Chapter 47: The Chained Ashura

I flew for an hour when I was already at the borders and saw nothing but trees everywhere. The soldiers and beasts couldn’t detect me because I used invisibility and also hid my aura from any living beings. After flying for another two hours, I saw a valley in which a black fortress was built. It had fences around it with walls and towers made from Black Iron.

“I would need to combine [Godly Fist], mountain element and the power of Kundalini only to make a hole as big as me through that wall. Wasn’t Black Iron pretty rare? How can they be so brazen as to use them for walls?” → Shen

I flew closer to the walls and found out there was a barrier around the entire fortress. The only way in was through the main entrance.


I waited for around 40 minutes until I lost my patience.

”If they have no reason to come out, then I’ll give them one!” → Shen

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I flew high in the air, toward the closest mountain-peak around the fortress. I saw a huge wyvern and another beast that looked like a wolf, but it was ten times bigger and his mouth could open even to his neck, making for a terrifying view.

A young wyvern and a Devil’s Dog. This might work out. → Shen

I’ve sent soul-waves in their brains making them instinctively rush to the fortress.

“It’s not really like what Demostius did, but for now, it’s all right.” → Shen

What Demostius tried inside the game, was to take control over the demonic beasts and command an army of them to take over the Vestria domain. Even though what I’m doing is pretty close to it, I’m only sending the beasts the urge to attack, not literally control them. It’s more like I’m only giving them ideas and the desire to do them.

The two huge demonic beasts rushed toward the fortress and started attacking the barrier. The wyvern would spit fireballs while the wolf would use his claws to generate wind-blades.


The attacks continued till some soldiers came out from the fortress.

“Why are there two ranks A beasts suddenly attacking?! They would rarely even show up in the beast waves, let alone attacking in such small numbers!”

The beasts were ranked from weak to strong: F -> E -> D -> C -> B -> A -> S -> S+ -> SS -> SS+. The beasts from B to A are tagged as dangerous enough to destroy a village. From S to S+, strong enough to wipe a city, while the ones from SS, strong enough to destroy an entire Kingdom while the SS+ are strong enough to endanger half the continent.

“I don’t know! Maybe someone killed their babies or something!”

“Stop talking and defend the barrier!”

Two hundred soldiers came out, ready to intercept the beasts. While the huge black-iron gate was opened, I sneaked inside.

Did you really had to wait till the beasts attacked the barrier?! Why is the defensive line so poorly made? Who’s the commander?’ I was dumbfounded at their lack of patrols and informing troops. Is it even worth of me to sneak in like this? Shen

I inserted one energy stone in the ground and used the radar.


I was again dumbfounded by the lack of troops patrolling around these parts.

“Is this really a fortress? Everyone is way too relaxed. And what’s with these soldiers? They are so weak, one hundred of them could barely kill one A-ranked beast… This place seems way too fishy.” → Shen

I moved further in and found the room of the commander. It was in the highest tower, right in the middle. I looked inside and I felt how a vein pulsates on my forehead. I tried to control my anger and not blow this entire tower, up.

“This bratty little son of a… after I get all the information I need, see how I’ll free hell upon you.” → Shen

Inside the room, there was a young boy of the race dragoon with white hair, white skin and blood-red eyes. Through his chest, then coming out from the back, a Black Iron pole was impaled, both his arms were locked with handcuffs and through both of them, 3 iron rods were locking his movements while stabbing both arms. His lower part was completely sealed inside something that looked like an iron cylinder with a lot of screws going through them, being attached directly to him. On his neck there was a collar with another iron rod stabbing right through his windpipe and on his face there was an iron mask that locked his jaw from opening. The mask was chained to the ceiling so he’ll look always in front. The most eye-catching thing was something like 2 red buttons on his heart and forehead, shining with a red light. The boy didn’t look older than 16 years old and his eyes looked like he’ll destroy all and everything once he’s freed, only to vent his anger.

In front of him, there was a beautiful woman of 18 years of age. She was wearing clothes like those of a general and had a thin sword on her waist, showing her role as a [Magic Swordsman]. She looked with disdain, contempt and hate at the boy. She then started slashing at him with the sword, making wounds after wounds which would heal after a few seconds.

“You trash! This is all your fault! Who do you think you are to disrespect me when I told you so nicely to become my follower?! You think you can simply ignore me just because the martial arts teacher praised your combat skills?! You’re nothing but trash!” → Magic Swordswoman

The woman slashed and kicked at him while shouted insults. The young man couldn’t utter a sound because of the pike that stabbed through his neck.

“Even though I can control your body with ease, my papa didn’t find a way to control your mind yet. But the moment he does, you’ll be all mine~.” → Magic Swordswoman

The woman said with wild eyes while hugging her chest. He looked at the woman with disgust and hate, wishing he could just break free to murder her and everything around.

“What is with that gaze? You dare look that way at me?!” → Magic Swordswoman

She then slashed both his eyes, taking away his sight for a while.

“It seems you haven’t learned your lesson yet. Should I castrate you again? Even though papa imbued incredible healing powers inside of you, he didn’t take away the pain~. You’re just another pawn in our hands, don’t you forget that!” → Magic Swordswoman

After that, she pressed a button on the cylinder in which his lower part was sealed.


From inside the cylinder, something metallic moved, then something like flesh being smashed was heard, because the young boy’s neck was stabbed, he couldn’t produce a sound, but his body started to shake and sweat profoundly. It seems that the button was for the worst kind of torture a man could get.

“Hahahaha~ See? What did I tell you? Just behave like a good dog you are~.” → Magic Swordswoman

The woman left the room while laughing. I stayed outside the room and observed everything.

“So, from what I heard, this boy is another student of one of those schools and he rejected this woman’s love… or perversities. As revenge, she got her father, which is a researcher of those laboratories, to turn this boy into a biological weapon. In the end, he became a defensive weapon and also this woman’s play-thing… Yep. The best idea is to release the tiger and let him go wild.” → Shen

I said while feeling the boys rage. I haven’t interfered because I wanted to know just how much of a trash that woman is. Now I know enough, I’ll let him make the final decision.

Hey, brat. Feeling good there? Shen

I talked telepathically in a mocking voice.

WHO!? → Boy

The boy’s voice was full of anger, pain and agitation. He had only his mind intact, if they took this too, then he’ll really end up as a puppet.

I admire your strong spirit so I’ll give you 2 choices. One, remain here forever and continue to be their puppet, OR come with me and regain your freedom. Shen

ARE YOU TAKING ME FOR A FOOL?! Like hell I’ll fall for the same trick twice! Boy

The boy was furious; when they got him for the experimenting, he was told:

”If you wish for more power then come with us, we’ll give you the power you need to defend the loved ones.”

Ashura had only one family member which was his sister. After he got fooled by those people in black cloaks, he and his sister got separated and all kinds of experiments were made on both of them right after he woke up. He didn’t know what they did to her, but he was sure it was pretty close to what he experienced, making his blood boil and his anger to rise over the limits.


I was able to read his heart and tell why he was like that. Then I dispelled the barrier around me to the boy and said again.

I’m able to feel your burning rage and I can tell why you can’t trust me. Here. I opened the mental barrier around my mind and heart for you to see what kind of person I am. Now let me ask again: will you come with me? Or remain here? → Shen

I visualized the Wrath inside Ashura and tried to lower the flames of rage by absorbing them while growing in power. In the end, I wasn’t able to completely extinguish them but just lowered the flames density and power.

Oh wow. If he could turn this rage into energy, he could become a true God in a few years. → Shen

I said while caressing my chin surprised. This was a habit from Earth when I still had a beard.

What?! → Ashura

Ashura was able to feel my heart and read my mind. He was completely shocked by the pure thoughts and the true wish of making him stronger. Also, he was flabbergasted by the imposing, calm and strong aura my heart emanated, calming down the flames of fury.

…Who are you? → Ashura

He asked, this time with a calm voice.

My name is Shen and my goal is just some magic researching. I’m from another world and it seems I’m needed to save this one from a calamity. You? Whom might you be? → Shen

I said all I thought is more important about me. If I wished to win his trust, I needed to open up completely.

Woah!? Even though I can tell you’re not lying, what you told me is way too shocking! → Ashura

Ashura was stunned by the information.

Hahaha~ You’ll learn and find more weird things after coming with me. → Shen

My heart emanated calming and healing aura with every word I spoke through telepathy.

Now, can you tell me your name and your story? → Shen

All right… Please listen well. → Ashura

When my little sister was born, my mother died and father fell in depression. He wanted to beat my sister to death numerous times, saying it’s her fault that mother died, but I stopped him every-time, ending up in being the one beaten… One day, father suddenly started choking my sister while we were sleeping because of the sudden danger, I wasn’t able to think properly and smashed his head with a bottle of booze, using all my strength… That day, I killed my own father…→ Ashura

Ashura started to tear up when he remembered. Even though he was the worst father ever, he was still his own father.

Then… we had to go to another village because everyone would point at me from being a murderer and would also bully my sister for that… I was only 12 at that time while my sister was 11. We ended up in a village where my teacher of martial arts was residing. He took us in with open arms, saying he could see huge talent in me and my sister. At that time we had no names, mother died too fast to name us while father didn’t even want to look at us. While being trained, the teacher named us. He said that because I resemble a demon when fighting, he named me after a legendary devil, Ashura. While he named my sister after a legendary goddess of tranquility, Tara; because she seemed to be in a trance every-time she trained. He made us go to the school from the Leorio Kingdom. He said we have talent and the school would accept us without questioning our backgrounds. After our first year in school, we became more well-known and even the most popular girl wished to be with me… Who would’ve thought she was actually such a bitch…→ Ashura

Ashura said with hate and indignation.

She wanted to be with me but I refused her. Her way of asking me out was too arrogant and annoyed me. My only thoughts were to become stronger and be able to protect the ones around me. Besides, I had no true feelings for her. She then started to threaten me and my sister while also insulting us. I got angry at her and scared her with my aura alone. A week later, 5 cloaked men came in front of me and my sister after we finished the class. They told us they’re from the Empire and wish to recruit us, teach us and give us the power to fight armies. After somehow convincing us, they invited me and my sister at a restaurant to talk about the benefits of going with them but… when we weren’t looking, they drugged the food we were eating, making us fall asleep. They separated my sister from me at that time. The next thing I remember, I was on an operation table with those guys having my body dissected, while some weird tubes inserted a blue liquid inside of me… Every time I wished to revolt and attack those bastards, even at the price of my own life, they would use some electrocution on me, through all these rods and handcuffs to paralyze my movements then lock me back up… I have no chance to do anything without their approval. → Ashura

At these thoughts, Ashura started trembling with anger, he couldn’t continue anymore.

That’s enough! → Shen

I tried to sound as calm as possible but my voice shacked with rage and it boomed, waking Ashura from his dark memories.

I understand your rage. I’ll find a way to free you from this place. → Shen

It’s no use. If I get out from inside the barrier with this collar around my neck, my heart and brain will explode at the same time, killing me instantly… This is my only weakness. → Ashura

Ashura said with some pain in his voice.

Then all I have to do is to remove the bombs, right? → Shen

I said with a matter-of-fact voice.

Impossible. The bombs are connected to my vitals, a wrong move and they would explode. Also, can’t you see how locked up I am? There is no way you could even try to take them out while I’m like this. → Ashura

Ashura explained while shaking his head.

“Heh, [Dematerialize]!” → Shen

I used a commanding word and all the iron rods, the mask, needles and the iron cylinder together with the chains, everything suddenly transformed in a black mist. from inside his wounds, the mist was evading before the wounds could heal up.


He still had a hole inside his neck which was closing rapidly, so he couldn’t talk yet, but his eyes shone with complete shock.

“Now, let’s see what these 2 bombs are about.” → Shen

I appeared right in front of Ashura, making him pose a fighting stance instinctively.

Calm down, you just talked to me, didn’t you? Come here, let me see what we have here… → Shen

Uh, ah… Yes. → Ashura

Ashura looked at me with serious eyes and came closer with no fear. His biggest problems were the iron rods which stopped his every move by paralyzing, now he could kill anyone before they could detonate the bombs then kill himself to free his soul from the sufferings.

If I do this… Maybe I’ll finally be able to meet with my mother… → Ashura

Ashura thought with some sadness. He forgot about me being able to read his mind.

Kill yourself? Are you retarded?! → Shen

My voice boomed in his head. I was furious at his naivety.

“I’ll free you from this hell then you’ll learn under me! If you don’t like it, then you’re free to go to some other place! But killing yourself and running from your own fate is unacceptable! Besides, do you really think that your deceased mother would be proud of such a cowardly son? What about your sister?!” → Shen

B-but I’m sick of this! And, what if you can’t take these out?! I’ll remain like this forever! Remaining stuck inside this place like a caged beast! What do you want me to do?! → Ashura

Ashura looked with despair and hate for his own life, at me, his eyes already red.

“This is a destiny you yourself have picked. If I can’t help, then you’ll have to live in such sufferings for however much you’re still predestined!” → Shen

I said in a cold tone.

What do you mean?! → Ashura

Ashura was completely shocked by what I said. He expected for me to help him, not to make him accept his unfair destiny and scold him.

I don’t want to live like that! I’d rather die while killing these bastards! → Ashura

Ashura roared in his mind, his fury already reaching the peak.

Okay. Shen

I said plainly then with a wave of my hand, I made the two buttons transform into a red mist, going out from Ashura’s heart and head.

It seems your sufferings have ended. A friend of mine is on his way to save your sister so you don’t need to worry about her. And one more thing, everyone who wronged you in this life, will become your slaves bound by karma in your next one. If you kill them instantly, half the karma will be nulled and some of it will go to you, if you torture them before killing them, you’ll fall in the Abyss after death, remaining for God knows how long in there, just like the ones who tortured you. → Shen

After being dumbfounded by how easily I got rid of the bombs, he regained consciousness then asked back.

What do you mean? You’ve been talking to me about some weird stuff for some time now. What is karma? And what do you mean ‘another life’? There is more after death? And what is this Abyss? → Ashura

Ashura asked completely confused by my words.

Hmmm. Let’s say this, if you kill someone, you’ll have more sufferings in the future and your hands will be stained. Are you okay with that? → Shen

Yes. If I don’t kill them, my inner demons will only grow and I won’t be able to live with myself at the thoughts of letting them live after what they did to me. I’m not as low as them to use torture, but I’ll kill them then put their heads in spears!‘ → Ashura

Ashura looked with hate and resolution in his eyes.

I understand, my only job is to take you with me, but I can wait for 3 hours till you finish. → Shen

I said with a calm voice.

“One hour is enough.” → Ashura

Ashura’s injuries were completely healed. He turned around and got out from his room.

Oh, and one more thing, if you wish to rape that snotty brat, I can make a soundproof barrier around the room. → Shen

I said after he left.


I heard someone slipping and falling head first then cracking the floor. ‘Deja Vu?’ I thought to myself.

…There is no need, I won’t do such a thing. Just thinking about sleeping with that woman makes me want to vomit! → Ashura

Ashura said disgustedly.
Even though I wouldn’t even let him do that, I still asked to see what kind of hate he has inside him. The lustful hate was the worst; it was basically the wish to ravage someone from pure lust and hate until they’re completely dead. This would’ve filled Ashura with karma for almost double the woman had, and I had no need for such a karmic bomb by my side. Seeing how he was simply disgusted by her, I nodded my head and returned through the window.

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Please wait for me outside, I’ll finish everything here on my own… → Ashura

Take your time~. → Shen

After releasing Ashura, I flew outside the window and rushed outside through the gate on my own. I simply used one arm to raise the 10 tones gate, then left like nothing happened while I was still under the invisibility magic. The other soldiers looked with big eyes at the gate, which simply rose and then fell back with a thud like it was completely normal.

“…Oy…did you see that?”

One soldier with big eyes asked the other one who had the same face.

“…Yeah… I would say is because of the tiredness but… if you saw it too, then that means it was real.”

“…Should we report it?”

“And say what? A ghost opened the gates for 3 seconds then closed it back?”

“…Right. Let’s just ignore it, then.”


The two soldiers then stood there as if nothing ever happened.

Ashura walked with steady steps. He walked down the stairs till he entered a huge hall inside the fortress that looked more like a palace with huge walls. The first persons he saw were the maids. They were mostly used by the soldiers as sex-slaves so he had no hate for them, only pity. He evaded them without letting himself to be seen. He continued his way until he heard loud noises inside a room.

“No! Please! I was told I only needed to clean the rooms! I don’t do such things! NOO!”

“Hehehe~ no matter if you’re a normal maid or whatever~. In here, you must listen to the ones who are sacrificing their lives for the empire. You must feel honored for having your first with me, a veteran who defended the Nostrung continent from demonic beasts for more than 10 years~.”

“NOO- Guh!”

She was then punched in the face, blood flowing down her mouth.

“Quiet! If you scream again, I’ll break your fingers!”

Right when he passed beside a wall, Ashura heard the desperate screams of a maid and those of a soldier wanting to rape her.


The wall was torn with only his bare hands. Ashura looked at the soldier who was close to insert his stuff inside the poor elemental fairy.

“You! How did you- bugh!”

The soldier wanted to say something but before he could take out his sword, he was punched in the stomach, forming a hole see-through to the back.

“Trashes like you are unneeded in this world.” → Ashura

Ashura said with a cold voice, then left without even looking at the fairy who trembled in a corner of the bed, looking with fear at Ashura. He then continued forward, his eyes shining with a crimson light while his fists buzzing with excessive energy, ready to be released.

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