Chapter 68: Surprise in the Middle of the Sea (Part 2)

The palm released a huge amount of chi, hitting and destroying the front of the pirate’s ship.

“OUCH! Hey! Tian, the hell you’re doing?! We still need this ship, damn it!” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain waved his hands in frustration, crying around.

“Do you have the time to worry for your ship?” → Freia

Freia was above the ship, looking down with disdain.

“Oh my~. But why would such a beauty start a conversation with me? Can I take it as an invitation to dinner?” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain said with a provoking smile and small eyes, looking as if he wished for a ‘taste’.

“You trash, I’ll give you an invitation to hell!” → Freia

Freia was furious and started chanting. It was a chant to summon an asteroid, she wished to destroy the entire ship in one go.

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“Woah. So fast to violence!” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain was surprised. He felt the mana around going toward Freia and the sky started to darken.

“I’m sorry my lady, I can’t let you finish what you started.” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain took from under his coat what looked like a white desert-eagle gun. The barrel was long and it had a stylish design. He pointed it toward Freia and pressed the trigger. A loud boom resounded and a red bullet flew with incredible speed towards her.

“Eh? Damn!” → Freia

She hastily made as many barriers as she could, the counter-attack was too fast for her to fully react. With a deafening sound every barrier shattered like glass, hitting her right in the stomach.

“Bugh!” → Freia

She spat a mouthful of blood and started falling on the decks.

“Aye~ I hate harming women. You there! Bring the med-kit, leaving such a beauty to die on my ship is a crime!” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain caught the falling Freia and commanded the other pirates to take care of her while the rest to start invading the ship. They were already pretty close to the enemy ship.

“AYE Captain!”

Everyone took a rope and launched themselves on top of Shen’s ship while 3 people came and started taking care of Freia’s wounds while she was knocked out. The pirates weren’t of only the four races, but from Eihwaz as well, being demons, fox-men, pig-men, mice-men and dog-men all together with the ones from the four races, working like a team.

“Freia!” → Ashura

Ashura saw what happened and wanted to run towards them when the swordsman pirate appeared in front of him again.

“MOVE!” → Ashura

Ashura released his aura, making the pirate feel the deadly pressure.

“Hmm… Using ‘that’ to rob people leaves a bad taste in my mouth but this time is so I can stay alive… can’t be helped.” → Tian

The pirate mumbled something then he took a relaxed position. His blue eyes started to shine with a whiter shade while his aura became more and more domineering.

[Tian Set: Heaven’s Aura]

The pirate named Tian released an aura almost comparable to Ashura’s, resisting his pressure and equaling it.

“W-what is that?” → Ashura

Ashura was dumbfounded. He felt like he saw this somewhere before.

[Tian Set: Heaven’s Wrath]

The sky above started to darken and lightning suddenly appeared between the clouds. Tian leaped toward Ashura and cut forward.

“Crap.” → Ashura

Ashura felt like that attack will hurt so he did all he could to counter it.

[Yang Set: Six Suns Super Nova]

Six little suns appeared around his fist. He punched at Tian’s blade trying to break it. When the blade met the gauntlet, the sky tore apart and a huge lightning hit Ashura. The lightning together with the nova’s explosion made a huge wave to wash over the two ships. Mist covered the surface of the water for one kilometer around them while the dark clouds completely vanished. The two great ships almost turned if not for the barriers around them, making both camps look with dazed faces at the two great fighters going at each others.

“Ugh!” → Tian

Tian was sent flying and crashed on top of the water for 5 times before finally stopping. Seeing how he wasn’t sinking, that meant he was still conscious.

“Damn. What ridiculous power…” → Tian

His clothes tore and blood was flowing from his mouth. The shockwave damaged his internal organs and the heat burnt his shirt and a part of his pants.

“Tsk.” → Ashura

Ashura was also sent flying but only for 20 steps, remaining after that on top of the water.

“Power comparable to an adept Saint and he’s a pirate? What has become of this world?” → Ashura

His shirt was cut in half and a bloody cut was on his chest, slowly regenerating. Even though he was a Semi-God ranked warrior, he still didn’t know how to fully control his own power and he also didn’t wish to bring it out either, or he might destroy Shen’s ship as well.

“To be damn! That was so cool~, Tian! Do it again!” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain on top of the ship was spectating the fight between Ashura and Tian as if he had nothing to do with any of them.

The other pirates were boarding the ship but at the same time were sent flying by Theo, Melinda and the two high elves. The 2 disciples tried to take after their master and not kill anyone, while the 2 high elves felt no killing intent from the pirates, making them waver whenever to strike to kill or not.

“You. Leave this place.”

A strong voice suddenly boomed, then a firebreath shot out toward the pirates ship.

“Wowowow- what the hell?! [Frosty wall!]” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain panicked and hastily made a huge wall of ice 1 meter thick. The breath hit the wall and started to penetrate it more and more.

“Damn! [Frost Bazooka!]” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain then created another huge ice cannon and shot it the moment the wall broke down.

The freezing energy-ball penetrated the weakened fire-breath, going right towards Sylvia, the one who made the fire-breath.

“Humph!” → Sylvia

Sylvia simply slapped the frost energy-ball, making it go around her and crash in the ocean. Even though the ball was weakened by the fire-breath, it was still strong enough to make a hole inside a black-iron wall. The enchantment with Kundalini made her body as durable and strong as one third of Ashura’s physical strength.

“For God’s sake! What’s up with these overpowered women on that ship?! Even that loli over there is stronger than most of my subordinates! Argh…I’m so~ gonna waste some more bullets this time.” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain felt bitter inside at the thought of using more bullets. He took out the gun and shot toward Sylvia. The loud noise was heard again and another red beam of light was shot out.


Sylvia was wary of that gun. It showed power comparable to her breath but much faster and focused in just one point. Sylvia saw that she’s not able to dodge it so she started to strengthen her palm.

[Iron Body]
[Barrier x6]

Her hand suddenly reddened, red lines appeared on it, together with a silver luster from the Iron Body and 6 compressed barriers stacked on top of each other. The bullet penetrated the barriers but was still stopped by her hardened hand.

“Ouch!” → Sylvia

Some skin from her hand was still burnt by the friction with the spinning bullet, but she was able to completely stop it.

“What kind of object is this?” → Sylvia

Sylvia then analyzed the bullet with a serious face. It looked more like some kind of black crystal rather than metal. The tip was sharp and had lines going in a spiral from the base, meeting at the tip of the bullet.


The captain’s eyes and mouth were wide open, as if he saw the biggest nightmare in his entire life.

“Damn, you woman! How can you stop that bullet?! It was made so it would destroy even the sturdiest tanks from Earth, ARGH!… Do I really have to fight a girl with my own hands?” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain felt down thinking about fighting a woman, it was already hard enough to shoot at them with a gun.

“My damn luck.” → Pirate’s Captain
“Hm? You said ‘from Earth’? So you’re one of those ‘players’?” → Sylvia

Sylvia heard his talk just now and was a little bit surprised.

“Ye ye, I am one of them. But don’t lump me together with them either. I have no intention of making a stupid-ass empire and rule the world or something like that.” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain said with an indifferent face.

“I just want to live a carefree life, ya know?” → Pirate’s Captain
“Care-free? By stealing from others?” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked with a frown at him.

“You even kill for money, how can you say you wish for a carefree life?” → Sylvia
“Woah woah, Miss. You misunderstood something. Till now, we killed nobody and we stole only from the rich. We looked around for incredibly rich-looking ships, like this one, and took away their riches. If they are some nobles then even better!” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain said with a righteous face.

“And for the ones we injury really bad, we give them treatment, like to the lady over there.” → Pirate’s Captain

He pointed at Freia from which the bullet has be extracted and a Soul Fighter was slowly healing her.

“After we give the first-aid, we return them to their ship. We don’t even take prisoners, so I can say we are pretty clean from my point of view.” → Pirate’s Captain
“Stealing is still no good. I’ll teach you what morality is, making you unable to steal ever again.” → Sylvia

Sylvia then created a black-hole over her hand, starting to create a little sun.

“Hmm. I can’t let you do that.” → Pirate’s Captain

He took out a blue bullet this time and loaded it in the gun.

The explosion this time was a few times stronger and the bullet left behind a blue-colored ray, looking like a beam.

“Eh? Huh?!” → Sylvia

The bullet was aimed at the black-hole from Sylvia’s palm. The bullet tore the space, making the black-hole unstable, closing up and absorbing the little sun together with it.

“W-what was that?! How did you break my space-magic?!” → Sylvia

Sylvia was completely shocked. Her magic just now was space magic, one of the strongest forms of magic. Breaking it is the same as breaking the space itself; to do that you need to use space-magic as well. But she saw him use no chant or absorb no mana.

“Do you know how to use space-magic?” → Sylvia

Sylvia asked with wide eyes.

“A little, but that bullet just now was exactly for such forms of magic. I can cancel any form of space-magic you may use, you can’t teleport or transport around using space-magic as long as I still got these bullets with me.” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain said with a smug on his face. Even so, he still felt pain in his heart after wasting the bullet.

Argh! I only have 5 more! Why is there a space-mage here?! Seriously! Lady-Luck? A smile upon me please?! → Pirate’s Captain

“Hmm…” → Sylvia

Sylvia was able to see his aura being completely shacked and with a blue color, looking as if he were anxious.

“Do you by any chance, don’t have that many of those bullets, I presume~?” → Sylvia

Sylvia said with a sweet smile.


For the captain, that smile was like one of a demoness

“Ah… It seems I really need to end this by myself.” → Pirate’s Captain

He got serious this time. He took out a small wand from his back and readied his gun.

“This time I won’t show mercy.” → Pirate’s Captain
“Same for me.” → Sylvia

Sylvia looked serious and activated Kundalini.

First of all, I need to take her down from up there. → Pirate’s Captain

The captain jumped high and started to step on the air, going right after Sylvia.

“[Freezing Steps]” → Pirate’s Captain

He flew toward Sylvia and passed by her in a blink of an eye.

“T-that was fast.” → Sylvia

Sylvia was surprised by the quick movements then she slowly started to fall.

”Huh?!” → Sylvia

She suddenly felt as if she couldn’t move. Frostbites started to appear on her skin and the mana around slowed down, making her fall from the sky.

Interesting. → Sylvia

This was a new form of magic she didn’t know of. Sylvia landed slowly on the pirate’s deck and used Kundalini to warm herself.

“No injury as expected. But that’s good enough, at least I got you down here. [Freeze!]” → Pirate’s Captain

The captain stepped hard on the ground and the deck froze. The area where the frost touched would freeze up immediately. Sylvia jumped over the freezing area and shot forward a fireball as a deviation then she created lightning bolts right after.

[Frost Wall]

The captain made a frost wall under him, launching himself upwards and from mid-air, he locked Sylvia with the gun.

[Frost Bullet].

He shot a frost-energy-ball, this time being more compressed and dangerous, looking like a bullet. It flew toward Sylvia with the speed of a normal bullet.

“Can I do this?” → Sylvia

Sylvia summoned another black-hole, this time using it to absorb the bullet. The mana and energy was completely absorbed by the black-hole, making the bullet disappear in outer space.

“Ah, so it’s possible.” → Sylvia

Sylvia was pleasantly surprised. She had a slight doubt that the bullet might be the same as the first one but she felt the differences from the mana-fluctuations.


Even the captain was dumbfounded.

“Damn, what a cheat. [Blizzard!]” → Pirate’s Captain

The entire ship froze up. Sylvia was enveloping herself with chi and warmed herself up with Kundalini. The blizzard had no effect on her but even so, she didn’t let her guard down.

[Ice Spikes]

Spikes made from ice started to grow under Sylvia’s every step, making her jump around the ship.

[Freeze Space]

Suddenly, the mana, the air, and the space itself started to slow down around Sylvia, making her every move look as if she were moving in slow-motion.


Sylvia felt the difference and was shocked by it. She never dealt with such an ability, not knowing what to do.

“This magic consumes way too much mana, I’ll have to end it fast.” → Pirate’s Captain

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He takes out a red bullet and aims the loaded gun at Sylvia.

“Checkmate.” → Pirate’s Captain

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