tried to copy books just in case something were to happen and the more important ones got damaged.” → Maru
“I see. Good idea. But, are you guys going to copy them by hand?” → Shen
“Yes?” → Maru

Maru asked a little bit confused, unable to understand how they could copy the books otherwise.

“Hm? But I’m pretty sure I wrote a book which talked about the type of energy which can be used to memorize and give form to another object. The Memory-type energy.” → Shen

“Ah! Y-yes! We indeed found something like this in Lord Shen’s books, but we’re still unable to find this kind of energy. May Lord Shen please show us an example?” → Maru
“But which is the part that you didn’t understand? You just have to think about it like when you’re thinking about mana, inject it inside the object you wish to duplicate, extract it after the energy memorized the form, then combine this type of energy with mana to let it take the form of the object it had memorized. Continue to infuse it with mana until the form is complete then, here.” → Shen

While talking, I took a random book from inside the shelves and duplicated it while going through the said steps. With one book in one hand while in the other a ghastly one, I continued to infuse mana in the transparent book until it took a more physical form. After becoming exactly like the original one, I passed both books to the baffled Maru who examined them and at one point forgot which was the original and which was the copy.

“I-incredible…” → Maru
“No need to be so surprised. There is also a way to use crystals as memory stones to fill them with information. Only if we had any-“ → Shen
“Please don’t falter!” → Maru

Maru then ran outside the library and in less than two minutes he returned while sweating profoundly but with a wide smile on his face.

“Here!” → Maru

He then placed a heavy pot filled with crystals of all kinds, be them jewels or gems, on the table in front of me. All of them sparkled under the light emanated by the Illuminating Crystals on the walls. I then remembered that these were the crystals from Alfheim, gifted to us by the Queen herself. And if I wasn’t wrong, the real amount should be a few dozens of times more than what Maru grabbed. I looked at the crystals with great interest then a wide smile appeared on my face.

“Oh, this will work.” → Shen

I said so while taking green jadeite in my hands. I placed it on my forehead and focused on a spell which I thought of while Rosabhi took hold over me. Even though it was a nasty spell, I still felt like it might come in handy sooner or later, just in case another ridiculous wave will appear in these places.

Even though I tried to use it on the demons from the separate space, it seems it won’t work simply on anyone. At least not on something that has no flesh. → Shen

After making the jadeite absorb the information of the spell, the pure-green jade slowly turned completely black.

“Huh?” → Maru

Maru who was beside me observed this and was confused as for how this happened. Without giving any explanations, I took more jades and white quartz which, some of them turned black, some changed color in different shades, while some suddenly cracked and became unusable.

“L-Lord Shen?” → Maru

Maru was completely confused seeing more and more crystals changing colors, turn black, or suddenly crack. In the end, unable to control himself he interrupted me as I took another quart from the pott. Seeing his curiosity have the best of him, I stopped for a moment then explained to him how to infuse information inside the crystals and how to extract it.

“… So just place it on your forehead and introduce your conscious inside while focusing on the respective information. Understood?” → Shen
“Y-yes! Thank you very much for the information!” → Maru
“No need.” → Shen
“S-so to understand. All the crystals which now have a new shade of color contain a spell, while the cracked ones were simply too weak to hold the amount of information?” → Maru
“Exactly. Basically, this is another way to transfer information besides books.” → Shen
“Then what about the black ones?” → Maru
“Black Magic which is made solely to bring forth catastrophes and calamities.” → Shen
“Eh?” → Maru

The flow of the conversation suddenly took a dark turn and made Maru freeze in place while sweating bullets. He glanced again at the black jadeites and quarts which made one feel like it emanated an eerie aura.

“B-but why has Lord Shen created such spells…?” → Maru
“Just in case of another wave of monsters that tries to invade your homes. For now, I will take these with me and give them to Ryu. I’ll talk with him to prepare someone to learn these spells while I’m away. If we have someone who is able to bring forth great calamities on the enemy ranks, then our people will have fewer difficulties with the waves or invaders.” → Shen
“I-I see. Yes, that would be for the best…” → Maru

Maru nervously observed how I put the black crystals away, then breathed a sigh of relief seeing how there was no longer any black crystal around.

“Are you interested?” → Shen
“Huh?” → Maru

I suddenly asked and Maru looked at me at first confused, then terrified once again.

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