Chapter 164: Little White Rose

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No longer shy about taking Ryu’s essence, Bonny eagerly asked Sylvia to continue, momentarily surprising her with the sudden change, starting explaining after a moment of delay:

“Now that Ryu absorbed the essence of a true dragon, his dragonic side also strengthened and, sooner or later, will turn him into a true dragon. However, please don’t worry, his human side won’t fade at all as his dragonic characteristics will only grow and be more apparent.” → Sylvia

“I already understood that his humanity will remain the same. However, to absorb his essence I have to do the same thing as before, right?” → Bonny
“Eh?” → Sylvia

Sylvia’s smile froze as she stared at Bonny’s serious expression, understanding that, at the moment, Bonny is able to do almost anything in order to make herself and Ryu stronger as long as she won’t need to hurt him. Asking if she had to do the same thing as before, Sylvia immediately understood that if she just had to sleep with him the same way as before.

Forming a small smile, Sylvia answered naughtily as she started explaining.

“This time you will have more work to do~.” → Sylvia
“Huh?” → Bonny
“By taking and transmuting his essence into your energy, a Dragon Seal will form somewhere on your body, from which, his power will flow into you. Now, the problem is how strong this seal will be and what form it will take.  As a dragon, his essence must be mostly focused on his seed when he will send it to you.” → Sylvia
“U-understood. And how will I have to do more than normal?” → Bonny

Still somewhat embarrassed by this conversation, Bonny asked unsure of how things worked.

“Simple~. You just have to provoke him.” → Sylvia
“P-provoke?” → Bonny
“Yep. You need to tease him and arouse his lust to such highs that even his aura will swirl.” → Sylvia
“A-are we preparing for a fight?!” → Bonny

Completely baffled by Sylvia’s description, Bonny asked restlessly.

“Can’t help it. Dragons are bestial entities which, although wise and proud, once put into the mood even gods will want to get away from such unbound destructive power.” → Sylvia
“T-then, will I be alright?” → Bonny

Somewhat afraid for herself, Bonny asked as the blood drained from her face. Sylvia on the other side started to chuckle as she patted her shoulder, trying to reassure her.

“However strong their auras will be at such times, they will instinctively understand that what’s in front of them is not an enemy, but their life partner. And such, although in a rather more forceful and aggressive form, they will try to handle the process of copulation with care.” → Sylvia
“F-forceful and aggressive…?” → Bonny

Bonny then thought to herself as she had mixed feelings about this.

When I was at university, I heard many girls talk about how they loved it when their boyfriends were more forceful with them… But I truly can’t imagine it being so enjoyable. → Bonny

With a slight blush on her face, Bonny was now in deep thoughts as Sylvia thought of not interrupting her fantasies, simply waiting for her to wake up, only observing her face turning with a few shades redder.


Back to the present, Bonny suddenly woke up from her thoughts as she felt Ryu close into her and, with an instinctive deep growl, he sniffed at her nape as she felt like a prey under his pressuring aura.

“Do I smell… Fear?” → Ryu

Ryu’s enchanting voice resounded as his dragonic senses detected a scent from Bonny, making her lightly flinch for a moment. Right after, she observed how his aura was diminishing as he started thinking that he should take it easier, not wanting to injure or scare her.

She then smiled seductively as she lightly moved her hands atop her body in a more sensual way, trying to make Ryu forget about carefulness.

“Are you sure it’s not just excitement~? Maybe you need to check that sweet nose of yours.” → Bonny

She lightly tapped his nose with her finger, making him smile amused as his Root Chakra was swirling like a vortex.

“Is that so? Don’t you cry later.” → Ryu
“As if you could ever do that in bed.” → Bonny

Unable to hold himself, he silenced her lips with his in a forceful manner as he held her by the waist and raised her in his embrace. With his other arm, he went straight to her more private part as he sent small waves of vibrations through his palm, making her moan in surprise.

“My~ aren’t you a little bit too tense? Shall I help this flower bloom a little bit?” → Ryu

Ryu asked while staring with his dragonic eyes at hers that looked almost the same as his. Seeing how he was still reserving himself, Bonny smiled naughtily and gave him a freeway for him to satisfy his desires. Although she was quite surprised by his aura, she still tried to relax and satisfy Ryu’s lust as much as possible to bring forth his Dragonic Essence to be as abundant as possible.

Seeing her slowly part her legs, Ryu got lower and lower, in the end making Bonny moan while breathing heavily, grabbing hold at the sheet and blanket with one hand, while with the other softly grabbing at Ryu’s dark hair, sometimes holding harder form the twitching.

Her loud moans, sometimes involuntary while sometimes wilfully, made Ryu’s mind to go blank as the swirl inside his Root Chakra spun like crazy while huge amounts of chi fluctuations rushed to his head, blocking his judgment and letting forth for his instincts to take over.

He got on top of her once again and held her just like the first time while this time he roughly held her breast in his mouth, licking, sucking, and at times biting her while with his other hand, tightly fondling her firm buttocks.

As she felt how his aura enveloped her while she let him dominate her, something hard, hot, and fluctuating with energy was now slowly entering her, making her breathe in deeply as a moan escaped her mouth from the sudden connection. With rough moves, Ryu sat on his knees and lifted Bonny in his embrace while still connected, then tightly hugged her as his hips started to move faster and faster, making Bonny scratch his back until blood flowed out. Rushed moans resounded inside the room as her melodic voice was now also letting out a slight tone of pain, satisfaction, and surprise. Ecstasy took over her as she hugged him with both her arms and legs, while wild thoughts and instincts took over Ryu more and more as he inhaled from her addictive scent, feeling her warmth and softness, tasting her sensible parts to his own liking.

After good minutes, Bonny’s purple eyes shone and looked once again at Ryu while trying her best to still remain conscious, only to observe how all that swirling power was now focused at one point at the Root Chakra as Ryu’s already forceful moves turned more ferocious, indirectly making Bonny aware of what was coming. Unable to prepare herself, the concentrated amount of energy suddenly shot inside her, feeling as if a strong current just circulated through her entire body, making her twitch multiple times as loud moans resounded in rushed breaths.

I-I need to circulate this energy or it would just disperse! → Bonny

Barely conscious, Bonny hastily spun her Chakras and circulated the foreign energy throughout her entire body, not letting the power to evade her body, all of this while tightly embracing Ryu, her body still tense from the shock.

After just a few seconds while both her and Ryu tried their best to recover, breathing heavily and burning up one in the arms of the other, Bonny finally circulated the power throughout her entire body as she felt her body buzz with energy. Her purple aura now started to shine with a golden luster as her purple eyes slowly turned into golden like Ryu’s. She slowly rose her head from atop Ryu’s shoulder and tried to feel the power that was now slowly but surely, becoming one with her.

“Bonny…?” → Ryu

Ryu looked at her with wide-open eyes, surprised to feel her powers suddenly growing.

Mmmh~.” → Bonny

Quite the enchanting moan resounded from her closed lips when she felt her back burning as two lines, one dark and one golden, now slowly entangled like a helix along her spine from the base of her beautiful back, up to the back of her neck, as two slits appeared on her shoulder blades.


“Hah~…” → Bonny

A sound of relief escaped her mouth and two scaled wings spurt out from her back, one having a yellow color, just like her blonde hair, while the other one jet black, just like Ryu’s wings.

“…Beautiful…” → Ryu

Ryu stared dazed at Bonny who now stood in front of him, rather, in his embrace, with two beautiful lustrous wings on her back, two horns on her forehead, with blonde hairs falling down beautifully down her face. However, what dazed him the most were her dazing and enchanting eyes which now had a golden and a dark shine respectively in her purple irises. On her back the two lines were now looking like two thin dragon-tails entangling along her spine, tattooed on her back, showing a Dragon’s Seal which, right now, combined with her Kundalini, creating a whole new form of power.

At her every move, the air seemed to form ripples as she dizzily looked around, then she made eye contact with Ryu’s mesmerized face. Seeing him stare at her like that, Bonny smiled widely then took him by surprise as she gently hugged him by the neck and deeply kissed him, making him fall on his back atop the bed. After a few moments, she finally freed his lips, smiling satisfied for her harvest.

“You… just what did you…” → Ryu
“At the right time, you will learn about what happened. But till then, let me keep a little secret~.” → Bonny

Just as he wished to ask her, Bonny gently pressed her finger by his lips, letting out a crafty smile as she closed one eye. Seeing her like this, Ryu said no more as he lightly smiled then continued to embrace her, the night being still young.


Back at Williams residence.

The very next day in the morning, I walked outside the villa and reached the garden that was revitalized by Sylvia’s aura. There I saw Elsey watering a whole bush of white beautiful roses. Seeing me, she awkwardly smiled as she waved lightly, still embarrassed for what she had done two days ago.

“M-morning Sir Johan. What beautiful weather, r-right?” → Elsey

I didn’t mind her nervous state as I answered plainly.

“The weather is disputable, but the flowers are what attract my attention. To think they’re still blooming when is so cold.” → Shen
“Yes. It seems Miss Sylvia’s aura is truly revitalizing. Not only does it make for plants to grow and bloom in such weather, but it even dispels fatigue. Since she came, I started to feel more and more filled with energy.” → Elsey

Elsey smiled beautifully as she continued to water the garden. I looked at her for a moment then asked amused.

“So I understand that you accepted your feminine side?” → Shen
“… I don’t know.” → Elsey

She froze in place as she answered with a wiry smile. She lived for so long as a man. Suddenly turning into a female even to a molecular level and being forced to live like that from now on made her feel a weird taste in her mouth. Although she wasn’t able to say it was a displeasure to be a woman, it was still too different to accommodate so fast.

“It’s so weird, Sir Johan…” → Elsey
“What is?” → Shen

Her sudden comment made me ask reflexively as I looked around at the flowers, smelling their sweet fragrance and relaxing my tense muscles.

“Well, first of all, I feel like I’m no longer driven by my desires. When I was a man I couldn’t tell, but it seems that we’re actually driven by some kind of sexual desire 24/7 as if we’re in heat non-stop! Thinking about it now, isn’t that terrifying?” → Elsey
“As a woman, is it not like that?” → Shen
“No… At least not that severe. As a man, this desire, if not fulfilled, is turned into aggressivity, having no place to vent it, then it turns into frustration, the frustration then consumes us of energy and later we don’t know why we’re tired. But now as a woman, that kind of desire is no more, however, there is something else, another form of desire. I don’t know how to describe it… If a man needs to be shown love through intercourses, then a woman needs to be shown love by… how can I say it… loving them, I guess?” → Elsey
“..What?” → Shen

For some reasons, I felt some interest in this subject but when she said the last line, I couldn’t help but look at her like at an idiot.

“To show love to a woman you have to… love them? Well yeah, water is wet as well, isn’t it?” → Shen
“No, wait a moment.” → Elsey

Elsey then thought for a moment and explained more detailed.

“By showing love, I mean that you should show the respect they need, to be there to support and help them when needed, to appreciate what they’re doing.” → Elsey
“Isn’t like that for men as well?” → Shen
“Not quite… There might be many exceptions from which you can be one as well, but the majority would feel loved by simply having a good night with their partners, but for women is not the same. They need that affection I talked to you before. And receiving it from the loved person is the most desired thing-” → Elsey
“Okay, okay, enough. I’m starting to feel weird all of a sudden.” → Shen

Unable to handle this bitter-sweet conversation I tried to change the subject back to Elsey.

“Anyway, now with all these changes, how it’s like?” → Shen
“As I said, I’m not sure… I changed into a woman thinking that I might be able to win the support of others, only to have people that knew me to turn against me and exclude me from the groups I finally entered. Since then, I started to hate this body, to negate myself… But now… It’s different.” → Elsey

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Even though I had no reason to know why I still asked for the sake of asking. Even so, my voice was quite sleepy as this kind of subject wasn’t my thing.

“Yes? How come. Is it because you had fun with Alexander?” → Shen

Feeling the indifference in my tone, Elsey, rather than getting annoyed, chuckled amused and answered.

“Yes, indeed. I learned that it wasn’t whenever I was a man or a woman, it was about how someone accepted me for who I was. And Alexander accepted me wholeheartedly. Even though my mind is partially like that of a man, Alexander still embraced me for what I am.” → Elsey
“Eh? So if he embraced you while you were a man, you would have still accepted it?!” → Shen

My face paled as I stared at Elsey dumbfounded, but then she smiled as a vein started to pulsate on her forehead.

“Please don’t say such ridiculous things, Sir Johan. As a man, I would have befriended such a righteous person. But as a woman, I have all the reasons to accept him as my lover.” → Elsey
“So you’re really accepting the fact that you’re a woman now. And quite fast at that.” → Shen
“Yes. And it’s because of Alexander. If there wouldn’t have been anyone to accept me, then I might have killed myself sooner or later.” → Elsey

Her sad smile made me look at her dumbfounded.

Kill yourself for not being accepted by anyone? What? Then I should have died long ago when I was in elementary and middle school. Just how can you think like that just because of that? Or maybe you mean “Kill yourself because you can’t accept yourself” Isn’t it? And even then, isn’t it too much? → Shen

With a frown, I thought to myself without getting to a clear fact of why she would end up with such a conclusion. Being a grown-up, Elsey was already aware of what I was thinking as she explained with a helpless smile.

“Sometimes loneliness is a form of torture that might turn insane even the strongest of men, Sir Johan. Not many can live like a hermit: alone all their lives. And I am one of those who need to have someone to live with. Someone to keep me company, to help me, and at the same time for me to be able to help back and, now as a woman, to support. We are sociable creatures while loneliness is a toxin for us. You must understand that not everyone has such power to combat this toxin. You must understand that not everyone is as strong as you, Johan.” → Elsey

A sudden headache struck me as vivid memories of a young boy being struck by a gip flashed before my eyes, with me trying my hardest to speak with him and keep him awake.

Not everyone… is as strong as you… Jo… han…

His last words resonated strongly within me as my entire being shook for a moment.


“Eh? S-sir? Are you alright?” → Elsey
“I’m fine…” → Shen

I lightly shook my head and tried to calm my rushing heart, overflowing tiredness and sadness washing over my heart as I weakly raised my head.

Now I remember about you as well, John… Your old man made me promise quite the troublesome thing, didn’t he… → Shen

I looked at the cloudy sky as I thought of the promise with that old man, asking me to help if a reaching hand will ever appear before me.

I then simply tried to clear my thoughts as I stared at Elsey with some respect, a weak smile forming on my face.

“Well, at the end of it all, you’re able to accept yourself now, and I’m able to respect that. Not many would be able to suddenly accept the idea of living as the opposite sex when they never truly asked for it.” → Shen

Hearing me actually say something kind, Elsey lightly chuckled and asked amused.

“I expected from someone like you to dislike transgenders.” → Elsey
“First of all: You’re not a transgender, but a full-fledged woman. What makes one a woman or a man is the body, the soul being genderless. And second: I indeed can’t accept the idea of changing sexual organs however we want when at the molecular level we’re still what we were born as. At least if you change, then change completely. Besides, we choose ourselves what gender to be born as when we were still spirits. Now suddenly changing is like spitting on your own face, is just too confusing for me to understand why you would do that willingly. But yeah, as long as it has nothing to do with me, people can do whatever the hell they want for all I care.” → Shen
“I expected nothing less from you.” → Elsey

I shook my head while Elsey giggled at my logical yet indifferent answer. Then she calmed down and asked with a smile.

“I suppose you came here to do something, right? You normally don’t leave your room if is nothing important.” → Elsey
“Indeed. I’m here to ask you more about the Fire Wings and this new power named The Liberators. As a player, you must have heard of them at least once after entering this kingdom.” → Shen

Elsey thought for a while then she remembered something.

“Ah! Now that I think about it. There was a clan at one point which had a castle as a base, their leader apparently being strong enough to win some kind of competition, giving the clan enough gold to build a few bases…” → Elsey

Is she talking about the Fire Wings? → Shen

I thought to myself as I remembered about some rumors of Shiroko being able to win a competition inside the capital and acquire quite a bit of gold to buy herself and her clan a nice castle.

“Hold on a second. A few bases? You mean they have more bases?” → Shen
“That’s what I heard, you know? I heard they came from quite far away as their numbers measured in hundreds.” → Elsey

So they migrated from Jian to Urius, then trespassed inside the enemy continent to reach Victoria… Shiroko did tell us that they wanted to meet up with the Liberators and-…. I finally understand. → Shen

I immediately remembered what that foolish mage Aramis, the actual leader of Fire Wings, talked about when he was alone inside the General’s room at the borders’ fortress.

So what they wish to do now is to unite with the Liberators. Seeing how they made a base right inside Victoria I can tell that their plan is to rush South and meet up with the greatest clan here. → Shen

As I thought to myself, Elsey then continued as her expression turned into worry.

“While I was still outside the village to buy some necessities for William, I found out through some rumors that the Clan got destroyed while the castle conquered. I heard that molds of bodies were raised everywhere around that castle after the massacre that happened inside the main base.” → Elsey
“Anything else? Were there any survivors?” → Shen
“Yes, quite many. They said it was actually internal strife as the name Fire Wings continued to resonate all over the borders of the kingdom. However, lately, their reputation turned for the worse. Although not many caught them doing so because they don’t really wear the badge of their clan, but it said that they pilgrim villages, kidnap women for personal amusement, and show their authority as Energy Masters or Grandmasters. It said now that even bandits joined them for personal reasons.” → Elsey
“So they fell this much. Eh, nothing new.” → Shen

I remembered how the very first month I got transported into this world I already had to fight numerous players drunk in their own power. Now that some residents found out how to use these power-drunks, there was bound for such characters to join and indirectly use them for their own benefits and pleasure.

I shook my head not even surprised by what became of Fire Wings after Shiroko left, and continued to ask, not really expecting anything.

“Well, you got any more info on the Liberators?” → Shen
“Not really. I just know that they’re a group made of players, their leader is named Shen, and they want to unite all the players.” → Elsey
“Sigh~ so no news then.” → Shen

Just as I was about to end the conversation, Elsey suddenly remembered about another incident that attracted her attention.

“About the survivors. I have seen quite a few adventurers with ugly injuries rush inside the forests when I was once with the carriage, going toward the capital. At that time I didn’t give it that much importance as I heard it was the norm for strong monsters to appear in these places and give a hard time to adventurers and hunters. But now that I think about it, there were almost one hundred or so. Even for a high-ranked quest, to have a party of such numbers is quite ridiculous.” → Elsey

My eyes opened wide as I asked immediately.

“In what forest?” → Shen
“The one right beside the capital. I don’t know its name, but I could show it to you if needed.” → Elsey
“How long ago was that?” → Shen
“A-around 2 weeks ago, I think…? But why do you wish to know all of this? You actually want to help them?” → Elsey

Seeing me ask so vehemently about the survivors, Elsey thought that I might be much kinder than I let to see. However, at her words, I snorted and answered sharply.

“Ha, if it was after me, I would’ve just left them to die for good.” → Shen
“Oh? Then why are you so interested in them?” → Elsey
“There are more reasons. Now, thank you for the information.” → Shen

I turned around and wished to leave until my eyes fell on the white roses. Seeing me stare so intently at them, Elsey formed a smug and stepped right in front of them, blocking my view. With a crafty smile, she said.

“If you tell me why you needed all that information, then I’ll try and convince Lord William to offer you one without having you intimidate him. Hmm? What you say?” → Elsey
“You little…” → Shen

I glared sharply at Elsey but this only made her smug deepen. Then I simply sighed and explained to her about the kingdom and how the former leader of the group was now working with us as part of Antara. However, I said nothing too confidential that might give Alexander or anyone else the possibility to backstab and neither about the complicated story with the mutating destiny path this world is taking. In the end, although she remained completely shocked by the news, Elsey then sighed baffled and walked away.

“Very well then… Here, take that smaller one, and be sure to take the roots as well if you wish for it to keep on living.” → Elsey

She then pointed at a very small white rose that was yet to bloom, with barely any spikes on her short stem, not going above 15 cm with around 5 leaves and a pure white flower.

“…  Alright then… Thanks.” → Shen
“Oh~ so you really can say kind words as well?” → Elsey
“Just go already.” → Shen

While still giggling, Elsey left me alone as I focused on the earth element, forming a stone cup. I carefully separated the rose together with its roots and the wet earth from around, slowly placing it inside the cup.

Will this… be enough? → Shen

I asked myself conflicted then returned to my room. William’s wife, Amanta, saw me while sneakily carrying the white rose inside my room and simply smiled naughtily, going up the stairs right after I closed the door to my room.

I then placed the flower on the table right beside the bed and stared at it in confusion while I stood in bed cross-legged.

Now… why I have to take this one again? → Shen

Either by coincidence or she just knew it, Elsey showed me the flower I stared at from the very beginning, making me unable to refuse as I took it the next minute. But now I was confused as for why I did so, only to have myself now stare at it’s pure white closed petals?

Oh, now I know. → Shen

The image of a white-haired girl with silvery eyes popped in my head, as I finally understood why it attracted my attention.

But… why closed petals…? → Shen

Just then, a knocking sound resounded at my door and Sylvia slowly entered my room.

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