Chapter 61: Nightmare in Disguise (Part 2)

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“Boahahahaaha~!” → Ryu

Ryu started to laugh out loud, unable to hold himself anymore and surprising everyone.

“And he never told me of such an amazing moment! He really doesn’t put anything in his eyes except his research. Ah~, this brat is something else , haha.” → Ryu

The trio looked with wide open eyes at them.

“Y-you are talking as if you know Shen very well…? A-are you perhaps-!”
“Yes. We do know him, and very well at that. I’m his best friend and we call each other as brothers.” → Ryu

The trio’s jaws dropped again, looking at Ryu with huge eyes.

“Woaaah~! As expected from a legendary figure! Even his friends are incredible!” → Black Fang

Black Fang exclaimed, remembering the epic fight they had with the wave of beasts.

“T-that’s right! If you really are Shen’s friends t-then, can you please tell us more about his fighting style? Or maybe show us some flashy skills?” → Fairy

The fairy looked at Ryu like at an idol, wishing to see some more action like when they fought against the wave.

“We don’t have time for that.” → Wild-Cat Woman

The wildcat woman interjected and dragged back the spiritful fairy.

“We need to report back to our leader… Mister Ryu, is it alright if we talk this with our leader? She might come and talk with you personally. Is that alright?
“Hmm…” → Ryu

If they wish to start some kind of intimidation game, then they are welcomed. If they only wish to have a normal talk, then even more so. → Ryu

Ryu smiled then said, thinking that whatever will have to happen, he will welcome it with open arms and clenched fists.

“Tell your leader I welcome her anytime as long as there won’t be any waves invading.” → Ryu
“Understood! Thank you very much! We’ll take our leave now!”

The trio bowed and left like the wind to report to their leader, not before saying their goodbyes to the rest.

“…Ryu, are you sure this was the right decision?” → Gregor

Gregor asked with a worried face.

“…You mean about the fact that I opened their eyes to the cruel reality?” → Ryu

Ryu asked while looking at the open door with deep eyes.

“Yes… Their leader might go against us for “corrupting” the minds of her underlings.” → Gregor
“Then let them come. We’ll deal with them just like we did with the demonic wave.” → Ryu

Ryu said with cold eyes, not minding if he’ll need to dirty his hands some more with the blood of his own kin.

“Ryu…” → Bonny

Bonny called his name with some anxiety in her voice. The Fire Wing was her former clan. Even though she had nothing to do with it anymore, she didn’t wish for it to be destroyed, especially by her loved one’s hands.

“…I’m sorry Bonny. Only for you, I’ll kill nobody. But if they come a second time, there won’t be any mercy. I can’t be like Shen, only to cripple… They might search for ways of revenge and I won’t be the only one to feel their hate…Right now I’m “king” and in my hands, there are hundreds of lives…I can’t endanger them only because I wanted to be merciful.” → Ryu

Ryu said with some pain, feeling the weight on his back while thinking about the future. Bonny then embraced him while he was sitting, bending her waist and sweetly whispering in his ear.

“…I understand. I’ll always stay beside you, there’s no need to carry this burden on your own, Ryu.” → Bonny
“Ah…Thank you, Bonny.” → Ryu

Ryu then rose her chin with his index and kissed her lightly.

“We must prepare for tomorrow. We’ll see what kind of person this “leader” is. Who knows, she might be a wise person.” → Ryu
“It will be fine. I know her very well, she loves her clan and she’ll do anything for her people.” → Bonny

Gregor who stood behind sighed and said.

“As if a wise person would appear that easily…” → Gregor

Lissa then grabbed his hand and said:

“No need to be so pessimistic, we’ll find out tomorrow. For now, let’s go to sleep. We might be able to sleep this time~.” → Lissa

She dragged Gregor by the hand, outside the room going for their beds inside a little wooden hut.

“You should go as well. We have another harpy look around for new waves but I still have some papers to look at. If there would be any problems I’ll contact you immediately.” → Ryu

Ryu said with an apologetic smile toward Bonny.

“Yes.” → Bonny

Bonny understood about how busy Ryu became lately but even so, she couldn’t hide a sad smile, leaving and going to sleep.

“Sigh…” → Ryu

Please resist a little longer, Bonny. I’ll try to finish as fast as I can. → Ryu

Ryu felt guilty after seeing her sad smile. He knew what Bonny felt at the moment. He neglected her for close to a week already, not being able to give her any kind of attention. For someone with a sensible heart like her, this was quite hard to bear, knowing that they’re already a couple by now.

“Damn… Even I feel lonely.” → Ryu

Even so, Ryu couldn’t leave the paperwork to someone else. They were low in helping hands and not many knew how to read, write or calculate, making him and his group to work for 5 people each.


“Shen’s friends?!”

A white tiger-woman exclaimed after hearing the report. She had shoulder-length black hair with white hair shafts, blue eyes and white fur with black strippers. She had leather armor of black color for better mobility and two gauntlets on both arms.

“Yes! And they had incredible skills! Unseen in the game! Like, creating gigantic fireballs, shooting hundreds of beams or transforming into a semi-dragon, fighting against S rank monsters like nothing!” → Black Fang

Black Fang continued to narrate what he saw, making everyone around them look with big eyes.

They were inside a castle, in the meeting hall. The castle was of mediocre dimensions and well illuminated, giving the impression of a well-maintained place. Built atop a mountain, it was once the home of a baron, but with the waves coming in quick succession, the clan was able to buy it at a low price right at the border of the Urius Kingdom.

“What nonsense are you talking about? If what you said is true, then they’ll be even stronger than our leader! She won the yearly competition inside the Nostrung capital, winning enough gold to buy this castle and decent armor for everyone. She was crowned as the strongest adventurer, defeating even that so-called Saint or whatever.”

A Sword Warrior said while glaring at Black Fang. He was full in armor and at his back, a huge black-iron sword rested.

“It’s true. If you can’t believe it then feel free to provoke them. See how they’ll send your ass flying right back here.” → Wildcat Woman

The wildcat woman said with an irritated voice while mocking the Sword Warrior.

“You-!” → Sword Warrior
“Wait.” → Sword Master

A Sword Master interjected in the conversation and made a step forward.

“If they truly are that “Shen’s” friends, then the possibility of them being extremely strong is as real as they said. Leaving aside the 20 soldiers that fought him, I heard some rumors about a hermit who destroyed a mountain in the “White Mountain Valley”, right where the 20 said they met that Shen. A lot of adventurers and mercenaries grouped together, forming armies of around 3000 or more men. They attacked the hermit, thinking there might be riches, ending up being crippled by him. They said he had an incredible aura, every time he’ll try to scare the invaders with a huge fire-ball or asteroid then fight them head-on with his bare hands, together with some weird humanoid golems. The most iconic thing was his expensive-looking white coat and a half-dragon-like blue golem.” → Sword Master

The Sword Master narrated what he heard, making everyone look at him with serious gazes.

“T-that’s right! I heard about such rumors, too. I heard the hermit was later invaded by the empire’s guardians who tried to kill him. Nobody knows who won but the end result was like after a nuclear bomb! The mountains were flattened and the river was completely dried. Nothing appeared to stand in that Valley anymore. I went to look by myself and saw the destruction, it looked like nothing I remembered, it was a dessert!”

The one who said was a mage who was pushed away by Shen’s wall of wind that one time when they tried to invade him. Remembering the disaster they dodged made him sweat profoundly.

“…Think that Shen is still alive?”

The tiger woman asked with a serious face. If that hermit was truly Shen, then they couldn’t provoke the ones in the stronghold at all.

“I heard that Bonny and another fairy child tried to become Shen’s disciples. After one month from the attack, they didn’t return. I think Shen took them to be his disciples.”

Another warrior who was from the invading party entered the conversation.

“Heh. I bet he had his fun with them.” → Mage

A mage said with a smug face.

“Bastard! Like hell Shen would do that! He’s an honorable man! Otherwise, why would he turn into a hermit in the first place?!” → Sword Warrior

The warrior roared at the mage with indignation.

“What? Why are you so sure? Are you his friend?” → Mage

The mage continued with a smug.


The tiger woman exclaimed, shutting both of them at the same time.

“Black Fang, you said Bonny was together with the one who is called Ryu? How is she?” → Tiger Woman
“Ah! She’s fine. She’s incredibly powerful, she can spawn huge fireballs like Shen did with no problem.” → Fairy

The fairy said with shining eyes while remembering the ridiculously huge fireballs created by Bonny one after the other.

“Then Shen really taught them some of his knowledge…” → Tiger Woman

The woman said with surprised eyes, feeling excited at the thoughts of learning more powerful skills.

“But you said he wasn’t there?” → Tiger Woman
“That’s right.” → Wildcat Woman

“…We’ll visit them tomorrow in the evening. The 20 who participated can come, the rest remain here.” → Tiger Woman
“We can’t do that! Didn’t you hear? There are even demons! They might backstab you!” → Mage

The mage with the smug said, this time more serious.

“They won’t do such a thing!” → Black Fang

Fang roared back. He looked with hate at the mage then he remembered something and his blood ran cold. He suddenly asked in a deep voice, his eyes as cold as those of a soulless corpse.

“Bary, did you have a good time “tasting” the village women that one time?” → Black Fang

Fang asked with a dark face, making everyone dumbfounded at the sudden question.

“Huh? Which time?” → Bary

The mage named Bary laughed and asked again, feeling somewhat proud of himself.

“YOU!” → Black Fang

Fang pouched at him and started to punch his face with blood-shot eyes. His fur standing up while looking almost two times bigger than before.

“Wah! Wait! What are you-BUGH! Gah! Argh! S-stop!” → Bary

Fang punched Bary with a mad face on, baring his fangs while letting loose a fury of punches without restrains.

“Black Fang! What devil entered you!? Stop right now!”

One of the 20 warriors grabbed him and locked his arms at the back, dragging him away from the downed Bary. Even his two companions that came with him were completely shocked by his violent outburst. While looking at his brown wild eyes, the fairy trembled for a moment, feeling the thick and bestial killing intent.

I-is he really Black Fang I know? Since when was he so ferocious? H-he’s extremely scary now, as a true wolf from the woods! → Fairy

Fang was struggling like a beast, trying to get out from the warrior’s lock and beat the mage until half dead. In the end, he shouted at Bary like mad with blood-shot eyes.

“You bastard! Let me bash his face some more! Ryu was right! Players are way too corruptible! We only do what we want! No discipline, no honor, no NOTHING!” → Black Fang

Fang screamed, making everyone to look at him thunderstruck.

“Black Fang!” → Tiger Woman

The tiger woman shouted at him, astonished by what he did and said. While he was breathing heavily and instinctively bared his fangs, he looked more ferocious than ever before. Even the leader was shocked, never seeing him so mad before. She then held his face gently in her own hands and asked with a confused face while patting his head, trying to calm him down.

“Did Ryu say something to you?” → Tiger Woman

While Black Fang was still growling, trying to calm down, the cat-woman took a step forward and opened her mouth.

… I’ll explain what he said… And I guarantee it now while looking at that trash; his words were right.” → Wildcat Woman

She started to explain everything Ryu told them. How even he himself as a player and was controlled at a point by his own powers, how he viewed a future in which the players will go crazy, killing, robbing and doing whatever they wished for their own shake. While talking, some players paled, others reddened with anger while others started thinking seriously about this with wide-open eyes but unfocused. The leader herself was listening with open eyes and mouth, thinking that, maybe she was still too naïve. But most of the players weren’t moved by Ryu’s speech, starting to criticize it.

“Leader, we don’t need to listen to this Ryu. I bet he said all this only to shake our resolve in freeing the kingdoms from the evil empires.”

One player hastily commented.

“That’s right! That bastard has no proof of what he said! If he lost control over himself that doesn’t mean everyone is the same!”

Another player said harshly.

“Exactly! We might be worse!” → Black Fang

Black Fang roared with hateful eyes at the players who opened their mouth. Then he pointed at the mage which was bleeding from his nose and mouth

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“That bastard is an example! Not once did he leave for the neighbor village to “taste” the innocent women! And he’s not the only one! There was you, you and you!”

Fang pointed at more than 5 people in succession, his face more and more twisted with anger.

“While walking around the cities, I heard a lot of rumors about some weirdos calling themselves “heroes”, asking for women and riches in exchange for their tinniest services! What Hero asks something in exchange for what he’s doing?! They’re just trashes! And you lot did the same! Nothing but garbage!” → Black Fang

His eyes were bloodshot while his chest was waving up and down, he felt rage and disappointment. What was worse, he himself did the same, feeling ashamed of himself.

“Fang…” → Fairy

The fairy walked beside him and touched his shoulder. Fang was around 17 years old while the fairy was 14. Even though the difference of age was of around 3 years, they were like brothers, best friends even since before the game back on Earth.

“Hah! You mean to say that we have to work with nothing in exchange? How dumb can you be?!”

The players continued when the leader interjected with a shaking voice.

“Shut up!” → Tiger Woman

She was stunned, she didn’t know what to believe in.

“We’ll continue this conversation tomorrow… Anyone who wishes can come. Fang, you go and calm down, all this tiredness must’ve turned you into a beast.” → Tiger Woman

The tiger woman said with a tired face. She felt exhausted, Fang’s actions and Ryu’s words made her rethink about the future.

Was my way of thinking wrong? Or Ryu is really trying to shake my will…? I don’t know… I need to talk with him. → Tiger Woman

The next day, a group of more than 300 players marched to Ryu’s fortress while the trio showed them the way. When they walked on top of a higher point on the mountains, they were able to see the fortress. Right at that moment, a wave of around 6500 beasts were attacking it, rushing towards it as if running from something.

“W-what a huge wave! Fang, you said the last one was of 4000, right? How are they going to fight against this one?”

A warrior asked with wide open eyes.

“We need to rush faster. They might get wiped out!”
“There is no need.” → Tiger Woman

The tiger woman said with a calm face while starring in the distance.

“If Ryu and the others are as strong as Fang said, then this number of low leveled beasts are nothing for them.”

They walked in the fortress direction and while doing so, they saw an army of 400 warriors with ragged clothes but powerful-looking weapons, massacring the wave with skillful moves and new martial arts they never saw before. On the other side of the fortress, golems fought using the same martial arts like the warriors but in a more refined way and two golems especially stood out, burning and freezing everything around them. Just like before, different kind of races appeared, this time they focused on every wall and not letting any openings for the enemy to climb the walls. The spikes on the wall would retract and reappear, stabbing any beast that tried to smash it, looking as if it were a moving killing machine. The tall towers were full with mages that bombarded the beasts, especially on the wall in front with the most beasts, three mages stood out from the others, throwing huge fireballs and summoning lightning while the other skillfully shot beams from little balls of lights around her. On the further Western one, a woman stood tall shooting huge volleys of fire-arrows, killing beasts in waves. The most imposing was a dragoon that flew in the air, looking like a king over the battlefield.


The dragoon shot a huge frost breath with froze the battlefield on a 50-meter radius. Every beast was frozen, not being able to move. The dragoon then retracted its wings and fell like a shell toward the frozen area, going for the kill.

[Seismic Step]

The fall was so strong the mountains around shock while the Earth cracked. The shockwave shattered every beast that was frozen and even shattered the internal organs of the ones from a 10-meter radius around. Everyone looked dumbfounded by the demonstration of power.


A lion beast-man roared from atop the wall which was in the players’ direction. From inside the fortress, a human moving faster than the speed of sound, suddenly appeared in front of the upcoming players, cracking the ground at his stopping steps. His eyes shone with blue lightning, he was a middle-aged man with an indifferent face while his body was clad in lightning snakes which dispersed slowly.

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