Chapter 71: The Classes ( Part 2)

Giggle now that you started why don’t you finish? Like this, you might get more efficiency while working, no~?” → Bonny

Bonny said in a playful manner. She placed a leg over the other, sitting on Ryu’s desk while looking at him provocatively. At first, she didn’t want to do it with Ryu when he was controlled by dragonic desires, she knew he’ll feel guilty after everything was over, even though she wouldn’t mind it. When he regained control, she felt like she couldn’t simply go back without at least a reward for making him get out from his outburst.

Even though it was my fault, I still want something in return. Ah, I’m so selfish~. → Bonny

Ryu was surprised at first but he knew what she was after. He smiled with sharp eyes and asked.

“Is this an order from my Queen?” → Ryu

Ryu got closer and caressed her legs. He looked up and gazed at Bonny with provocative eyes.

Aah~. Ryu is the best when he’s controlling himself. → Bonny

“It is an order. Do you have something against my will?” → Bonny

Bonny started to play her role, feeling Ryu’s gaze, made her feel more excited. She looked at him bowing right in front of her legs.

Right now Bonny had a red nightgown, having her legs fully revealed. Ryu held one of her foot in his hands and lightly kissed it making Bonny twitch in surprise. She never expected for him to be this bold.

“Then I’ll try my hardest to please her highness with all I’ve got in my powers. Please relax and let this one do his job as the lucky husband of such a devilish Queen.” → Ryu

Ryu said with a hot gaze and a small grin on his face.

He said it! → Bonny

Bonny tried to control her overflowing emotions. She looked with fire in her eyes at Ryu and said with a seductive voice.

“Please do~.” → Bonny

Everyone looked at Bonny as the queen which also meant they saw her as Ryu’s wife. She wanted to ask Ryu about their relationship but she was too afraid that might put him in a bad position of not knowing what to answer. Not wishing to make him feel troubled, she tried to ignore what was said around them. After finally getting the confirmation from Ryu, Bonny felt elated and was barely able to control the impulse of crying and hugging Ryu. Ryu caressed her leg and sometimes kissed it, going upper and upper till he reached to her hips.

“Hanh~!” → Bonny

Ryu kissed the left hip, making Bonny feel ticklish. She was already incredibly red and her breath was rough and hot. She felt that, if Ryu continued to tease her like this she’ll lose reason. When she first did it with Ryu, she found some differences between this dragoon body and the one from Earth, because of that tiny bit of dragon-blood still flowing through her, the lustful feelings were stronger than before, making even a normal hug from the loved person to make her heart skip a few beats.

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“My queen, please control the volume of your voice. We don’t wish to alarm the others, right?” → Ryu

Ryu said with a teasing smile. He knew about the weakness of a dragoon all too well. He loved to take advantage of that weakness and look at Bonny’s embarrassed face.

I can say I’m a pervert and a sadist at this moment but damn it’s worth it. Seeing her face like this makes me more excited and somewhat amused. → Ryu

Uuuh~. Stop teasing me!” → Bonny


Bonny got mad and gently smacked Ryu’s head, trying to pose as an angry queen.

Is not that I hate it, but I might start to like it too much if he keeps on doing this. And I don’t want to get addicted to his teasings! → Bonny

“Ouch, ahaha~. Then do you wish for me to do this?” → Ryu

Ryu then licked in front when his head was already right between her hips.

Hauh~!” → Bonny

Bonny moaned loudly, feeling extremely embarrassed right after. She covered her mouth with both hands while her ears reddened. She hastily chanted a sound-proof barrier around the office then she breathed out a sigh.

“What a nice voice. I want to hear it even more now.” → Ryu

Ryu smiled like a devil. Even though his eyes became again like those of a dragon, he was able to keep his cool.

“Mph!-Hah-Hahn~” → Bonny

Bonny’s moans continued even though she tried to control herself, making erotic sounds one after the other. In the end, she twitched and made a loud moan, not being able to control herself anymore.
After a while, even Ryu started to feel dizzy.

It smells like tulips and grapes… Ah, I can’t control myself any longer. → Ryu

He rose then he faced Bonny from the front, biting her reddened ears while whispering with a heavy voice.

“My Queen. If you can’t control your beautiful voice then don’t expect me to control myself either.” → Ryu


At the left of the middle tower, inside the little hut made from earth, stone, and wood, Bernard stood in bed under his blanket looking at the ceiling. His gaze was a relaxed one. He tilted his head to the right and looked outside the window where he had the middle tower in full view. His eyes looked intently at the tower for more minutes till he saw some dust falling down from the last floor where Ryu’s office was built.

“As I thought. That was Queen Bonny’s voice I just heard. I think other than me, nobody should’ve heard it.” → Bernard

Bernard said in a heavy voice, his face neutral. As a beast-man, he had a more sensitive hearing than any other race. He was also the nearest beast-man around, making possible only for him to hear that noise. He got up from his bed and slowly got out from his hut. He got on the fortress wall and searched around till he found Kenaz3KenazAn Elder Futharks rune which, in this novel represents only \"torch\" and \"vision\". Appearance: Looks like a < and is normally written on stone, wood or even bone., also called Ken.

“Ken. I want you to guard King Ryu’s office until someone gets out from inside. Don’t let anyone enter it and tell them that I placed you there. If they ask you why then tell them to come and ask me.” → Bernard

[Is there a specific reason?] → Ken

Even though Isa and Ken were just golems created by Shen, because of the slight memories, emotions, and feelings still stuck inside the armors made by the respective beast’s body-parts, they would occasionally ask some questions, feeling more alive than the other golems which couldn’t even talk.

“Right now King Ryu is in the middle of a very important task that he has to finish and he cannot be disturbed. Whenever he will finish with success or fail miserably depends on whenever he’s disturbed or not, understood? I wish you could just simply guard his place without letting anyone enter, and also without being detected by him. Think you can do it?” → Bernard

Bernard said with a serious face on. He had to evade the chance of having weird gossips running around the kingdom.

[Understood. Then I’ll stay in the middle of the hallway toward his office and stop anyone who wishes to go forward.] → Ken

Ken said then rushed toward the middle tower. After that, Bernard walked to his men’s group to wake them up. It was their turn to build the wall.

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That day passed by with no other big events happening. Bernard and his group would build the wall by mostly using earth-magic with stone and wood. Fiora and Lilia’s groups would study magic in the library at the back of the middle tower. Sara’s group would make turns on patrolling around the fortress in case of any beast-waves or scouts from the two kingdoms. Old Mingzhi’s group, the mice, would try to contact the ones who left to spy the neighbor territories and get any meaningful reports. Maru and Severus’ groups would focus on alchemy, cooking, mowing, and cleaning clothes. Andrew’s group would focus mostly on bringing wood from the nearby forests and sometimes some wild beasts for food. Gerome’s group would make new homes and buildings in the places that are already guarded, expanding the fortress with each day. Tama’s group would take care of the children with no families. And the new group which just arrived, the players from the Fire Wings, would help the other groups either by working alongside them or either using entertainment to raise the morale, telling stories from Earth or singing different kinds of songs.

Every day after launch, the ones who didn’t know how to read, write or do simple calculations would gather inside the central hall which was on the topmost Northern place to be taught by the ones who knew. They would get separated into groups and every group would get a temporary teacher from whom they would study. The children were specially made to study, teaching them not only the most basic knowledge of writing, reading and some math but also studying magic and training in martial arts.

In the middle of the martial-arts period with Gerome as the teacher, everyone listened. There were children and young men from all races, varying from ages of 7 to 17. Everyone was looking at Gerome who was explaining the most basic forms of fighting.

“In this world, there are nine basic fighting styles. I’m going to enumerate each one and the qualities each style has;

First one will be the « Destroyer », which is also my fighting form. The destroyer has as the main weapon the huge hammer or the huge ax. They use brute strength as their main power and even though they are slow, they are also extremely durable. This kind of fighter is the hardest to defeat. Once you’re in a fight with a destroyer, don’t even think of blocking him. Focus on dodging and chipping the life out of him with quick steps. A fight with a destroyer is a fight of patience and courage.

« The Martial Arts Master »

This style is focused on bare-handed fighting or using gauntlets. Unlike Destroyer with is focused only on brute strength, a Martial Master would focus mainly on technique and would search for a balance between strength and speed.

« Spirit Fighter »
This fighting style is also the most popular. While the martial artist searches the balance between strength and speed, a Spirit Fighter searches the balance between hand-to-hand combat and ranged combat. Even though this class grows the slowest, it becomes very powerful once the Great Warrior rank is reached, making for the soul-strikes to pack quite the punch even from a distance.

« Sword Masters »
They are focused on technique and speed. Their control over the sword is incomparable and they can make the sword move as they wish. They can make it attack from afar or bend for surprise strikes. This style, just like the Martial Arts Master, is a tricky one and quite difficult to master.

« Sword Warrior »
Like destroyers, they focus on brute strength but they still use some technique. Their brute power is not as ridiculous as a Destroyer’s but their techniques are more refined, making them a fearsome opponent.

« Magic Swordsman »
They are people who use a sword as a wand or as a staff, casting low-cost and low-damage magic in just a matter of seconds. Their casting speed is faster and their attacks are also accurate but their spells are mostly focused on the casting time, forgetting about the destructive power.

« Elementalist »
Completely opposed to the Magic Sword, they focus mainly on destructive magic-power and area of effect, using a lot of energy and time till they activate the spell. Even so, they have good mobility, using the elements in their favor to get out from tricky situations. Some of the higher ranked Elementalists can activate their spells even while running away, making them extremely dangerous.

« Assassin »
They use speed and accuracy. Making for decisive strikes and focusing mainly on hit-to-kill moves. Their mobility is top-notch and the possibility of defeating an Assassin at night or in a dark space is close to zero, especially if he’s hiding from the very beginning.

Lastly, « Soul Seer »
This is the most mysterious style and not everyone can learn it. The ones who wish to become a Soul Seer must have the ability to visualize the aura of the enemy. Aura is an energy field around the body, is made from more layers. A Soul Seer is able to see this aura even to stronger opponents, unlike us who can only feel it. The more layers of aura one is able to see, the stronger of a Soul Seer he can become. By looking at the aura of your enemy, you can identify its weak points and also predict the next move he’s most likely to make. As a Soul Seer, you can see hidden wounds like the internal ones or spiritual ones, making the Soul Seer also the best medic there is. It’s fighting prowess might not seem like much but they are a valuable member of a group. If two teams were to have a clash on 5 versus 5, one with and one without a Soul Seer, the one with someone who can see the weakness of the enemies would win 9 out of 10 matches.” → Gerome

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