Chapter 69: The Throne-less King (Part 1)

Tian and Ashura exchanged blows with each other on top of the water, making huge waves one after another.

“Tsk [Rising Sun!]” → Ashura

Ashura kicks upwards, forming a huge chi-wave of light, cutting forward.

“[Heavenly Slash]” → Tian

Tian slashes vertically, breaking the space in front. The huge wave of destructive chi passed around him as if to not touch him.

“Damn you and your weird abilities!” → Ashura

Ashura was already angered, he already used his strongest move more than 5 times but space was weirdly bent in a way that his strikes would simply dodge him.

“[Heavenly Pull!]”  → Ashura

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He grabs forward and a transparent hand suddenly appears, grabbing at Tian with incredible dominance.

“Wha-! Why do you know that-!?”  → Tian

Before he could complete his question, the hand reached him, pulling him towards Ashura’s deadly fist.

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“Get over here!”  → Ashura

Ashura punches forward with all his force, trying to turn Tian intro a meat-paste.

“Humph!”  → Tian

Tian makes a side-step, going around Ashura and cutting his head with a clean slash.

“… A formidable opponent. But that last move… why did he know that skill?”  → Tian

Tian wipes the blood from his mouth. He looked down and saw his chest in a bloody mess. That punch just now only scratched him but it was enough to make serious damage.

Tian walks toward his ship when he hears a plop on the water. He turns around with the thought of slashing backward, but a hand grabs his face at incredible speed.

“Did you think just by cutting my head off you’ll win?! Think again!”  → Ashura

Ashura prepared a killing blow to shatter Tian’s chest when he suddenly hears a loud shout.

On top of Shen’s ship.

“Take all you can and run!”

A fairy said while flying from inside the ship with a box of jewels. That was one of the boxes Shen’s group got from Alfheim as a token of their gratitude.

“Don’t you dare!”  → Theo

Theo then jumped and landed on the fairy’s back, bringing him back on the deck.


The fairy let go of the box, making everything spread on the deck.

“Boahaha! Everyone take as much as you can then run! No need to sacrifice yourselves fighting!”

A dragoon rushed forward and took as many scattered jewels as he could.

“Don’t! Those are our master’s!”  → Melinda

Melinda rushed and sent the dragoon flying with wind magic, making him fly out of the deck.


The dragoon shouted but still didn’t let go of the jewels. After falling, he started swimming toward his ship.

“I’ll gather the jewels! Cover me!”  → Evan

Evan ran toward the box while Oliver repelled the pirates with wind magic just like Melinda.

Theo tried his hardest to block as many pirates from entering the ship. He would punch and kick anyone who tried to get close. He would use ice maces, shadow hands and wind walls to push them back, he was like a human fortress, nothing going to pass through him. While doing so, one fairy with black hair and eyes was able to sneak behind him through some shadow-magic.

“Hehehe~ I finally passed the monster-kid, now let’s get the riches~.”

Right when he wanted to open the door, the door is kicked open, sending the fairy flying backward.

“Argh! Hey! Which bastard did that? Do you want to die?! …Eh?”

The fairy was angered, seeing his nose bleeding but he closed his mouth when he saw who was behind the door.

“What did you say, you bastard?” → Shen

A young man with only his pants on stood by the door with his leg lifted, as if he just kicked something. Under his wolf-like eyes, there were black circles and his eyes were blood-shot. He emanated a blood-thirsty aura while his voice was rough and unfriendly.

“N-noting, sir!”

The fairy got up and flew away.


Shen looked around and saw how everyone was struggling, fending off the pirates.


All kind of noises entered Shen’s ears, making his temples throb and his nerves to tense. He massaged them then after reaching his limit he snapped: He circulated all the mana he could through his neck-chakra and roared.

[प्रपञ्चयति] (Amplify)


The shout was so strong, everyone froze and even Ashura who was prepared to kill Tian and the pirate’s captain who wanted to shoot down Sylvia from the other ship stopped moving completely. Everyone looked with big eyes at Shen, not knowing what to do.

“Eh? Who’s that?”

The pirates were dumbfounded by the sudden roar. They then started to sweat after feeling his aura.

H-he’s no joke…

Everyone retreated and swam toward their own ship.


The captain forgot what he wanted to do, looking with shocked eyes at Shen.

He scared everyone with only his aura! Who is that brat?! He looks younger than me but poses such an oppressing aura. → Pirate’s Captain

Even Sylvia was surprised and made a wry smile. She knew Shen’s temper when he’s tired.

“S-Shen? He woke up?” → Ashura

Ashura froze after hearing the loud shout.

How can he make such a strong roar with his meridians shattered? Did he use up all his mana again? …And what’s up with that terrifying aura? Do I have to give him my ‘Ashura’ name? → Ashura

Ashura felt like it was ridiculous. Such an aura one would feel only from the most savage beasts.


Tian cuts down Ashura’s hand and retreated from him with quick steps. He looks at Ashura with shock in his eyes and said.

“I’m rather curious as to why you’re still alive but I’m even more curious as to why is sir Shen with you?” → Tian

As a former king, he was able to control his emotions.

“You’re rather composed for someone who just evaded death. And about Shen, why do you know him?” → Ashura

Ashura was equally surprised and asked back while putting back his cut arm. He admired Tian’s strong mind and the fact that he knew about Shen.

Before any of the two could even open their mouth to talk, Shen’s voice boomed again.


Shen’s angry voice resounded for more than 200 meters around, making everyone stunned.

“A-Ashura as in the ‘fake god’ that escaped from the borders?!” → Tian

Tian looked with shock in his eyes at Ashura.

“Wait, are you king Tian Jian? From the Jian Kingdom?!” → Ashura

He looked surprised at Tian, not believing what he just heard.

Both of them looked stunned at each other when they felt a threatening wave of aura coming toward them. They sweated a little then looked back at the ship.

“We should go.” → Tian
“Indeed.” → Ashura

Both of them fled toward Shen, not exchanging any more words.


Shen had his hands crossed at his chest while looking with blood-shot eyes at both of them, making them feel a little uncomfortable.

“We’ll talk later. For now, where is Sylvia?” → Shen

Shen asked with a cold voice.

“On that ship.”

Both of them pointed with plain faces at the pirate ship right beside theirs. They wished to get Shen’s attention away from them so not even Tian didn’t mind on passing the blame to someone else.


Shen gazed where they pointed and saw Sylvia sitting there with someone who looked like a captain, pointing something that seemed to be a quite powerful gun at her. That sight made a vein pop on his forehead. He looked straight at him and said with a cold voice. It was strong enough to be heard by him with no problem.


The captain shuddered when he felt the huge wave of enmity crashing toward him. The blood-lust was ridiculous.

Seriously who is that brat?! → Pirate’s Captain

Oy, captain Dickenson. What do you think you’re pointing at my wife?! That gun better be a toy.→ Shen

Shen’s words were as cold as possible, making the captain shudder.

“Eh~? I wonder what you mean~? This? This is just another toy, you know~?” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain said with a playful voice, even so, his back was sweating bullets.

Wife?! He just said ‘my wife’?! What a damn luck, wow! I almost shot the woman of some big-shot! Today is not my day. → Pirate’s Captain

The captain felt like crying. Every part of his body told him he couldn’t fight Shen.

“Bring that ship closer. Also, bring everyone on board, now.” → Shen

Shen ordered to the captain in a neutral voice.

“Eh?” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain was dumbfounded. Then he felt a little bit irritated.

“Ha! Do you think I would do such a thing?! How stupid are you? I would never risk the lives of my people, not even if that means I’ll need to sacrifice my life!-Ah.” → Pirate’s Captain

He wanted to continue but he suddenly felt a presence right in front of him.

When he looked, he saw Shen with an aura like that of a beast. His eyes were completely dark with two glowing suns where the pupils should’ve been, the space around him was shaking while on his shoulder, a black squirrel looked at him with his red, big eyes. From that squirrel, a black, reddish smoke emanated, making it look like a demon from the depths of hell.

All in all, Shen looked like a demonic god, the horns and the dragon-like wings were the only things that missed from the “perfect demonic god” image. He then opened his mouth and from inside it, a specter-like voice was heard, resounding from all around the space.

[On my ship, now.]

Shen looked with his two suns at the captain.


The captain then fainted, not being able to comprehend how something so monstrous suddenly appeared when he only wished to steal some riches.

Goodbye, cruel world~. → Pirate’s Captain

[Wake Up]

Shen then commanded again, making the captain stay straight up again.

“Y-yes!” → Pirate’s Captain

He couldn’t even faint in peace, how cruel. The captain then rushed past Shen and started to navigate the ship so it would be right beside Shen’s.

“Everyone to the port!” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain said with sweat falling from his forehead. He looked as if he just took a shower with his clothes on.

[Are you alright?] → Shen

Shen looked at Sylvia with his burning gaze. The terrifying aura diminished, while the squirrel on his shoulder retracted its threatening smoke, looking at Sylvia with curiosity.

Hehe~, he said ‘my wife’. → Sylvia

“Ah.” → Sylvia

Sylvia was still in a blissful moment at first, then she woke up at his ethereal voice. She was surprised by Shen’s appearance and stared at him for a while. It was her first time seeing him entering the [One with the Universe] so up-close.

“I’m alright now. Shen? Are you fine entering that form?” → Sylvia

Sylvia asked with a worried expression. She was able to feel Shen’s monstrous power but at the same time, to not feel him at all. It was like he was there but at the same time nowhere.

[Yes.] → Shen

Shen answered shortly then he lifted his right hand.

[Let’s go back on our deck.] → Shen

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