Chapter 67: Power of Words (Part 2)

Why is she so aggressive right in the morning? Wait, I mean evening. Have I made her feel lonely lately? …Ah. → Shen

Shen then face-palmed, making Sylvia surprised by his sudden actions.

How stupid can I be? Of course I made her feel lonely! I almost died and now I’m a cripple! How can she not feel lonely and afraid inside after I almost left her for good? I need to say my excuses. → Shen

Shen then looked with apologetic eyes at Sylvia, making her confused.

“What is it, Shen?” → Sylvia

Sylvia couldn’t understand why Shen had so many emotions inside his heart, mostly of guilt.

“Sylvia. I’m truly sorry for almost leaving you behind, I’ll be sure to pay for my mistakes and also to pay you back for the traumatic moments you had to endure. I’ll be sure that for as long as I live, I’ll give it all I have so I can make you happy.” → Shen

Shen said with a serious look in his eyes, making Sylvia blush.

“Shen, it’s alright! You already excused yourself that night, forgot? And if you wish to give me all you got, then I’ll also give you everything of me. You already asked for my hand while I already accepted, we will stay together forever and everything will be shared between us, be it bitter or sweet.” → Sylvia

Sylvia said with a sweet smile while holding his hand dearly. Shen was dazed again by her words. He couldn’t hold his emotions back anymore so he grabbed her in his arms, holding her tightly.

“Ah. I really love you, Sylvia.” → Shen

Shen’s voice was shaking with emotion, trying his best to keep his tears in check.

“I love you too, Shen.” → Shen

Sylvia held him the same way and said in a calm voice with a sweet smile. The two of them remained like that till Shen remembered he had something to do.

“Ah! I need to teach the two brats some new meanings of magic!” → Shen

Shen hastily got up from the bed and starts to dress up.

Sylvia was beside him, waiting for him to dress up. After that, Shen and Sylvia got out from his room and summoned everyone on the deck. The two high elves said they need to take part in a telepathic conference, not being able to participate. It seems that high-elves have some kind of connection, making them able to communicate with each other like in a form of a network. Shen was dumbfounded after finding this out but nevertheless, he left them to do their job.

“Alright, everyone. Right now we’ll go towards the Antara Kingdom!” → Shen

The words boomed even though he used no mana.

“Before we get there, I’ll teach you something that might or might not make you grow in power, this depends on you yourselves.” → Shen

Shen said with a  serious face like every time he prepared to teach something new.

“Today I’ll teach you lot about word-power!” → Shen

Theo and Melinda were excited every time they heard about new forms of magic. Shen would teach them the most basic forms of magic, making them feel free to create new spells. It was like giving them new crayons of different colors, having now the possibility to draw new kinds of drawings in whatever form they wished.

“First of all, let’s see what the ‘word’ is. The words are used by different beings to communicate through their mouths using sound to express their thoughts. That’s something that everyone knows, now let’s see the deeper usage of words. The sound is vibration which makes the energy around us to move. The evolved beings; be them monsters, humans, demons, elves or whatever, tried to form a language through which they could communicate with the mana and energies around them. They also tried to make symbols which characterized the respective words. Later, they found out that what matters the most, besides needing a good pronunciation, is what kind of mental-waves are sent together with the respective word. Every time we use a word, our mind reacts, thinking of the respective word. For example: When I say ‘sword’, in my mind, I would think of a sword, the most classical sword I know of. If I say ‘great sword’, I’ll think of a two-handed sword, looking sturdy and heavy, right?” → Shen

Everyone nodded, looking a little bit funny.

“Now, what will happen if I think of a sword beforehand, making it as alive as possible in my head and also use the word while I imbue it with mana? Let’s see what will happen:” → Shen

Shen closed his eyes and started focusing, then.

“[Sword]” → Shen

In Shen’s hand, a one-handed sword suddenly materialized. It looked like a ghost sword, being transparent like it was made from gas. The image of it was one of a normal, classical western double-edged sword.

“Fuu…” → Shen

Shen looked pale in the face then shook away the tiredness, regaining his color.

“See? Suddenly, a sword was created. Depending on how much power you have, the sword can become even clearer and sturdier, being able to use it on combat.” → Shen


Everyone was surprised but they were a little bit worried about him. Only using such little magic and he was already drained.

“M-master.” → Theo

Theo opened his mouth and tried to remain focused on the class

“Then does it matter if the word is a power-word like what you used in naming Ashura, or simply a normal word?” → Theodore

His question was logical, making everyone wait for Shen’s explanation.

“Good question. That is a matter of how old the language is and for what it has been used till now. The older the language, the stronger it’s meaning. Let’s say that, right now I’ll say a random word, for example: ‘hacut’.” → Shen


Everyone looked dumbfounded at Shen, waiting for something to happen.

What does that even mean?

Heh. ‘Hacut’ is just another word I invented and I gave it the meaning of ‘fire’, right now, with a baseless connection to the respective element. This word won’t have any effect if I pronounce it. Heck, nobody would even know what in the world it even means. However much mana I imbue in it, nothing would happen, maybe a little spark of fire might appear if I concentrate on the image of fire, but other than that, nothing. ‘Hacut’ is what one would call ‘an empty word’, with no element inside it and with barely any meaning, the slight ‘meaning’ it has, being given by me just a few seconds ago. [Power Words] are created by primordial beings which ‘heard’ the elements and were able to decipher their meanings. They then continued to use them, giving them their rightful meanings, seeing which word feels more compatible with what element and later after that, the combination of words to be given different types of ‘meanings’; like the words ‘you’, ‘me’, ‘shoes’, ‘leaving’ and so on. Every word had been chosen with utmost care, feeling the elements around and understanding the laws of the universe. The power-words are especially one-of-a-kind, being so powerful, every single one of them having a spirit which controls the respective element and energy when the word is spoken. For example, Ashura, do you remember the first time I gave you the name ‘Dhavala’?” → Shen
“Yes. A white aura enveloped me, making me feel refreshed or something like that. What was that?” → Ashura

Ashura was confused even now for what happened that time.

“That was a power-word which accepted you as it’s master. Every word can mean something, it depends on us what meaning we give it. When I named you ‘Dhavala’, it was for your pure soul and white appearance. White is also your soul, making yourself an old spirit. We’ll talk about this later, for now, back to the topic.” → Shen
“Ugh. What do you mean the word accepted me as its master?” → Ashura

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Ashura was still a little bit confused.

“Try to pronounce it but at the same time, redirect the word toward the mana around you. Be sure to pronounce it the same way I did. Pronunciation is the most important part; it doesn’t matter if you know how to write the word if you can’t even pronounce it right.” → Shen
“Then…” → Ashura

Ashura focused his mind and started to feel the mana around him. He circulated the chi and thought of a pure-white color then he said.

“[Dhavala]” → Ashura

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One meter radius around Ashura, a white aura was emanated, making everyone feel relaxed and refreshed. Ashura looked divine being enveloped by the white aura, shining like snow hit by the sun.

“W-what is this?! I can feel my chi being purified more and more!” → Ashura

The purer the chi, the stronger the power and the whiter the color. Right now, Ashura was getting stronger little by little, making everyone except Shen and Sylvia, dumbfounded.

“That is the power of the word ‘Dhavala’. You being its master at the moment, the effect is tens of times stronger than if I were to use it the same way. Also, depending on what you’re thinking and what your intentions are while pronouncing it, the effect may vary, for example:” → Shen

Shen closed his eyes again and focused.

“[Dhavala]” → Shen

Suddenly, Ashura’s hair, horns and eyes became white like snow, shining in the sun.

“Eh?” → Ashura

Ashura just felt a slight wind hitting his head but nothing else, while everyone else looked at him with surprise in their eyes.

“What is it?” → Ashura

He was confused as for why everyone looked at him with such big eyes.

Sylvia gave him a copper mirror from a hidden pocket inside her dress. When he looked at himself through the mirror, he was just as shocked as everyone else. He touched his hair and horns, completely dumbfounded and shocked, especially his shining white eyes gave him the creeps. They were completely white, making someone frightened because he looked as if his eyeballs were only white.

“T-this… I have no more color!” → Ashura

Ashura had complicated feelings. He liked to finally have some more colors on him after getting some of his hair together with the horns, red. Now he became white again… and so white, he was literally shining.

”Shen? Can I ask what did you do?” → Ashura
“I focused the word on your appearance while you did on your own chi. The effect of the word will differ, depending on what your emotions and thoughts are like. By the way, right now I’m so weak, the magic capability is only 1% of what it was before, you can simply cancel it by fending off the mana around you.” → Shen

Shen said with a forced smile. Even though he could bring out close to god-like powers, that is only for around 20 minutes, besides that, he’s currently weaker than a normal resident from this world.

He could take out a more moderate level of power but no matter of the magnitude, his body would take the burden in full. Circulating energy through broken meridians is a crazy idea. That would make the muscles and internal organs handle the full burden of the energies inside, feeling as if the world is pressing on you, damaging and possibly rupturing them. Using the [One With the Universe] in full power makes Shen able to control the mana around without needing to circulate it through his body, using something like “telekinesis” on the mana around, making it do what Shen desires. Using Word-magic is the same, using only the unlimited mana-pool of the world. Sadly, he can keep that state only for 20 minutes before the effects wear off or his mind and body collapses.

Ah… This is the carnal body for you, making the immortal spirit understand what ‘fragile’ and ‘feeble’ means. The Creator really thought of everything when He made us like this. → Shen

Shen thought with a hopeless smile. For a prideful soul like him, feeling weak was a nightmare.
From his left, Sylvia came and grabbed his arm slowly.

“Shen, you look tired, do you want to stop here?” → Sylvia

Sylvia asked with a bright smile.

“Hmm. Before that, any more questions?” → Shen

Freia raised her hand a little bit timidly. She still felt a little bit like an outsider.

“Yes. Freia, was it? Ask your question.” → Shen
“Yes. I wanted to ask, does word-power has anything to do with the incantations? For example, rather than use a long incantation to summon an asteroid, is it possible to simply say ‘asteroid’, or something like that, and make one appear in the sky?” → Freia

When Shen materialized a sword in his hand, even though it wasn’t complete, it still appeared by using a normal word, making Freia completely shocked. Normally, one would need some kind of incantation to materialize a weapon, doing so with only one word, that was beyond incredible.

“Incantations are just for helping with your imagination. For example, in creating a fireball, rather than saying the classical and burdensome incantation:” → Shen

Shen closed his eyes and thought.

“[One with the Universe: First Chapter]” → Shen

He entered this state so he could use the minimum mana requirement rather than entering the full mode, wasting mental energy for nothing. He raised his hand and started reciting from his memory.

“Oh element of fire, I summon you in my palm, gather and burn, spin and turn, take my enemies and my energy in return. [Fireball]!” → Shen

He launched the fire outside the ship, in the water so no damage would be made on the ship. The ball made a little explosion, sending the water 2 meters in the air.

“Now, if we only use the word but focus more on the image in our head.” → Shen

Shen closed his eyes which now were shining green. He focused on the image of a fire-ball then he said…

“[Fireball]” → Shen

The same fireball appeared, making the exact same damage on the surface of the water.

“Incredible…” → Freia

Freia was completely baffled. It was the first time when she saw someone using magic with barely any incantation.

“Of course, this is not such a big deal. For low-class magic, you don’t even need to use the words. You can simply imagine it.” → Shen

Shen opened his palm and the same fireball formed, being thrown again on the surface of the water, creating the exact same explosion.

“The more complicated the magic you wish to create, the bigger the necessity of words. They are mostly used only so you could make a clearer image in your head, to make the magic more stable, and in case the words carry some kind of elements over them, they might even enhance your magic, making it even more powerful. Of course, I don’t mean that the incantation is useless. If you’re able to find a strong word-combination, then you might actually be able to bring powers comparable to the primordial words I used, combining the elements from the words together. Being able to find the right word-chain is difficult, you need a strong sensibility at the slightest fluctuations of mana around you. Understood?” → Shen

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