Chapter 79: Adapting to Hell

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“Argh!” → By

She threw the dagger then she collapsed on top of his chest, her tears wetting his white cloak.

“I can’t anymore! I’m tired! I want to go home! I’m sick of all the torture, of all the misery, of all the shame I had to endure! I wish I could just die! I hate this world, I hate the people and the most, I hate myself! Oaahh!” → By

By cried out and said everything that weighed on her heart for the past 1 month she became an assassin under the demonic captain.

“I can’t leave because I have a slavery-contract with him. If I get further than 5 kilometers of him I’ll die, if I try to kill him I’ll get paralyzed and if I betray him I’ll have my mouth explode then paralyze again! I can’t! I can’t go on like this! I wish to simply die! But at the same time, I’m too afraid of death!” → By
“… How did you become a slave?” → Shen
“Uuuuh~… I was working as an adventurer before, only to get betrayed by my teammates while on a mission… A noble paid those bastards with gold to turn me into a slave for him to buy. But because they became too greedy, they sold me to an auction house. Captain Haidao was the one that bought me, making me one of his playthings.” → By

By told Shen everything. She couldn’t control herself anymore, she was too tired to think straight so she said all that while resting on top of him. Instinctively she felt the warm aura from inside his heart as relaxing energy which helped her relax her tensed muscles which remained like that ever since she got into this world.

“Uhh~… I’m too sleepy, I don’t care anymore. They can, just… kill me…” → By

By ended up falling asleep. The emotional outburst made her pent-up emotions to explode, making her feel empty and incredibly tired.

“…Sleep for as much as you need. If our roads had connected, then that means your hell ends here.” → Shen

Shen had a dark face while thinking through the story he heard from By. His aura became stronger and stronger.

I can’t use too much energy, let’s see what I can do… Ah! If I’m not wrong, there must be – → Shen

“Tama! (तम – Darkness) Are you here?” → Shen

Shen asked while looking on his shoulder.


A sleepy black squirrel suddenly appeared on his shoulder, rubbing his eyes in a very human-like way.


He looked at Shen with questioning eyes, his head tilted.

“Oy Tama, this little girl has made a slavery contract, think you can annulate it without harming her?” → Shen

Tama looked at By and smelled her face.


He made a little cry and then he got on her back, right beside the heart. He smelled around and grabbed forward as if holding onto strings.


Suddenly, dark energy focused on his sharp frontal teeth and bit hard, as if he tried to chew on the strings he just grabbed.

Afterward, a snapping sound was heard then By started to cough uncontrollably.


While she did so, a reddish-black mist escaped from her mouth whenever she opened her mouth to cough. After coughing for six times, she stopped and fell back to sleep… On top of Shen.

“Well done, Tama!” → Shen

Shen exclaimed and wished to pat the squirrel but couldn’t now because he was chained and handcuffed.

The little squirrel then jumped toward Shen’s handcuff and tried to free him as well when he said in a hurry:

“N-no! Wait! No need! I’m good! I still have something to do in here!” → Shen


Tama tilted his head in confusion but didn’t ask anything anymore. However, Shen still had one more favor to ask of him.

“Tama! Fast! Try to transport this girl and send her to Sylvia and the others!” → Shen

Tama felt wronged and turned his little head away.

“I will feed you some of that universal energy the moment you come back! I promise!” → Shen

Shen felt helpless. It seems that whenever he enters in the [One with the Universe] mode, from space, something like primordial energy envelops him, but of a purer and higher quality, being extremely appealing for any kind of soul, be it a devil or a pure soul like Shen.

“…Qiu qiu?”

The squirrel looked at Shen with fervor, waiting for an answer to his question.

“Yes yes, I promise, I already said so, didn’t I? Now come on, go! The pigs that were having fun on the other room finished and they might get here at any moment!” → Shen

Shen felt anxious and rushed Tama to leave with the girl.


Tama jumped with a happy cry then landed right inside the shadow as if jumping inside a basin of water. He enveloped By with his shadow then dragged her inside because By was on top of Shen, it looked as if she entered inside him and not inside a shadow.

Woah this looks terrifying! → Shen

Shen’s hair stood on ends at such a view.

After she finally disappeared, a little shadow ran toward the exit, under the door, and outside the building.

Sigh I was able to save this one…” → Shen

Shen looked with sad eyes toward the ceiling, feeling like something truly troublesome will start from now on. The door then opened widely with a loud sound, and a naked man with red hair entered inside the stone cell.

Oh great, a perverted demon. That girl forgot to say he wasn’t of the four races. → Shen

“Oh, hello~. How’s the view from down there?” → Haidao

The demon walked beside Shen who was on his back. The demon had no problem in flashing his thing in front of Shen.

“It makes me sick. Get lost from my face, demon.” → Shen

Shen’s tone was cold while his eyes sharp, looking right in the demon’s eyes. His aura was released but he still couldn’t do a thing.

“Oho~! What a terrifying aura! Too bad you can’t do much in your state. Ora!” → Haidao

The demon kicked Shen on the side, breaking his arm and two ribs, sending him flying and smashing on the stone wall.

The sound of cracked bones together with the wooden chair that shattered resounded in the cell.

“Oh? What is this? Is your body so weak that it can’t even stand a normal kick? Oy oy oy, I didn’t even use my full strength! If I did so, would that have killed you? Ahahaha! What kind of weak s*** are you?” → Haidao

Haidao laughed and looked at Shen with ridicule.

“Hmph.” → Shen

Shen stood up, the chain completely loosened up, but the shackles still locked on his hands.

Good, I got rid of the chains, but these things are still in the way… Why is the anti-magic metal so used nowadays? → Shen

“My, my~. We have a tough little cookie here, don’t we? For this, I will honor you with my name-”
“I don’t need the name of trash. No scram already, you’re breathing my air.” → Shen

Shen interrupted him, his eyes looking at Haidao as if looking at a pile of s***. Even though his provocations seemed idiotic, by making him snap he wished to learn more of what was happening right now.

“Is that so~? Then don’t mind if I do this!” → Haidao


Haidao stepped hard on Shen’s knee, moving the ball of the knee and bending it the other way inside.


Shen hissed and paled from the shock. Happily, for him, the adrenaline was still in the blood from the first kick, making the pain numb, but the shock for having your knee bent in such an unnatural way made his face turn with a shade whiter.


Shen grabbed his knee and placed the knee cap backward, placing it into the natural position again. Even so, he couldn’t move it and the knee was swelling by the second.


Shen locked eyes with the demon, looking at him with the same disgust and the same unwavering will.

“Hehehe~ I like you more and more now.” → Haidao

The demon smiled, and his masculinity turned upwards for a moment.

“Your eyes are disturbing but if I simply gouge them out, you’ll make for the best night-toy, especially with that unbreakable spirit~.” → Haidao
“Get lost, you pile of s***. And move away that your little finger of yours.” → Shen

Shen said while the level of disgust he felt toward the demon was already past-limit.

“Hehe~. I’ll leave, for now, I still need you so I can play around with Bururiba. But once I’m done, I’ll be sure to break you! Ahahah~!” → Haidao

Haidao left the room while laughing, he slammed the door shut and walked beside one of his subordinates who was guarding the room.

“Where is By?” → Haidao

He asked with a hushed voice, as if not letting anyone else hear.

“Captain, she entered the room but disappeared. I think she left when I changed shifts.”

The pirate reported back, his back cold. Everyone was afraid of Captain Haidao because he was the cruelest from the entire peninsula. Hearing that By disappeared a twisted smile appeared on his face while feeling turned on.

He~? So she dared to run away? The moment I find her will be her last. I’ll be sure to feel great while playing with her nice body~. → Haidao

“Very well. About this guy, don’t give him any food and just half a shot of water for the next 5 days. I have a good idea~.” → Haidao

I’ll be sure to break your spirit, little by little~. → Haidao

Shen stood by the wall, falling on his bosom. He was sweating profoundly while trying to control the trembling caused by the adrenaline.

“In less than two hours, the adrenaline will fade. I must be sure I treat the bone as well as I can-…I forgot about this…” → Shen

Shen tried to rip his shirt so he could use it as bandages on his ribs, only to remember that he couldn’t make a proper knot because his right hand was also broken.

“Ha…Hahahaha~!” → Shen

Shen laughed out loud, feeling the excitation of having your own life on the line and the despair slowly creeping inside the soul. He ignited his own soul and burned all the fear and pain, leaving aside only excitement and survival instincts.

“Haah~. I already saw inside your soul. You’re only a dead man walking, damn demon.” → Shen

Shen made a savage smile while remembering the disgusting image of the soul projected through Haidao’s eyes.

I will make sure you’ll suffer so much, you’ll hunger for death even as a spirit. → Shen

A true bonus that every old spirit got, was the ability to adapt to any kind of circumstances. Becoming one with the surrounding on the outside while remaining himself on the inside. Shen tried to become a demon while keeping his sanity untouched.

I’m curious myself for how long I can keep this up. → Shen

Shen tore his shirt with his teeth and bandaged his wounds with his left hand, all this while moving as if it were just a flesh wound.

If that psychopath wishes to break my spirit then he’ll need first to keep me awake and starving. If that so, then I need to meditate and conserve my energy for as long as possible. Sigh~… I need to resist for as much as possible. → Shen

While Shen was trying to adapt to the new conditions he just woke up to, Tama rushed forward in his shadow-form inside a war-ship by climbing the safety ropes which locked the ship by the seaport so it won’t drift away in case the anchor is broken.

When he landed on the decks, he started to search for someone inside the ship. Tama searched every room and after finally meeting the one he wanted, he made himself known with some loud cries.

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The cries were loud enough to make even the dead rise.

“Oh! What the-? Hm? Little one, were you the one screaming like that?” → Tyson

Tyson shifted his attention from the engine to the little squirrel beside the door. He reached his arm and Tama climbed on it till he reached his face.

“Oh? What in the world are you? You don’t seem to be a normal squirrel.”→ Tyson
“Qiu! Qiu!”

Tama pulled Tyson by the beard then jumped down, making signs of following him.

“Hm? Do you have something to show me?” → Tyson

Tyson made a serious face. Such weird things didn’t seem to be on a random occurrence, making him feel like something wrong must’ve happened.

Tyson followed the squirrel and reached a closed room.

“Qiu! Qiu!”

Tama made signs of telling him that what he wanted to show was inside.

“Hm? But this is my room?” → Tyson

Tyson was surprised and hastily opened the door.

“Hm?!” → Tyson

He was surprised to see inside a beautiful young wolf lady sleeping on his bed with a relaxed face. She had a brown long hair, caught in a ponytail and she was wearing leather-black clothes, like those of an assassin. Tyson looked with conflicted feelings, not knowing what to do as such a sight. For now, he simply slowly entered the room and closed it behind him.

“Is she an enemy?” → Tyson
“Qiu qiu!”

Tama shook his head in a hurry.

“Then is she a friend?” → Tyson

“Qiu…? Qiu~.”

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Tama scratched his head then shrugged his shoulders. Everything he did was just like a human would do.

“…So you don’t know? Just who is she?” → Tyson

Tama shrugs his shoulders again, not knowing how to answer this question.

“Mmm~… huh?” → By

By woke up and saw herself on top of a bed. She looked around and saw Tyson looking at her with confusion.

Both stood there with dumbfounded faces. In the end, Tyson, rose his hand and greeted. His sharp eyes and strong aura still making anyone feel intimidated.

“Yo.” → Tyson

By appeared right behind him, holding his neck with one hand while emanating killing intent. With a cold voice, she started to talk.

“Who are you?” → By
“…Miss, you suddenly appear in my room and I’m the one who’s supposed to answer questions?” → Tyson

Tyson was irritated but he couldn’t do anything. He was able to tell her power-level being of Grandmaster while his power levels were those of Great Warrior, a difference of three whole levels.

“Don’t make me repeat myself-…Huh?” → By

She wanted to grab her dagger, but she grabbed only air. Suddenly, memories from when she cried and fell on top of Shen appeared inside her head.

“Wha-!” → By

Her face reddened and she felt extremely embarrassed.


Tyson took this opportunity and grabbed By, locking her down with her hand at the back.

“First of all, please calm down. Nobody is going to harm you so please behave yourself.” → Tyson

Tyson talked in a strict tone.

“You! Just who are you!?” → By

Her aura exploded and sent Tyson flying, smashing on the iron wall of the room.

“Guh.” → Tyson

He spat out some blood from the shockwave which deranged his organs a little.


The squirrel shouted out loud, making both of them cover their ears.

“Ugh! What is that squirrel?!” → By

By was shocked to find out that shout made her dizzy, understanding that it was a sonic attack.

Sigh… He’s telling us to quiet down for a second.” → Tyson

Tyson got up and sat in a meditation pose.

“What are you doing?” → By

“I’m trying to recover.” → Tyson
“Are you not afraid I might attack you while you’re recovering?” → By
“The little guy told me you’re not an enemy. That scream just now made my head cool down. My name is Tyson, you?” → Tyson
“…This little thing told you? Rather, from where does he even know that?” → By

By evaded the question about her name and asked another one instead.

“He was the one that dragged you here. Can you please tell me where are you from and what were you doing before falling to sleep?” → Tyson


The squirrel rushed By to answer the questions.

“It seems this little guy has something to tell us. If you answer the questions he might be able to tell us something.” → Tyson
“Huh? What I did before falling asleep?” → By

After remembering, her face flustered and looked in another direction.

“I… uh… I was just interrogating someone.” → Tyson
“Qiu qiu!”

The squirrel rushed her to say more.

“Hm? And that someone? Can you tell me who he was?” → Tyson
“I can’t.” → By
“Why?” → Tyson
“I’m an assassin, if I say anything that might betray my master, I will die.” → By

Tama shook his head and pointed at his heart.

“Hm? He has to say something.” → Tyson
“Qiu qiu!”

Tama continued to point at his heart with one little hand while with the other pointing at By’s heart.

“Huh? My heart? What about it-!” → By

Suddenly, she remembered a faint voice;

If our roads had connected, then that means your hell ends here. → Shen

She twitched after remembering the words. She looked again at the squirrel that was pointing at her heart, then she became more and more conflicted.

“Don’t tell me… It’s impossible!” → By

By started to strip off her top, right in front of Tyson.

“Hm?!” → Tyson

Tyson’s eyes widened in shock while a slight blush appeared on his face. He slowly moved his face in another direction so he won’t have a direct view.

“The crest… the crest is no longer here! And I’m still alive! How?!” → By

By was thunderstruck. She looked and looked but there was no slavery crest. Her eyes became moist, small tears slowly falling. She fell on her knees then covers her eyes.

How? Was it Shen? No, he said he was crippled… Then what? → By

By looked at the little Squirrel then she held him in her palms.

“Are you the one that broke the crest?” → Shen

She asked, her voice trembling from the emotions.


Tama bowed his head in approbation.

“Thank you…” → By

By hugged Tama to her chest, feeling extremely gratified.

“Qi~… QIU!”

Tama was a spatial devil, something close to a demon. That means he couldn’t understand the feelings of love or affection. The energy waves which took the form of affection and gratefulness coming from By made Tama dizzy and understand them as mental attacks, because of that he tried to get out from her embrace, feeling more and more dizzy and sick.

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