Chapter 71: Loneliness (Part 1)

Tian couldn’t say a word. His mind was trembling and he tried to make head and tails from what he heard. He was completely stunned at the moment.

Ashura was dazed, he didn’t know about Shen before he was rescued by him. The idea of immediately starting to research magic and martial arts after getting transported into another world was ridiculous.

So he got transported into a completely different world and adapted in a matter of minutes? Rather than adapting, didn’t he simply start on researching new forms of magic and martial arts simply from nothing? Wasn’t he supposed to be like the other players?! → Ashura

“His majesty Shen is truly incredible, as expected for the one who was able to make an alliance with us elves and save the world.”

The two elves sighed in admiration while smiling wryly. After 2 minutes of remaining dazed like that, Tian finally reacted.

Hah~. The so-called ‘Calamity’ was the one who saved the world. If only those old fools from the empire knew that. Nobody would believe it if you told them, taking you for a fool.” → Tian

Tian said with some disdain. He believed Shen’s story. He was able to tell that everything he said was true from his aura. Because he was crippled with close to no cultivation of the energies, Shen was unable to hide his aura, completely visible to anyone to read his emotions.

Sylvia was a special case which was able to see and read the auras without needing to overpower the other person, simply seeing beyond their barriers and even more so.

“Having the others know of my actions won’t bring me any good. It might actually bring more harm.” → Shen

Shen said with a calm voice.

“Anyway, now you understand from where I know of your friend, yes?” → Shen

Shen talked just the bare minimum about when he was in spirit form.

“Yes but… ugh, what is a ‘superior spirit’?” → Bururiba

Bururiba was looking at Shen with a confused face.

“Ugh, it’s quite hard for me to explain…To make it simple, it’s like a personal angel. He would help only if asked and sees that you’re worth the effort… Or something like that. I can’t really talk about them, they are a version of you but much smarter, stronger, wiser and so on. He’s like another version of you but 100 times better. Uhm… Something that’s comparable to the subconscious…?” → Shen

Shen said in a vague way. He really didn’t know how to explain its existence too well, not understanding it that well himself.

“Uhuh.” → Bururiba

Bururiba scratched his head and answered with a confused face.

“Damn, I really don’t know how to describe it.” → Shen

Shen scratched his head in frustration.

“Isn’t it that voice that appears in your head when you start to question yourself?” → Ashura

Ashura asked while remembering something.

“I remember one time when I was still held as a lab-rat, I asked myself once that if I’ll ever be able to take revenge on everyone, will my pain disappear. A voice like mine but emotionless answered back with a short ‘no’. After that, I tried to question myself some more and got more answers but not as clear as the first one. Can this be my own superior spirit?” → Ashura
“It might be…? I don’t know how it works for more people, I don’t even know if it’s the same for everyone.” → Shen

Shen answered with a helpless smile.

While they kept on talking, Shen changed the subject and said what he wished to say from the moment they’ve met.

“Alright. Jian Tian, Bururiba, I need you to listen to my words. I’ll help Bururiba to save that Kalid and Tian to avenge his people by destroying the Sava palace. In exchange, I want you all to help in the construction of our utopia.” → Shen

Bururiba was a free spirit, wishing to sail the seas and travel the world while Tian was a king himself, working for another kingdom was already a ridiculous idea. Even so, the two of them answered immediately.

“Alright.” → Bururiba
“Agreed.” → Tian

Bururiba made a promise with Kalid. Throwing some years of freedom wasn’t such a big deal in exchange for Kalid’s life, while Tian had to honor his people’s death by destroying the cause of their disaster.

“Very well.” → Shen

Shen smiled and made some plans for the future, while at the same time continuing savoring the plump dumpling made by Sylvia.


Back in time, after Shen just woke up from his coma, Ryu talked with Tara inside his office.

“You understand what you have to do, right? If you need help with this mission then tell me now, I’ll send someone with you.” → Ryu

Ryu stood at his office with dozens of papers on the table. He had to think of the food ratio, how much money they still had, the houses they’ll have to build, the materials needed for the wall, and some more other calculus he had to make.

“It will be fine, my king. I’ll complete this mission by myself with everything I got.” → Tara

Tara smiled brightly, showing her angelic features.

Sigh we already know each other for some time now, no need for the ‘king’ part, you know? Actually, I beg you to not use that title, it really doesn’t suit me.” → Ryu

Ryu begged with a helpless smile.

Giggle I understand, Sir Ryu. I’ll take my leave now.” → Tara

After saying such, she bowed her head then left through the window.

“Ah, take care.” → Ryu

At that moment, Tara was wearing a Katana-like sword at her waist, a white-gray pullover and short black pants. Her white hair was caught in a ponytail at the back. All this time she was taught by Bonny new forms of magic and spells, and by Andrew swordplay and close-combat. She became stronger and wiser, going from a “fake-god” to adept great-Saint, almost reaching the semi-God rank.

Now that I think about it, I don’t really have a reason to be worried about her, right? Even though she’s only 15 years old, she’s one of the strongest around here. → Ryu

Ryu continued to make the calculation and to read the reports when he hears a knock on his door.

“Yes?” → Ryu

He was confused as for who could’ve been at this hour in the morning when everyone was sleeping.

Tara had to reach to the Urius Kingdom in a week, making her go from early in the morning.

“Ryu?” → Bonny

Bonny opened the door and reached out her head, looking inside without entering the room.

“Good morning.” → Bonny

She said with a calm voice while entering slowly inside the office.

“Ah, good morning Bonny. How come you’re here so early in the morning?” → Ryu

Ryu smiled at Bonny. She was still in her red nightgown, looking quite provocative but he tried to keep his cool, ignoring the rushing heart-beats.

“Ryu… You haven’t slept for quite some time now.” → Bonny

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Bonny whispered a little bit worried about him.

“It’s alright. It seems that after reaching the grade of Master and beyond, one can go on for more than a week without needing food, water or sleep. As someone who reached Great Saint like me, going for more than a month is an easy feat.” → Ryu

Ryu said in a cool manner. Even so, he was quite agitated by Bonny’s sensual presence, coming closer and closer.

Am I like this because of the ‘Dragon’s instincts’? This is dangerous. → Ryu

Ryu felt his forehead sweat, even so, he showed nothing on the outside, keeping his composed smile.

“But even so, that makes me worry. And besides, you haven’t visited me after we started to build this fortress, it made me feel lonely.” → Bonny

Bonny reached his back and whispered to his ear while hugging him closely.

She knew she was selfish but she couldn’t care at the moment. She missed Ryu for 2 years and a half, after finally being together with him, now she has to put up with the busy environment they are in. She was fine with this the first week. They had to start the planning right after saving Tara then after reaching this place they had to fight for their life, not being able to have some alone time together ever since their first time. Slowly, she started to feel lonelier until she couldn’t take it anymore. When the party took place and she danced together with Ryu in front of the middle-tower she felt like she finally had some time. But right after the third song finished, Ryu had to return to his office, saying that he only had 4 hours of pause.

Feeling her warm breath near his ear and two soft and warm bumps pressing on his shoulders, Ryu couldn’t control the Dragon’s instincts any longer, throwing everything from his deck down and lying Bonny on top of it.

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“Kya!” → Bonny

Bonny was surprised by Ryu’s sudden movements, not being able to react while being lifted and placed with quite the rushed moves.


She found herself on top of Ryu’s desk, both hands grabbed over her head, both legs spread and Ryu staying right in front of her with wild eyes, the pupils were already in slits like those of a dragon.

“R-Ryu?” → Bonny

Bonny was a little bit startled by his weird behavior and asked with a shivering voice.

“Mph!?” → Bonny

Suddenly Ryu kissed her passionately, at first slow then rougher and rougher.

Mph, ah~ w-wait, Ryu-!” → Bonny

Bonny tried to resist but every time he kissed her, her body would become weaker, being unable to gather strength to free herself from his arms. Ryu kissed her nape, making her tremble. That was a weak spot for Bonny. She started to feel hotter and hotter, her breath becoming rougher while her eyes turned to slits just like Ryu’s.

“Ryu- hah~, what happened…to you- hung! It hurts~.” → Bonny

She tried to talk but every time he touched her she’ll feel like twitching. Ryu was breathing just as rough and his face was just as red as Bonny. He looked at Bonny and saw in her eyes confusion and shock. He tried to control himself and said whispering in her ear, making Bonny twitch from the stimulus.

“I… was feeling lonely, too. But I simply couldn’t leave everything and do whatever I wanted. Besides, what was in your mind? Coming into my office with such revealing clothes, of course, I would lose myself.” → Ryu

Ryu felt his mind darken. Feeling Bonny’s smooth and soft body made him lose reason and forget he was in the office.

“Eh?” → Bonny

Bonny didn’t know Ryu felt this way all this time. He would always put up a cool and composed front, making others unable to read his feelings. Even she herself had some difficulty in reading him.

“I see. So we both are lonely as well. I’m sorry I didn’t know.” → Bonny

Bonny embraced his head, talking to him with a warm voice.


Ryu was surprised. He was able to feel Bonny’s heart-beat and the warmth she emanated, making him feel more relaxed. His mind started to clear up and he was able to regain his reasoning back, his eyes turning back to normal.

“Ah!” → Ryu

He got up from atop Bonny and saw on her nape, shoulder, and neck more little bruises, also on her lips, biting traces were left. Even so, she had a warm and dazzling smile on her face.

“I-I’m extremely sorry. I really lost myself there, it seems I’m still not able to fully control the Dragonic Materialization.” → Ryu

Ryu bowed his head, feeling extremely guilty.

“It’s alright. You reacted like this because you’re feeling lonely, right? Besides, these bruises show just how much you missed me~.” → Bonny

When she was kissed, she felt how Ryu occasionally bit her here and there, and how he would start to suck, making for bruises to appear. She knew about the dragon’s lust but even so, to see Ryu so wild was a first. Rather than scared, she was more amused.

“Ah, ugh… I have no excuse.” → Ryu

Ryu raised his hands as if surrendering with a wry smile. What Bonny said was the truth. Occasionally, in his mind, Bonny from the first time they interconnected would appear, making him use extra mental-energy to focus on working.

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