Chapter 46: Double Cultivation

I hugged her from atop while trying to calm her down then kissed the two cherry lips, deeply. I wiped her falling tears with my thumbs while holding her face and kissing her. Her eyes showed surprise but she responded back, hugging me this time with barely any force. After a good time, I freed her lips with both of us breathing roughly.

“I’m not angry, nor displeased with you.” → Shen

I started talking while I closed up on her nape, my gaze burning with desire. It seems this was a weak spot because she started reddening with a slight shudder.

“I’m mad at myself for not having enough control. If I wish to make love with you, then I want to do so with a clear mind. Being blinded by lust is something I won’t permit out of myself. I might even harm you without knowing, that’s something I won’t let happen. And about this bruise, don’t mind it, after 1 minute it would heal back to normal.” → Shen

“Oh, Shen…” → Sylvia

Sylvia then caressed my head gently while at the same time, playing with my spiky and undulating hair.

“You ask too much from yourself. Don’t forget you’re only 19, you can’t expect too much at this age, right? Even though you said you wish to get over your weakness, there’s no need to overdo it.” → Sylvia

Sylvia understood why I wanted to leave and she felt somehow amused.

Being so young, yet asking so much from himself. His biggest enemies are his own expectations, it seems. → Sylvia

“The age is just an excuse. By comparing myself with the others, I would never reach perfection. The faster I complete my goals, the sooner I will be able to stay with you.” → Shen

I said seriously while feeling like I should get up. Sylvia then strengthened her hug and giggled at my face.

“Just don’t harm yourself too much in the process, alright? As for now, just be mine for the night.” → Sylvia

She smiled sweetly then continued on kissing me, remembering the feeling she had when Lust struck her back then. While kissing her, I felt something weird happening. From the base of my spine, a burning feeling was rising. Unconsciously, I started touching her lower part of the spine, under her skirt from the back.

“Mmm~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia lets out a moan while kissing me. She didn’t expect me to be more aggressive now. Nevertheless, she didn’t hate it. While touching her spine-base, I was feeling pure energy coming through my hands from her, connecting to my own spine-base.

Am I awakening my Kundalini by using her energy? → Shen

I suddenly got worried about not absorbing her energy then emptying her own Kundalini. Before I could retreat my hand, more energy started circulating between us in a more violent manner.

“Hang~!” → Sylvia

Suddenly, Sylvia lets out a loud moan, sounding incredibly erotic and making me more aroused. The already hard-to-control lust became even more difficult to handle for me.

“Shen, I don’t know what you’re doing but- haah~ …feel free to continue~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia seemed to be ecstatic at the moment, making me confused as for why she felt this way when I was only robbing her from energy, because of her almost addictive scent and firm embrace, I was unable to get away from her and I didn’t wish to either.

Is having your energy stolen, such a good thing? I seriously can’t understand how this works. T-then, it’s fine if I continue? → Shen

Just to be able to understand, I left my hand continue absorbing the pure energy while trying to keep my sanity after hearing Sylvia’s moans and feeling her warm breath beside my ears. It seems I also had as a weakness my ears. By absorbing her energy, I felt my own kundalini rising and burning.

Ugh… it’s really painful. → Shen

Just like what happened to Sylvia, 2 lines spiraling started to rise from my spine-base. However, to my surprise, rather than making me wake up from the dizziness, the pain only made me succumb more into desire. A different one than lust, but it was still a form of desire. My hand continued to touch her, slowly going downwards, making Sylvia’s breath even more violent and making me even more aroused.

I feel like I’m losing my mind! My body is becoming hotter while my heart is beating like crazy!… Weirdly enough, I don’t feel any lust, just a feeling like my powers are rising and… a wish for her. → Shen

My lower part was rising too, poking Sylvia’s private part and making her moan from surprise.

“S-sorry. I can’t control it.” → Shen

I was as red as a tomato. Sylvia’s chest was bouncing up and down while she was hugging me, not letting go even though I wanted to distance our lower parts. Her soft and already sweating body was rubbing over me, making my consciousness crash and almost collapse.

“Shen, what are you doing? I feel like, the more we connect ourselves, the stronger I get and the better I feel. It’s really amazing!” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked at me with shining eyes. Even an idiot could read the affection from her eyes, making me not able to think of retreating any longer.

“Sylvia… Please describe what you feel right now. You say you feel you’re growing stronger, but right now I’m absorbing your energy… I wanted to stop but you said the more I continue, the better you feel…? How does that work?” → Shen

“I know, I feel something leaving me through your hands but I get more from around. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s simply, magical~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said with an ecstatic voice then kissed me again.

“Whatever you do, please continue~.” → Sylvia

She said while hugging me so hard, I had to tense my muscles to evade breaking my spine.

“If I continue we might end up going all the way. Are you sure?” → Shen

I asked with the tiniest bit of consciousness I regained after feeling my spine threatened.

And Jesus Christ! How much power did this girl get from that one ring? Gah! My spine! If I knew, I would’ve made two of them. I should make another one for myself, it seems really useful. → Shen

“You don’t wish to…?” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked at me with big, pitiful eyes. Seeing her making such a cute face, I almost felt like my mind broke and the instincts took over. After I calmed down again, I answered with a calm tone.

Haah… If you’re alright with it, then I’ll do as you wish.” → Shen

I started to feel down, under her skirt gently. To my surprise, I started absorbing even more energy from here.

Don’t tell me… this is what they call ‘Cultivation with a Partner’? → Shen

My face reddened. By mistake, I just discovered a ‘Double Cultivation’ which can use all the energy we summon through erotic contact and aliment our bodies, resulting in us becoming much stronger without wasting any energy like through regular mating.

I really don’t want to make this a habit! I swear! → Shen

I promised myself to not make use of this as an excuse to sleep with Sylvia more frequently then continued to gently massage her downwards, trying at the same time to think of something else so I won’t go crazy because of the sweet smell she emanated.

“Hauh~!” → Sylvia

Sylvia just made the loudest and most erotic moan I heard in my life. My, masculinity reacted again, being already pretty uncomfortable with the pants on. Suddenly, a string of energy leaked out and then touched my lower part, going directly through there toward my spine-base, making my reaction even more painful.

I knew it… this really is ‘Double Cultivation’. I feel my powers flowing in waves and I can tell now, Sylvia becomes stronger the longer we continue. → Shen

The most surprising thing was that I felt no lust or wish to ravage her body anymore now. I simply wished to ‘connect’.

It seems this ‘Double Cultivation’ is not just ‘another mating position’ like what most people call it. I can’t even tell if what we’re doing is what normal people would call ‘s*x’ anymore. It’s more like, a generator. → Shen

If the man were Yang and the woman was Ying, the balanced combination of these two would create a huge amount of power, just like how a generator would use both the Plus and Minus of electric circuits to generate and produce more electricity. I and Sylvia, we’re, at this moment, a human generator, creating energy from around and using it to grow in power, because I was in a difficult position and Sylvia was still hugging me tightly, I simply dematerialized my pants and materialized them back on a chair, the same with Sylvia’s underwear.

Haah~, haah~…”Sylvia

Sylvia was shocked at first and when she felt the energy fluctuating stronger and stronger, she relaxed and let me do what I wanted to start.

“Everything you do is anything but average… and every time is much better than the normal~.” → Sylvia

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Sylvia talked while breathing profoundly.

“To be honest, I don’t even know what ‘normal’ is, anymore.” → Shen

In the end, I finally united with her physically, completely feeling her warmth and softness. While making the final step, I was gentle enough to not hurt Sylvia.

“Ugh~” → Sylvia

Sylvia moaned a little at first then I continued. If her body were hot, then inside her was straight-out burning, but the idea of retreating flew right outside my head when I felt as if being engulfed inside. The first 3 pushes seemed to be painful but after the 4th, she looked more relaxed. We continued to ‘connect’, growing more and more in power, both of us feeling as if we connected not just the flesh, but the soul as well.

To think I was able to keep my cool until the end… How in the world I did that? → Shen

I started to think for myself while observing the beauty in front of me which was breathing in tandem with me. Her beautiful white and long, disheveled hair undulated like the waves on a calm sea, following her gentle moves. Her eyes closed as if trying to fully grasp the feeling of unity while her grip on my body strong and firm, at some points, almost penetrating my back with her nails. Her beautiful small yet plump, white chest swayed in the same rhythm with her moves as if trying to hypnotize me.

I was left dazed for a short moment. Her porcelain-like figure, together with the soft and small structure, made me forget about her monstrous powers and think of her as a delicate and sweet little collection doll, created by the God of Sculpture.

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“What a rich imagination you have there~.” → Sylvia

Being able to read my mind, Sylvia immediately received the poetic-like comparison I suddenly got inside my head. I felt a little bit embarrassed because of this, then observed that, besides the strong words she said, her red face also showed signs of embarrassment and happiness.

“At least like this you know I’m not lying when I say I adore you.” → Shen

“Big talks.” → Sylvia

I touched her forehead with mine and she lightly giggled. We slowly sealed our lips together then continued to circulate our energies, letting ourselves get taken away by the waves of feelings we had for each other.

In the next morning, we both woke up feeling perfectly fine. I started doing my normal training, this time with no elements used, afraid of wrecking the ship. I started doing the « 陈 » (Thunder) set of martial arts. I observed all my steps were more fluid and faster, making every move deadlier. Even without any chi, mana or element, I still made booming sounds after every hit. I started using more moves from different sets I created, then:


The last axe-kick from the “Tian” set broke the deck, looking just as if a projectile just penetrated it. I was a little bit confused by this effect.

What is this? I used no mana, chi or element for this. There shouldn’t have been such a destructive effect when I haven’t even touched the ground. → Shen

Then I felt my spine being hot, with two lines intertwining and pulsating, one blue and one red.

Is it because of this?… I knew about the chakras, but all of them have different kinds of energies… This is a first for me! I really have to study this more intently. → Shen

After thinking that, I placed the coat on my shoulders.

[Recover].” → Shen

I commanded the deck and it did just that. The cracks disappeared, being completely repaired as if time turned back. After getting more of Pride’s essence, the power of [Command] from the ‘One with the Universe’ set grew more in power, making me able to use the power of words in a daily basis, without wasting too much mana.

Still, I’m nothing in comparison with what I was when the Ragnarok broke out… Being able to fight with a Titan when I was already half dead… Yep. I’m anything but normal. → Shen

I felt quite prideful in that.

‘The one who can control himself will be able to control the world.’ My mom told me these words and I think I’m starting to get it. The more I’m able to strengthen my spirit and mind, the more I feel like I can do anything…  This is what I should call my own DAO? Then, maybe through this way, I should be able to also find others DAO much easier. → Shen

I started to meditate while going through all the knowledge I had about the discipline of mind. I would normally do such things when I felt like I started to understand something important.

In the mental world, finding a ‘wall’ is the same as finding a checkpoint in a game. Only by going through it, you can be sure that all the work you’ve done wasn’t in vain. Even so, when one hits this ‘wall’, he starts to feel like ‘they did everything, they know everything and such, they reached their limits.’ One huge mistake we make as a whole is that we limit ourselves, or better said, we search for limits. Even though we can’t see what’s next, that doesn’t mean there is nothing on the other side of the ‘wall’. Our road is as long as the universe. Once we fully understand this, we’ll be able to reach Godhood…  → Shen

While I was meditating and understanding more unspoken truths on the deck early in the morning, the elves leader came to me.

“Young master, we are close to the Eastern frontier… Are you sure you want us to go there? The demonic beasts are wandering in those places, hunting everyone who gets close. Also, the soldiers of the Nostrung Empire are always patrolling the safer parts of the shore. We’ll get attacked the moment we get closer than 10 kilometers.” → Elves Leader

“Then we’ll stop at the limit. I’m only searching for one person, the moment I find him or her, I’ll bring that person here.” → Shen

If the residents of this world truly have the same reduced knowledge about their own world as in the game, then I should be able to find that person in no time. They shouldn’t know about things like ‘Illusions arrays’ or something that would confuse my senses. → Shen

“…Sir, are you going to kidnap someone?” → Elves Leader

The elf looked at me suspiciously.

“Is it called ‘kidnapping’ or ‘rescuing’ when they are being kept worse than animals? Well, call it however you wish, I know what I need to do.” → Shen

On that same day at night, the harpies got back with information about the shores being no less than 20 kilometers away from us. Everyone stood atop the decks where I was also making the last preparations for my departure.

“Good. That’s enough. I’ll go alone from here. Everyone else, defend this place. Sylvia, you have become ridiculously powerful lately, I trust you with defending the ship well.” → Shen

“Sure~. Ah, wait a second, you forgot something.” → Sylvia

She walked toward me with a serious face.

“Hm? What is it?” → Shen

“Mmh~.” → Sylvia

Sylvia grabbed my collar, pulled me closer and gave me a deep kiss, making me unable to move for the next minute, until she freed my lips.

“This is a ‘good luck’ charm. Come back soon, yes~?” → Sylvia

Sylvia smiled brilliantly then turned around to go inside and take care of the children.


Both I and the elf looked dumbfounded at her until she left the decks.

“The young master must feel quite loved.” → Elves Leader

The elf giggled.

“Ah quiet… I’ll go now. I’ll return the next day in the morning.” → Shen

I said while still having my face covered in red color. I slowly rose in the air then shot out towards the shores. A sonic wave was created after I launched myself to the borders between Eihwaz and Nostrung, creating waves around the ship and behind me.

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