Chapter 78: Inside The Prison (Part 1)

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“Good morning sir Tian, sir Ashura. I came here with a report.” → Evan

Evan said with a serious face.

After only 5 minutes of talking, the group flew out from the inn, rushing toward the ship with Ashura who was the first one to sprint outside the inn.

In front of the inn, a huge group of pirates and thugs gathered, waiting for them to finally appear.

“Oh~? Oy, aren’t you with that white woman from yesterday? I saw that babe bring here an elf, a high one at that! Tell her to hand him over and we might spare ye’r life.”

The captain of the group laughed together with his crew.


Ashura wanted to sprint right through them, not having time for such buffoons, but his shoulder was grabbed by Tian.

“Wait a second, let me try it… Do you lot know who I am?! If you don’t wish to have your tongues cut and fed to fishes, then get the hell out of our way! Captain Bururiba won’t forgive anyone that touches his people!” → Tian

Tian tried to intimidate them by using Bururiba’s name, the former pirate-king while trying to talk like a pirate. Or how Bururiba said pirates’ talk.

“Pff, and what if you’re one of Bururiba’s men? That fake can’t do s***! He fled right after the actual Pirate King healed from his injuries. If it weren’t for the bloody injuries he got from that Megalodon fang woman, then he could’ve won against that brat with one punch I’m telling ya!”

The captain laughed then looked with some irritation at Tian.

“Seeing how ya don’t wish to give that elf ta’ us, we might as well make you lot our slaves! Boys, on them!”

Everyone took out their scimitar and charged forward. Everyone was at least Core Warrior while the strongest was a Spirit Master. They united their aura, making Tian and Ashura feel incredible pressure.

“We don’t have time for this!”

Even so, the two of them pushed back the pressure like it was nothing. This time both charged forward. Ashura punched them away while Tian launched a sword-wave one after the other. The pirates were sent flying like the pieces of bowling, no one stood a chance to their charge.

The others flew toward the ship, not minding the pirates from under them. Tian and Ashura still didn’t know how to fly so they had to deal with wave after wave of pirates.

In the end, both snapped and started to focus their energy.

[Heavens Wrath]!

[Nine Novas]!

Above Tian, the clouds gathered and lightning started to strike closer and closer to him, making some victims between the pirates. After that, his sword was struck by lightning repeatedly, making even space around it to bend, looking like a sword of God.

Around Ashura, 9 little suns made from chi shone stronger and stronger and becoming smaller and smaller. The 9 suns then gathered around Ashura’s left fist and started to spin faster and faster.

Because of the blinding light, nobody knew what was happening, but they knew that death was right over the corner if they didn’t run now.

“Retreat! Retreat ya, bloody idiots!”

The captain paled and started to run away, not even looking back.



Tian slashed forward while Ashura punched. A huge lightning wave appeared, disintegrating everyone that was covered by it and going forward with incredible speed like a huge lightning tsunami. On the other hand, a huge beam-like of light was shot out, even faster than Tian’s wave, burning and destroying everything in front.

After everything calmed down, what was left was only a huge trail as if an asteroid landed and rolled over, leaving behind nothing but destruction and burnt corpses. The buildings collapsed while what was organic burnt to a crisp or turned to ashes.

“Let’s go!”

Both sprinted forward, not caring for the bystanders.

That city was a city of sin and pleasure, the first person you’ll see in the morning can as well be a murderer, robber or criminal. Killing such people weighed nothing on their consciousness.

In front of Bururiba’s ship:

“Oy bastard! I heard ye’r keeping a high elf, aye? Come outside and let us see it! We might make ye a good offer ahahaha~!”

Another group of pirates stood in front of Bururiba’s anchored ship, screaming and jeering out loud.

“Hm? What’s happening here?”

A woman’s curious voice was heard from inside the group, making some turnaround and pale the next second.

“Huh?! And who might you be- M-Megalodon’s Fang!”

The furthest back pirate was asked a question. Hearing a woman’s voice, made the pirate think of some action but after seeing who asked the question he almost swallowed his tongue.

“Hm~? Did you try to ask me something?” → Sofia

Sofia made a sweet smile, making the pirate sweat bullets.

“N-n-nothing! I said nothing! You asked what’s happening here, right? There are rumors of captain Bururiba hiding a high elf on his ship! Everyone knows how valuable a high elf is. Everyone wishes to try their own luck in capturing it, so over 5 crews gathered here, uniting to bring Bururiba down.”

The pirate became more and more fired up the more he explained, his eyes shining with greed.

“Ho~? And what is the elf? A woman?” → Sofia

Sofia asked pretty interestedly.

“I heard he’s a handsome man, everyone saw him flying so he might be of at least Saint rank!”
“I see~.” → Sofia

Sofia smiled then looked at everyone as if looking at trashes.

“Let me ask one thing, have you idiots forgot Bururiba is the Pirate King? Going against him is going against the entire Rising Sea.” → Sofia
“Hah! What pirate king? We only have one and that one is Babowang! Bururiba is just an impostor!”
“Oh~. Then shall we see of what’s he’s able to do?” → Bururiba

Suddenly, on the decks, Bururiba showed himself with a dark face.

“Ahaha~ bastard! You finally have the guts to show yourself!”
“Aye rat! Come down here and let’s talk a little!”

“I’ll give you 10 gold for that elf, I think is good enough for an impostor like you, aye?!”

Everyone shouted and laughed at Bururiba. He himself didn’t listen to them and just examined every one of them.


When he saw Sofia, he looked a little bit longer at her then nodded as a greeting. Continuing to look around as if searching for someone.

What is he looking after? → Sofia

Sofia was surprised by the dark aura around him.

After not finding anything, Bururiba opened his mouth and, just like Shen, he enchanted his neck chakra, talking as if he were ethereal.

[If the bastard who kidnapped one of my people is here, then I’ll give you 10 seconds to show yourself and ask for a price. If you won’t do so, I’ll kill you together with everyone in your crew. The ones who have nothing to do with this, step back.] → Bururiba

Bururiba’s voice was cold and domineering, making waves to appear in a windless day.


Sofia felt her hair rise.

“He’s serious! Ah~ I so love his serious face~!” → Sofia

Sofia trembled a little and her face blushed. Even so, she jumped on top of a building as to not take part in the group. She knew exactly what Bururiba was going to do.

“Ha?! What are you bastard talking about? Everyone! Destroy the ship!”

Everyone then threw glasses of Molotov on the decks and bombarded the ship with sword waves, fireballs, earth spears, and other low-class magic attacks, because the ship was specially built for war, the barrier around it was able to sustain the damage, even after the waves of spells.


Bururiba looked with dark eyes and counted in his mind. Even though the barrier was starting to crack, he was confident enough that it would resist for enough time.

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… six, seven, eight… → Bururiba

While everyone attacked, the earth shook with a loud sound resonating.

“W-what is that?!”

The cloudy sky lightened up with a blue and yellow light, making everyone cover their eyes. The earth shook and the booming sonic wave made them cover their ears.

“What in the bloody seas happened there?! It came from the central parts!”
“Has someone released the Kraken on the central parts?!”
“By the Leviathan! We’re attacked!”

Everyone made noises, forgetting about Bururiba for a second.

[Time’s up. You all can die.] → Bururiba

Bururiba’s voice vibrated, making whoever listened to tremble.

“Open fire!”

From inside the ship, rows over rows of cannons appeared, all of them taking aim at the groups of pirates that bombarded the ship.


All of the cannons shot together, making for a loud and dangerous shockwave that shattered the glass of the nearby buildings and cracked the stones nearby. The nearby pirates that only looked and had a lower power-rank, had their lungs explode, dying with bloody mouth and ears.

The pirates didn’t even have the chance to scream, being completely decimated in less than 2 seconds. The bombarded part of the docks was pulverized, looking as if a Megalodon bit from it, leaving behind only a semi-circular hole, filled with the ocean’s waters.

These rats. If you wish to fight a warship, then you better prepare another warship, not strike at it on your own. → Sofia

Sofia shook her head at the pirates’ idiocy.

“I wonder what really happened, and what was that light just now? Hm?” → Sofia

Sofia looked upward and saw 4 silhouettes flying above the docks, rushing toward the further away ship that was anchored one km away from the shore.

“Who are they?” → Sofia

Sofia was surprised to see 2 saints and 2 grandmasters together. Then she felt two more rushing by foot, running at a ridiculous speed.

The two of them sprinted right past the building she was on, leaving a shockwave behind which was turning upside down anyone and anything that they passed by.


I presume they are the cause of that weird phenomena just now. → Sofia

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Sofia smiled with a calm face.

Oh my, that’s Tian? Shouldn’t he rush toward Bururiba’s ship? Why is he going toward the one further away? → Sofia

The two landed on the sea and sprinted just like on earth, making huge waves along the way.

Bururiba was the same, he made quick steps into the air and dashed toward the ship without looking back.

“Hm~. Should I tag along~?” → Sofia

Sofia made a mischievous smile and summoned her chain. The chain took the form of a little platform on which she stepped and flew stealthily right behind Bururiba.

After everyone finally landed on the decks, they rushed inside the captain’s room, where the two halves of a door were left for everybody to see.

“Just like how Evan said, I can feel two types of energies: One from Shen and one from another person.” → Sylvia

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