Chapter 70: The rise of a Pirate (Part 2)


Everyone nodded in agreement except for Shen who thought about it with the mind of a normal human from Earth.

Well, if you think about it from a normal human’s perspective, you could say that such a reaction is the normal one. The ones who could keep their composure while fighting with new powers against wild magical beasts are around 20% from the people on Earth while the ones to be able to adapt to the environment with a speed comparable to mine, Ryu or Bururiba are not even 5%, heck, even 2% is quite a lot… I can say that the word “weirdo” suits us pretty well. → Shen

Shen thought with a straight face while drinking his tea.

“After another week I started hunting alone more than in parties, I felt like those guys dragged me down. Besides, 7 out of 10 were women and only 3 out of those 7 were REAL women; the others were just males who chose to change in their female characters… Making it 3 females, 3 males, and 4 traps.” → Bururiba

Bururiba felt like his trust in this world declined day by day.

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“…It must’ve been hard.” → Shen

Shen and the others felt quite bad for him, while Ashura was holding his laughter.

“Man, you don’t know… Anyway, while fighting I found out that I was able to create different items from ice. I’m an Elementalist but I was able to fight melee by making ice-weapons! I was so excited, I started to experiment with the magic by creating more and more complicated weapons, till I created my own Frost Bazooka! How cool is that?!” → Bururiba

Bururiba felt how his pride grew, together with his long nose.

“That’s indeed amazing.” → Shen

Shen nodded his head approvingly. He approved of anyone who was able to learn magic or martial arts on their own, especially in a foreign world like this one.

Hmph, hmph. Praise me more. Well, after I learned some more cool skills I saw inside other games or movies which were based on the ice or frost element, I started hunting stronger monsters deeper in the forest. Before I knew it, I reached the sea and cleared the entire forest. There was a port-city with huge ships entering or leaving the port. While going around the village, another clan was formed inside it. They brought a house and hanged on it a huge red banner with a black bull-head. They named themselves as “The Bull’s Head Clan”, pretty obvious. What shocked me was that the house was actually a shop, and they sold guns made from materials of this world! I was completely shocked when I saw that. I immediately entered and asked for the price, who made them and if I could meet that dude. The players from that clan were so arrogant, they kicked me out instantly. Those dick-heads ate sh*t in the end. They were selling stuff without any rights from the city-lord, getting their shop closed and themselves arrested, serves them right.” → Bururiba

Bururiba clenched his fist in a victory-pose with an evil grin.

Ahem so, while they were arrested I was able to identify the one who created the weapons. It was a human brat player of around 17 years old. His face was so downed and dark, I felt like I was looking at the most depressed kid ever! I rescued him right before entering his cage and fled from that city with him in two, hiding inside the forest. I was able to find out about him that, the only thing he was interested in was crafting. He loved to craft and the materials from this world are more various and unique than the ones from Earth, making him able to craft some incredible stuff. He said that, after the clan discovered his talent in crafting, they locked him in a basement and forced him to craft guns with the materials they brought. Those idiots got so greedy that they ended up being closed behind bars. What idiots.” → Bururiba

Bururiba felt refreshed at the thought of those players still being closed inside the prison of the City.

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“Now that I think about it. It took me more than a week till that brat opened to me and started to talk. He looked as if the entire world was against him. God damn, what kind of life was that brat living? He had such a dark aura around him, it made even me depressed. After he finally opened to me, we started to travel together. I was able to meet again with some of my clan-mates and we started to search for materials. That brat named Kalid wished to make us some weapons so he could be of some help. Even though he was a sword-mage, he never really liked fighting, focusing more on gathering materials and items to use for his creations. He made for us different kinds of weapons and the best creation he made was this gun.” → Bururiba

Bururiba took out his desert-eagle gun and showed it with pride. It was incredibly elegant and its fire-power was more than 30 times stronger than the normal desert-eagle on Earth, good even against tanks or ships.

“Also, Kalid was the one that helped me master the [Frost Bazooka], telling me the components of a true bazooka, helping me in forming a more efficient and less mana-consuming skill.” → Bururiba

He continued with some admiration in his eyes.

I start to like more and more this Kalid. I wish I’ll be able to meet him when we go through the Raising Sea. → Shen

Shen thought with a shine in his eyes. A crafter could also be a good alchemist if taught with care. Shen was too focused on magic and martial arts, not being able to focus on things like crafting or alchemy, even though he really wished to research in such domains as well.

“While we were mining inside a cave that we discovered by sheer luck, we got ambushed by the soldiers of the Urius Kingdom, the same kingdom in which we resided. It seems in this kingdom, the church has a bigger power.” → Bururiba

Bururiba said with a vein popping on his forehead.

“Inside that cave, we were 5 people together with Kalid and the soldiers were after him. They said that his creations are ‘the work of the devil’ or some other bullsh*t like that. I wasn’t really listening, their righteous-like faces already annoyed me, making me blow them away with my Frost Bazooka the moment they opened their mouths.” → Bururiba

Shen and the others felt like face-palming but they continued listening.

“Even though we were able to get away from them, without even knowing how Kalid was kidnapped from right beside us. I think they had some kind of experienced thief or assassin or some random ninja that knew how to use [Stealth]. Even now I’m still unable to tell how in the world that brat got kidnaped when he was right behind us…” → Bururiba

Bururiba’s playfulness disappeared, a serious face taking its place.

“I panicked and started to search for him, I even wanted to chase those soldiers and question them but I was stopped by my clan-mates. The soldiers had around 500 people while we were only 50 people in total. Thinking of taking 10 people each was a ridiculous idea at that time. We got back to our clan, only to find out that the ones who reported Kalid’s location was our clan-leader, together with the sub-leader and other clan-veterans. He found out that Kalid had a huge bounty on him, thinking that it was a good idea to exchange him for more gold…” → Bururiba

Bururiba’s aura started to emanate some bloodlust, everyone could tell what happened after that.

“Of course, after hearing that I couldn’t simply stay still. I blew the head of that bastard and took away the money he got from giving away Kalid’s location. The other bastards that took his part tried to stop me but I simply made some holes in them… That was the first time I ever killed someone and even till now, I feel no regret.” → Bururiba

Bururiba said with cold eyes while looking at his gun, the finger on the trigger.

“From 50 members,9 were killed by me while 10 wanted to follow me, I know nothing of what happened with the rest. We left together back to the port-city from where I first met Kalid and brought a ship. Before that, I heard about the pirates residing on the Eastern Seas and their way of doing things. I thought that, if I want to save Kalid I first need subordinates, the more the better no matter what kind of people they are, as long as they can fight that’s enough. We sailed our ship till we found the little peninsula on which huge ships were brought on the shore, turning them in pubs and bars. It was exactly as you’d imagine: Everyone fought each other, the women slept with anyone for money, the more handsome ones, could ‘do it’ for half the price, every night there was at least 2 deaths but they were easily tossed inside the sea, their corpses becoming fish-food. The gambling houses were open non-stop while the taverns were full day and night. It was a world of carnal desires. Other than gambling, prostitution and selling stuff, what other money they made was through stealing, robbing and swindling. The gambling machines were in top condition while the brothels were open non-stop. Even slaves were present there, being auctioned by the pirates inside the auction houses. Well, I have no excuses, I had my fun there as well.” → Bururiba

Bururiba smiled, making the others look at him with disgusted faces.

“Aw, come on now~. It was my first time entering such a world, you know? I was a little bit curious. Even so, the slaving part bothered me as well. Oh, the kidnappings they did was so they could keep the brothels running. You could say that place was like the rumored underworld on Earth.” → Bururiba

Bururiba shook his head helplessly. He didn’t like that place but he couldn’t just close it down either, even as a king, he couldn’t shut down the entire city.

“After I got control over the peninsula, I commanded for every slave from the market to be released and given to me to be part of my crew. I paid with the money made by the gambling houses for the slaves and then I gave the throne back to the former dude with the condition of letting me do whatever I wish. That muscle-brain was quite easy to control, making him really useful~ Hehehe.” → Bururiba

Bururiba laughed with a terrifying smile.

“After getting my crew, I tried to search for Kalid again only to end up with nothing. It was like he disappeared from this continent. At first, I was able to find some of his friends, later to hear about their death…There must be something weird at the center of all this.” → Bururiba

Bururiba made an anxious face.

“Even though I told him that he’s free to do whatever he wished because I’ll protect him, I ended up letting him get captured by the kingdom… One hell of a friend I am.” → Bururiba

Bururiba felt down then he got back up as if remembering something.

“Oh right. One day, while walking on the shore I saw a fairy laying down on the sand with blood dripping from his wounds. After I rescued him, he asked for my help to save his king or something like that. And from here, you know the story. I was so bored, I thought that getting the favor of a king won’t be such a bad idea, heh. I even gave him the honor to put his name on my flag!” → Bururiba
“That’s right. And I’m still indebted to you for saving my life, sir Bururiba.” → Tian

Tian said with a small smile.

“How many times do I have to tell you? It’s ‘captain’! C-A-P-T-A-I-N, captain!” → Bururiba
“You’re not my captain.” → Tian

Tian said with a straight face.

“Hahaha~. I’m happy to see the two of you being such good friends, but let me say some good news to you, Bururiba. That Kalid you just told me about, I think he’s the same one that will get executed in less than a month from now in the Urius Capital.” → Shen

Shen said with a calm face.

“Uh? Oh! Wait, WHAT?” → Bururiba

Bururiba looked with a stupid face at Shen for a while then he reacted again.

“Wait, what?! How do you know that?! I’ve sent spies in Urius, Sava and Jian kingdoms only to search for that brat and still got nothing! How in the world do you know that?! And what do you mean ‘good news’?! He’s gonna die!!” → Bururiba

Bururiba was completely baffled by Shen’s reaction.

“More importantly, are you sure about that info? What if it’s a trap? We need to prepare some good weapons.” → Bururiba

He started to be cautious now. He was incredibly fired up after finding some news of Kalid after so long.

“First of all, I can’t say yet from where I know. Second, the info is as real and true as possible. I can swear on my name that is completely legit. Third, I already sent trustworthy people to rescue him, he should be rescued as we speak.” → Shen

Shen said all this with a composed and confident face.


Bururiba was dazed by Shen’s words and confidence.

“Dude. Is that true? If so, who in the world are you?” → Bururiba

He thought his achievements were amazing but he might’ve found someone on another level.

“Yes. I’ll tell you my story as summarized as possible.” → Shen

Shen then started to tell his own story from when he got transported onto this planet, till he left the Eihwaz continent. He omitted parts like the conversation with the demon-lord, the war between the elves and demons, the fights he had with the armies of players and mercenaries, and other details that he thought they could be excluded. Even so, his story made the two high-elves, Tian, Bururiba and even Ashura open their eyes and mouths in O shapes. They looked at him as if he were some kind of monster. Shen felt quite hurt by their gazes. A pirate king that’s fighting against a kingdom on his own with powers stronger than that of Saints, a fallen king with combat skills and surviving abilities comparable to professional assassins, two high elves that could use magic and powers comparable to Saints and when around the World Tree, comparable to ‘Fake Gods’, a Semi-God which can be a world-class calamity if angered, such people looked at him as if he were the monster.

“Seriously guys? Come on…” → Shen

Shen felt down.

And I only said what I thought described my life on Sario the best… I don’t want to see their reactions if they find out the other “details” of the story. → Shen

“What kind of sick life you had after getting transported here, man? Are you some kind of the main character inside of a story or what?! DUDE! Saving the world?! How come I didn’t even know about that? You mean that I just dodged complete annihilation and I didn’t even know about it?!” → Bururiba

Bururiba was shocked, his face pale and his back sweating.

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