Chapter 157: Changing Genders To a Fundamental Level

“I’m sorry for worrying you, Amanta. But everything is fine now. Nothing bad happened.” → William

He caressed her head while soothing her, as she slowly calmed down then looked into his eyes. They both stared for a moment and just as they wished to reach out for one another-

Ahem.” → Shen

I cleared my throat and made both of them flinch for a moment. They looked my way then separated in a hurry. With an apologetic smile, William welcomed me to his home.

“P-please excuse our behavior just now. Err… L-Lord Johan, please this way.” → William

The woman who seemed to be his wife also welcomed me with the same apologetic smile.

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“L-Lord Johan, was it? I wish your highness won’t take it at heart that we already have visitors. They are two adventurers and a priestess that came from far away. One of the adventurers and the priestess came together and are saying that they are waiting for someone to come this way.” → Amanta
“Wait. Two adventurers? Not one? And a priestess as well?!” → William

William looked shocked at her then we three entered together. As we opened the front gate, we rushed forward behind the main stairs inside the main room where three people sat down on a chair and a sofa, drinking either wine or tea in front of the mocking fire.

“…What the hell are you doing here?” → Shen

I asked sharply as a young girl with white long hair and a tall man with a muscular body sat down on sofas, the girl drinking tea while the man drinking red wine, a calm expression on both their faces. The man smiled widely and brought up to his lips the cup with a wide smile.

“Yo, Boss Johan. How’s life?”

The girl opened her white eyes and smiled brightly at me. A calm and melodic voice resounded as she said:

“I told you that we’ll meet once again after I’m done with little something inside the kingdom. Sir Johan.”

She pronounced my name more accentuated while a knowing glint flashed inside her eyes, feeling amused by everything that happened.

Even though my appearance was changed, my aura was the same, making them able to tell who I was even with their eyes closed.

“You little…” → Shen

I found Alexander’s greeting as being characteristic for a bandit, but Sylvia’s way of talking, calm aura, and tonality stirred my heart and for some reasons some kind of annoyance made my temples hurt as I felt unable to simply ignore her.

I then shifted my attention to a dragoon woman that was drinking wine. Her posture quite manly but her body was being one of an enchantress, her hair red while her eyes blue, she was quite the beauty. We both stared at one another for a while, then she suddenly asked irritated.

“Kid, are you gonna introduce yourself or no? Or has this sister here made you eat your words~?”

With a wicked smile, she asked as she licked her lips sensually while pushing her greatly developed breasts forward. At the moment she was wearing a white shirt and a pair of brown pants, but even though the shirt was rather big, her breasts were still quite eye-opening.

At this sight, Alexander whistled amazed while I continued to stare. Seeing how this person was anything but a well-mannered one, I thought that I shouldn’t mind my manners either, directly asking:

“You’re a man. Aren’t you?” → Shen

Alexander spat out some wine, the unknown woman got up from her chair in shock, while Sylvia said nothing as she continued to drink her tea, however, a slightly amused smile appeared on her face. Alexander then coughed a few times then looked at me completely baffled.

“Oy oy oy… how can you say she’s a man? God damn, Boss. With such great melons in front and you’re asking if she’s a man? Just by what logic are you working?” → Alexander
“H-he’s right! Or should I take my pants off for you to see if I got anything there?”
“Please do!” → Alexander
“Alexander, you shut up.” → Shen

After I reprimanded Alexander for talking first, I then turned again to the unknown woman, a little mocking smile on my face appeared as I slightly bowed and introduced myself.

“Ah, please excuse me just now. I know of many players that have turned into their female characters while they were guys or grown-up men. I must have misunderstood.” → Shen
“W-wait. From where do you know I’m a player?”
“Oh but after just a glance I can tell that your clothes could never be made that way in this world. The design and the way they have been processed can’t compare even with the imperial clothing.” → Shen
“… You got some good eyes there, kid.”
“I am well aware of that by now.” → Shen

Albeit polite, a somewhat mocking smile remained on my face as I talked with the rude woman.

“I’m known as Johan. A wandering Lord from a faraway Kingdom. Now may I hear your name?” → Shen

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The woman frowned and stared sharply at me.

Look at this brat with that dumb smile on his face. And, a lord? Oh, really~? And how old is he? 18, at most 20? Maybe if I can use this new body to charm him I might be able to win something from him. Even though I wavered many times before, this brat is just a kid. I will be able to play him by the little finger~.

She then smiled charmingly and crossed her legs as she said with a suave voice.

“I’m named Elsey, a former adventurer. I got separated by my group of adventurers and now I’m taking shelter under William’s roof as I also work for them until I find another way to live.” → Elsey
“I see. Then I wish Miss Elsey luck in her travels.” → Shen

I simply nodded while thinking amused.

This fool doesn’t know that once he changed into a woman to a molecular level, his instincts and aura will also turn into one of a female soon enough. Half a year already passed and, even though he still has some masculine behaviors, his overall characteristics have already turned into those of a woman. The fact that he didn’t even flinch at Sylvia’s strong enchanting aura is already a proof of his feminization. → Shen

Seeing how we already knew each other, William and his wife simply left to prepare something to eat for everyone while we continued chatting. However, after introducing myself to Elsey, I simply made a signal to Alexander while I stared intently to his hands, then I left with William. We walked together to the kitchen and observed how at the moment he was helping his wife to prepare something to eat for everyone, making me confused as for why was a lord working in the kitchen.

“Ah… Well, you see? We are quite a poor noble family. I sent most of my men to work for my two children at the Magical Schools inside the capital. It seems that if you got less than 2 servants with you then the others will see you as a poor weakling. I didn’t wish to let my boys be a reason for bullying so I gave them almost everyone inside this residence. What remained here is the old gardener and the guardian. But both being too old, they aren’t working at the weekend so for now, it’s just us here.” → William

A weak smile on Williams’ face, making me look at him with a more complicated look.

For God’s sake. When I need a trash of a person, I get a sincere middle-aged man with financial problems. But when I don’t need, I’m suddenly surrounded by trash and hypocrites. The way karma works is ridiculous. → Shen

I sighed somewhat exasperated then simply said.

“Don’t waste food on me. I don’t need. Just show me where I can sleep.” → Shen
“Ah, sure sir! I observed that you already know the young priestess and strong mister. Should I offer you a room with one of them?” → William
“No. A single one is fine. The payment for mine and their accommodation will come in about a month.” → Shen
“The pay?” → William

William asked surprised and then his wife interjected with a helpless smile.

“Ah, there won’t be a need for that, Lord Johan. Miss Sylvia already paid for everyone’s accommodation. Even though I tried to refuse, she simply placed the money on the table and left there, not minding what will happen with them in the future. That’s why I say, please don’t waste any more money.” → Amanta
”What?” → Shen / William

Both me and William turned to her and a sudden premonition washed over me. I asked somewhat expectant and the answer made me massage my temples.

“Do you know how much she paid?” → Shen
“201 gold coins and 50 silvers…” → Amanta
“How much?!” → William
“God damn it, that woman!” → Shen

I already felt my head burst the moment I saw her again. Now I know the reason… This woman knew everything from the very beginning! Has her foresight evolved? Is she now able to foretell what will happen whenever she wishes? Wait… 1 gold and 50 silvers? And we’re 3 of us, which means… → Shen

I then turned around and asked Amanta in a hurry.

“For how long can one sit inside an inn with 50 silvers?” → Shen
“Huh? Well, about one month I suppose?” → Shen

She knew even that?! → Shen

I was completely baffled as she accurately pinpointed the sum William has to pay for his treason, together with the sum needed to pay for a one month shelter.

And by the amount, I suppose the two of them will be staying here for just as long. → Shen

By the damage caused inside the capital, I was expecting Leorio’s summon after one month, but never have I thought that someone else might have foretold the same answer as me, but with a more accurate view than me. I then sighed heavily and just asked William to show me the room for a rest.

After I entered one of the rooms on the highest floors, I crashed on the bed then Alexander’s voice resounded in my head with an amused voice.

Hello boss! How come you’re not jumping with joy after seeing your wife once again? → Alexander

His first words already made me roll my eyes, not feeling like dealing with him over such a subject.

I never said she’s my wife. Now putting that aside, just how did you get here and where are your men? → Shen
Oh? Well, your wife is damn something, man. She teleported us all on the Northern parts of Victoria and found us a huge cave inside of which, a corrupted noble was keeping his valuables. She told us to clean everything because that respective noble will soon end decapitated without confessing the whereabouts of the stolen goods. She also made us build our base there, having the problem of a stable home off our hearts now. Everything happened so fast, we decided to immediately start a party! I wanted to invite you as well, but Miss Sylvia told me to refrain from doing so, saying that you got something more important to do. → Alexander
W-wait… So you already found a base? And in the Northern parts of Victoria as well? Inside a mountain filled with treasures?! Just what the hell is this?! → Shen
I know, right? That was some luck. → Alexander
That’s not it! That was my plan from the very beginning! → Shen

I stared at the ceiling completely baffled then I thought to myself.

It was as if she already knew my next, second, and third step, making them in my place. I already added her power of teleportation and foretelling into my plans, but I never thought she’ll play her role like this. Actually, I was pretty sure that I won’t have to use her help at all!.. and hold on a second… → Shen

I then reconnected with Alexander telepathically and asked.

Don’t tell me, you already sent someone to take advantage of all the chaos in the capital and introduced a spy? → Shen
Oho~, you’re good. → Alexander
No… that was exactly what I wanted you to do next… I expect that you also sent someone for the Merchant Guilt and- → Shen
“- found someone to work for us.” Yep! Done that already as well! Boahaha~! Miss Sylvia is really good at reading her husband. → Alexander
That aside, just when did you do all of that?! → Shen
I told you, her teleporting abilities are out of the norm. → Alexander
A-alright… We shall talk later… I want to sleep…. → Shen

I then took off my cloak, boots, and socks, then buried in my bed, already wanting to forget everything that happened.

Four… She can read four steps in front of me… I can’t, I need to sleep. Screw this, I’ll use this one month like a vacation. The less I’ll start stressing myself for useless stuff. → Shen

I then closed my eyes and tried to meditate, succumbing more and more into my own conscious and trying to feel the energies around, to visualize them and erase the material that surrounded me. As I did so, I saw the flow of energy go through my every part of the body, shining with a golden hue, while everywhere around me I was able to see little blobs of green energy, representing the mana that was emanated by Sario for the living. I continued to visualize and to absorb the blobs inside me until I suddenly saw another silhouette, a feminine one, with her circulation slowed down and the shine diminished to the maximum as if trying to be undetected, stealthily walking closer and closer to me, then placing herself atop of me.

“Just what are you doing?” → Shen

I asked annoyed by the sudden intrusion, looking sharply at Elsey who was wearing only a seemingly transparent nightgown and black panties, sitting on top of me with a naughty expression on her face.

“Oh~? Did I wake you up? I’m sorry about that~.  I tried my best to use the [Stealth] skill of the Assassin to the fullest.” → Elsey
“Saying you’re sorry while being on top of me. Just what are you thinking?” → Shen

At my remarks, Elsey simply got closer to me, pressing her voluptuous body on mine.

“No need to be that embarrassed~. All I wish is to leave this place and start my own life. What I need is just some help~. Now be a good boy and help this big sis.” → Elsey

She then slowly lowered one of her brace that kept the nightgown on her shoulders, letting for a good part of her mesmerizing breasts to be shown.

Come on, kid. Fall for me! I know that no matter how experienced you are, you simply can’t resist in front of such a body. → Elsey

A sly glint flashed in her eyes as she revealed herself completely to me. Seeing her alluring body, I was for a moment dazed, then a grin appeared on my face as my eyes slowly reddened.

“Old man, are you sure about this? Having a body of a woman will without a doubt lead to completely turning into one as well. And you know what that means? Simply judging won’t help you any longer if you don’t use that intuition as well.” → Shen
“Huh?” → Elsey

A shiver ran down her spine as I smiled at her, my eyes turning completely red. I slowly got up and wished to get a hold of her.

“Seeing how you served yourself in front of me, why should I refuse? Like this, you might learn your lesson as well.” → Shen


Yo Boss! I forgot to tell you something-…” → Alexander

Just as I was about to grab her shoulder, Alexander smashed the door open and entered inside, freezing in place after seeing Elsey half-naked on top of me. With a light whistle, he then smiled approvingly, crossing his arms while nodding his head.

“This is my boss alright~. Catching beauties at your every step. However, I’m not sure how your wife will react to this.” → Alexander
“She’s not my wife.” → Shen

I instinctively interjected then Elsey hurriedly got up and left, avoiding eye-contact with both of us. Alexander then looked my way and observed the red eyes. Thinking that I was actually annoyed at him, he smiled widely then lightly closed the door while saying.

“Aye, you know what? I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Good night~.” → Alexander

I remained alone in the darkness while scratching my head distressed.

I bet she made Alexander interfere… Well, I can’t blame her. I almost did something I never thought of myself as being able to… → Shen

I then tried to forget what just happened and got to sleep again. On the other side of the villa, Elsey hurriedly rushed in her own room with her face bright red.

“That dumb muscle-for-brains beast! Suddenly interfering like that! Argh! So infuriating!” → Elsey

She punched her pillow in furry then she suddenly stopped, thinking to herself with a shocked expression on.

W-wait… But why am I so irritated? It’s completely not characteristic of me. → Elsey

“Wow, you said some rude things just now. What if it hurt my feelings?” → Alexander

As she was thinking all by herself, Alexander’s voice suddenly resounded from beside the door. She hastily turned around and covered her revealed self.

“W-what are you doing here?! GET OUT!” → Elsey
“Woah there~. No need to be so defensive. I’m not here for problems.” → Alexander
“…Then why are you here?” → Elsey

Still, with her guard up, Elsey asked sharply, then Alexander’s friendly face turned serious and said calmly.

“I’m here to warn you.” → Alexander
“..What?” → Elsey

At his ridiculous words, she raised an eyebrow as she waited for an explanation. Seeing her face filled with doubt, Alexander chuckled then explained calmly.

“You heard me right. I’m here to warn you. Imagine that I’m a Grandmaster power-rank, but I’m still unable to feel at what level those two are. Also adding the fact that the white beauty has a thing for the edgy kid, I’ll tell you to be careful of what you’re doing around those two.” → Alexander

Alexander explained calmly but Elsey only felt more annoyed as she listened, in the end erupting.

“And what does that have anything to do with me?! If it wasn’t for you, that brat would have fallen right into my hands! And what if that other brat has something for the boy?! Not my fault if she’s too slow in getting him!” → Elsey
“And you really think he actually fell into your hands, and not the other way round?” → Alexander
“What…?” → Elsey

She looked confused at Alexander, while he slowly got closer to her with a calm face on. He intently looked at her, making Elsey feel more and more embarrassed.

“W-what are you doing…? Stop right there!” → Elsey

She tried to cover herself with her hands, then she took out a knife from her spatial inventory. Alexander didn’t even flinch and continued towards her while talking.

“What boss said, was it true? You initially had the body of a man, and now it is of a woman? If so, then that means you’ve never been touched by a man before, right?” → Alexander
“Stop, I said stop!” → Elsey

Alexander then stepped right in front of her dagger and stopped when the tip touched his shirt. He intently looked at Elsey and calmly smiled.

“What’s wrong? Why are you so agitated?” → Alexander
“I-I’m not! Now step back!” → Elsey
“Don’t wanna.” → Alexander

Alexander then made another step, making Elsey’s trembling hands to retreat. His gaze over her body made her shoulders to shudder, as she started to feel hot all over. Although Alexander did nothing under a physical form, his aura was now slowly overwhelming hers, forcing her sensitivity to react at his gaze alone.

“You… what are you doing to me?!” → Elsey

She weakly asked as she felt weaker and weaker the more Alexander closed to her, being now almost completely overwhelmed by his magnetic aura alone. A small grin appeared on his face as he took another step then raised her chin, making her tremble just from his touch.

“What I’m doing? Oh but I’m just making you aware of the differences between a man and a woman. You know what they say, women feel the pain stronger than men. Is because their bodies are more sensible. They will feel the stare of a man from a considerable distance, together with their intentions. And even a small touch, although insignificant for men, hundreds of feelings will swirl inside a woman. As their senses are stronger than us men, if not mastered then even a fool like me will be able to take advantage of someone like you.” → Alexander
“Hyah~!” → Elsey

He then slowly closed into her nape and gently smelled the sweet scent of her body.

“And to tell you the truth… I won’t mind doing so even now.” → Alexander
“D-don’t you dare! Ah~!” → Elsey

Alexander gently held her waist and slowly moved his hand upwards to her breast while kissing her nape. She tried to resist, only to feel more aroused, falling for Alexander’s skillful touch and making for her trembling hand to drop the dagger. She then weakly pushed him away and shouted desperately, a deep blush on her face.

“W-wait! Wait! I’m a man! Okay?! I’m 37 old this year! I only changed into a woman thinking that I might be able to take advantage over the other men! Are you sure of what you’re doing?!” → Elsey

She confessed the truth and Alexander froze in place, Elsey still in his embrace. Then, with a neutral tone, Alexander asked again.

“And did it work?” → Alexander
“Eh?” → Elsey
“Taking advantage over other men. Did it work?” → Alexander

Feeling her neck ticklish every time he talked, Elsey was unable to resist and continued.

“A-at first it did… I was able to take advantage over some adventurers to take me into their party, but soon after they found out about me being initially a man from other players… I then had to try doing things on my own, but I was never able to fight against those terrifying monsters, so I continued on trying to find a way to live.” → Elsey
“I see…” → Alexander
“What?” → Elsey

Alexander then interrupted her and felt like laughing at her words. A little bit annoyed by his reaction, Elsey asked sharply and tried to see his face. However, Alexander then pushed her chin upwards while closing her to him by pulling her waist, a slight blush appearing on her revolting face.

“So in the end, your little plan simply backfired. Many thought that having your memories as a man from your past life automatically makes you a man in the present as well. Also, being of only Master power-rank, you were unable to go on your own into this world as a player. And now that you finally found some strangers, you thought you could trick them as you did in the past, but you only got backfired once again.” → Alexander
“W-what are you talking about!?” → Elsey

Amalia felt more and more agitated and thought to herself.

P-past-life memories? What?! And what does he mean by “backfire”?! → Elsey

Seeing her confusion, Alexander caressed her hair and continued to touch her around, making Elsey moan uncontrollably:

“Just think about it this way, you have the memories of a middle-aged man, but that doesn’t mean you are a man now as well. You are a woman. Whatever tricks you thought you could put into application were nothing more than a clumsy dance of baiting, thinking that by putting yourself as bait you’ll automatically catch a fish. But the world isn’t so kind, nor so easy. You might have the life-experience of 37 years old, but those are only of a man, not of a woman’s. The difference is like from fire and ice, fundamentally different.” → Alexander
“W-what are you trying to say…?” → Elsey
“What I’m saying is: right now you’re 37 old as a man, but only half a year as a woman. You’re nothing but a little child in front of me. Unaware of how her own body works, of how her senses function. But do not fear, I will teach you everything~.” → Alexander

With sharp eyes Alexander lightly pushed her down on the bed, sitting right on top of her, locking her hands over her head.

“W-wait! Let go of me!” → Elsey

With a deep red blush, she tried to resist, but unable to release herself from him.

“Another difference between a woman and a man is that, the woman’s will was already strengthened after getting used with her own sensible body, while a man’s brute structure won’t show the same sensibility and at the same time, won’t give the chance to strengthen a man’s will the same way. Although we have our other instincts to worry about, that’s another story entirely that has nothing to do with a woman’s sensibility.” → Alexander

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