hapter 62: The Birth of a New Kingdom (Part 1)

“You must be the Fire Wing Clan if I’m not wrong. Even though our King invited you, please wait until we’re done cleaning.”

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He said with a cold voice and indifferent eyes, giving the impression of an indifferent person.

“We can help you out with killing the beasts, like this you’ll finish faster.” → Tiger Woman

The leader offered her help but the man was unfazed.

“No need. This is our problem and we will take care of it on our own. Please wait here till we finish.”

The man repeated himself with the same indifferent character. The leader felt a little bit conflicted and thought for herself with a complicated expression.

Are they thinking we’ll ask for some kind of payment? → Tiger Woman

“You ungrateful old fart! Our leader said she wants to help you yet you spit on her face like that! Do you wish to die? HUH?!”

A martial artist got in front and started threatening the middle-aged man while pointing his gauntlets at him. He wasn’t the only one, more male members started screaming and booing at him. It seems the leader was pretty popular with her members.

“Everyone stop-” → Tiger Woman

She wanted to stop them but the man was faster.

“My job is to stop you here till the battle is over. But if you want to go against me, then I’ll have no choice but to cripple you here. Orders are orders, I warned you.”

His voice was cold but his eyes still indifferent, as if whatever happened had nothing to do with him.

“My~. Andrew, must you be always this cold with others? Please excuse him. His character is a little cold but he has a warm hearth.”

Suddenly, from the sky a harpy appeared like the wind, landing beside Andrew. She then smiled beautifully at the players who looked upwards with wide open eyes. Everyone looked dumbfounded at the harpy. It was the first time they saw one, especially one so beautiful.

The leader then opened her mouth and said.

“Ah, no. Please don’t be sorry. It was our fault in the first place. You guys! Say your excuses for starting such a scene!”

The tiger woman said with a strict voice.

Everyone who shouted looked unwilling but in the end bowed their heads and apologized. They then looked with big eyes at the harpy, amazed by her beauty. Some started to whisper to each other:

“Oy…isn’t she a beauty? She really looks like an angel with those wings.”
“I know, right? I’d like to have a go with her.”
“Ye, ye. Me too. Kek.”
“That’s all you guys can think of?”
“You all are disgusting…”

A lot of males started to dirty-talk while the women criticized them. Andrew, after hearing all this, his indifferent face vanished and was replaced with a cold one. He looked at the ones who talked such profanities and said while killing intent gushed out like a fountain.

One more word and you’re dead.

While saying that, he focused lightning element in his body, making little snakes of lightning appear all over his body. The sky started to darken and blue lightning appeared, making him look like a God of thunder ready to strike down everyone present.


Everyone was dumbfounded by the sudden change, even the harpy. It was the first time she saw Andrew so angry.


Nobody dared to say a word again. Seeing that, Andrew continued talking while his eyes flashed with lighting and killing intent.

“Learn to behave properly, brats. You are on someone else’s property, talking such profanities about the residents yet still thinking you’ll get out of this unscratched? Do you believe I won’t kick you out without asking young master Ryu for permission?” → Andrew

After threatening the ones who dared to dirty-talk, Andrew looked at their leader and said in a strict tone.

“An undisciplined group is the shame of their leader. If you still tried yet they’re still like this, then I recommend you to get rid of them. The fewer victims you’ll suffer in the future.” → Andrew

Hearing the sound of battle stopping, Andrew turns around and starts walking toward the stronghold.

“Now come. I wish there won’t be a second time. Sara, tell young master Ryu about the guests. We need to prepare some food.” → Andrew
“Yes.” → Sara

She looked at Andrew for a second then she whispered to him before flying away.

“Thank you.” → Sara

Seeing her fly away with such a happy smile on, Andrew continued to walk, his face unfazed while his eyes just as indifferent as before. He then answered as if just for himself.

“There’s no need.” → Andrew

The leader was shocked by Andrew’s strength. She was able to tell that his power wasn’t lower than the grand-master she fought against in the competition at the capital.

“…Let’s go.” → Tiger Woman

She commanded her group while thinking that if just a subordinate were this strong, then she was waiting to see just how monstrously powerful the others will be.

“Welcome to my humble home. My name is Ryu, the leader of this stronghold, nice to meet you.” → Ryu

Ryu smiled at the woman, showing her to sit in front of him at the table.

Right now, they were inside the stronghold in the cafeteria. They were invited to take dinner with Ryu’s group after they were finished with the wave. The tables were full with vegetables brought from the ships they sailed on and meat from the demonic waves. It was said that, by eating the full-of-proteins-and-mana demonic meat, one can become stronger faster than a normal warrior. Of course, they needed to cook it in a special way so the demonic essence won’t poison the body and spirit. The dog-tribe together with the pig-tribe knew that kind of cooking technique, teaching it to everyone and being able to eat the demonic meat with no problems.

“Please excuse the inconvenience of eating together with everyone, we built this place in a hurry so we couldn’t make a private place in which we could serve the dinner in a more reserved way.” → Ryu

Ryu said with a calm smile while cutting the meat with a knife. He looked extremely relaxed after just going berserk through an army of demonic beasts.

Beside Ryu was Bonny, then Tara, Gregor, Lissa, Ronald, Marina and the 10 leaders, while on the other side was the leader, one woman and one man which seemed to be the commanders right under her, then other 13 people from the top ranks. The trio which they met was on another table, bringing everyone together and filling the cafeteria. Happily, some of Ryu’s people decided to live in pairs, also making a kitchen inside their houses, not needing to go to the cafeteria all the time. The pairs were formed from families, couples or some brothers and sisters in arms which grew closer through the numerous battles they’ve gone through.

“There is absolutely no problem, it’s much more lively this way.” → Tiger Woman

The leader said with a smile then she introduced herself.

“My name is Shiroko, the leader of Fire Wing Clan. Thank you for inviting us, Mister Ryu.” → Shiroko
“The pleasure is mine. I heard my subordinate, Andrew, caused you some troubles. I wish you’ll be able to forgive him this one time, his temper is a little bit difficult.” → Ryu

Ryu smiled awkwardly, he didn’t expect for Andrew to erupt like that, making even him feel the powerful Lighting Element from back then.

The players are problematic enough to anger even Andrew… This might be more difficult than I thought… → Ryu


Andrew said nothing and seemed as if he didn’t even hear what Ryu said, making the other leaders smile awkwardly.

“Please don’t be sorry. He was right. My subordinates started everything, he only did his job. I must say sorry instead.” → Shiroko

She said while looking intently at the ones who whispered at that time, making them feel uncomfortable. Andrew glanced at the woman leader for a moment then nodded in approval.

They exchanged some words till they finished eating. While chatting like this, Shiroko asked Bonny some things about Shen and how the little fairy was doing. She was shocked to find out that, the fairy Melinda was at the moment together with another disciple of almost the same age and with Shen, in Eihwaz continent to resolve some problems. She tested the waters and asked if Shen tried to hit on her while they were together, making Ryu get some food stuck in his neck, coughing uncontrollably. The others were the same, they looked with dumbfounded faces at Shiroko, as if she asked the most ridiculous question.

“Eh?” → Shiroko

She was surprised to see their faces like this, as if she asked the most idiotic question.

Have I said something wrong? → Shiroko

“The idea of Shen hitting on someone is completely hilarious…” → Bonny

Bonny smiled wryly while shaking her head. She still remembers how she sometimes rushed outside right after taking a bath because she heard an explosion, Shen not even minding her, even though she was covered only in a towel. At that time, she felt a huge blow to her pride as a woman.

“Nope… That guy won’t hit on anyone except for one person…” → Bonny

She sighed then felt her pride hurt again.

“Haha~ that’s right.” → Ryu

Ryu smiled awkwardly and even a little bit amused.

“With the exception of Sylvia, he won’t even look at another woman, showing zero interest.” → Ryu
“Sir Shen is a direct person. Sylvia told me through telepathy that Shen asked her hand in the same night they “became one”. She wanted to ask me for some pieces of advice on how to get closer to him. Ah~ she made me so jealous after she described me their adventurous night, I wished to do the same no matter what.” → Lissa

Lissa said with a bright blush, licking her lips while looking at Gregor with naughty eyes.

“… So that’s why you were so aggressive…” → Gregor

Gregor’s face reddened like a tomato and massaged his temples, having a headache after remembering that night on the ship; Lissa suddenly barged in his room and started stripping out of nowhere. She got in his bed, moving like a feline while at the same time embracing him and giving him a fiery kiss. All of this made him lose control over his animalistic instincts, doing whatever he felt like doing for the entire night while Lissa left him to do as he pleased; even teasing him some more. After understanding what happened, Gregor felt defeated. Rather,  he felt more defeated by his own lack of control than by Lissa’s aggressiveness.

Gugh! She a devil! Sigh~… I need to find out a way to control these instincts. → Gregor


Shiroko and the other players beside her had red faces after hearing the news.

Asked for her hand? He asked for a marriage?! In this world!? That would be the first married couple of players in this world! → Shiroko

“Haha~” → Shiroko

She laughed awkwardly then continued.

“Mister Shen might have just broken the hearts of a lot of female players. He was really popular with the girls inside our clan. Even though he wasn’t seen by anyone but the 20 people and you all, they were still impressed by his power and strong character. But who is Miss Sylvia to attract his attention in such a way to even be asked for marriage?” → Shiroko

Everyone from the clan was curious about Shen and now even more so about Sylvia, the one who was able to capture his heart. The players from the other tables quieted down and tried to eavesdrop.

Haah… She’s the one who brought us all into this troubles…” → Ryu

Ryu said with a weak smile.

“Don’t say that about Sylvia, Mister Ryu.” → Bonny

Bonny pinched him lightly then she continued.

“She is a priest who had the ability to foresee some disasters, making Ryu and Shen work together to resolve them. Ryu was the plan B while Shen tried to finish plan A. In case he failed, he would help Ryu with the plan B, focusing on defense.” → Bonny

Bonny said in a vague way what Sylvia had them to do, making the 15 players in front of her even more confused.

“Well, I can show only to you the so called “missions” we were given but only with the exception that you’ll say to nobody, understood?” → Ryu

Ryu said with a  serious and imposing voice, making the mood turn serious again. He lifted his finger and pointed at Shiroko’s forehead, making her sweat a little.

“Do you wish to know? You’ll learn what is with all these demonic beast waves and also why I don’t want you to group up the players, but you need to keep it a secret for now. Until we separate the rotten from the good.” → Ryu

Ryu said in a roundabout way, making Shiroko even more curious about what they were talking about.

She looked at Ryu and she understood that, the information she’ll get is incredibly important, she might risk her life if it got out but she was simply too curious. Her tail was wagging while she started to lick her lips from nervousness. In the end, she looked with resolution at Ryu and said.

“I wish to know the mission you and Shen have been given, also about why my dream is “a hell in disguise” as you said. Let me know and I might understand something.” → Shiroko

The clan leader said with serious eyes while sweating profoundly. She felt excited and afraid at the same time.

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“Heh, very well.” → Ryu

Ryu smiled then touched her forehead with his finger. He closed his eyes and started to transfer all the information and images he had about Sylvia’s vision, Ragnarok, the players rebellion, the information about the World-Tree’s seal. Everything was transferred in a flash right inside Shiroko’s head.

“Kya!” → Shiroko

Shiroko grabbed her own head and suddenly screamed from the shock. Her head was throbbing while weird images and information filled her head.

“Leader! Are you alright? You bastard, what did you do?!”

The players got up from their seats and wanted to pouch at Ryu when.

“NO! Stay down!” → Shiroko

Shiroko shouted through clenched teeth just in time.


Everyone was shocked, they didn’t know what to do at this point anymore.

“You lot, calm down. I just transferred some information she wished to know because it was too much to simply tell her, I had to do it under this form.” → Ryu

Ryu explained calmly while finishing his steak.

“Couldn’t you be a little bit gentler?!”

The two commanders shouted out, looking with contempt at Ryu.

“It is possible, but I still don’t know how to control telepathy all that well. All I know is from some rushed instructions told by Sylvia through telepathy.”

Ryu said with a plain voice then he rose from his seat. He looked at the dog-beast-man and commanded out.

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