Chapter 15: Dungeon Raid

After a week from the mass-transportation has passed, everyone started to accept the idea of having to adapt and live in this another world. I, Ronald and Gregor formed a party together with some other people we found on our way around the city. The 4 idiots said they wanted to find a job in other places.

“Yeah… Job, my ass, I bet they’re just searching for a hidden place to have some fun after transforming…” → Ronald

“Don’t think about those idiots, let’s focus on getting stronger. If the price is more than 20 times higher than the one in-game, then we can make some nice money from hunting.” → Gregor
“Hm? What idiots?” → Marina

Marina is a player around 16 of age, we met while searching for more information inside the adventure guild where she also approached us after finding out that we’re players. She’s a human Sword Warrior with a shoulder-length hair of a red color and bright golden eyes.

“No need to mind them, just some perverts.” → Ronald

Ronald said with some disgust. It seems he understood quite fast what was happening with the four idiots. The other person is Marina’s friend, Lissa. Around 20 years old, a Dragoon Elementalist which used the fire element. She has black hair and red eyes looking like a demoness, she is actually a resident.

In this world, the ones who are able to control mana and learn martial arts are quite many that’s why the residents of this world are not that different from players, except for some of them that have overwhelming powers after reaching the max level in-game. Someone with a max level can be found everywhere in-game, but the residents are mostly of level 30-40 while the strongest being of level 50 like Lissa. But what I found even more interesting was not the difference of power but the difference in experience and skill. Seeing someone of level 25 defeating a man with double his level wasn’t that unheard of. The level only represented the brute strength while experience and technique showed what a true warrior was made of. Even as a max level warrior, if you have no experience in fights or some technique, anyone could defeat or even kill you.

Just like what happened with that destroyer who attacked Shen. He had a strong hammer and quite the powerful armor with some stats bonuses while Shen had some ragged clothes with a coat with 2 skills from which one was only for magic resistance. In the end, that destroyer was sent flying in one punch even though the difference in AP was more than 200 points.

After we finished with the registration at the guild, we started taking quests of hunting beasts around the city walls.

“Wow. Ryu, how come you’re so fierce? Have you fought against such beasts before?” → Gregor

Gregor was surprised by my deadly hits, attacking only the critical points of the beasts like the neck, eyes, plexus, sides and sometimes groins.

“Huh? Well, the moment I got transported here I was already in some woods filled with monsters together with Ronald. We had to make our way through the forest and search for a village.” → Ryu

After saving Ronald from the Iron Ox King, more beasts started to appear so we had to fight our way to the village. Even Ronald had to fight,  using the horn of a beast as a sword. After transforming into a fairy, he became more composed and he was able to fight without too much difficulty. Actually, he fought pretty well, as if nothing scared him any longer.

“Ah, what rotten luck you have.” → Lissa

Lissa shook her head. She heard from Marina about how we had no such things as monsters in our world.

“Eh~? Even little Ronald did? That’s a surprise.” → Marina

Even though the age difference wasn’t that big, Marina was more mature because she had to take care of her family when she was on Earth. She couldn’t have a childhood in comparison with Ronald who had a wealthy family and could do whatever he wished. However, this was also a reason why her interacting skills weren’t that advanced either.

“Hmp!” → Ronald

Ronald didn’t like how Marina talked to him. He felt like she took him for a little brat everytime they interacted. He would always avoid her by going on the other side of me and hide. Seeing how Ronald ignored her, it made Marina a little bit sad but didn’t said anything else.

After some more hunting and collecting, everyone got used to blood and gore, especially Lissa, she was a resident of this world and was already used with such bloody scenes from young.

“Ugh… I don’t like collecting eyes… Can someone else please do this? It makes me vomit only by looking.” → Ronald

Even though he was used to killing beasts and seeing blood by now, Ronald still didn’t like gory details. It made him remember of the two corpses found in the woods.

“Sure I’ll do it, no problem.” → Ryu

I grabbed a knife and took out the eyes without even blinking, for some reason I wasn’t bothered by any of these bloody scenes. The eyes were for a mission at the adventure guild. It seems they are using these eyes to brew some kind of potions or so I’ve heard. After we turned back and sold the materials, we regrouped at the guild the next day. We kept on hunting for 10 days straight until a new quest appeared.

“A dungeon?” → Ryu

Dungeons are danger-zones where a village or nest of monsters appeared, some bandits hideouts have been discovered, some underground caves or even some infected or haunted villages full of ghosts or zombies.

“Yes! It seems a village got attacked by a pack of Demonic Wolves and they made their nest inside it. If we exterminate them and take back their fur, we might get around one gold each!” → Marina

Marina was really happy with the news, she wanted to gather more money so she could buy herself a better sword and armor, what she already had was almost breaking down.

We talked about it some more between us until we finally decided to go and see how a dungeon from this world really looked.

“Please be sure to take everything seriously, this is not a game and we might also get ambushed by either monsters or bandits. Besides, there can always be differences between the report of the quest and reality: there might be more wolves, maybe a Boss, or something completely out of our expectations. Be sure to have all your senses sharpened.” → Gregor

“You look quite cute when you’re being so serious. It makes me want to hug you~.” → Lissa

Lissa was really amused to see the little tiger being so serious, she hardly believed him when he said he is actually 30 years old.

“Haah… If I knew this would happen, I would’ve created this character myself and not let my nephew do as he wished.” → Gregor

Gregor hasn’t married yet because he had too much work and was quite the indifferent type when it came to love but even so he still held his nephew dearly and he cared for him like his own child. He started playing the game « Otherworld » to relax in his free time and when he had to create the character and choose his class, he left it all to his nephew.

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“I think he did a good job~ fufufu.” → Gregor

Lissa giggled at his misfortune. While we laughed on our way to the dungeon we didn’t forget to be vigilant. Wild beasts would always ambush us while the demonic beasts would confront us head-on. After walking for one day and night, we finally got to the entrance of the dungeon which was also the entrance of the destroyed village.


After entering through the gate we heard many wolves howling and around 20 of them came out at the same time.

“What the-?! Why are there so many after just entering the dungeon?” → Ronald

Ronald was flabbergasted, he was used with dungeons in which the moment you enter you’ll have to fight with around 2 or 3 mobs, not 20.

“I just said this is not a game, everything can happen. Stay alert and prepare your stance, they’re coming! Ryu! You and I will stay in front! Ronald and Marina will stay on sides while Lissa stays at the back. Be sure to use your ranged attacks and kill the ones who are locked down by us!” → Gregor

“Ufufu~ you wish to protect me that much~?” → Lissa

She couldn’t abstain herself from teasing Gregor a little bit, even so, she did what she was told to.

This woman… → Gregor

Gregor was dumbfounded by how relaxed she seemed while I was surprised at his commanding skills, he could be a good leader later on. Right after everyone moved the way they were told to the pack of wolves ran in our direction and just as they were 5 meters away from us, I used [Sliding Step] to get close and then [Frosty Area] to freeze 6 of them in place.

“Well done Ryu! Lissa, burn them now!” → Gregor

While Gregor shouted out commands, he waited for the three wolves in front to come his way. With only 3 meters between them, the wolves jumped at him. Gregor then used [5 Point Chi Burst] on all of them. It was an attack that would hit 5 times in rapid succession, doing so, he punched the heads of the 3 wolves,2 times of 2 of them and 1 time for the one in the middle to whom he kicked its chin right after. After knocking them down, he left them to be finished by Lissa and ran after another 3 which were dealt with a [Side Kick] that pushed all of them together, then with an [Axe Kick] which literally cut the 3 wolves that were one on top of each other, in half.

He’s good. → Ryu

I thought while looking at Gregor. His tiny body was as deadly as a sharp weapon.

Marina and Ronald took out 4 wolves each. Ronald used [Abyssal Sword] while a dark hue enveloped his blade and cut from up to down like a true samurai, instantly killing a wolf then slashing again to kill the other one. After that, he used [Sharp Aura] to materialize more dark sword aura’s around his sword which stabbed multiple times the other two, killing them after stabbing their heads. Marina used [Infernal Sword], enveloping her sword in fire then swinging hard, creating a sword wave of fire which cut and burnt two wolves. Then she jumped in the air and smashed her sword hard on the ground using [Fire Geyser]. The ground beside the other two wolves erupted, sending them in the air and at the same time creating a fire pillar that burned them to death. Both wolves fell on the ground already burnt to crisps.

“Well done everyone, it seems we might be able to take on more than just 20 wolves.” → Lissa

Lissa was pleased with her teammates that protected her while she dealt deadly blows left and right. She preferred using [Fire Spear] to stab and burn the enemy, it was the most efficient and low-cost from her skill-set.

“Yeah, let’s continue further in, there might be a boss haha~” → Ryu

I laughed out loud while the others felt worried about having such a possibility.

After few more waves of wolves, we felt like something was not right. The waves were becoming bigger, from 20 to 30 and even 50 at every 50 meters. We already left the central area of the village but the numbers were only growing.

“… It seems I was right, there is really a boss in front.” → Ryu

I said with some expectation in my voice. Even though I couldn’t see any boss, I felt there was something big in front of us and scary enough to put us in danger.

“… Yeah, I might think so too.” → Lissa

Lissa was already experienced in fighting beasts and she was aware of the strange atmosphere while Gregor had his instincts even more enchanted as a beast-man, feeling the same way as Lissa.

After some more fighting, we reached the exit but right in front of it, there was a huge demonic wolf with fangs and claws 4 times bigger and sharper than the other wolves we fought till now. The wolf was as big as a house, he had strong muscles and an impenetrable fur. It would be hard to cut his skin or break his bones while beside him, another 100 wolves guarded him with sharp eyes.

“N-now how do we deal with this?” → Marina

Marina seemed frightened by the view, she couldn’t help gripping her sword tighter.

“What do you mean? We fight, of course, hehe~ this seems exciting.” → Ryu

I couldn’t help myself shaking with excitement, for some reason I felt more alive while fighting. The stronger the enemy, the excited I became.

I think something’s wrong with my brain, but I really don’t care at all! Hahaha~ this feels just like back in my world. → Ryu

Not once had I need to fight against more people at the same time. A  few moments I even had my life in peril but because of these experiences I started to form a ‘Love for Fighting’. Even though I wasn’t the type to start a fight, I would accept it whenever with whoever.


Marina was creeped out by my reaction. She stepped back and looked at me in fright.

“Ryu! Don’t lose yourself! Focus, we need to stay alive together. Rushing head-on would only destroy our formation.” → Gregor

Gregor was a little bit worried. He could see some madness in my eyes and was able to feel my aura become more and more dangerous.

“Yes, yes, however much I want to fight, I won’t bring you guys down with me so calm down.” → Ryu

I said calmly. Indeed, however excited I got, I won’t lose reason.

Or at least that’s what I wish. → Ryu

We recreated the formation and moved forward. When the wolves saw us, they charged at us with the speed of wind.

This time Lissa used a firewall to stop the charge of the wolves. The unlucky ones were burned by the wall of fire and then killed by Roland and Marina, then she sent waves of fire spears and killed 20 of them by herself.

“Well done!” → Gregor

Gregor was surprised by this tactic, he started to see her in another light.

“Would you let me hug you as a reward?” → Lissa

Lissa was pleased by Gregor words and asked back.

“Ugh…later…” → Gregor

Gregor felt quite embarrassed, he didn’t care about love but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t aware of the differences between men and women. The thought of being hugged by this well-developed Dragoon made his heart skip a beat. Even though he’s in his thirties inside, he has zero experience. Besides, right now he was a growing young beast-man, making his control drop significantly low.

“Wha-? You’ll let me? You better keep your words!” → Lissa

Lissa was fired up, she started forming even more fire spears and even fire tornados.

“Hahaha~ one does not simply play with a woman’s heart.” → Ryu

I felt pretty amused at this conversation and at the same time, terrified at the amount of power Lissa showed at that exact moment.

After killing 50 wolves, she finally emptied her mana pool but she still had enough to run in case of danger.

“Ugh… After this you’ll let me hug you anytime I’m asking! I haven’t used so much mana in a long time…” → Lissa

“Haha~ well done Lissa. And about the hugs *cough*, maybe not every time…” → Gregor

In the end, he is a man. Being hugged by this Dragoon was a form of torture and reward at the same time. His heart wouldn’t be able to handle it.

After the firewall extinguished, the remaining 50 wolves rushed in like crazy. They were mad at the sight of having their friends and family killed right in front of their eyes without being able to do anything. They entered a state of frenzy and shot out like bullets toward us.

“Ugh… These wolves are really mad…” → Marina

Marina was struggling with 5 at the same time.

“Don’t give up! Use your ridiculous power!” → Ronald

Ronald said while cutting another wolf, he already cleaned three of them.

“Wha-?! What do you mean ridiculous power?! I’m a lady!” → Marina

Marina said that while smashing her sword on the ground and forming a crater which knocked the 5 wolves down. She hastily rushed at them to cut them in half.

“… Yeah… A true lady.” → Ronald

Ronald rolled his eyes after seeing this. We continued to fight and just when the number halved again, the Demonic Wolf King stepped forward. His eyes shone with intelligence while his posture was that of a king worthy of his name.

“You finally stepped forward!” → Ryu

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I felt my blood boiling, I used [Seismic Step] on a wolf’s head then…


The wolf’s head became meat paste. The blood splashed on my black clothes and coat but I didn’t care, I only looked at the wolf. Seeing a human provoke him, the Wolf King got angry and pouched at me like the wind. He was so fast I wasn’t able to keep up with his speed.

“Wha-?!” → Ryu

Before I could say a word he cut forward with his claws toward my chest.



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