Chapter 41: The sin’s power

On Ryu’s part:

Ryu was heavily breathing with a red face while he tried his best to control his animalistic urges.

Ugh! Damn it! Is harder than I imagined… okay now, focus. → Ryu

Ryu closed his eyes and started to meditate. He appeared in his mind where everything was dark while he was sitting there as if waiting for something.

“Oh~? You finally came to play with me~?” → Ryu

A sweet and familiar voice sounded from behind.

“B-Bonny?” → Ryu

Ryu was surprised. Normally, the other sins would transform into himself, but this one appeared as Bonny in an extremely alluring dress. It showed a huge part of the plump breasts while having a lateral cut, revealing a tanned and beautiful hip.

“Fufufu~ what? You don’t like seeing me here?” → Bonny

Bonny walked sensually in front of Ryu then she grabbed his hand with a naughty look.

“Why are you not saying anything~? Are you not the kind who takes the initiative? So cute~ then let me help you.” → Bonny

Then she used Ryu’s hand to fondle her own big breasts.

“Hangh~ it feels so good~.” → Bonny

She breathed heavily while letting out lewd sounds repeatedly, making Ryu’s mind darken.

“You’re still saying nothing? Then, what if we do this~?” → Ryu

She then lowered Ryu’s hand lower and lower. Right before to reach her most private zone, Ryu retracted his hand.

“Oh~? Are we shy now-” → Bonny

Bonny thought Ryu got shy but when she saw his eyes, she froze in place.

“…Are you done with screwing around?” → Ryu

Ryu’s eyes were ice-cold. He was completely angered after seeing a demon taking his loved one’s form and starting playing around with her body in front of him. His blood boiled from the anger.

“H-how…? W-why aren’t you charmed?!” → Lust

Why? What a stupid question.” → Ryu

He punched out hard and everything in front distorted. Even though everything happened in his mind, the fire from inside his heart got completely extinguished by that one powerful blow.

“Is because my heart wasn’t accepting you. So it was extremely easy to understand who you truly are.” → Ryu

Afterward, Ryu woke up with throbbing temples. Even though Lust recreated the perfect image of the one and only person Ryu held dear in his heart, it was still unable to recreate the true love she would show to him. The only thing Lust did was to show Ryu the “lust” with no “love”, something that made his stomach revolt for a moment. Thinking that Bonny might become such a person left a sour and bitter taste in his mouth.

“…What a crappy sin…” → Ryu

Ryu was still angry after he opened his eyes. His handcuffs were shattered, he subconsciously used chi and focused it on his hands when he punched out. Because of that, the handcuffs blew up from absorbing too much energy, unable to resist the ridiculous amount discharged in one go. At night when Bonny visited him, she gave him another set of handcuffs, being completely shocked after seeing in what state the old ones got.

“Are you all right? Why are you so mad about?” → Bonny

Bonny was able to read his angered face and was curious about what happened.

“Nothing…” → Ryu

“Are you sure~?” → Bonny

Bonny got even more curious and with mischievous eyes, got closer to his face.

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Seeing her eyes filled with affection and feelings for him, made Ryu’s heart beat faster and a slight blush appeared on his cheeks after seeing her face so up close. In the end, he gave up then he lowered his eyes and whispered:

“…That damn demon took your form in my mind…he started playing around so I got angry and by mistake I exploded, destroying the handcuffs…” → Ryu

Sigh… So Shen was right… The heart is what makes the difference, not the body. Ah man~, I’m afraid of the moment when Bonny will become aware of the power she has over me now… I need to be the first to take the lead. → Ryu

Ryu thought with an awkward smile at the thought of having Bonny tease him whenever she wished, aware that he won’t be able to resist her.

Bonny looked with wide open eyes then started blushing after understanding what Ryu meant by “playing around”.

“I-I see…you didn’t like it when that demon played in front of you after he took my form…” → Bonny

She reddened even more then suddenly kissed him on the lips.

“Hey… Finish this test faster, okay? I’m starting to feel lonely…” → Bonny

After they started the relationship, they would play around every night. Going from hugging to kissing and sometimes even touching, not going ‘to the end’ for now, still feeling unready.

“Huh? Uh…uhuh…” → Ryu

Ryu was dazed by her words and sudden kiss. After watching her leave, he became a little bit frustrated.

Haah… I too, wish this would end faster. → Ryu

At night, Ryu dreamed the huge Behemoth again.

[Well done, dragonized mortal… Now teh test will become only harder… Teh next Sin thou hast to face is Greed… Thus is also teh most powerful sin for dragons… I wish thee good luck, dragonized mortal…]

The Behemoth’s voice was old and powerful, making one able to feel the divinity and power of the primordial beast.

“Thanks…” → Ryu

With stretched nerves, Ryu waited for the next morning when:


He woke up and the first thoughts he had were to make everyone powerful enough so he could go and destroy the two empires, taking all that power under him and becoming the Supreme Emperor. He also wished to use the entire weaponry Shen left behind to his own interest and build the greatest Empire on Sario.

“Ugh! Damn, the greed is really overbearing! Alright… focus. Imagine that same world, build your body inside your mind and get inside it…”

After entering another trance, Inside his own mind, Ryu appeared while looking at someone in front of him.

There was another Ryu on the other part, looking at him with indifference.

“So… Shall we start?” → Ryu

Ryu asked Greed when he saw him sitting there, doing nothing.

“How barbaric, resorting to violence the moment we see each other. Our friend Wrath would love to meet you.” → Greed

“…Then what do you wish to do? Talk?” → Ryu

“You fool. You know who I am but you don’t even know how to use me. Let me take control of your body and I’ll bring riches in your deposit and people will bow at your feet! Ruins of kingdoms will be left behind your every step and even gods will have no choice but to accept you in their ranks when I’ll be done with this world!”  → Greed

Greed’s ambition and passion were felt from his tone and eyes. However, Ryu still looked with apathetic eyes at him, completely uninterested about any of that.

“…I refuse.” → Ryu

After saying these words, Ryu launched himself in front like an arrow from a bow. His fist already filled with chi and destructive power.

“YOU FOOL!” → Greed

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Greed was angered and punched in front, meeting Ryu’s fist with another fist.

A strong shockwave was formed, forming all around them a wave of concrete and dust. One person was sent flying out the dust-cloud with his hand broken, while the other one stepped out with sharp eyes and a bloody fist.

“You’re the fool. There might be a lot of idiots asking for your help, but not me. And meeting my fist with yours? Really?” → Ryu

Ryu then dashed right in front of Greed with [Sliding Step] and punched again, breaking his skull in pieces.

“Get lost from inside my body, I have a lot of work to do.” → Ryu

After that, he wanted to end the meditation when-

“Do you think it was that easy?”

A domineering and more hoarse voice boomed from behind, then the sound of air being cut resounded as if a rocket was launched toward him.

“Pff!” → Ryu

Blood splattered on the ground from inside Ryu’s mouth while he was flying and jumping on the ground repeatedly.

Before Ryu could even turn around, a dragon-like claw hit him, making him turn in a bloody mess and get pushed far away, tumbling on the ground like a stone on water. Luckily, this was his mind, he remade his body and got up fast, his soul being shocked by the sudden mental impact.

Haah, haah… so you can also do that?” → Ryu

Ryu grinned wildly while gazing sharply at Greed. In front of him, Greed was using Dragonic Materialization, showing his sharp canines and strong tail that struck the ground around, turning it into rubles. Greed smiled mockingly and said:

“From now on, every sin will only become stronger, this much was only natural. Well, you don’t really need to know that, I’ll destroy your mind here and take control over the rest.” He gazed at him with insane eyes then launched himself at Ryu.

“…土 (earth) Set: First move [landscape].” → Ryu

Ryu stood relaxed with both hands in front, looking like he gave up and surrendered, waiting for Greed to strike. He was able to learn some martial moves from Shen’s books, being constantly pestered by Bonny into reading.

“What are you doing? Idiot! If you wish to die that fast then just continue sitting there!” → Greed

When Greed’s punch was right in front of his face, Ryu grabbed with his right then redirected the punch around him; looking like a matador, redirecting a bull by grabbing his horns and making him turn back 180 degrees around himself. With the other hand, he pressed hard on his head and jumped on his back, looking like he was surfing on Greed while locking his arm at the back and pushing his head on the ground.

The first impact broke the ground which seemed to be made of concrete then he continued to slide and destroy the ground in front for another ten meters.

“YOU! Using such petty tricks against me-!” → Greed

Before he could say any more, Ryu used another move from the earth set.

“K’un set-second move, [Shattering Step].” → Ryu

Ryu made a light gesture by stepping on Greed’s back. However, the shock was strong enough to form a shockwave which resounded everywhere around both of them for hundreds of meters. The earth under both of them cracked and quaked, while boulders rose from the pressure. Greed, who was right under Ryu, felt the impact in full, having his body shattered and vomiting some of his intestines.

Ryu didn’t stop. This was his mind and spirit, he had to be sure that the work was finished completely.

“[Godly Punch]” → Ryu

From the Spirit Fighter’ Set, he used the strongest ability. Around his gauntlets, the 3 stones started spinning, glowing with 3 colors: Black, dark blue and yellow, emanating an oppressing and cold aura. Behind his shoulder, some kinds of huge blue crystal shards appeared, pointing at his elbow, looking like some kind of engines ready to push Ryu’s punch with all the power they had. When Ryu punched, the energy-shards circulated like lightning through his hand, being released in an explosive form through his fist.

The impact shattered the ground while sending huge blocks of concrete flying everywhere around. Greed’s body was completely shattered, making it disappear from inside his mind, this time for good.

After he woke up from the meditation, Ryu reviewed the fight.

“I need to be more careful from now on. That was my first “death” inside the mental world… I don’t know what happens if I die too many times, but I’m not that curious either.” → Ryu

Ryu looked down at his chains. He saw them chipped in some places and a little cracked in other.

…I really need to be more careful… → Ryu


Back on my part, I tried my best to control the mana fluctuations while my mind was slowly drifting away..


I roared like a mad-man at the ceiling while thin strands of blood dripped from my lips. My eyes were red while the chains that locked me down we’re shaking, almost breaking. The handcuffs were burning red, two of them already being destroyed. From 8, only 3 remained and they were already in a pretty sorry state. The wood which made the walls were filled with cracks while in some parts it was completely torn down. I was still unaware that when I got into this world, I forgot the level of power my will-power has at this point. Being able to create wind-blades or burning flames with my will alone, even though difficult, it was still possible for me. And being under the control of Wrath, the rage and fury I felt at that moment, made me create such phenomena inside the room without me really wishing to. It was simply because of the uncontrollable rage.

While this happened in the outside, Inside my mind, the stone floor was shattered everywhere the eye could see.

“雷 (thunder) set! [Lightning Steps]!” → Shen

I was running around while I was chased by another me with completely dark eyes and 2 stars burning inside them.

”My God! How can this demon be so hard to handle?!” → Shen

“Oy oy oy! What are you running for?! Just stay still and FIGHT! Be a true warrior and confront your weakness!” → Wrath

Wrath shouted at me while punching out, destroying the ground beside me and sending debris flying everywhere.

“Screw off! Who’ll start a fist-fight with you? Entering ‘One with the Universe’ state and then wish for me to fight you like that?! How retarded are you?!” → Shen

I shouted back irritated.

I continued to side-step and dodge his hits and shadow palms which turned the ground of concrete into asunder.

While I was thinking for a strategy, from behind me a dark shadow materialized and whispered in my head in a hoarse voice.

[Why are you still alive?]

The voice was filled with hate, malice and disgust. It was a hoarse and somehow broken voice. As if talking through a broken megaphone.

“?!” → Shen

I hastily turned around only to see a slender and long body, with a huge and round dark head. One eye was missing while the other one was round with a tiny pupil, looking at me with an insane gaze. The mouth was sewed in a smile, with no lips or teeth. The entity was completely black as if being a character from a horror cartoon.

My heart froze when I saw the monstrous creature. I had a feeling as if I knew who he was but I couldn’t recall any memory.

“Y-you… Who?” → Shen

I asked with a terrified look on my face.

“Roah!” → Wrath

Suddenly from behind me, Wrath punched out and destroyed my lower half, send the other one flying for more than 20 m.

“Pfff~!” → Shen

I sprayed blood from my mouth because of the impact. I tried to rebuild my body but the speed at which the body healed was ridiculously slow. In a mental world, as long as you still had the heart or the head intact, you could rebuild the body no matter how damaged, in just a few seconds. But this time it was as if I was healing by using Prana. Even though still fast, it was incomparably slow to how it was before.

“W-what is happening?!” → Shen

I was shocked. This wasn’t the first time I got my body destroyed in a mental space, but it was the first when the healing was slowed to such degrees.

[If your mind breaks, then you’ll also die.]

The demonic entity said with his sharp and hoarse voice


“Y-you…” → Shen

For one reason or another, this monster made me feel fear. I wasn’t able to control my own emotions and I felt like I was almost succumbing into terror when…

Get a hold of yourself, warrior.

Another domineering voice resounded in my head.

I woke up from my stunned state then recognized the voice instantly.

“Second Will?” → Shen

Yes. What are you doing? Getting scared by your own doll-type devil?

The voice asked somewhat irritated.

“Doll?” → Shen

I didn’t know what he meant but I also had no more time to think.

“Ora! What are you sleeping for?!” → Wrath

Wrath appeared from above and landed right where I was before dodging. The ground shattered and boulders were sent flying everywhere around.

“Hah?! Do you think you have time to converse with your devils while fighting with me? It seems I’m being looked down upon!” → Wrath

“I really have no time for you! Damn warmonger!” → Shen

Now I was more irritated than afraid.

Second Will, I ask for you to tell me a way to get rid of that devil. At least until I finish here. → Shen

You can’t get rid of him.

The voice said seriously.

W-what?! → Shen

I dodged another one of Warth’s strikes after I got my legs reattached.

‘Ugh! He’s the bastard that’s interfering with my healing, right? And what do you mean I can’t get rid of him?!’ → Shen

‘You can’t get rid of a devil you yourself summoned.’

‘Again, what the hell are you talking about?!’ → Shen

I was more and more agitated. While dodging Warth’s fists and spells, the Doll Devil would suddenly appear in front of me, making me hesitate on my next move. Because of this, I lost another arm after not dodging in time.

“F****** hell!” → Shen

I felt like snapping. I tried to fight back, only to get more pushed around.

“Hahaha~! Yes! Be more angered, be more enraged! Feel. The. Wrath! ROAH!” → Wrath

Wrath then shouted out a shockwave which sent me flying. While I was still in the air, Wrath appeared before me and punched out toward my chest for God knows how many times now.

“Grr… Shut up for once, you piece of sh*t.” → Shen

I growled, rather in annoyance than from pain. The punch entered through my chest and I grabbed his arm in place.

“Is my turn now!” → Shen

I roared then turned around, falling on top of him.

The fall was more violent than I thought. A huge crater formed but I ignored that. I got up with a severed arm inside my chest then stepped on top of Wrath’s chest with a brutal force and unleashed fury.

“[Seismic Step] 100.000 mana!” → Shen

I snapped and used up almost two-thirds of my full mana.

The step broke the area around for one km, completely shattering Warth’s mental body and also destroying my leg. Huge blocks of stone rose in the sky all around me from the strong pressure in one point.

Huff, huff…” → Shen

I was breathing roughly, barely able to stand on my one left leg.

[I won’t let this happen.]

A terrifying voice made my blood freeze and turn around in a haste. The devil then appeared in front of Wrath’s smashed body. He reached out with one of his slender and ridiculously long arms, then inserted his sharp and long nails inside the body, inserting his own dark and violent energy inside it.

“Gah!” → Wrath

The body then got up in an unnatural way, as if being pulled by strings from above.

“You! Go to your mother! Damn pumpkin-head!” → Shen

I got up and prepared for combat again. My leg was still regenerating while Warth got up completely fine.

“Ehehe~ It seems your devil is favoring me. Why don’t you also give me your body then?!” → Wrath

Wrath then shot out toward me again.

I used my fine leg to dodge by using the storm set of moves. While doing so, I tried to talk some more with Second Will.

‘Please tell me that there is at least a way to lock that damn doll down!’

I felt like a vein would explode in my head from all the irritation. My own feelings were controlled by the devil, making me snap or freeze from rage or fright now and then, while at the same time Wrath consumed the energy from inside my Raging Fire to grow stronger. If this continued, let alone the huge lizard’s test, I would fail even the God’s Test because Wrath would use my body to kill everyone, then I would have to be locked into Tartarus for God knows how many Eons.

There is. Inside your soul, there are chains which lock you two together. Try to find and control them. You should be able to lock this devil back inside your soul.

… So I really can’t get rid of it… → Shen

“[Spike Wave]!” → Wrath

Wrath then lashed upwards with his hand in the form of a claw, as if tearing something in front. After his movements, more and more spikes shot up from the ground, coming toward me like a wave. The spikes were huge, around 5m and sharp enough to penetrate my body with ease. I was sure that once impaled by one, my death would be assured. While the danger was coming, I closed my eyes and focused.

[Don’t move.]

The devil then appeared in front of me and tried to stop my movements by intimidating.


I stood in place, then suddenly opened my eyes which shone with a green color.


I commanded while imbuing almost all the mana I still had inside this one power-word.

Everything then froze in place, as if time itself has stopped. Even I was frozen, but that wasn’t a problem for now. I closed my eyes again and tried to enter into a trance. I tried to see whatever kind of connection I had with the devil when I suddenly felt my left leg as if being restricted. I directed my consciousness on it and I saw around my wrist, a dark and rusted chain.

This is the connection with the devil? It feels more like a seal. → Shen

You’ll know sooner or later about your connection with this devil. Until then, you will have no possibility of getting rid of him.

The voice resounded with the same firm tone.

… Then let’s stop him from pestering me, at least. → Shen

I focused on the chains and tried to find the other end. When I visualized the entire chain, I observed the devil had the other end of the chain attached around his thin neck. I tried to grab onto it to drag him inside me with only my consciousness and soul power.


The devil growled and resisted. Even though he was locked down by my power-word, his consciousness was still free to do as wished.

Ugh… Damn persistent. → Shen

I used more and more power until almost all of my mana got drained.

Once you make him have contact with your body, I will be able to chain him down.

Second Will said with an urgent tone. Even though he was something close to an ‘Artificial Intelligence’ made by my own spirit, he still knew exactly when to take action and when to remain on standby.

Good to know then! → Shen

I used more and more power to drag the devil toward me then shouted in annoyance because of his resistance.

“Move! You damn low-life!” → Shen


After I shouted out the words ‘low-life’, the devil stopped in track and looked at me with his big and round eye. He stood unmoving for 5 good seconds then his eyes darkened completely.


He roared out in a heart-chilling noise and burst toward me like a broken doll, head first. His mouth was completely open with blood flowing from the sewed wounds, while his one eye turned completely dark with a blood-red slit shining, replacing the pupil.

“Woah! What the f***?!” → Shen

I got scared out of my mind and closed my eyes from the fright. The terrifying image of the devil made me stiff and unable to move, reacting like an inexperienced fighter by simply closing my eyes and awaiting the end.

I got you now!

Then the domineering voice from inside my mind boomed. When the devil touched me, five long chains shot out and tied themselves around the devil’s neck and limbs, dragging him inside my soul. While he was dragged like a carpet on the ground and writhe like a mad dog, the devil shouted out in deafening shrieking curses and insults towards me.


The devil’s chilling screams and curses reverberated in the mental space, making my head hurt and even the ground to crack.

After I finally got rid of him, my mind was so tired, I wasn’t even able to heal up the little cuts I still had on me.

Suddenly, the spell I used shattered like glass and the time started to flow again.

The spikes continued to shot out from the ground towards me with incredible speed and ferocity.

I dodged to the right but I still got one spike inside my shoulder. I broke the spike and continued to sidestep with it still inside me.

“I can see you’re out of tricks. With no mana, I wonder what you’ll do now.” → Wrath

Wrath made a sick smile while walking slowly toward me.

S***… Is true. I used up all my mana… If I try to use only my chi, will I have any chance? → Shen

While trying to think of a way or another, I suddenly hear another voice inside my head.

[Are you seriously pushed back by a trash?]

A domineering and ethereal voice boomed inside the space I created. Both I and Wrath stopped moving.

Great… is it another devil? Or another mental demon? Either way, I can see that a lot of weirdos are gathering inside my head lately. → Shen

While I was starting to worry about my own mental health, Wrath’s face twisted in anger and rage.

“You bastard! Is my turn now! STAY BACK!” → Wrath

Wrath boomed threateningly while pointing at me as if I was a piece of meat, ready to be cooked.

[Your turn? You had no rights in the first place. That lizard summoned you inside my host without asking for my permission. I refuse to have you trashes reside with me.]

The voice appeared extremely domineering and arrogant, booming with power, while some irritation was felt from it.

[You are no longer needed here.]

After he said that, a huge shadow Palm descended from the dark sky, killing Wrath instantly. The Shadow-Palm literally smashed Wrath to dust, creating a palm-print as deep as 5m in the concrete ground.

[We don’t need any pests here. They must be deleted.]

I then feel something entering my Solar Plexus which pulled out the five essences I gathered till now from the test. After they were pulled out, the essences got completely obliterated, evading my material body and succumbing inside the ocean.

“…Are you Pride?”

I asked with caution.

Such power… I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to dodge one hit… I’ll simply go with the current, then. → Shen

[Isn’t it obvious? We’ll have more time talking tomorrow when I’ll have enough power to materialize inside your mind. Till then, sleep. Your mind is completely drained]

Pride commanded and closed the connection without waiting for an answer.

I got back and saw the chains close to being broken, the handcuffs were already destroyed and the walls were almost completely destroyed. When I tried to move, I felt some pain on my shoulder. To my surprise, I got a little bloody hole inside it, still bleeding.

That damn devil… → Shen

I thought with some fear while remembering the insane look on his face.

…I need to make some kind of strategy. At that fight with Wrath…S***! Seriously! What was that…I was completely bullied!

I said with clenched fists. I felt ridiculous, not being able to kill a mental demon but getting almost possessed by him. I got killed 5 times in my mind and still couldn’t think of a way to defeat him.

And also that devil, getting in my way again and again!… Even so, I’m still pretty sure I would not have been able to defeat Wrath even if he wasn’t there… That shattering step was a chance I got from either luck or stupidity. 

I thought with self-ridicule at the moment when I left Wrath to punch through my chest.

Without even hearing, Sylvia entered the room to bring in more handcuffs in case they broke again. After seeing the disaster I created and how I looked down drowned in thoughts, she got worried and ran towards me. She touched my face with both hands looked inside my eyes:

“Shen, what happened with you? Are you alright?” → Sylvia

She was worried about me failing the test and ending up being corrupted by any of the sins.

“…I’m all right, I’m not corrupted by any sin… yet…”

I said the last word through clenched teeth, I was extremely frustrated because of the fail with the last sin.

“Oh, Shen… This time I’ll stay with you. I’ll try and protect you from here and-” → Sylvia

Sylvia wished to continue but I felt more and more ashamed by her words.

“DON’T!” → Shen

Not being able to resist the shame, I boomed uncontrollably at Sylvia. A shocked expression appeared on Sylvia’s face, which made me feel even more ashamed of my own petty self-control. In the end, I tried to calm down and explain myself.

“…I can’t ask of your help here. I thank you for your feelings of wanting to help me… but I can’t let such a thing happen. This time, I can’t ask for help. This is my fight, so there won’t be any kind of support.” → Shen

My eyes burned with resolution and rage. I was angry at myself for not being able to finish what I started, having Pride end the test when I barely landed a hit on Wrath.

Pushed back? I won’t let anyone, EVER! Push me back in my own mind again! No, even in reality. No matter if God or Demon, CRUSH THEM TO THE GROUND! → Shen

I knew that even if I attained enlightenment and got wisdom comparable to the elder gods, I would still not bow down; remaining proud with a pride that reached the heavens. This is my greatest sin which I tried since small to use it in a more productive way.

“…” → Sylvia

Sylvia saw the fire inside my eyes and felt my heart. She understood what was happening and she felt how I was burning my soul for more mental power.

Sylvia suddenly hugged my head and whispered:

“Even gods need some help sometimes, and even the strongest person should learn how to take it easy when is too hard. I understand your wish to fight on your own, but please don’t burn out yourself like this. I need you and I don’t want you to change because of a stupid test. If you really wish for me to let you fight alone, then prove to me you can win without sacrificing a part of your soul, alright? I’ll watch over you with my Soul Eyes. The moment I see your soul is in danger, I will have to interfere in, with or without your wish. You understand this much, right?” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked up at me while she was holding my face in her hands. Because I was chained while standing up, Sylvia still had to get on her toes to reach my face with hers. I saw her affection through her eyes which calmed my burning heart and cooled down my mind.

Haah… I understand. Thank you again. It seems I had some residual energy from Wrath inside me. I’m all right now. Tomorrow I’ll finish the test and everything will turn back to normal, I promise.” → Shen

I reassured Sylvia while making a small smile. I felt a little bit surprised by how easy can her affection calm me down even under the affection of a mental demon. Seeing my smile, Sylvia slightly blushed then she stepped forward. She gave me a light kiss then she left with a happy smile.

I looked at her back with a burning face while still feeling the softness on my lips.

‘That was too sudden, damn it!’

After good minutes in which I had to calm myself, I re-entered meditation and focused on cleaning my meridians, circulating my chi and regaining my strengths.

Sigh… Pride… He seems way too special in comparison with the other sins.”

I thought with a frown, then all that worry just evaporated like smoke.

”Well, it doesn’t matter. This time, I’ll finish it for real. I won’t let what happened today to repeat tomorrow. One more and I’ll be done with this damn test.”

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