Chapter 163: Going Wild

Inside the room, Tara continued to nag Khalid for trying to start a fight with Ashura, while Khalid listened absentmindedly while staring at the ceiling. Seeing how he wasn’t listening to her, Tara stopped and with a dejected face, she dropped on her chair by his side, sighing helplessly.

Right… I almost forgot that Khalid doesn’t care what anybody tells him as long as is not useful knowledge. Haah~ I really wonder just what is he thinking sometimes… → Tara

While she succumbed in her own thoughts, Khalid glanced at her and closed his eyes while saying with a neutral tone.

“Tara, from now on, you’re no longer obligated to come into my working place.” → Khalid
“…Eh?” → Tara

Her face froze as she looked at Khalid’s neutral expression, her complexion paling by the second.

“W-what do you mean-“ → Tara
“Exactly what you heard.” → Khalid
“B-but…why…..?” → Tara

With a shaking voice, Tara asked while trying her best not to burst in tears, thinking that maybe Khalid got sick of her. However, Khalid’s calm voice resounded while a tone of guilt resounded through his words.

“When I was fighting with your brother, at that moment when I wounded him and took one of his arms, for a moment I turned towards you and saw your face. I was able to read a lot of panic and guilt in your eyes, Tara. The snipers I used to take his arm and horn, were exactly the ones you helped me the most to make, the ones you yourself have crafted most of the parts, going by my teachings. That guilt, that sadness when something you poured your heart and soul into making is now used to harm or even take lives… I know that sadness all too well, Tara. And if anything, I wish you’ll never have to experience it ever again.” → Khalid

Khalid’s tone was apologetic and at some points, Tara was able to identify a trembling of sadness. Although his eyes were closed, Tara was able to read a lot of sadness and pain from his furrowed brows, a pain that only a young weapon crafter could feel.

Finally having a taste of the poison Khalid had to drink every time he heard that his creations were used against the four races, Tara’s eyes started to tear up as she reached out toward his hand, lowering her head in frustration.

“Even so… I don’t wish to leave…” → Tara

Feeling her hand trying to hold his, Khalid had more mixed feelings as he was unsure whenever to accept her again or keep her away so she won’t feel the same pain. In the end, he retracted his arm and shook his head, his voice firm.

“No, Tara. Can’t you see? Today I harmed your brother, tomorrow I might harm the entire kingdom. Although the churches take me for a heretic and what-not, I’m still someone with great crafting knowledge. They said they’ll execute me, but in truth, they wished to take control over my mind with some mind-controlling devices so I could create more weapons for them. I was unable to tell Ryu this, but an armistice might come to be in Antara’s disfavor. This might really put in danger this kingdom.” → Khalid
“No…” → Tara

In a hushed tone, Tara answered as her head fell, holding his hand with both of hers now. Seeing this, Khalid tried to retract his hand once again but to no avail. His hand was simply unmoving.

“Tara, don’t be unreasonable. You’re putting me into a difficulty here.” → Khalid
“I said no!” → Tara

She then exclaimed as tears fell down her cheeks. She shook her head vehemently as she continued to shout, her heart stinging from the fact that Khalid tried to push her away.

“Nobody is going to harm you, Khalid! I will always be by your side to protect you! As for this sadness. If this is the price of being by your side, then I’ll accept it! I don’t wish for you to feel this burden alone! Let me share it! I want to help you, Khalid. Please don’t push me aside anymore!” → Tara
“What…?” → Khalid

Unable to say a word, Khalid looked at Tara in confusion and surprise, asking a question rather involuntarily.

“But why do you care so much…?” → Khalid

At his question, Tara stopped for a moment while looking with big eyes into nothingness. She then glanced at Khalid a few times and touched her heart shily. Slowly after, she sat down beside him on the bed and leaned more towards him, with a blush she whispered slowly.

“Maybe… maybe because I like you, Khalid…” → Tara

The shine in her moist eyes, together with the deep blush on her face made Khalid unable to doubt her words, and at the same time, unable to take that like as a simple one the way she also likes everyone inside the kingdom.

You mean… she’s in love with me…? But… why? Since when? → Khalid

Seeing his dazed expression, Tara lowered her head as she touched his chest, her eyes sparkling with emotions.

“Are you… against it?” → Tara

Awakening from his daze, Khalid tried to wake his top from the bed, only to feel a stabbing pain at his rib area.

Ugh… Is it just me…? Or the pain is more intense…? → Khalid

Rather than stop moving, Khalid continued to get up, ignoring the feeling of pain which he almost forgot how it felt like. Afterward, he looked at Tara who was waiting for his answer and simply reached out and pulled her head to his chest using just one arm.

“Ah…? Khalid?” → Tara

Her face turned burning red as Khalid was embracing her to his chest, able to hear his heart slowly beating harder.

“I don’t wish to be protected but to protect. I don’t want my burden to be shared by anyone, because everyone has their own and their own is enough for everyone. And I don’t wish for you to feel sadness, Tara. But I don’t want to go against your wish either. If this is what you want, then you’re free to do so. Don’t you regret it later.” → Khalid
“…I won’t regret it. This much I know for sure.” → Tara

With a blissful smile, Tara hugged him back as she buried her face on his chest, getting on the bed by his side under his blanket. Seeing her bold move, Khalid’s face paled, raising his hands to surrender.

“W-wait a moment. This is an infirmary, isn’t it? What if someone enters and sees you in my bed? Especially your brother?” → Khalid
“Nobody will come now when you’re recuperating. As for brother, I just kicked him out. He shouldn’t be coming back for a while.” → Tara
“Even so, why are you in my bed?” → Khalid

Little drops of sweat appeared on his forehead as he saw Tara getting more comfortable in bed by his side, unable to understand just since when was Tara so daring and filled with courage.

Ah, hold up. I do remember once when she sat on my lap right before Ashura entered and made a mess inside my working place… Now that I think about it. If Ashura was such a hot-blooded daring person, It would’ve been quite weird for Tara to not have at least one similar trait as her brother. → Khalid

Then he glanced at Tara who was now hugging his waist in bed, inviting him to lay down by her side.

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But from all those traits, it had to be the daringness…

Khalid sighed exasperatedly as he was unsure whether to try to get up or to just lie back down in bed and focus on controlling his animalistic desires. Although he was well aware that Tara is only 15 years old, as a dragoon, her body’s forms were much like one of a 17 to 18 years old woman, the only difference being the smaller proportions overall, making for Khalid to be unable to focus as she pressed her body on him.

 Until he could finally make a decision, Tara got up and pushed him down, a small smile on her face as she laid down right beside him, hugging his arm with care.

“You might be healed, but your body still needs to adjust. Having your internals injured then healed in such a short time, it would make any adept power-rank to be unable to move for a period of time. Now just lay down and relax.” → Tara
“How am I supposed to relax with you by my side?” → Khalid

Completely stiff, Khalid asked with a neutral look on his face as he was unsure if Tara was teasing him in a rather sadistic manner or was truly unaware of what she was doing.

Confused by his question, Tara asked as she was not sure.

“Am I making you uncomfortable?” → Tara
“Don’t know? You tell me how it feels to have a man by your side, both of you laying on the same bed for the first time.” → Khalid
“I’m feeling relaxed and warm inside. I could stay like this for days.” → Tara

She answered back with a bright smile while clinching even closer to him.

“I give up.” → Khalid

Unable to give any more complaints to such a pure-minded girl, Khalid simply sighed out and closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep as fast as possible.

While Khalid and Tara had a good time together, Ryu who stood atop a stone-tower around 200 meters away from the temple, stared through the window at the two who slept in the same bed, an amused smirk on his face.

Glad that Khalid finally opened up to someone. → Ryu

As Ryu bit on a dried piece of bacon from atop the roof of the tower, another silhouette appeared behind him as two slender and beautiful hands covered his eyes while a sweet and enchanting voice resounded by his ear, surprising him into turning bright red.

“It’s not nice to peek at someone else’s sweet time~.” → Bonny
“Err~… Forgive me this one time, my queen.” → Ryu
“I refuse.” → Bonny

The voice approached even more to his ear, close enough to feel her moist breath, then a light biting sensation made Ryu’s blood to flow even faster as he felt his breath rushing. His eyes glowing golden as his sharp pupils glanced at Bonny’s seductive body. He then massaged his temples and sighed out, trying to control his revolving dragon instincts.

“May I ask for what reason is her highness searching for me? You could have waited for me inside the office after my pause ended.” → Ryu
“Why~? Can’t I move out to search for my dear king?” → Bonny

She then moved her hands toward his chest and hugged him firmly from behind while lightly kissing his neck. “Danger” was the best word to describe what Ryu was feeling at this moment as he turned around while holding her hands away from him, his instincts slowly activating at the provocative sensations.

“Really not the right place for this.” → Ryu
“I know~.” → Bonny

Using her [Soul Eyes], Bonny was able to see his aura swirl, as a huge amount of energy was already concentrated at his Root Chakra, a reflexive reaction of the spiritual body when aroused. Seeing all this, Bonny felt truly amused for being able to excite Ryu to such heights only by slightly teasing him.

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It might also be because of the natural lust of a dragon, but seeing the always-composed Ryu so stiff and flustered already makes me unable to hold back my teasing. → Bonny

“Hey, Ryu.” → Bonny
“Yes…?!” → Ryu

With a naughty smile, Bonny called out to Ryu, only to surprise him with a deep kiss the moment he turned around.

At that moment, Ryu felt like something was about to snap in his mind if Bonny continued to tease him so straightforwardly. He then pushed her down and locked her hands above her head, glaring with wild eyes at her amused and naughty expression, unable to understand just what was she thinking. Both of them were now laying down atop the tower, but no one had enough time to take a breather and look upwards to discover the two lovebirds.

“My queen. You’re playing with fire. Did you know that?” → Ryu
“I am the queen, so I can play with whatever I wish.” → Bonny
“Even if you could burn yourself?” → Ryu
“If it’s you who will burn me, then I’ll do so gladly.” → Bonny
“… You’re really driving me nuts.” → Ryu

A shine of confusion flashed through Ryu’s wild eyes as he tried his best to control himself. But Bonny already knew that once driven so far, he will surely go wild after one or two more pushes.

“Just what are you after? This is too sudden, unlike you.” → Ryu
“Is it wrong to wish for some fun?” → Bonny
“You…” → Ryu

His sharp canines showed threateningly as he lightly growled at her nape, making for her breath to quicken beside his ear. Although Ryu’s aura was quite pressuring at the moment, his eyes ferocious while his grip strong, Bonny couldn’t help but giggle at such a bestial aura, knowing that Ryu would never harm her, and neither would he do something too naughty to her in such an open space. However, she still overlooked something.

With a grin, Ryu then took her in his arms and covered both of them in a shadow, activating the spell [Shadow Merging] of demons.

“Eh?” → Bonny

Seeing how Bonny’s expression stiffened while shadows covered both of them, Ryu finally felt like he won this round as he slowly whispered in her ear with a rather threatening tone.

“You know just how hard is for me to control myself and yet you start teasing? Gotta teach you a lesson, my little naughty queen.” → Ryu

Her heart jumped in delight as her eyes shone in anticipation, but she still imitated a shy and embarrassed character, evading eye contact as she covered her grin with both hands.

“Then… please be gentle…” → Bonny

She whispered lightly, but Ryu was able to read the shrewd glint in her eyes, understanding just how exactly she was feeling. Even so, at this moment his wild and chaotic dragonic instincts made him unable to really care about what Bonny was scheming, finding her reactions only as approbation for him to do as he desires.

While being enveloped by shadows, Ryu easily rushed inside Bonny’s office without being detected by anyone, at the same time still holding her in his arms with desire shone in his eyes stronger and stronger. After they arrived in her office, Ryu immediately placed her on the bed. With a quick slash of his claws, he immediately ripped the mulled black dress that enchantingly showed her voluptuous curves.

“Kya?!” → Bonny

A light shout of surprise escaped Bonny’s mouth as she suddenly felt her body exposed, instinctively hiding her more private parts from Ryu’s eyes, her underwear being also torn from that one slash.

Seeing her inoffensive reactions, Ryu laughed aloud as he ripped off the shirt on himself then locked her both hands above her head with a rather mocking smile, placing himself atop her with a domineering aura.

“Where is that daring person from a while back? You said you’re not afraid to play with fire, right? Now just why are you-….” → Ryu

As he wished to continue, he finally took a better look at her, remaining dazed by what he was seeing.

Ryu was now atop of her while being mesmerized by her beautiful bare body with beautifully blushing and enchanting expression, sniffing her sweet and addictive scent, and hearing her heart breathing and rushing from the excitement.

At first embarrassed for being stared at like that, slowly but surely, she started to feel more confident in herself as she observed Ryu’s aura turn pinker, at some parts having a brighter color, while in other places, a darker shade. She slowly freed one arm and reached out at the dazed Ryu and with her finger, she slowly caressed his chin then pushed it upwards, looking at him with quite some superiority, trying to provoke him even more.

“So this is everything the mighty king can offer? I expected it to be a stronger flame. But here I only feel a tiny spark.” → Bonny
“…Little girl. I see you’re asking for troubles.” → Ryu

Hearing her words, Ryu instantly broke out from his daze as his aura boomed. The wood from the bed started to crack while the walls vibrated from the strong aura Ryu emanated. His golden eyes shone threateningly while his muscles seemed to tense up as his instincts almost took over, telling him to dominate and conquer.

For a moment, even Bonny twitched at his imposing appearance, feeling somewhat in danger, but she couldn’t help but remember what Sylvia told her that one time when she asked her how to be able to borrow a Dragon’s Power.


Back in time, when Sylvia was still chatting with Bonny inside her office, describing to her how to absorb the essence of a dragon.

“As a Seer, you should be able to observe his aura while he’s aroused, no? The way it’s focused on the Root Chakra shows how a huge amount of energy is ready to be released so it could give birth to new life. However, as cultivators, we can use that energy to strengthen ourselves and enchant our powers. Exchange of such concentrated energy will also cleanse the meridians and quicken the judgment.” → Sylvia
“I-I’m more or less aware of that. You’re talking about the sexual energies, right? But what do they have anything to do with the borrowed powers of a dragon?” → Bonny
“To acquire the powers of a dragon, you need their essence to form a seal. And to get their essence you either need their core or their seed~.” → Sylvia

She smiled naughtily while Bonny reddened in the face. Although she already did it two times with Ryu before, the thought of sleeping with Ryu still made her heart race.

“You said there is also the way with the core? How does that work? And what core?” → Bonny

At her question, Sylvia made a complicated smile as she answered reserved.

“Well~… normally, such powerful beings as S ranked monsters and above will always crystalize their hearts to make it able to circulate the chi just as efficiently as blood. Being one of the main organs for energy circulation, the heart also contains the strongest essence of the individual, together with the bone marrow.” → Sylvia
“S-so If I want to absorb the dragon essence from Ryu I first must take his core by…” → Bonny
“Yep…” → Sylvia
“… I’d rather not do that.” → Bonny
“Wise choice.” → Sylvia

Bonny then sighed again and a deep blush formed on her face once again as she asked sheepishly.

“B-but… Won’t I drain him of his powers if I take his dragon powers?” → Bonny

At her question, Sylvia shook her head and lightly pointed at her heart.

“By taking his essence, you will form a bond, just like I and Shen had with our Heart-connection but more powerful, through which you two will be able to use the abilities, skills, spells, and tell the feelings of each other, forming a seal through which all of this will be exchanged between you two.” → Sylvia
“So not only won’t he lose anything, but he’ll also be able to acquire the same abilities as mine and maybe even reach another level with his meditations?” → Bonny
“Exactly that.” → Sylvia
“Please teach me how to acquire his essence!” → Bonny

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